The spurt of hot, sweet juices took her friend by surprise, splashing in her face and onto her tongue. To her credit, Charlotte continued to lick without a noticeable pause, then she started lazily lapping the length of Kelly's slit from her taint all the way to her clit before descending to repeat the cycle again and, much to Kelly's delight, again and again. Oh, God, this is good! She is so good...

Kelly leaned back and pushed her hips forward; the back of the folding chair dug into her shoulder blades, but her attention was elsewhere, and she spread her legs wider. Charlotte started licking in earnest, letting her tongue part Kelly's labia, gathering and spreading her juices all over her pussy. Kelly reached down with her right hand and spread her lips, exposing everything to Char's mouth as her left hand began to knead her own tits through her sweater. Her clit throbbed now with each heartbeat, watching and feeling her friend's tender kisses and tongue, and she fought the urge to scream as her next climax swept over her, leaving her shaking and desperate for more.

Charlotte coaxed four squirting orgasms out of Kelly in the next twenty minutes, although from the second one on it felt like one long climax, a continuous wave of musky fluid coating her face. Some dripped down onto her tits, leaving a slick trail of evidence of her efforts, and she loved the feel and smell of it on her. Swallowing some, she savored the taste, warm and thin compared to semen. It was sweet instead of mainly salty, and she reveled in this new experience.

Kelly finally placed her left hand gently on Charlotte's shoulder and gazed into the other's blue eyes. She gasped, "No more, Shar. I'm worn out. You were so good..." Shar put her arms around Kelly's midriff, and, still kneeling, hugged her and put the side of her face on Kelly's still clothed chest.

"God, Kelly. I've never, I mean..." She fought for the words, settling on, "Kel, that was so great! I loved when you squirted, love the taste of it. Just like honey." She loosened her grip and looked into her eyes. "You sounded like you wanted to scream when you came."

"I did. Didn't want them to hear downstairs."

"Or all the way in town."

"No. Have you ever done that before? Licked a pussy?"

Charlotte came up slightly, and put a hand under Kelly's chin, her eyes lit with happiness, then kissed her long and gently, feeling Kelly respond to her mouth and the taste of her on her breath and lips. When they stopped, Kelly looked happily exhausted, and Charlotte finally answered. "Never licked anyone's pussy before, no. Loved every minute of it. You make me feel so naughty, Kel. Thank you." She stood now, offering her hand. "Let's get the rest of your clothes off you, and lie down for a bit."

Kelly smiled, and in moments was stretched out naked on the bed next to Charlotte. They hugged for several minutes before starting to kiss again. She giggled, and looked at Charlotte. "You know, you didn't even touch my breasts. Danny always gives them some attention."

Mock consternation on her face, Charlotte frowned. "So, I'm not as good as Danny, now?"

"Just different. I love to have my nipples licked, sucked and fucked by him. Loved having you lick my pussy." She kissed Charlotte on her mouth. "Loved it."

Charlotte returned the kiss with growing passion. "So did I, Kel."

"How was it for you?"

Charlotte lay back, their arms around each other. "Different, like you said. I started off thinking it would be like sucking a dick, but, kind of, in reverse. But you came so many times, Kel. Men cum only once, and I love swallowing. It's just different when the person you're licking keeps cumming and squirting without slowing down." She kissed her again, a quick brush of her lips. "You tasted so sweet, like I was a bear licking up honey. I loved it." It was the third time she had compared her juices to honey, and Kelly was very flattered.

"You sure it was your first time?" At Charlotte's nod, she continued thoughtfully. "Must be instinctive or something. I've watched Danny eat Jenny's pussy for an hour or more, and I loved when he gave me head the first time. He's had lots of practice, but you were as good the first time as he was the first time he ate me out."

Excited and grinning, Charlotte turned to her. "When was that? What did he do?" Kelly told her the whole story, the long cunnilingus on the family dinner table, when she soaked his shirt with repeated orgasms, and they had to literally mop up afterwards. "Not the first time he's dined out at that table. He told me he and Jenny fucked twice on it while I was visiting Mom and Dad in Florida."

"That is so fucking hot." Then, she looked concerned for a moment. "That dinner table? Where did he do that."

Smirking wickedly, Kelly answered. "Right where you were sitting, Shar. I squirted on the table and the floor and Danny's shirt. Pussy juice everywhere!"

"Where I was eating tonight? Fuck... I would love to do that with you sometime." They kissed some more, breathing more heavily.

A soft tap came at the door, and, intent on each other, the both started. "Kelly, it's after ten." Jenny's voice, and Kelly knew her sister would freak out entirely if she saw them entangled in bed. A quick glance reassured her the door was still locked.

"It is?"

"Yes. Is your friend staying over?"

She paused. "I guess she is. I have a spare nighty she can use." To soak up the mess the next time I squirt, she almost said.

"Okay. I'll make sure we have breakfast for four in the morning then. Dan and I are going to bed now, and we still have to work in the morning, so please don't keep us up too late."

She fought the snicker about to come up. "Sure thing, sis. We'll be quiet."

"Okay, see you in the morning. Love you, Kelly."

"Love you too, Jenny." Her footfalls receded quietly down the hall, and she heard the door to the distant sound of the master bedroom closing and the click of the latch.

They started to make out, and Kelly nearly cried out when Charlotte licked then gently sucked her nipple. "Oh, fuck. So you do know how to find my tits!"

Charlotte's answer was a long, steady set of kisses and gentle nips at Kelly's breasts. In a short time, Kelly returned the attention, and was rewarded by soft moans from the blonde. Reaching down, she ran her fingers over Charlotte's blonde bush, watching in fascination as her fingers trailed through the kinky golden thatch, marveling at how it parted when she put her middle finger between the lips and into the warm, wet space beyond them.

"I assume you've never eaten pussy before either..." Charlotte spread her legs invitingly, giving her plenty of room to accommodate herself.

Kelly's laugh bubbled forth. "Ask me again in five minutes." She swiftly moved between Charlotte's legs, and started to kiss her bush, stroking her slit with the tip of her tongue and feeling her legs spread more, breathing heavily with each touch of Kelly's tongue. Soon, she used her fingers to spread the hood over her clit, and sucked it into her mouth, keeping the suction going while she traced its outline with her tongue inside her mouth.

Charlotte planted a pillow over her mouth, her moans trapped and stifled by the thick material. Kelly moved further down, and moved her arms underneath her thighs, the same way her Danny had done it in August. It felt like the right way to do it, and Charlotte's quiet covered moans indicated it was a good position. Kelly felt the other woman's pussy tighten, and her butt clench. Charlotte moaned into her pillow, arching her back as her orgasm took her hard. Kelly continued licking and spreading her lips, but Charlotte waved her away. "Too many orgasms, Kel."

Kelly retorted, "No such thing, Shar!," and continued, or tried. Charlotte gently but firmly moved Kelly's head away from her groin, and, turning on her side, closed her legs together.

"I'm sorry, didn't mean to push it."

They held each other. "No apology needed, Kel. It just got...sore after a while." She sighed and looked into Kelly's eyes. "You did it great, though, no complaints at all. I think you might be a natural at it, too." They exchanged slow, tender kisses before settling into each other. As Kelly and Danny had done their first night, the two women fell asleep naked, arms and legs entwined, and slept until nearly dawn.

Kelly woke first, nestled up against her friend, apparently now her lover. She wondered how long this was going to last, and whether to keep it from Danny. He knew he would probably find it very arousing to hear that she had been seduced by another woman, and performed her first cunnilingus. In her mind, she saw a rose gold-colored trophy, with the legend "First Cunnilingus," and her name engraved at its base. She fought off her first snicker successfully, but not the horde following after it.

Charlotte raised one sleepy eyelid. "What's so funny?" Kelly told her, and soon both of them were laughing quietly at the absurd image.

"So, Kel, have you decided?"

"Yes. I pick sucking a hard cock, with an occasional side of eating a beautiful pussy. Preferably blonde."

Charlotte smiled prettily for a moment, loving the compliment. Then, "No, your aunt and uncle. Are you going to tell anyone about it?"

Swept up in the passion of last night, Kelly had forgotten, no, she corrected herself, allowed herself to forget about Aunt Lindsay's affair. "Yes."

At Charlotte's cocked eyebrow, she answered again. "Yes, I've decided. After last night, I admit I have a lot more that people could talk about if they knew. And that's before our wonderful little episode!" She kissed the other girl playfully, then more slowly. "Nobody's business, certainly not mine. I'll let them continue and see what happens. Without my interference. Anyone else finds out, I know nothing." She felt relieved not just by the decision, but because she had made one.

Slipping out of bed, they put a pair of nighties on, and headed to Kelly's bathroom down the hall. As soon as the door was shut, they stripped them off and showered together, washing each other's backs, and fronts, making out for a long while before they felt the water cool to lukewarm. They stepped out, and Kelly handed her guest one of their spare toothbrushes, a legacy of many dentist visits over the years, and shared her tube of toothpaste. Clad in the two blue and white towels on the rack, nighties in one hand, they went back to Kelly's room, locked the door, and dropped their towels on the floor, standing naked in front of each other, then hugged.

Charlotte nuzzled Kelly's ear. "You know I still like boys."

Laughing, "So do I!," as she caressed the other's buttocks.

"Not girls."

"Me neither."

They kissed and fondled each other with gusto for several minutes, then separated, just stood looking at each other. Both their pairs of nipples were hard, stiff again with desire, and they heard the water start in the master bath, and either Jenny or Dan start showering. Kelly's heart skipped a beat when she considered it might be both together. Her gaze drifted to the soft downy blonde curls below Charlotte's waist, and Charlotte looked at Kelly's hairless snatch.

"How long you want to stay over?"

"When do they leave for work?"

"Jenny goes around seven, and Danny goes downstairs to his office around the same time, so, about an hour and they'll both be out of earshot."

"Great, so another night or two?"

Kelly surprised herself and reached again for her, encircling her waist, and drawing Charlotte to her. "Maybe not all day. Don't want them to think we're up here having sex the whole time." She felt a thrill run through her, her skin against the other woman's skin, silky soft and clean after their shower.

"Slut," Charlotte murmured gently, tenderly. Kelly felt a deep urge to kiss her all over her body, down her back, along her legs, up to her breasts, her arms, and her face.

"Harlot," she whispered back, her eyes pledging lustful joining of their mouths and bodies, if only she would stay. Kelly's pussy ached for her touch again, so soon after they had finished in the shower.

"Lesbian," Charlotte challenged, her eyes twinkling.

"You licked my pussy first. I was just being polite." A laugh burbled up from inside her, into the cool morning of the room.

"My ass!"

"Your beautiful ass," Kelly breathed, nibbling Charlotte's earlobe. She ran her hands on either side, cupping Charlotte's ample buttocks as they kissed again, holding the pose until they heard Jenny call them for breakfast. Regretfully, they pulled on their clothes, and Kelly loaned the bigger breasted girl a loose t-shirt for the day.

Charlotte got a call from her mother around eleven. They had tried sixty-nine, the first time ever for either of them, lying on their sides and delicately licking each other's pussies. Both had cum multiple times over the hour they played at it, and the bed was soaked with their juices.

Charlotte steeled herself and took the call. Her mother asked her, none too gently, where the hell she had been all night. Shar explained she stayed over at Kelly's, and they stayed up all night talking, and were sitting upstairs, and could she stay awhile longer? Loud screeches came from the cell, unintelligible to Kelly, but their intent clear.

Exasperated, Charlotte started arguing. "No, Mom, I'm not fucking a boy. Can I just stay for a little longer?" Kelly leaned over to suck her nipple, earning a gentle swat on the top of her head.

The answer was emphatically no, so Charlotte put her clothes back on after climbing out of the bed where they'd lain since breakfast. They brushed their teeth again, and took turns primping in front of the mirror, Charlotte so she didn't look like she'd been in bed all day, and Kelly for much the same reason.

Kelly dressed, too, mostly, and walked her downstairs, not eager to let her leave. They hugged on the porch, out of sight of Dan's downstairs office.

Charlotte looked into Kelly's eyes tenderly. "Slut."

"Harlot," she replied huskily, a fiery lust still burning in her eyes. "Come back tonight. If you can. I want you..."

"I'll see what I can do, Kel. I can tell you're still horny as fuck, and I don't think it would be safe to leave you alone. Or me..."

They kissed briefly, only slightly less passionately than earlier, and Charlotte dashed off to her yellow VW to begin the five-minute drive home.

Kelly went back in the house, feeling almost desperately horny, and walked into Dan's office, her head filled with visions of her gorgeous new blonde lover. Her fingers and palms tingled with the memory of running her hands over Charlotte's body and caressing her breasts Seeing he was on the phone, she kept silent, but waved. He acknowledged her with a smile, and motioned her into the room. When he was done, he hung up and looked at her.

"Morning, sleepyhead."

"Is Jenny coming home for lunch?" Too quickly, but it was out too fast for her to stop, driven out of her by the rising tide of lust. She felt warm all over, ready to fuck and have a her pussy filled with a hard cock now.

Her Danny chuckled, a reassuring sound. "Not until five. What would you like to do after I knock off for the day?"

"I want something to eat."

"Dinner, then?"

"Dessert first." She walked over to him, and whispered in a low, sexy tone in his ear. "I lost my panties." Running a finger up her leg from below the knee, she caught the hem of her skirt with one finger, and displayed her hip, nothing but skin, up to her waist.

Dan swallowed, then grinned and stood up. "Do you want me to help you find them upstairs, then?"

She shook her head, and allowed herself a sexy pout. "Not upstairs. They're in the bungalow. Help me find them, my Danny." She stepped into his arms and kissed him long and deeply, hungering. She'd had her pussy eaten and fingered all night, and she had been right. She still wanted a cock inside her, and it had to be Danny's cock.

He felt up under her skirt, to her soft bare buttocks, and caressed them, spreading them with both hands. Their lips stayed locked, and she groaned into his open mouth, then pulled away, mischief in her eyes.

"After work, my Danny." She pitched her voice low and sultry, trying to convey the depth of her lust, even after fucking all night and morning with Charlotte. Kelly was surprised how horny she was, and how much she wanted him, all of him. Her heart was pounding with the need to have something inside her, against her, fucking her.

"So, what did you two talk about all night?"

"Lots of stuff. Mainly sex."

He looked a little surprised, and smiled again, this time with deepening interest. "What about sex?"

Coyly, "Lots. Made me very horny. Very, very horny."

"Maybe we should have lunch out."

She kissed him again, and stuck her lower lip out. "Danny, I'm sorry. I wasn't entirely truthful."

"What else did you talk about."

She giggled, wondering what his reaction would be. "We got curious. Very curious. We started watching a video of you and Jenny fucking. Charlotte took her pants all the way off, started to finger-fuck herself, playing with her pussy. She sounded so wet, I just had to join her..."

Dan licked his lips, ignoring for the moment his concerns about the video. "You jilled with each other? Played together? Sounds hot."

"It was. She especially liked watching you lick Jenny's pussy. She loves getting oral, and giving it." She slipped one hand below his waist, running her palm over the thickening rod through his pants. "We were still wearing our sweaters, though. We came so hard, and seeing each other playing with our pussies was so fucking hot..." She unzipped her skirt, and let it fall to the floor. "Oh, Danny, I'm afraid we couldn't help ourselves.

"Shar took her sweater and bra off. She was already fondling her tits, and when she took it off, I couldn't believe how beautiful she was. Big, round breasts, even bigger than Jenny's, gorgeous pink nipples. I couldn't say no..." Breathlessly, she took his earlobe between her front teeth, and nipped at it, then used the tip of her tongue to trace its outline. "I let her lick my pussy. I was her first, and she loved when I squirted in her mouth." Dan just stared, barely breathing.

"Then I got naked, left all our clothes on the floor by the computer. She was so soft, and great at fucking. We made out for hours, and then I got to lick her pussy." Her hand was rubbing his crotch faster now and more firmly, and she heard Dan moan. She knew he was close, and her whisper became smoky and deep with lust.

"Danny, she's a natural blonde. Her bush is so golden blonde, and I couldn't help myself. I had to return the favor, and she came. So hard. I bet you and Jenny had no clue her sister, your secret lover, was fucking a girl just down the hall." She was starting to moan herself, and slipped out of her sweater. She had no bra on, and was totally naked, Danny fully clothed, and she rubbed faster through his pants, enjoying the feel of his hard-on shrouded by the slacks.

"We took a shower and made out under the water. After breakfast, we went back upstairs and lay naked in my bed, kissing, rubbing, all morning. She wanted to try sixty-nine, both of us licking the other at the same time. We lasted about an hour, and it was heavenly. You and I haven't done that, Danny, and I want to so badly. I want you to lick my slit while I take your cock down my throat, feel us both cum while we're doing it."

Dan gave another moan, and she saw a small wet spot on his khakis, probably pre-cum, or the beginnings of his orgasm. She cooed to him, "But you know what, Danny? I loved fingering another girl, kissing her all over her breasts and face, tasting her juices. We both swallowed each other's cum. It was so delicious, baby. I know why you like to lick my cunt and suck on my clit, and taste me when I squirt in your mouth. She and I are going to do that again. Soon. In my room, near you and Jenny. You can fuck my sister and know that I'm having a great time just down the hall." She felt especially wicked taunting him, and knew he was enjoying it.,,,9583174&pg=1#9583174,353,156312452,156312452,Produkty_ktore_laduja_w_koszyku_wegetarianina_.html?t=1585930510#p169690334

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