I had come into some money so I decided to buy a home in North Carolina off of 95. My thought was it could be a play house away from the prying eyes of NJ. I was tired of being asked questions of why my body hair was gone and unwanted invites from well meaning friends when I just wanted some time to be the slut I was becoming.

Looked at several houses and found one that was perfect. A 3 bedroom ranch with a 3 car garage and huge unfinished basement. It was about 10 minutes off of 95 so it was easy to get to and from.

I set up the basement into 4 rooms. First was a living room, couch, big screen, etc. I put in a bathroom with a 6 by 8 shower area. Then two more rooms. One was a changing room where I could store my woman clothing and makeup while the other was a dungeon/playroom where I could have my toys locked away from prying eyes.

I found a local beautician who also did body waxing. I explained to her what I wanted and she was more then willing to help. She was interesting as she was a very big woman. About 6'2" without heels, well over 350 lbs with small tits but a huge ass! Very appealing! The first session she was very talkative, telling me about her cheating ex-husband and how all men need to be put in place. As she ripped off the wax on my chest she could see my cock twitch and asked if I was enjoying it? I of course said yes and she finished the job.

She then watched as i dressed and she did my makeup. She asked straight out if I was a fag...I told her I was bi and loved to serve and service either sex! She smiled and said that we could work something out for her service...i told her whatever pleased her...she had to leave but for our next appointment she would have more time. I watched her huge ass shake as she left and dreamed about what would happen next!

Then I gave myself the first of 3 enemas. First was soapy, second clear water, and third was a mixture of malt liquor and vodka. I held that one for 20 minutes as I drank the rest of the 40. Now I was fucked up. Time to play. I inserted my medium butt plug in my ass with some Vaseline as lube. Then on the internet to see what was going on. I had an ad and a few guys answered but today one guy in particular. He sent me a picture of him. Nothing much, average 6 or so inch cock but he told me he enjoyed kinky fun with gurls...

Being drunk and horny I gave him my address and within 30 minutes he was pulling up. As he came into the garage he took me in his arms and grabbed my ass as he kissed me. Then we went into the basement living room. I got him a beer and as he drank it I slowly massaged him, removing his clothing. He alternated drinking the beer and kissing me. He then placed me over his knee and started to spank me. He started slowly but as he got into it and hit me harder his cock got very hard. After 20 minutes of his spanking he had me stand and remove my dress. My bra was a semi push-up with my tits out. He pulled clover clamps from his pocket and put them on my nipples. He then had me give him a cock cage and he clamped it on me!

At this point I felt like a real slut, crotchless panties, garter belt and black stockings, 4 inch CFM heels, and a push up bra. He then had me kneel and suck his cock as he drank another beer. His cock was perfect. A nice thick head that was spongy and fit deep down my throat. As I slowly sucked his cock he pulled on the clamps, laughing as he seen me wince from the pain. By now he was on his fourth or fifth beer and while his cock stayed hard as I sucked it he squirted in my mouth. But not cum, it was piss. I swallowed and he continued to do so, taking his time, his cock now semi rigid and as my tongue worked it over I could see him force the piss into my mouth. It tasted ok, not too bad.

All of a sudden he pulled my head hard to his force his cock in deep and shot his load. It was nice but holding me close I struggled to swallow what was a large load. He then slowly pulled his cock out as I licked it clean. He said he was glad I liked his piss. He then sat on the couch and had me put on a dvd he had brought with him. As he drank his beer he removed the clamps and pinched my nipples as i howled. He laughed and said wait for the fun to really begin as

He had yet to start. He then had me kneel on a chair, tying my ankles and hands spread open. He now found the butt plug that had been in me and removed it, making me lick it clean...

i was glad i had taken the first two enemas because except for the vaseline i had used it was nice and clean. He then had me show him my playroom. He tied me to the wall facing it and asked if i enjoyed being a pain slut... before i could answer he had taken a cane i had and started to beat my ass. He was merciless as he beat my ass and back. After a good 10 minutes he slowed and asked if i was having fun! As i shook my head he started again, this time using a riding crop. i had brought a special one that had a chunk of lead in it so that when it hit my ass it was a thud and centered the bruise. i started to beg him to stop but when he did it was just to gag me.

Now he used a flogger. He covered my back, ass, and thighs then my balls. That really hurt. Finally he stopped and untied me, holding me from behind and I could feel his rock hard cock nestle in my ass cheeks. As he took me back into the other room i could see he had been beating me for a good 45 minutes. He had me kneel on the couch and shoved his cock up my ass. He only lasted a few minutes when he came.

After he pulled out he had me lay on the living room table. He saw the hooks and used my cuffs to tie me spread eagle. He then removed the gag and fed me his cock, making me lick it clean. He asked if I was having fun and I hated to admit it but i was! He then untied me and told me to strip as he wanted us to take a shower. He did have me leave on my stockings and had me kneel in the shower. He then pissed in my mouth and what i couldn't swallow I wore. We then showered with me washing him. When done we decided to do this again! Next time he might bring a friend or two!

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