Act One: The Dungeon

Christina entered the hospital through the Emergency entrance, which was on the lowest level of her building, baby blue scrubs drenched from the downpour. Pushing her long wavy, dark brown hair, behind her ears, and rubbing her hand down her wet face, she shook off as much of the cold rain as she could. She worked as a registered nurse on the seventh and eighth floors of the med/surge building, a tall tower that looked even taller on the hill that it rested upon. She straightened her shirt, the water making the loose scrubs cling to her large round breasts.

"Shit" She mouthed, pulling the material out, so it didn't cling, making her nipples visible.

The elevator door opened and Lori, her best friend, meandered out, short bleach blonde hair hanging down either side of her round face. Her purple scrubs looked painted on her plump, stocky figure and she was wearing a white top that cut down to a vee neck, showing off some of her ample cleavage. With a big smile tattooed on her pretty face, she grabbed Christina by the arm and spun her around.

"Follow me Chris." She squeaked. "We have a different assignment."

"Because I'm late?" Christina huffed, the smile leaving her face.

"Maybe?" She shrugged. "All our rooms are full, so Michelle is sending you to elective surgeries. They have closed them down, and we are using their rooms now."

"You mean the Dungeon, I'm being sent to the dungeon." Christina followed along, head now hanging down. "All night in the that creepy place sucks."

"It will be easy, all six rooms are sleeping soundly, and probably will throughout the night. easy peasy." Lori's high pitched voice rang down the dark hall.

"Boring, and it makes for a long night." Christina replied, her voice low.

"Besides, there is a surprise for you." Lori winked as they reached the end of the long corridor, turned right, and started down another long dark corridor that was lit up at the end.

"You have six rooms, and every one of them are two days removed from surgery and stable, except the last room on the left." Lori pointed to the end of the hallway. "I took report from the day nurse for you." She winked. "I'll fill you in."

Lori guided Christina through the report, taking her into each room and quietly going over any details she may need to know. Both of them had been nurses for ten years, graduating from nursing school together and getting hired by the same hospital at the same time. Christina was married when they met, right out of High School, when she was young and naive, while Lori managed to stay single the whole time. When they came out of the fifth room, Lori could see the long depressed look on Christina's face, only now realizing it was there.

"What's wrong Chris," She wrapped her up in a big hug. "Is Dennis being a jerk again."

"He keeps threatening to leave me." Christina shook her head. "I never know what to do around him."

"He should just leave. You are so beautiful, he doesn't realize what he has." Releasing her from the hug, Lori took hold of her hands tightly. "You hang in there, you can come stay with me anytime."

"Thank you Lori, I'll be fine." Her head popped back up, brown eyes bright.

"Now for your last room." A smile crept up on Lori's face as she pointed to the room on her left. "You're going to like this one."

"Oh really?" Her eyes widened.

"He's a twenty-eight year old firefighter who was injured on the job, probably saving some kids and elderly women from a burning building or something." Lori nodded, a wicked smile on her face.

"And?" Christina tilted her head, curiously.

"Well he had a rather large hernia, that required two surgeries, and he will probably be here for a couple of days. Make sure there is not a lot of movement, no lifting, you know, the usual. They just shipped him down from the O.R. a few hours ago and he's all doped up, so you won't hear from him all night." Lori was gently opening the door as she spoke.

As the women approached the bed, it stirred, the man lying in it snoring softly, his large well defined chest was uncovered, as well as his knotted shoulders and huge biceps. His taut jaw line and high cheekbones were relaxed as he slept, while his black, wavy hair that parted on one side, covered an eye. Lori turned her head toward Christina, eyes bright.

"He just came from work, so he'll probably need a bed bath." She pointed down at the man. "And we are short of CNA's so you'll probably have to do it." She winked again. "Want to see his sutures?"

"Yes, of course." Christina whispered.

Lori pulled back the white sheet until it was at the man's knees, then, taking two fingers, she pinched the lower hem of his hospital gown and lifted it up, pulling it until the thin material was hanging over his abdomen. The air in the room seemed to escape into their lungs as they stared down at the man, eyes wide.

"Well, that is certainly large." Christina voiced first, mouth gaping open and eyes focused on the long shaft that curved down one leg, its thick head a pinkish red.

"It''s perfect." Lori continued. "I know. Symmetrically and all."

"The sutures look good too, clean and well spaced." Christina quickly got back to the subject at hand.

"I'm sorry... the what?" Lori laughed.

Christina elbowed her in the shoulder then pulled the gown back over the man and replaced the sheet. Backing out of the room quietly, their eyes still engaged with the bulge under the sheet and minds now thinking about something besides work, they shut the door behind them.

"Did you know?" Christina laughed, once they were away from ear shot.

"I mean, the day nurse told me, but I hadn't actually seen it." Lori crossed her arms. "Wow, I wouldn't mind looking at that perfect thing all night."

"What will you be doing?" Christina inquired.

"I'm in the Emergency Department." Lori chirped.

"What!" Christina hissed. "That's no fair. I want that."

"Don't be late next time." Lori shrugged.

"That idiot hid my keys, I had to take an Uber." Her hands flew up in the air and her eyebrows furrowed.

"That jerk, you need to leave him." She turned, strutting down the dark hall. "Let's get a drink in the morning."

Christina started the night writing up her report and doing her rounds. There was little to report as everyone was sleeping and most post op patients on the second night were considered stable, but the reports had to be done every two hours, never the less. During her final rounds, she crept into the last room and watched the firefighter sleep. Slight smudges darkened his face and ran down his arms . Pulling down the sheet and lifting up on the gown she inspected the sutures, but her eyes betrayed her, continually glancing down at the snake that seemed to slither down his tanned leg. It truly was perfect, she thought of Lori's words. Perfectly round shaft that came to an end at a red mushroom tipped cap. It looked like the kind of genitals you would see in textbooks at nursing school; the ones all the girls would laugh at, but secretly admire and desire. It was quite large, but not too large she thought. She felt her nipples starting to poke through her bra, and a twinge in her groin.

"Snap out of it Chris." She whispered to herself, covering the man up, and twisting away from him. "Jesus, be professional."

Christina straightened her shirt and went into the bathroom, digging through the cabinet.

"I should give you a bath, otherwise the day nurse will get here and wonder why it wasn't done. Can't leave any work for them, that I could do myself." She muttered to herself as she gathered her supplies.

Sitting down on a stool, she lowered the bed until it was at just the right height, then retrieved the basin of hot water, soap and some sponges that were about in the room.

Starting at his head, she gently washed around his eyes and down his nose. She had to scrub his face to get the dirt off, but it didn't wake him. Once his face and neck were clean, she pulled back the sheet and took off his gown, placing it on the end of the bed. Keeping her eyes up, mostly the whole time, she washed his chest and under his arms. His large taut biceps made his arms heavy; she lifted each one to scrub all around it and wash away the grease and dirt. As she cleaned and rinsed his body, her breasts began to swell and her nipples stood erect; the twinge, that was buzzing in her groin, was beginning to evolve into something else, something she had never felt at work.

"Stop it!" She whispered silently, attempting to force away any devious thoughts that slithered into the back of her mind.

She lightly brushed the wet sponge over his lower abdomen, where his sutures were. The area was already cleaned from the surgery anyway, and she was dangerously close to that perfect cock of his. Standing up, Christina walked over to the door, opened it and looked down the dark hallway, only the buzzing of the lights and the shadowy white haze filled the air.

"Quit it!" She breathed, rolling her eyes at herself.

The legs of the chair scraped loudly against tiled floor as she drug it down to the man's feet; she continued the cleaning down there with a new sponge. Making sure to clean between his toes and around his ankles, she made her way up his strong legs. Spreading and bending them she cleaned the dirt from them, until they looked and smelled fresh. Higher and higher she cleaned until she reached his upper thighs, the warm wet sponge brushing the head of the long snake that lay dormant on his leg.

"It's o.k. Chris." She said to herself. "This is your job." The warmth in her groin seemed to expand, as if it was growing.

Spreading the man's knees a little, she looked up at him sleeping. He looked relaxed as his nostrils widened slightly, inhaling the cool air into them. His chest rose and fell in a metronome like way, with each shallow breath. Using the tips of two fingers, she lifted the large shaft, which was heavier than she imagined it would be; she encircled the whole thing with her fingers to stabilize it. It twitched in her hand, causing her to jump. Lifting until she pulled the thick balls off his leg, she squeezed the sponge and pinched it between his legs, washing his ass and around his sack. Sponging up the crease beside his leg, she made sure to clean the whole circumference of his full, round sack. Tightening her fingers around the beast in her hand caused it to move and stiffen a little. A spark in Christina's groin fired off, sending a jolt up her torso. She realized her body was hot, too hot for this cool room, and her nipples were prominently sticking out.

"You're almost done." She reasoned. "You got this, you are a professional."

Taking a new sponge, she soaked it in the hot water and wrapped it around the base of the his shaft, then held his tight balls in the palm of her other hand. Slowly she made her way up the long pole. It hardened and grew as she cleaned its length and girth. Breathing in deeply through her nose, she smelled his musky stench, it was a raw manly odor that made her breasts swell even more. Eyes wide now, Christina saw the erect cock in her hand, veins bulging and pumping blood into the engorged member. Dropping the sponge, she held the beefy shaft in front of her. Another bolt of energy shot through her.

"Oh shit!" She said quietly. "What have I done?" She knew that she was getting excited, but didn't expect him to get excited, not in his medicated state.

Her hand slid back down the pole, almost instinctively, her soft palm caressing the hard skin.

"I...I...I can't do this." She stuttered, as her hand went back up the shaft, squeezing out a small drop from the tip.

His lips parted slightly, but his eyes remained closed. Christina inhaled deeply and her hand slipped back down the thick shaft, finger tips now pressing in on his pulsing balls. Another jolt of lightening zapped through her and she bit her lower lip; the beefy pole seemed to get harder and thicker.

She glanced up at the clock on the wall. The next shift would be coming in an hour, she needed to do something. Straightening herself in the chair, she lifted the cock in the air and began stroking it faster. Saliva dripped from the corner of her mouth as she fought the overwhelming urge to climb on top of this fat cock and slip it inside her now wet crotch. She wanted to wrap her lips around it and suck the juice from it...anything to satisfy her need for this beautiful cock, a need that would soon overtake her if this lasted too long. Her hand moved furiously now, the heel of her palm bouncing off the full balls that she was squeezing. The body below her jerked involuntarily and she felt the surge and expansion of the cock in her hand as the white creamy sauce exploded from the wide tip, straight up into the air.

"Oh Shit!" Christina jumped, eyes wide, seemingly surprised by what she knew was going to happen.

Her hand kept going as the fluid continued to shoot from the tip, spraying the body that she had just cleaned. The cock eventually softened in her tight grip, and a clear substance drained down it, coating her hand. Squeezing and pulling she made sure every last ounce was out before laying the beast down on his sticky leg.

"You have a call-light on out here." Lori's voice came from the door that was cracked open.

"C-Can you get it for me?" Christina's head whipped around. "I'm just finishing up here."

"Sure." The door closed.

Madly, Christina used the sponge to clean the sticky goo off of the man's body and legs. She threw the gown and sheet into the dirty linen basket as the his eyes opened up. He glanced down at his naked body lying on the bed.

"Arms?" Christina ordered as she held the new ugly blue gown over the man, who raised them, slipping his hands through the holes. "Are you o.k.?" She smiled down at him.

"Yea, just a-a crazy dream, I guess." His eyes darting back and forth.

"Care to share?" She asked with a smirk, while covering him with a new sheet.

"Uh...well...probably not." He shot her a nervous grin.

"You going to pass the morning meds?" Lori entered, eyes not leaving the man in bed.

"Right now!" Christina announced cheerfully. "just finished the bed bath."

"Wish I hadn't missed that!" The man sat up in bed while he spoke, eyeing Christina up and down.

"Oh, you didn't miss anything." Christina winked at him. "You take care now." She left the room, followed by Lori.

"So, how was it?" Lori nudged her. "Was it a full bed bath?"

"No," She lied. "just did the upper body."

"Man, I would have spent all night washing that huge thing of his." Lori shook her head. "Ready for a drink? It's eight a.m., perfect time."

"Right after my meds..." Christina answered, letting a sigh of relief escape her pursed lips. No one was the wiser.

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