e621 Species Wildcards

Easy Chimeras!





The species wildcards available on the main rentry weren't doing it for me, so i went full tismo and made my own.
You can nab them here:



Contents include 35 wildcard text files intended for use with SD Dynamic Prompts (A111 WebUI)
Get that extension here: https://github.com/adieyal/sd-dynamic-prompts.git



  • More canids/felines, mostly different domestic breeds
  • Mooore bovines
  • Shifted some mammals into cervine
  • More caprines
  • More & greatly improved marines
  • More equines
  • Minor tweaks across the board
  • Turtle group added


  • 232 different species pulled from the e621 database
  • Species curated to avoid repetition and to filter out low strength tags
  • Fictional species included (plants / goo / dragons etc.)
  • Focus on anthro content (no cyclops / gorgon / satyr etc.)
  • Descriptive tags included for all species (big feet for frogs, quills for porcupines etc.)
  • Colors & body sizes specified only when important for species identification/differentiation
  • Should be flexible for male/female/agender prompting, with a few exceptions (lion manes, antlers, udders)
  • VBA enabled Excel file included with full database - script included can be used to update wildcards with your changes
  • Database includes mostly accurate tag strengths for each species listed
  • No LoRA dependecy, all prompts tested using EasyFluff


  • e621-amphibian
  • e621-arachnid
  • e621-bovine
  • e621-camelid
  • e621-canid
  • e621-caprine
  • e621-cervine
  • e621-crocodilian
  • e621-crustacean
  • e621-dinosaur
  • e621-equine
  • e621-feline
  • e621-insect
  • e621-lagomorph
  • e621-lizard
  • e621-mammal
  • e621-marsupial
  • e621-monotreme
  • e621-mustelid
  • e621-plant
  • e621-primate
  • e621-rodent
  • e621-slime
  • e621-snake
  • e621-suina
  • e621-tentacles
  • e621-turtle
  • e621-ursine
  • e621-avian - all feathered creatures
  • e621-marine - all fish & aquatic mammals
  • e621-fur - all creatures with fur
  • e621-scale - all creatures with scales on land
  • e621-shell - all creatures with an exoskeleton (no turtles here)
  • e621-smooth - tentacles, plants, and slime (includes snails/goo/slugs)
  • e621-random - every wildcard
  • e621-wildcards-db.xlsm - the database for updating the wildcards


  • You need to specify a directory (edit the VBA code) for the script to work
  • Don't fuck with the database columns, it'll break the script
  • I suck at VBA, please be gentle
  • The script will delete any files starting with "e621-" in the directory specified - be careful if you have other files starting with that
  • So any new groups you add should also start with "e621-"
  • The wildcards don't include backgrounds or poses, adjust your prompt accordingly
  • All prompts tested nude, but clothes should work fine. Certain parts of the wildcards may interfere with some clothing.
  • Crustaceans, arachnids, tentacles, and slimes require a lot of prompt tuning to get right. Insects need a bit.


  • I don't use ComfyUI. Not sure if this will work with it, but if you make something send me a catbox and I'll put it here.
  • Will add additional species/modify tags on request
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Pub: 29 Jan 2024 18:21 UTC
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