S02 E01

First Blush

Cindy - College Years

Music blared from the house where the college party was raging. The house, itself, was crowded with people. They even spilled out into the front and back yard. I found myself here with some of my new college friends. School was only a few weeks into starting, and like all college terms, it wasn't officially the new year until the first college party was held.

Having always heard about infamous college parties, I was excited to go if not a little nervous. It was a whole new world. Yet it was important that I make the most of it. I had a lot of dreams and goals for myself. Some of the best places to network were at parties.

Wearing a fashionable outfit that was party-appropriate, I followed my friends into the party. There was a good deal of boys and girls in the house. Most of them held a cup or bottle of alcohol. I hadn't decided yet if I was going to engage in drinking, too, or not. "Hey Cindy," one of my friends called into my ear--the loud music made it difficult to hear one another--"let's find the refreshments. I haven't eaten since breakfast!"

With a plan in mind, we headed towards the kitchen. It took a bit of weaving through the crowd of people. While the living room was the primary location for most of the dancing, people were cramming the halls to dance as well.

When we finally located the kitchen, we found it filled with boys. They were laughing at something when we came in. Noticing that a group of young college girls had entered in with them, they immediately took an interest in us. "Well, well," one of the blond guys said, "here are some new faces. You girls Freshmen?"

"We are," I answered for us. I felt a bit shy, but I was determined to show some backbone. I may have been young and in my first year at college, but I wasn't just a typical girl. I was going places.

"Mmm. I love Freshmen girls," the blond hummed, looking over us. Yet when his gaze fell on me, his eyes widened in surprise. "Damn, you're super tall. Taller than all of us."

I flushed a little. My hands wrung together behind me self-consciously. I was well aware that I was quite tall. It had been something that I was teased about in high school. "Yeah, I know," I managed to murmur. "I get that a lot. I'm planning on being a supermodel though, so my height will come in handy."

"A supermodel, huh?" the guy said, looking me over again. "Yeah, I can see it. I'm just not used to looking up to girls. I'm usually the tallest one in the room," he chuckled.

"If you ask me, guys should look up to girls more often. We might be able to turn this hellhole we call Earth around," came a new voice. Her words were followed by laughter from other young women. Also in the kitchen had entered a group of athletic-looking women. Judging by their height, I guessed that they were the college's girl's basketball team.

The one who had spoken had dark skin and a dimpled smile. Something about her boldness and confidence sent a flutter of butterflies in my stomach. She caught my eye and winked at me. Those flutters quickly emerged as a blush that stained my cheeks. As her team filled the kitchen, my friends were a bit more confident walking further inside of the kitchen as well.

The boys, muttering slightly, took their leave and headed out of the kitchen with their drinks. I was eyeing a bottle myself when I felt movement beside me. The girl who had spoken was there. "Hey," she greeted me with a smile that made those flutters return ten-fold. "I'm Michelle. Friends call me M. Who are you? Haven't seen you around these parts before."

"H-Hi," I stuttered, then cursed myself. So much for seeming bold and in charge. "I'm Cindy. We just started going here," I said, gesturing to my friends who were also engaging themselves in conversation with M's group.

"Cindy, huh?" M looked me over. "Did I hear you right? You thinking about becoming a supermodel?"

"Yeah," I nodded, suddenly worrying that the profession may not look too cool to someone like her.

"Nice," M smiled. "You got the legs for it. Body, too," she added in a purr that sent a flush through said body.

"Wh . . . what are you studying for?" I asked, feeling like I was completely ruining any chance of looking cool in front of Michelle.

"I'm here on a scholarship," M said. "I'm the Captain of this ragtag group of girls here. Basketball. Hoping to go professional in the next year or so. So, naturally, my major is in business. Gotta know how to bring in those commercials and grow my brand. Girl's gotta eat."

She was super cool. That's all I knew. "Listen," M continued, "don't waste your time on the slabs of meat like those guys. Their brains don't move far past their dicks. Especially at parties. Everyone here is just looking to get laid."

My eyes widened in surprise at this claim. "Is . . . is that what you're here for?" I asked. I wasn't sure if my question was bold or just stupid.

M smiled all the same, almost looking flirty. Or perhaps that was my imagination. "Maybe. If I find myself a nice treat. I like a good set of legs, and honey, you got them. Let me ask you something, Cindy. You ever been in bed with a woman before?"

If I wasn't blushing before, then I most certainly was now. My entire face was hot. "I . . . n-no. I've . . . never done that."

"Mhm," M almost smirked, her gaze slightly heated now. "I didn't think. But you'd like to, right? College is the best time to experiment. It's the only time you have the freedom to explore yourself and understand what you like, you know. Come on. Take a walk with me. I'll keep you safe."

Glancing at my friends, they seemed quite involved in their own conversations. I decided to take a leap of faith. With a nod, I placed my hand in hers. Michelle's smile widened. Flicking her braided hair behind her shoulder, she led me out of the kitchen. "This sort of life-changing event

requires privacy," she told me. Her confidence was both amusing and attractive.

We weaved through the people until we climbed the stairs. I could hear some moaning and thumping from a few closed doors. She certainly seemed right in saying everyone here was looking to get fucked. We stumbled into a few couples making out in the hall, giggling as we did so. I felt like we were hiding a secret between us. It was thrilling.

At some point, we finally made it into what looked like a library. We disturbed one couple who looked as though they were about to start having sex. "Go on, take it to your car. We're taking over now," M shooed them away. I had to fight back a giggle.

Once we were alone, M looked back at me with a smile. Her hand was still in mine. "Well then, Cindy. The first thing you need to know about kissing girls," she purred, her fingers stroking against my wrist, "is that we're soft and slow. None of that nasty bristle you get when kissing guys. I'll show you. Okay?"

My heart was pounding in my chest. I felt nervous and shy, but I nodded. I wanted to know what it was like to kiss her. M smiled at that and moved closer to me. Her other hand lightly stroked my side. I felt tingles erupt everywhere she touched. Her hand rested at my hip, pulling me in . . . then pressed her lips to mine.

She wasn't kidding when she said it was soft. Her lips were like clouds and wonderfully warm. At first, I just stood there. Then I realized that kissing girls used the same actions as kissing boys. Awkwardly, at first, I kissed her back. But the longer the kiss went, the more heated it became, and the more I wanted of it.

I didn't think I'd be into it, but desire was starting to flare in my belly. Before I knew it, my mouth was opening to her. M advanced confidently, pressing my back against one of the bookshelves. My arms shyly moved around her shoulders, holding her to me as she slipped her tongue within my mouth. The taste of her was wonderful.

A moan escaped my lips, and I moved my tongue against hers. Heat was swirling through my blood and making my skin all the more sensitive. Before I knew it, I was pressing my hips against hers. M immediately took it as a sign to continue. She lifted one of my legs and wrapped it around her waist. Together, we started to grind into one another. The angle was perfect. My clit was rubbing against the material of our clothes.

It was making my legs shake with need. M was breathing heavily, too. She drew back, kissing down my neck. "Can I?" she asked, tugging at my shirt.

With a blush, I hissed, "yesss." M tugged my shirt over my head and quickly kissed down my chest. She pushed my bra down below my breasts and took a nipple into her mouth. I gasped sharply. M knew exactly where to lick to tease my nipple the most. Sharp shocks of arousal ran down my spine to my core, making my hips thrust forwards toward her.

"Mmmm, someone is eager for it," M teased me, glancing up at me. She playfully nipped my nipple, then started to undo my pants. "Don't worry. I'll make sure your legs are shaking a lot more by the time I'm done."

With my pants at my ankles, M pulled me to follow her. There was a study table in the middle of the library. M shoved the books off of the table and had me sit on the edge of the table. Before I could even think, she was opening my legs. Her head sank down, and she thrust her tongue within me. I gasped sharply at the sensation, my back arching inwards.

Before I knew what I was doing, my hands were buried in her braided hair. M lapped at me quickly, tongue doing things to me that I didn't know I could feel. I cried out, quickly biting my lip afterward. I didn't want to make too much noise.

M was moaning against me. "Damn, you taste so good, Cindy," she panted. My pussy was soaking and pulsing for her. My breasts heaved with my heavy breaths as she made my head spin.

Just as I was starting to climb, she pulled back, licking her lips. "One second, baby girl. I got something for both of us." M climbed onto the table with me, removing her clothes as she did so. Out of the pocket of her jeans was a small, double-sided, dildo. "Come here, baby," she panted, her eyes black with desire.

Gently inserting one side of the dildo within me, then inserted the other end in her. My heart was pounding at this point. This felt so intimate. She showed me how to move, her hips using my body as leverage to move against the dildo. I moved with her, thrusting the dildo within me. Each time we came together, our clits rubbed against one another. It had me moaning loudly despite myself.

She felt so good. This felt so good. M was the dominant one in this regard. She set the pace and fucked us both with the dildo more than anything. "M," I panted, feeling myself starting to rise, "I'm so close!"

M purred, only moving faster. The table rocked below us. "Come on, baby girl. Let me see how you cum." With her clit rubbing mine, all it took was one more thrust. With a cry, I threw my head back and felt the orgasm shaking through me. As she had promised, my legs wouldn't stop shaking from my intense orgasm.

She didn't stop either. M kept thrusting into me until I was pushed into a second orgasm immediately after my first one ended. She cried out, too, and I realized that she was cumming as well. It was so hot to watch her body tense, beads of sweat emerging on her beautiful skin.

We remained pressed together for a time, panting. Her eyes were bright when they looked at me. "There you go. You just completed quite a few firsts tonight." I couldn't help but laugh breathlessly, feeling quite happy and sated, if not a little confused.

M gave me a naughty smirk as she asked, "now, how about seconds?"

The End

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