John POV

"Idiot!" Seira cursed, "I told you I HATED fish!"

Seira Landeve, a nineteen years old college student with the personality of a spoiled baby, huffed and puffed. Her left hand turned into a fist.

"Hey, hey, calm down!" I said as the old cook whom Seira directed her fury at began to sob.

"Shut up, Idiot number two!" she barked, "you didn't even enter college!"

Luckily for me, a twenty year old cook, Seira decided to leave instead of, say, burning the entire canteen down. All the other college students merely mumbled their sympathies to me and Mrs Wainwright, the old cook. Seira was the principal's only daughter; this effectively meant she could do anything she wanted ... everything.

Since budget was limited (or some corruption took place), there weren't enough security guards to patrol the entire university perimeter. Mrs Wainwright was still somewhat in shock, so I substituted for her that night.

I was patrolling the fifth floor, armed with a baton and a flashlight, when I heard peculiar noises. I raised my baton, my hand trembling badly; I heard rumours about ghosts haunting the fifth floor.

I couldn't be more surprised than when I saw a naked figure: the silver haired Seira Landeve,

She sat on the floor in the northernmost (and supposedly the most haunted) corridor, her left hand pinching her clitoris. Her naughty moans filled the otherwise void air. She then licked her own right breast.

Then I remembered all she did to me, no, to everyone. She would often bully weaker students into submissions, force Mrs Wainwright and I to accommodate her requests, and even threw a bowl of hot soup at my face because it wasn't spicy enough.

I took out my phone and took a few photos and a short video, then left.

The next night, I continued my patrolling. Poor Mrs Wainwright has always patrolled the haunted fifth floor, so I took pity and offered to substitute for her permanently. Seira Landeve returned that night and she began to strip until only her white bra and striped panties are left.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here?" I asked, my lips curling upwards.

"You!" Seira barked, "you pervert!"

"At least I don't stroll around at midnight while being naked," I replied. I pulled my phone and flashed her the pictures I took the previous night.

"Fine ... what do you want?"

I unzipped my pants and showed her my cock. "Care to handle this guy right here?"

"Hmph. So predictable," she mocked. With that, she fell to her knees and began putting it inside her mouth.

Her mouth felt warm and comfortable and her blowjob was skilled. She licked my shaft with her tongue and squeezed my balls. Fifteen minutes passed and I couldn't hold it any longer. I placed my hands on the back of her head and thrusted her head towards me. I pushed my cock into her throat, unloading my cum inside. Seira's eyes widen.

"Satisfied now?" she asked.

"I am, but what about you?" I asked back.

"What do you mean?"

"Your panties are awfully wet," I teased. I put my fingers inside her panties and pinched her clitoris. Seira came instantly.

"So naughty," I commented, "you came with just a pinch?"

"Noo ... take your hand out ... ah! Ah!" Seira moaned as I fingered her wet pussy with two fingers.

"It felt good, didn't it?" I asked. I inserted another finger and Seira came again, wetting my fingers and her panties.

"What a slut," I teased as I continued to ram my fingers deep inside her, "your pussy is wet, Seira. You act high and mighty just because your parents are rich, but deep down you're just a naughty bitch, eh?" Seira came again, her soft moans intensifying. Seira was still panting in pleasure when I threw her a piece of paper with my number. I left immediately.

Seira POV

What did he do to me yesterday night?

I didn't know, I thought in my mind as night fell. I was lying down in my bed, my left hand was penetrating my slutty pussy, but I couldn't come. Sucking that cook's cock gave me so much pleasure I almost came ... how could I not come after fingering myself for an hour?

"Ms Landeve, dinner is ready," one of my maids said near my bedroom. My parents were rarely home as they were busy managing their business.

"Yeah, I'll go downstairs," I replied. I inserted a dildo in my pussy and attached a vibrator to my clitoris before going downstairs.

Amy, my family's personal cook, had cooked me a lavish meal of steak and baked potatoes.

"Whoa, your potatoes are exceedingly tasty today, Amy," I complimented her. I switched on the vibrator, but my pussy had seemingly been made immune to such weak simulation by that young cook.

"Thank you, Ms Landeve. I learned the recipe just this morning from a friend," Amy said.

"Really? Who's this friend of yours?" I asked.

"His name's John. I think he's working as a cook in a boarding school."

"You're a naughty bitch, eh?" John, that cook, haunted me again with his ghastly voice. I imagined his big, wet cock inside my throat, then inside my pussy as I moaned, and then he would turn me into his personal slut and ruin my ass and my pussy and turn my entire body into a cumslut. I came instantly just from imagination.

"Ms Landeve?" Amy questioned, "are you fine?"

"Perfectly," I replied. I immediately went to my room after dinner and sent a message to John with my phone.

"We have to meet."

"Tomorrow at ten in the morning at my house." He also attached his address.

"What did you do to my body?!" I demanded.

"What do you mean?" John asked.

"My body couldn't feel pleasure anymore," I said, "after that time."

With lightning speed, he inserted his hand inside my skirt and inside my panties. Two of his fingers were messing my pussy and I came.

"How could this be possible?" I asked, my voice weakened by pleasure.

"Not in the mood to explain, sorry," he replied slyly with a small grin, "it's kind of not fair for only you to feel good, eh?"

"Fine! I'll pleasure you, too!" I offered. I unzipped his pants and grabbed his hard cock. I knelt, putting the cock inside my mouth. My saliva wettened the shaft and my tongue gently massaged it. Five minutes later, he pulled it out.

"Lay on the bed and spread your legs," he ordered. Ass if it were the command of a master to his slave, I obeyed. I desperately needed his fingers in my pussy.

But what entered my hole wasn't his fingers, but a thicker shaft: his cock. "Hey! Not the cock!"

He didn't listen; he kept on penetrating my hole with his cock and I squealed and moaned in pleasure. My mouth kept on refusing, but my mind only had one thought.

Then he suddenly stopped. He put his erect cock inside his pants. "You're right," he admitted, "goodness, what have I just done? Blackmail and rape ...." He pulled his phone and began to seemingly delete the photos.

"No!" I shrieked, startling him, "continue fucking me!"

He shook his head. "Go home," he said.

"Fuck me!" I screamed. He froze in place. "Please fuck me ... Master. I'll do anything for you, just fuck me!"

He grinned. "Deep down, you're a submissive slut."

"Ah! Yes! Harder! Faster!" I moaned as I squirted the fifth time.

"On all fours," he ordered as he pulled out his cock, "I'll fuck your dirty cunt in doggy style."

"Yes, Master!" I replied hastily, the absence of his cock driving me insane as I desired more pleasure.

He slapped my ass multiple times while messing with the walls of my pussy, causing me to squeal pathetically. "You act high and mighty, but you look like a cheap bitch right now," he mocked, "anyway, have you tried anal before? Your asshole surely looks tight."

"Ah! Ah! Use my asshole if you wish, Master!" I replied, "my body is yours!"

"Oh jeez, thanks." He slammed his cock brutally in my poor ass, sending waves of pleasure to my body. His hand spanked my ass again and again.

Then he finally came in my ass. His thick sperm was so numerous it burst out of my ass. I collapsed.

"You'll be a good girl from now on, won't you?" my master asked, "you won't bully others again, will you?"

"Yes, Master, I won't," I replied obediently, "please fuck me more later, Master."

"Oh, don't worry. I still have lots in store," Master said, bringing light to my eyes.

"This is just the beginning, cumslut," Master continued as he slapped my ass one more time.

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