How do you pursue a Career in Corporate Communications?

Career in Corporate Communications

I think Corporate Communications is a great Career option. Almost everyone seems to be talking about How to start a Career in Corporate Communications, while I want to first develop an understanding of What is a Career in Corporate Communications. It had been a while since I was researching about a Career in Corporate Communications, when I came across: Communication/Career-in-Corporate-Communications/hindi

Vimal Dabral's overview!
Vimal Dabral has 15 years & 2 months of professional experience in Corporate Communications. Vimal Dabral has worked in Corporate Communications as Public Relations Officer in UJVN Ltd. In Vimal Dabral's own words, this is how Vimal Dabral got into Corporate Communications: "After completing my Law, I did PG Diploma in Public Relations & got recruited at UJVN Ltd in 2004. I am Public Relations Officer at UJVN Ltd. I am the President of Kabaddi Association and Convenor at Udayan Care. I am Public Relations Officer at UJVN Ltd." I wanted to know more about Vimal Dabral and found this profile:

Career Video on Corporate Communications
In a video, Vimal Dabral has talked about various aspects of a Career in Corporate Communications. Vimal Dabral started by explaining Corporate Communications as: "Corporate communication is a set of activities involved in managing and orchestrating all internal and external communications aimed at creating favourable point of view among stakeholders on which the company depends." It was a very interesting video and I enjoyed watching it.

In this video Education was discussed as theoretical topics needed to excel at Corporate Communications, and not as Qualifications needed to enter Corporate Communications. Vimal Dabral touches upon these in the Education section of the Video:
Different Subjects
Current Affairs
Communication Techniques
Human Behaviour
90% success in real life depends on Skills. It is crucial to understand these.
Vimal Dabral then explains why these Skills are essential for a Career in Corporate Communications:
Editorial Skills
Public Relations
Keen Learning
Listening Skills
Communication Skills
This Career has an interesting list of Positives.
Vimal Dabral believes that the following are some of the Positives of a Career in Corporate Communications:
Personality Development
Creative Satisfaction
Meeting People
Challenges define a Career as much as the Positives of the same.
And, Vimal Dabral believes that one needs to prepare for following Challenges of a Career in Corporate Communications:
Tackling People

In the final section of the video Vimal Dabral talks about How a day goes in a Career in Corporate Communications. This video is by far the best video on a Career in Corporate Communications, that I have ever come across. To see the full Talk, one needs to install the LifePage Career Talks App. Here is a direct deep link of the Video:
Career Counseling 2.0
This video on a Career in Corporate Communications was an eye opener and it got me very interested to learn more about the LifePage platform. LifePage has created the largest knowledge repository of Careers in the whole world. I salute the efforts of Team LifePage. I also encourage you to learn more about LifePage on:

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