My hotwife and I enjoy a great life of her sexuality which includes her being on a permanent hall pass. She can choose to play or not play at her discretion and her only requirement is that she shares the fun and the details with me as soon as it happens. Sometimes I get to watch and sometimes I am lucky enough to join in. At times I am not even around and get the thrill of her telling me exactly what happened by sharing the details while she is teasing me with the feel of her stroking me, sucking me, fucking me, or me cleaning her as she tells the tale. The following story is one of the times I was privileged to witness the seduction as a bystander then as a willing participant.

We were at a resort bar one night and I entered a pool tournament. She did not always stay right with me as I played. Having the freedom to play a game of her own while I was playing and concentrating on the game was exciting to her. She loved to dance and let her hair down without feeling like she was leaving me out.

When she had dressed in the room tonight I knew that she was looking for a sexy night. She wore her favorite white dress that was extremely low in the front and back. Short enough that the thigh high stockings would show occasionally even if she was careful. I knew she would not be that careful. The underwear she chose was a small thong. Just a small triangle in the front and a string in the back which sat pulled between her cheeks and invisible. The dress was cut too low for a bra which left her 36DD breast free to move around and even occasionally a nipple would slip out. I was incredibly turned on and almost canceled my entry into the tournament but I thought how hot it would be to watch her unfettered by my presence as she danced and flirted.

I left the room a little early as she was still preparing and I had to make the sign in for the tournament. While I was waiting on her I found a high top at the edge of the dance floor and I could clearly see the table from the area with the pool tables.

Finally she came strolling in towards me looking like a million dollars. Sexy, tall, red hair flowing down on her shoulder. Breasts were juggling and swaying like they had a mind of their own. There was a group of guys at one table and they called to her as she was walking by and she turned to say hello for just a minute. I thought she had already found her play toys for the night. She didn't stay and soon turned to walk toward me. She smiled and gave me a huge hot kiss when she reached me and slid on the bar stool letting the lace from her stockings show almost to the very top of the lace. She looked me right in the eye with that sexy little grin that turns me on so much and said "looks like a good night for some fun, good luck with the tournament". I leaned over and kissed her and told her to have a great time and I would check on her between games. At that, I headed for the tables.

I watched for some time as she was courted by quite a few men and it looked as if she was being very choosy about who she would dance with. After a couple of sets by the band and the dance floor cleared, two very tall black men had approached her and sat on the stools on either side of her. They had pulled the stools up very close and as the night progressed they got closer and friendlier. She would dance with both of them several times. It was hot watching as they would dance, rubbing and groping. They started kissing her on the dance floor when the dance would end and a couple of times they would be the only ones on the dance floor kissing and fondling each other in front of the whole audience. When they would return to the table both of them would be rubbing her legs to the top of her stockings. She would encourage it by rubbing their legs and crotches. I could hardly play pool any longer as I couldn't take my eyes off them as she openly teased and made out with them in front of all the patrons in the club. She is six feet tall and they both towered over her by at least six inches. Luckily we were a long way from home so not likely recognized.

I would walk over every once in a while between breaks and they would remove their hands from her legs or shoulders but after a while even that would stop and they just fondled her even as I stood there. I didn't even bother trying to hide my erection when I would stand there. The tournament ended and I made it to the table for about 45 minutes of being with them, still standing watching them make out.

When the last call was announced we said our goodbyes to the two men and left for our room. I didn't even try to hide my excitement when we walked out and headed across the parking lot. I was surprised she hadn't left with them instead and commented on that. She told me she didn't want to be seen leaving with two men after she had come in with me.

We got to the room and couldn't wait to strip and start to ravish each other. When she dropped her dress I could see that she was so wet her thighs were glistening with her juices. I tore my clothes off and threw her down on the bed and rammed my granite hard cock in her swollen and dripping wet cunt.

She stopped me and said she had one thing to do before we went on. I asked what that was, and she told me she wanted to go to room 118. She said she promised she would go there before the night was over. I had to know who was in the room and she said it was the two men who had been sitting next to her for the last few hours or so. I almost came right there on the spot. I hadn't expected this at all. I did need to know though that she would be safe. She told me that I should let them know I knew where she was and that I would be close by and I could do that by taking her to the room and deliver her to them. We decided she would go to them and I would tell them to wear condoms and that I would be right outside their room. She put on one of my shirts and we walked out across the parking lot and to their room. I noticed a few men were standing around the parking lot and seemed to be watching as I delivered her. She knocked and when one of them came to the door she looked at me and said he will be out here and said see ya later. I never got to say anything before she walked in and closed the door behind her.

As I was pacing around in the courtyard it was only a few minutes before I could hear some of the moans that were barely audible coming from the room with the lights that never did go off. While I was waiting and pacing with an erection that would not go away a security guard was walking through and he stopped to talk, and we talked and listened to the most erotic sounds I had ever heard. Especially for me knowing that it was my wife making most of the sounds while she was being taken by two total strangers. The guard stayed around for about twenty or thirty minutes before I guess he had other places he had to be. When he left he just looked over to the door and said enjoy your night. I knew then that we both knew that my wife was getting all she could handle behind the locked door. At that point I knew she would be a while and I headed to my room to wait.

This is the best I can remember her telling me how it went after they pulled her in the room.

When the tallest of the two opened the door in his boxer shorts I really realized that I was in for some exciting time, especially when he pulled me in the room and slammed the door behind me. One was laying in the bed across the room and I went straight to the bed closest to the door. I left my shirt on and layed on the bed and was waiting for the tall one to turn the lights out but he walked to the bathroom closing the door. The shorter of the two, (about 6'4") asked if he had to wait and I just patted my butt and come on over here. He jumped to the bed and sat up on his knees, totally naked and said he didn't think I would really come. I didn't even see his face because I was about eye level to a really long and slender dick. About that time the tall one came out of the bathroom and got on the bed beside us. They both grabbed my arms and held them over my head and started to unbutton my shirt. When it got down to just one button left they both grabbed the shirt and pulled it over my head with both my arms trapped. They then each took a breast and started sucking and stuck their fingers up my cunt. It felt very taboo to have two men touching me like this while my husband was just outside having left me to the mercy of two big strange men. The kissing and fondling didn't last long until the tall one had his dick in front of my face waiting for me to take it in my mouth. As hard as I tried I couldn't get past the head. I couldn't believe how big around and long it was. This was the first time I came and it seemed to last to the end of the session.

As I was trying to get this in my mouth the long slender one moved down to start sticking his tongue as deep as he could in me. I don't know how long this lasted before the big one decided to start pushing more and more to get in my mouth. The other one started to hold my head and push it onto the thick one. Another surge of climax. I noticed then that my nipples were sore from being pinched and twisted which I hadn't even been aware of until now. They decided to change positions and just rolled me on my side like a rag doll. The thick one positioned himself over one leg and the slender held my leg up over his shoulder so thick could enter me. When he pushed it trying to get in for a few minutes slender finally said I am going to loosen you up a bit for him. They changed positions and he just shoved the full length of it in just one hard movement. Another surge of climax and this time I felt myself squirt all over everything. This lasted until I felt him start to swell and squirted several times and he pulled out. They turned me on my back and changed places. The thick one now was pushing into my now stretched and very wet opening. The slender one now took his place at my mouth and started using my mouth like a toy until I felt him hardening again.

After a few minutes of this and by now thick was pushing it all the way to the bottom of my cervix they stopped and just turned me over on my stomach and told me get on my hands and knees. Thick got behind me and started shoving it in me deeper than I had ever had it before. Slender grabbed my pelvis and was pushing it into his buddy making me take every inch of his muscle. After a while of this they traded places again. It felt so naughty being used like a whore and nothing but a white cock hungry wife. After a while of this they threw me on my back with thick in me and slender at my mouth.

I felt slender start to come in my mouth and then he jerked out and squeezed his dick to keep from losing it all. I grabbed thicks head and made him kiss me and gave him what I hadn't already swallowed. When he felt the cum from his buddy on my tongue he started filling my cunt with more cum than I could ever remember feeling. When he finished slender pushed him out of the way and finished filling my cunt with the rest of his cum. They both filled me up at least twice. I was totally full and just gushing. They asked how hubby would feel about them cumming in me and I told them he would just eat it out before fucking it back in me. The tall one was in me at that time and all of a sudden he started pounding me hard and cumming again harder than before. I knew they were spent as they had both filled me twice each. It was time to call hubby to come get me. I looked at my watch and it had been about two hours.

While she was in the restroom I had set the camera up because I did not want to lose any of the details she would be giving me.

The time while I was waiting was slow and full of anxiety. When she finally called I rushed over and I still had to wait for her to come out. When she finally did she looked like she had a rough week instead of a night. Her shirt was barely buttoned and her skin was red from her neck down to her stomach. There were bruises on the inside of her thighs. As she turned to walk with me back to room a glob of semen fell out of her and landed on top of one of her feet. I almost came in my pants and noticed a trail from her pussy, which was almost totally bare from the shirt being open, to about her knees. It was glistening on her thighs in the lights from the parking lot lights. The security guard walked by and stopped to watch and looked her up and down and I feel certain he noticed she had been well fucked. She didn't even try to cover herself.

When we got back to the room she stripped and laid back on the bed and that is when she was telling me about how big they were. She told me she had saved me something and to put my mouth between her legs and eat it. When I looked at it I couldn't believe how used up it looked. Her lips were distended and red as could be. She was open so much I could see up in her. The cum was pooled at the bottom of the entrance and seemingly oozing more from inside. I told her to squeeze and when she did more would come from up in her and slide out to her butt hole. I had never seen so much. She kept squeezing and it kept coming. She had me eating and watching for some time. She came about three times as I was cleaning her. When I finally shoved my dick in her I couldn't believe the incredible feeling. She was so stretched out and wet I could hardly feel anything but just heat and a soft silky feeling. I came almost immediately and that seemed to turn her on even more. I fucked her twice more before pulling out and completely spent. She asked me if they have tournaments here often.

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