When I woke up the next morning, I heard a tap at my door.

"Colin, can we come in?"

"Please do."

When they entered, I was not too surprised to see they were both totally naked. I enjoyed the sight, fattening my eyes with the vision of Kat and Jenni, side by side.

They sat on the bed, and Jenni said, "Colin, we have a special favor to ask of you. You can say no, and we will not think any less of you, it is a very big favor."

"Please tell me, I am intrigued."

Kat took over, and said, "Colin, Jenni, and I want a baby, and after checking out IVF prices, we don't have the money for that. Plus, it's very impersonal."

Jenni took over, "So, we want to ask you, would you do the honors? And not in a clinical, sperm donor way. Kat is the best candidate to carry our baby, would you like to fuck my beautiful wife, as many times as it takes to get her pregnant?"

Kat quickly jumped in, "I'd love to carry our child, I have had sex with a few men before I decided that I liked women better, so I won't be too clumsy or new to making your cock feel very good."

Jenni took over, "We do not want you to assume any kind of financial support, we want to support our child by ourselves. Would you be okay with not being named our baby's father? We'll know it, and always love you for it, but we don't want you embroiled in any kind of legal hassle that might come up. How would you like to be named our baby's godfather? We know it's a big decision, so if you need time to think it over, take all the time you need."

Looking at Kat's awesome body, I instantly made my decision.

"I would love to make Kat pregnant, and to be your child's godfather."

Jenni smiled, and she said, "As much as I would love to have you fuck me also, until Kat is pregnant, your cock is all for Kat. Can you stay as long as is needed?"

I replied, "Yes, that will be easy. Since my writing is paying the bills, I publish online from anywhere there is an internet connection. I'm all yours for as long as you need me."

Jenni purred, "Once my Kat is in the family way, I will be crazy for your cock to ride me. Colin, one more request. When you and Kat are fucking, can I watch, and help out?"

I grinned and said, "I was hoping you would!"

The idea that I would be providing stud service to such a sexy lady had brought me up, and both Jenni and Kat were eyeing the tent pitch.

Kat purred, "It looks like Colin is all ready to go, let's not waste another minute."

Jenni and Kat took over, both of them licking my cock, then Kat bunched up a pillow and lay back, elevating her pussy as she spread her thighs for me.

Kat's face smiled up at me, as Jenni cooed, "Do it, Colin, fuck my beautiful wife, and give us a baby!"

Kat welcomed me in with open arms and open thighs, and I nudged against her and slid in. Kat let out a long, shaky breath of pleasure as I parted her pink seam. Oh so nice, tight and wet, hot and eager. I buried it, my balls smacking gently against her ass.

Kat cooed, "Oh so nice, so deep, ride me, Colin, give me your hot sperm."

I felt her legs come around my waist, and I pulled back halfway and buried it again. Fired up, I started to ride her incredible body. Jenni's head appeared before my face, and she plastered her lips against mine, her tongue coming out to play. My tongue rose up to greet hers, and we were sharing tongue filled swirls of passion while my rampant cock plundered her wife's pink pocket.

When Jenni broke the kiss, she turned her head to Kat's, and they shared the same tongue filled swirls of passion. I could feel Kat's pussy muscles massaging my cock, eager to work up a big load. Jenni had really hit the jackpot in the wife choosing department. My cock was taking serious notice, and I started to fuck Kat faster. She was humping her hips up to greet my thrusts, eager to get me as deep as possible.

Jenni purred, "Colin, how close are you?"

I grunted "Pretty damn close!"

I saw her hand slide down, and Kat made a loud growl of pleasure as Jenni's fingers found her clit, she started to polish her straining orgasm button.

Jenni cooed, "Cum Kat, cum my sweet wife, cum all over Colin's hard cock, milk his hard prick for every drop!"

I could feel the quivering of Kat's pink tunnel, she cried out, "Yes, oh yes, gonna cum!"

I felt Jenni's other hand start stroking at my balls, and she purred, "Oh yeah, big full balls full of sperm, time for you to cum too baby, spray your sperm all over Kat's eggs!"

Kat tumbled into orgasm, crying and howling with pleasure, and my cock jerked uptight, swelling with a massive urgency. Kat let out another cry of joy as she felt me pierce her cervix, and with her pussy spasming wildly around my cock, I erupted, my cock firing a large morning load, splattering every drop into her womb, seeking out an egg to fertilize.

As we drifted down, Kat held me against her, and cooed, "Stay in me Colin, keep your sperm as deep as possible." She looked at Jenni with a look of love, and cooed, "Ummm, that was so good, I felt Colin right at my womb, mmmm, the rush of hot sperm being fired as deep as possible!" Turning back to my face, she purred, "Thank you, Colin, having you fucking me felt so wonderful. And I look forward to every session, you are as good a fuck as my beautiful Jenni told me you were."

I could feel myself starting to lose the hard-on, and just as I pulled out, Jenni had in her hand what looked like a tampon with straps. She swiftly slid it into Kat's pussy, and secured the straps around Kat's hips.

Jenni smiled at me, and said, "It's a rubber sperm plug, the straps keep it in place, to keep your sperm where it belongs. We want your seed to have every chance to plant itself. This plug was made for us by some like-minded lesbian couples, who also want a more personal way for a baby."

A few hours later, after lunch, we were once again back to planting. I watched as Kat took to her hands and knees, her ass cocked up. Jenni plastered her mouth against Kat's pink seam and licked her sexy wife to a riveting climax. The visual stimulation quickly had me ready. When Jenni pulled back, I could see the hot wet center waiting for me.

Jenni cooed, "Now, take my beautiful Kat from behind, and just like last time, stay in her sweet pussy as long as possible after you explode. Do it, Colin, fuck my beautiful wife!"

In position, I nudged against her, Kat pushed back, eager to bury me, and she let out a cry of pleasure as she humped back at me, my balls smacked against her pussy as I was in right up to the balls.

Kat cooed, "Oh yeah, so stuffed again, fuck me, baby, sperm me deep, get my baby going!"

Eager to do so, I grasped her hips and started to ride. Kat's tunnel was gripping at me, she was moaning and grunting as I shafted her with long, deep strokes, enjoying the long, hard ride as I felt my balls refueling. Jenni's hand was around my balls, massaging them, eager to coax as much sperm out of me as possible.

Jenni's hands left my balls, and she cooed, "Let's really milk you, Colin!"

I felt my cheeks being parted, and I grunted as a well-lubed finger nudged against my ass-hole, and drove in. After finger banging my asshole for a minute, Jenni brought her finger into position, and I felt her start to polish my prostate.

I grunted, "Yeah, oh fuck yeah, feels so fucking awesome!"

Jenni purred, "I thought you'd like it! Now cum for us Colin, flood my sweet wife, paint her baby chamber!"

Kat cried out, "Yes, cum in me, cum in me, fuck, fuck, CREAM MEEEE!"

I felt the tight grip, rippling with milking spasms and I went flying over, my head felt like it was going to blow off as I squirted wildly, emptying every drop into Kat's womb, the ripples of her orgasm milking me eagerly.

As we came down from our frenzied fuck, I stayed with her, until I was about to slip out, and Jenni was ready with the sperm plug, and Kat was quickly plugged up.

Jenni purred, "Oh if we weren't trying for a baby, I'd suck every drop out of you baby. Until then, hands-off for me."

Late that night, we were once again going for it, I was fucking Kat wildly, powering into her while Jenni polished my prostate again, driving me up the wall as I exploded, pouring the cum into Kat's baby chamber, as she moaned and shook through orgasm.

Jenni said, "Colin, I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but while we are trying, could you sleep in the guest room? If we had you in our bed all night, I'd be going crazy, with your cock so near, and I might be too overcome to stop myself from riding you, while Kat needs to get every drop."

I said, "That's no problem. It would be hard for me to sleep with two such beautiful ladies in bed with me, and I need to keep my strength up!"

Kat cooed, "Tomorrow morning, we'll come and wake you up, and start another day's planting."

They gave me their signature goodnight kisses, swirling tongue action that sent me off to bed with a happy smile on my face. As I went off to bed, leaving them to cuddle, I reflected on what it was like to be a stud for servicing. A lot of work, but if you call fucking such a hot, sexy babe like Kat work, I'll take it.

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