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I was on my web cam and browsing my favorite sites, Chaturbate, Bonga Cams, Camsters, and ManyCams, looking for a fantasy of mine. I wanted two smoking females blowing sexy smoke on their cunts and assholes while I smoked and jacked off. I found what I was looking for, two supermodels, Romanian beauties who didn't mind me wanting them to blow smoke on their gorgeous bodies; the best part was they would do it for free, so I didn't have to purchase tokens for these two beautiful, tall, thin, delectable blonde women.

I ask them if they would be willing to perform my fantasy, putting me in the director's chair of a porn shoot. I channelled my inner 'Ty Endicott'- my favorite smoking fetish producer- and told them to walk into the room with only their high heels and bras and panties on, then tease me by lighting up cigarettes and slowly dance with them burning in between their fingers, rubbing them on their hot nipples and panty-covered cunts.

As they perform the smoking dances, I tell them to bend over and open up their ass cheeks while the sexy cigarettes burn between their fingers. They slowly strip for me as I take my huge blasts off the pipe and start jacking off.

"Let me blow smoke on your wet cunts," I tell them through my camera, "and let's make this dirty. The more nasty wetalk, the harder it makes my cock and makes the fantasy more intense. Please don't feel disrespected or bad, I just like my sex, super smoky and dirty.

They loved my honesty and giggled at me like two hot schoolgirls.

I pulled my dick out and grabbed my stash of rocks, my pipe, and a fat blunt and watch as Daisy and Honey walk in. The only thought running through my mind was, 'Holy fucking beautiful,' as my heart began racing and it felt like payday to me My big, dark cock surges with Aztec blood as I lay back and see two hot Romanian beauties dance and smoke. I hear the heels clicking as the long cigarettes are held between their pretty fingers, their sexy, mischievous smiles entice me as they rub the cig filters up and down their wet, panty covered shaved hot cunts.

They pull off the bras and tease me, getting their nipples hard by rubbing the filters around and over them. Each one takes a drag on the cigarette, looks into the camera, and exhales the smoke slowly.

"Blow it on my big cock," I tell them, rubbing my pre-cum around my pisshole and show my smoking ladies how hot they are making me. I'm so excited, I lick the clear jizz for them and I'm rewarded with two big, beautiful smiles and some hot, Romanian words that I don't understand.

They crawl onto the bed and place their cigarettes in each other's mouth, take a huge puff, look at me through the camera and blow the smoke out as provocatively as possible. My hand is sliding up and down my eight and a half inch cock and the ladies see exactly what I like and let me fuel my fantasy by being the boss.

"Rub her nipples with the cigarette," and Daisy does it, puffing then blowing the smoke on Honey's hot pink nipples before sucking on it; Honey does the same, dragging and blowing on Daisy's hot, huge nipple before flicking it with her wet, wild tongue. My hand glides up and down my fat cock as they both move close to the cam and bend over, showing off their perfect, tight, young white asses. They perform my favorite move, bending over further and with the cigarette between their fingers, spread their assholes wide.

"I'm gonna blow smoke on your assholes," I yell out, blasting off on the pipe, feeling the sexy rush of the crack cocaine coursing through my system. I exhale the rock smoke on their beautiful assholes and Daisy kneels down behind Honey and takes a sexy drag off the cigarette, staring into the camera like a porn star and licks Honey's tight pink asshole before blowing the smoke on it.

"For you, David. Mmm, she taste good," she says, and my prick is dancing, doing cartwheels in my fast fist. I feel the cum boil in my ball when Honey tells Daisy , "Your turn, bitch."

Daisy puffs on the cig, spreading her ass wide as Honey blows smoke deep into that pink, gaping wide sexy asshole. Her wet tongue slides into Daisy's hot, puckered asshole as I see Honey's pussy slit drool hot cum.

"Eat my asshole," orders Daisy, using my sexy, dirty words of lust as they're both on the bed, spreading their long dancer-like legs as wide as possible.

"You like, David? We smoke more," says Honey as they both light new cigs, that Romanian accent driving me insane.

"I love you ladies, thank you. Now lick and smoke those cunts, my naughty girls." I make them smile and Honey gets off the bed, grabs a huge mirror and sets it up on the wall. I see why as they get into a "69" position and can see my smoking show in stereo.

Daisy takes a huge drag on the cigarette and blows the sexy smoke on Honey's pink, shaved, wet slit, her pink cunt lips covered in smoke. She rubs the cip up and down her cumhole, teasing her clit as my hand jacks my huge, dark cock faster.

"David, you want to fuck our cunts, our asses? We cum for you first." Honey does the same as Daisy, but puts the lit cigarette inside Daisy's hot, pink cunt and rubs her excited clit before pulling the cig out from her cum glistening pussy and placing the pussy juice coated filter between her cocksucker lips. She takes a big drag off the cigarette and looks at me.

"My woman tastes so good, David," she says, as my huge, dark dick leaks hot, clear globs of pre-cum down my hand. "Look, oh you have a big one, David. We want to taste you."

Honey licks Daisy's hot cuntlips and tongue fucks her cum leaking pussy as Daisy moans like an excited bitch in heat before they both begin tongue fucking each other's assholes.

"Spread your asses. I want to blow smoke on your assholes, my sexy ladies." I take a huge crack hit and yell out, "Open up them asses, I'm gonna blow smoke on your assholes."

I moan in exotic cocaine delight as their assholes open up wide, their cigarettes are held between their beautiful fingers and dick loving lips and I pour the smoke from my mouth over them.

They start finger fucking each other's hot pussies, the sounds of the juices and moans pour through my speakers as each one rams two fingers up their assholes; meanwhile, I have my huge, fat, cum leaking cock in my hand as I squeeze and jack off my eight and a half inch prick faster and harder.

"Fist my cunt," Honey screams in Romanian, "I'm cumming, my Daisy, I'm cumming, I cum, I cum." She shakes like a hot whore in orgasmic lust, spraying her hot cum into her wife's cum loving mouth. She's a squirter and keeps pouring pussy juice into her lovely wife's cunt loving mouth. Daisy eats that cunt so good, I hear her slurping on the juicy twat as she licks it clean and even laps up the bit on her hand.

Then Daisy puffs on the cigarette and screams, grinding her cum drooling hot cunt on Honey's beautiful pussy loving mouth and tongue. "Yes, I cum too, my whore wife. I cum, I cum, I love you," she moans as she spasms like a possessed bitch and squirts small streams of cunt cream into Honey's mouth. She uses her cunt loving lips to suck all the cum up and swallows it down, gulp by gulp, sucking the excess from her pussy.

I scream, "Look! You make me cum. Open your hot mouths, oh God yes!" My huge, dark cock explodes and I shoot the hot, thick white cum in long ropes, hitting my laptop's camera. I shoot jet after jet of hot sperm into their open mouths.

They quickly light up another cig and lay on the bed, their legs spread wide and rubbing the filter up and down their pink slits. My messy cum coated cock is still leaking as I reach over and grab my blunt and smoke, french inhaling from my Romanian smoking princesses.

"Thank you for smoking. Can you turn around once more, please?" They do, opening up those hard, white ass cheeks with their cigs between their fingers. I put an insane hit in my pipe and blast off, wishing I was there in Romania with them. "Open wide, I'm gonna blow it on your assholes." They giggle at me and I exhale in orgasmic ecstasy as they look over their shoulders and let me blow smoke on their asses.

As the cigs dangle from their fingers, we blow each other kisses, and I know I'll be back soon.

So Letti and all you cam girls who were so nice to me, I send my smoking fetish lust to all of you!

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