Why You Should Focus On Improving Defra Wood Burner

Why Buy a Defra Wood Burner?

If you live in a Smoke Control Area then you will need to use a Defra approved stove. They are available in a variety of styles that can be suited to your home.

The top air vent has been altered so that you can't close it completely. This causes the fire to smoulder and generate more smoke.

Smoke Exempt

If you live in a smoke-control area you might want to purchase a Defra-approved wood burner. These stoves are designed to burn kiln-dried logs, as well as different fuels, without releasing excessive smoke. These stoves do this by supplying the smallest amount of combustion air to ensure that fires burn efficiently and to avoid the emission of unnecessary smoke.

The Defra approved logo is a widely recognised one in the industry of stoves and you'll see it used in brochures and marketing materials for specific models. It is also sometimes written with the letter 'SE', which is a reference to a Smoke Exempt stove and is used to signify that the appliance is able to be legally used in a smoke-control area when using approved fuels.

Defra approved appliances are built to comply with the new Ecodesign emission standards that came into the market in 2021. These standards are higher than old smoke control laws, however, they are lower than the standards set by the Clean Air Act 2030.

It is important to check the specifications of your stove prior to buying it. Some will have an Defra exemption label that is a marketing label and not a genuine Defra approval. A recent CAL investigation revealed some serious problems with new Ecodesign limitations, including insufficient testing and confusion over the current smoke control regulation. Manufacturers also failed communicate this information to the customers.

You can purchase an non Defra approved stove when you reside in a smoking-free zone. However, you'll have to purchase a specific fuel kit to be in compliance with the law. In addition, you'll have to abide by the rules regarding the fuel types that you can burn.

This is a complex problem that must be addressed to ensure clean air in the UK and to keep the environment healthy. In DEFRA stoves near me 's a good idea to use kiln dried logs as well as other approved fuels in your stove that are defra-approved as they're less harmful than conventional house coal and sulphurised bituminous coal. This should help to keep your Defra stove in compliance with the law, while helping you enjoy the benefits of a cleaner, less smoky fire, and saving money on your heating expenses.

Clean Combustion

The primary reason to own the DEFRA wood burner is that it allows you to legally burn wood in smoke control areas, without the threat of being fined. But this is not the only reason you should consider purchasing one. These stoves also feature green combustion technology that is more beneficial for the environment and your health.

When Defra-approved stoves are used correctly (burning only dry wood that has been seasoned and is ready to burn'), they can reduce pollution by as much as 44% when compared to older appliances and open fires. This, in conjunction with regular chimney sweepings that will ensure that the flue is operating properly, can reduce the levels harmful particulates in your home.

The most significant pollutant released when burning solid fuels such as logs is ultra-fine particulate matter that can get into the lungs and may cause a range of health problems. This includes asthma symptoms as well as an overall feeling of being sick.

This kind of pollution to the air can be minimized by using Defra exempt stoves and burning dry wood in them however the most efficient method to reduce the amount of PM2.5 in your home is to install an Ecodesign ready wood burner. These have been independently tested and verified to confirm that they release less toxic PM2.5 than older stoves or open fires.

In addition, Defra stoves and wood burning stoves which meet the new Ecodesign requirements are designed to allow the most fresh air to enter the fire as is possible to ensure they don't get smoky or overheat. This reduces not only the amount of pollutants that are emitted but increases the heat efficiency of the appliance so you can enjoy more warmth for the dollars and save on energy.

All of the Defra approved wood burners we have on offer have been tested to meet these standards. They can be purchased either as standalone stoves or as kits to fit existing fireplaces. You can then select the best Defra-compliant stove for your home, and ensure your investment in the event that legislation changes in the future. If you would like to learn more about the Defra approved stoves we stock, please contact our team of experts or visit our showrooms today.

Reduced Emissions

Wood burning stoves offer an eco-friendly, cozy and cost-effective method of heating your home. Many people are unaware that even'smokeless ' stoves' emit high levels harmful pollution. The main pollutant released by wood burning stoves are ultra-fine particles (PM2.5) that are able to easily enter the respiratory system of humans. A short-term exposure to PM2.5 is associated with asthma as well as lung infections and cardiovascular issues.

While stoves that are Defra-approved are designed to emit minimal emissions however, the kind of fuel used can have a significant impact on the amount of pollutants released. It is therefore essential to use seasoned, dry wood that has been curing for a minimum of two years. It is also recommended to only burn Defra-approved, smokeless fuels which are manufactured by the likes of Aduro.

Modern Defra approved stoves be designed to conform to the new Ecodesign regulations, which have set stricter manufacturing limits than before. The new rules say that any stove used in a Smoke Control Area must emit less than 5g of particles per hour. This is considerably less than the 7.5g/hour limit that was in place for older stoves.

According to the UK Government, despite these reductions, wood and coal combustion in homes is still responsible for 17 percent of fine particle pollution in the UK. But the latest figures show that this is less than one quarter of the total impact of all sources of particle pollution, which includes road traffic as well as industrial processes.

It is crucial to keep in mind that Defra approved stoves will always be an important source of fine particle pollution in the UK. The best way to reduce the harmful effects of these appliances is to limit the amount of wood you burn, and only using Ready to Burn certified fuels that have a moisture content below 20 percent. The fire will burn at a lower temperature and will produce more pollutants. The glass of the stove to darken faster and causes a quicker buildup of soot in the chimney.


Defra wood burning stoves offer many environmental benefits, such as energy-efficient and clean combustion, as well as reduced emissions. They also offer the possibility of cost savings. They come in a range of styles that are suitable for any style of home. They also offer the additional benefit of being a green alternative to fossil fuels like oil or gas.

The term "Defra Approved Stoves' refers the fact that they conform to government legislation pertaining to use in Smoke Control Areas. They have an altered top air control that blocks the user from closing the door completely and reducing the air supply which would hinder proper combustion of the fuel and cause the stove to smolder, producing more smoke and releasing more harmful gases into the air.

Manufacturers are increasingly incorporating technology into their products to improve their environmental credentials and to comply with new laws. For instance they are using secondary and tertiary combustion systems to reduce the amount of combustibles part-burned that enter your chimney as black smoke and reduce the amount of emissions and carbon footprint.

If you live in a smoke-controlled area, a Defra-approved cooking stove is required in order to continue using wood and authorised fuels and not in violation of the law. These stoves have been tested independently and complied with the legislation and will continue to do so until future legislation comes in place.

A Defra Approved Stove can be used with 5" Liner for burning authorised fuels. It's best with wood that has a moisture content of Less Than 20%. This will ensure that the burn is clean, leading to less emissions and a greater time span for your flue as well as chimney system.

You don't require a Defra If you live in a non-smoking area. However there are many reasons to buy one. They are beautiful, provide an excellent source of heat, and help reduce your environmental impact.

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