Do you know what it is like to have a heart attack? To feel your chest savagely grabbed and squeezed like a fucking lemon? To have excruciating agony shoot throughout your convulsing body. To know that something was desperately wrong and then realize that you're on the very brink of death?

"Oh, crap...this can't be happening!" was all that reverberated in my head in a futile denial of the breath-robbing pain that pierced my very core. "Fuck! It is!"

Well, that's what happened to me - just as I was blasting two-balls-full of spunk into the churning twat of Jan, my super-horny, sweat-dripping Asian girlfriend. It was Thanksgiving Day, and at the risk of seeming vulgar, I was giving Jan a lot to be thankful for by vigorously stuffing my meaty-sausage into her steamy slippery tight Japanese cunt.

With her shapely ankles locked behind my hips, Jan's fingernails clawed my back as she desperately clutched me to her and urged me for more. Her dark red nipples that were obscenely thick and long ground against my glistening chest. With her head tilted back, her almond-shaped eyes were pressed shut as sweat dripped freely from her flushed beautiful face.

My groin slapped lewdly in a rapid tattoo against her exposed sex with piledriver strokes, plunging all the way in, then almost out, and then quickly banging back in again. The lewd squishing from her sopping wet twat was matched by the guttural grunts that she made when she heaved her pussy upwards to meet my downward strokes. I was dripping profusely as I humped Jan's juicy twat like a wild boar porking his favorite in-heat sow.

"Ohh, damn it! I'm going to come! Don't you dare stop, you goddamn fucking bastard! Come on! Fuck me harder and faster! Cum with me! Cum in me, baby...shoot inside of my fucking cunt, Ken! Fill me with your goddamn hot creamy spunk! Do it! Goddamn you, shoot...shoot!"

No sooner had she uttered her obscene demands, Jan "exploded" - bucking and thrashing in a mind-rendering climax. Her orgasmic convulsions were so violent that I had to struggle not to be thrown off my insatiable and demanding Asian lover.

Before I go any further, let me put this gut-rendering carnal event into the proper perspective. I am Ken, and Jan and I are two fifty-year-old single professionals who met on a blind date set up by mutual acquaintances some eight years ago. Thinking back to that time, I would be lying if I said that it was love or even attraction at first sight because it wasn't by any means.

To begin with, while Jan was somewhat good-looking, she lacked that certain "pizzazz" of the busty curvy women I had bedded. A willowy five-feet-six with slender legs, narrow hips, tight buns, and a taut stomach, Jan left much to be desired. This point was amplified by the fact that Jan would have been flat-chested if not for her unbelievably large nipples that jutted provocatively up and out to give her a rather perky illusion.

What further complicated our initial relationship was that Jan first came across as being somewhat standoffish. It wasn't until later that I learned that her social awkwardness was due to her being the only child of demanding and selfish traditional Japanese parents. They controlled and twisted every aspect of her younger life, and when she reached adulthood, scared off any possible suitors who might steal their seemingly subservient and compliant daughter from them.

Her mother passed away Jan was in her late-thirties and left her daughter to deal with her aging, bed-ridden domineering father. When I first met him, the bastard had no qualms disliking me and made dating Jan was extremely difficult. However, instead of being discouraged, I decided to continue dating Jan to spite the ornery old asshole, and as my relationship with Jan progressed, made it a point to fuck his precious daughter right under his nose.

In the beginning, one of the reasons why we weren't immediately drawn to each other was that we were complete opposites. To burn off her frustration with her life that seemed to be going nowhere fast, Jan was a fitness-exercise-freak which explained her general lack of body fat to her athletically lean body. A health-nut and vegan, she was into this "my body is a temple" philosophy and was a teetotaler on top of that.

While I don't consider myself to be bad looking; I am hardly what you would call "toned" by any standard. My roundness spoke volumes as to my certification as a couch-potato who smoked, loved beer, and indulged in tasty but fattening fast food. Rather than exercising in a gym and inflicting pain on myself, I exercise my mind at work and was an undeniable workaholic professional who would rather spend much of the time at my office than in a gym.

Another reason was that I also wasn't the kind of guy to whom Jan had been attracted. As she would later disclose to me after we had become a couple, "I know this sounds a bit weird, Ken, but I was a 'closet-slut' who rebelled against my domineer parents by sneaking out and letting myself get screwed by guys they would have hated.

"My previous affairs were with the muscular gym predators who were always in the hunt for 'fresh meat' and I was willing to serve myself to them. Unfortunately, once the sexual appetites of these ass-wipes were sated, they had no qualms discarding me to hunt for other prey. The sad part is that my string of dismal affairs had done little to dampen my attraction to hard-body-soft-minded men. Sick, huh?"

As for me, the few women who traipsed through my life were completely unlike Jan. These women flaunted their sexuality, took charge, and seduced me with their boobs, butts, and loose ways. Of course, it went without saying that they were also somewhat dim-witted, very shallow, and more likely to leave me when a better prospect came along. But, hey, my philosophy at the time had been to feast while I could because the female famine to follow was sure likely to be a long one.

Still, despite our differences and initial lack of attraction to each other, Jan and I had nothing to lose by dating one another. We were both unattached at the time and willing to be a companion for the time being. In retrospect, this may have worked unknowingly to our advantage. Because Jan wasn't my type, I didn't put the "move" on her in the beginning, and instead, I took my time, unlike her previous male liaisons. Since Jan had only known hard-charging gym denizens who were intent on getting into her panties, my layback approach threw Jan for a loop and intrigued and interested her in me.

For me, my interest in Jan as a sex partner was kickstarted when she had me pick her up from the gym so that we could catch a movie after she worked out, showered, and changed. As a result, I ended up watching her in her aerobic step class through the plexiglass wall. For a normally a prudishly dressed woman, Jan surprised me by wearing skin-tight short exercise shorts that displayed her shapely legs and firm buns but with no visible panty or thong lines.

If I thought that Jan being "commando" under her shorts was arousing, her shortened midriff sports bra top captured my attention. With no apparent padded cups, her thin top which was drenched with her sweat from her strenuous work out clung to her like a second skin, really accentuated her big hard nipples that jutted out and jiggled lewdly throughout her strenuous workout. It was then that I began to wonder what it would be like to suck on such treats while screwing a sweat-covered Jan.

Still, it took us almost a year before we got to the point where we were asking ourselves, "Why not?" We were awkward at first like two high schoolers, fumbling and giggling as if it was our first time, hesitant in our uncertain desire. While sex was satisfying in that we finally "did it," the episode didn't exactly blow our socks off. However, once we took a sip of the wine of sweet sex, we did not think to stop drinking. After all, we had nothing else to quench our thirst...and we were thirstier than we knew.

What hooked Jan on me was that I savored her exotic physical delicacies, and actually focused on foreplay and stimulating her rather than just banging her. Can you imagine that as unbelievable as it may seem, I was the first guy to go down on Jan to savor her tasty quim? And given her previous lovers, I surprisingly was the first to give Jan an orgasm that was not brought about by her own fingers. I was the first guy who cuddled with her after sex and did not expect her to immediately and gratefully suck my dick and nuts clean. The more she discovered sex (and herself) through me, the more she was open to jumping my boner.

As for me, I couldn't believe just how turned on Jan got. You can imagine my utter surprise when her ruby-red cylinders stuck out nearly three-fourths of an inch and were about half-an-inch thick once in my mouth. I loved tongue-lashing, sucking those meaty babies, and tweaking them, and when I bit and tugged those delicious meaty nipples from her heaving chest Jan, causing her to go spastic. To my delight, I soon discovered that the more attention paid to her tiny tits, the more her sexual juices flowed, the wider her legs spread, and the sluttier Jan became.

However, although she had numerous sexual partners before me, Jan was unexpectedly 'virgin tight' when we first made it. I would have had a difficult time penetrating her if not for the copious amount of liquid excitement that gushed freely from her love tunnel because of the good titty sucking and pussy eating I had given her. But to play it safe, I started keeping a tube of lubricant close at hand just in case a bit more slipperiness was needed.

"How did I managed to accommodate my muscular lovers? Well, the guys whom I dated weren't into foreplay like you are, Ken. Oh, they'd suck my little tits...loved my uniquely large nipples...but, other than some frantic groping and a finger or two crammed into me, most of the guys just shoved their pricks into me as quickly as possible. If It was painful and bordered on being raped, but they didn't care if I cried and twisted in pain."

It did take long for me to discover that given Jan's physical fitness, willingness, and open attitude about sex, she had one hell of a strong libido. She needed sex just a much as I did. We would have had sex more often had it not been for our busy schedules and the constant demands of my job and of her elderly father who consumed much of her (and our) free time.

To ensure that we got a degree of steady sexual gratification, we agreed to reserve Saturday nights. "This way," Jan explained, "you won't be consumed by your work. And I'll take care of my old man. How? Don't worry about it. He won't be bothering us.

"You, in the meanwhile, strip and change in the bathroom in shorts and t-shirt, and then make yourself comfortable on the sofa. I will then go to my bedroom, and change into that loose spaghetti-strapped, mid-thigh dress that you like so much...and without any undergarments. Hmmm, you must think I'm horny...hey, I can't help it I am a closet fuck-slut."

Joining me on the couch, Jan would casually tuck her legs under her causing her hem to slide invitingly up her thighs. She'd then find some reason to lean forward to show me that she was completely naked under her loose dress. The sight of her small perky tits, those large mouthwatering nipples, her flat stomach, and the dark triangle of pubic hair tucked between her inner thighs were too much to resist.

"Is your old man out for the night," I whispered as I slipped a strap from her shoulder as softly kissed her neck and shoulder. "I wouldn't want your father waking up to see his daughter's bastard of a boyfriend sucking on her perky little tits like this...or tweaking and tugging on her fat nipples like this."

"Yeah, the old son-of-a-bitch is out cold," Jan utter as she discarded her dress as I kissed her naked shoulder before sucking on her nipple that was soon revealed. "Oooh, yeah," Jan his as she frantically stripped me of my clothes. "I gave him his sleeping pill right after dinner. He won't wake until morning. Now stop talking, damn it, and lay down on the rug."

With practiced ease, Jan straddled my head, facing my feet. Then she lowered her juicy twat to my face, and I ate her like a starving man. Not to be outdone, she leaned forward and devoured my boner like a bitch-in-heat, deep-throating my hard-on with accomplished ease. She emitted a muffled cry when my hands slipped between our slithering bodies to palm her pert tits before scissoring her fat nipples between my fingers.

I often let Jan dictate what kind of sex we were to have, and I can't tell you how many Saturday nights she spun around on top of me, her sopping wet cunt easily replacing her hot inviting mouth. "Ooh, goddamn it, that feels fucking great," Jan sighed as my fleshy sword impaled her. "How I've thought about this all week long. Yeah, I've been so damn horny that only a good hard piece of man-meat can satisfy. You just lie there, you lucky bastard, and let your slutty girlfriend get herself off!"

With that said, Jan squatted over my hips with her forearms resting on her thighs and bouncing up and down repeatedly on my fully embedded rock-hard penis. Pumping and gyrating her hips, she shamelessly bumped and ground in an erotic pole dance. Urgently grinding her hair-covered twat against my groin, Jan exploded in a mind-rendering climax that was quickly followed by a deep-vaginal atomic blast of my own.

However, making out on her living room couch or the rug in front of her television each Saturday night became routine over the years and sad to say, somewhat boring. We might still be doing our "weekend specials" if her father didn't break his hip and leg in a freak accident that required hospitalization and extended rehabilitation. This unfortunate incident gave us an unexpected free Thanksgiving Day and a rare "afternoon delight" lovemaking...and unfortunately, my subsequent heart attack.

As I stated at the start of this story, I remember driving as deep as I could into Jan's gripping tight Japanese twat, I blasted my load of spunk deep in her, spewing what seems like my guts into her. And then it hit! Incredible pain that had me collapsing on Jan's drenched form, gasping desperately for air and writhing in agony.

At first, Jan clutched me to her, whispering breathlessly how great her climax was and how great I was. However, it is only when I suddenly rolled off her groaning and shaking in numbing pain that Jan realized through her sexual stupor that something was wrong with me.

A kaleidoscope of images flashed through my mind when I trying to remember what happened immediately afterward: Jan's face...flushed, dripping with sweat, and full of panic...her voice as she called 911 for help...EMTs...ambulance...bright lights...sterile smells...and then nothing. The next thing I knew was a doctor staring down at me with Jan's face peering over his shoulder...heart attack...emergency open-heart surgery... bypass surgery... pain...Jan...agonizing...from my chest...and my leg...and Jan.

A week or so later, the discharging doctor informed us that I was lucky to have received timely medical attention and that for a while, they didn't know if I'd pull through. "Ken, you were damn lucky. You will survive...but only if you make some drastic lifestyle changes...and above all, take it easy. This means a lot of rest, eating the right foods, and above work. You are not cleared to resume working until you see me in a month from now."

The doctor continued by saying that while I could move about, I wasn't to exert myself by doing anything involving lifting, pushing, or anything that might put pressure or strain on my chest. Then after a pregnant pause and while looking at both of us (with his gaze lingering on Jan), the doctor said, "This includes sex where you're doing a bulk of the 'work' see, I read Jan's account as to what preceded your cardiac arrest. Another strenuous session like that, and the next time, you may not be so lucky.

"While I am not ruling out all forms of sex...for now, you (he said looking at me) need to take it easy." Then looking at Jan with a half-smile on his lips, the doctor said, "Do you understand?" To this, Jan just nodded slightly.

The following week was out of the ordinary. First, there was the pain, a lot of drugs, and all the side effects. But I finally got over these side-effects and was able to move about (albeit gingerly and carefully). Because I couldn't go to work and had nothing to do, my idleness drove me crazy. To add insult to injury, people were getting ready and partying for the Holidays and year's end, and here I was laid up, unable to do anything. To top things off, when I got off the medications my bodily urges resurfaced and were complicated by Jan.

For Jan, not having her father making incessant demands of her left her with a tremendous void in her life. Now that she was now free to do whatever she wanted, Jan decided to stay over at my place to assist in my recovery. I appreciated her efforts to make sure I ate right, rested, and didn't do anything I wasn't supposed to do. However, I think she was doing what she had always wanted to which was to shack-up with me. The opportunity and my condition gave rise to the perfect excuse to do so and Jan took full advantage of it.

While sleeping together was something that we wanted to do, it ironically drove us bonkers. Here we were lying naked next to each other in bed but unable...or more so, do anything for fear of aggravating my heart condition. In the beginning, cuddling and some touchy-feely sessions were sufficient, but as the sexual frustration grew, I had thought that I was the one who would crack first - but surprisingly it was Jan.

To alleviate her unspoken yearning, Jan would after work immediately visit her father and then head to the gym. There she would exercise until physically exhausted before coming over to spend the night with me. However, when she went down on me and then straddle my face for me to eat her pussy to an orgasm, it somehow wasn't enough. Although she didn't want to talk about her frustrations and her efforts to suppress them, I could tell it was rapidly coming to the boiling point.

It was when Jan came over on Christmas eve, I could tell immediately that her sublimation attempts were crumbling fast. Jan looked like she had just stepped off the aerobic floor. Flushed and still dripping with sweat, she was still in her workout clothes with only her towel draped around her neck and chest. Her form-fitting articles of clothing were literally plastered to her slender figure and noticeably highlighted her enticingly erect nipples of her that obscenely poking out against the thin wet material of her sport's top. When she bent over to kiss me as I lay in my bed, I had to reach up to scissor her nipples between my groping fingers.

"Oooh, I wished you didn't do that," Jan breathlessly moaned as I slipped my fingers under her sports bra band. "It feels so damn good...and...right now I'm so horny. I'm having a hard time...not jumping your bones and fucking your brains out! I thought that exercising would help, but if anything, it's made it worse...once my blood got pumping... my pussy got engorged and my fricking nipples were throbbing off my chest!"

Hurriedly pulling off her clinging top and flinging it away, Jan flaunted her small pointed tits with their humungous upturned tips. "Look...look how erect these damn nipples long, thick, and hard! They're so huge that they look like little ugly 'thumb tips' sticking out of my chest. Tonight's exercise tonight made my nipples swell and stick out, and everyone in the aerobics class kept was looking at me. Don't's not funny. I practically ran out after class ended with my towel draped around my neck to hide them. And it's all your fault..."

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