Helen was sifting through papers and cramming them in her briefcase. Tera was amazed that she could tell what she needed out of the mess on the dining room table.

Tera was upright in a pitcher, soaking in buttermilk, enjoying the afternoon sunlight. Her limbless remnant of a torso was out on the couch where Helen had left it. "Hey, Hel... You're gonna be fine. You got more brains than the rest of them combined."

Helen stuffed a binder into her case. "You think so?"

"Yeah! I mean... Look at the fucking... Bullshit-Something-Oak Plaza they put along the Promenade. Snooze." Helen laughed. Tera was happy that there was the one constructive thing she could do, having only a ding-dong stuck to her head and a tiny, stump of a body. She could make Helen laugh. "You have good a good eye for designs."

"OK. All right. Yes, I do, don't I?" Helen stared at the veritable landfill of diagrams and forms, then looked up to Tera with an excited, frightened look.

Helen was hot. Her suit skirt showed off her yoga habit; her blouse and blazer framed a wonderful pair of 'waterbeds' as Tera called them. Tera edited her own thoughs; she was gorgeous.

"I hate to do this, but the zoning commission meets in twenty minutes, I HAVE to get downtown. Alicia is on her way though!"

"I know, that's fine. Could you give me a quick rinse and put on Channel 8? You can just stick me in my body for now."

"Oh! Sure, Ter." She brought the pitcher to the counter and laid it over to let it drain, and pulled Tera out. She rinsed her wife's penis off and quickly tamped her with a towel. "Sorry, trying to be gentle." Tera's dickneck felt so soft after her soaks. She wanted to... Helen shook her head and and made her way to the living room. She slowly pressed Tera into her body and grabbed the remote. "Channel... 8?"

"Yup! Jeopardy!"

Helen smiled. It was Tera's way of trying to get smarter. Sometimes Tera didn't get that Helen loved her abrasive personality, or her shitty sense of humor. Tera was the yin to Helen's yang. Where Helen overthought things, it took a quick, "That's fucking stupid," from Tera to make her see straight.

Channel 8 News, the weather. "Alright Hel, I'll be fine here for now! Love ya!" She puckered her lips.

Helen leaned over the couch and kissed her wife. Tera bit Helen's lip. "To remember me."

Helen snorted, "Alicia's gonna be here soon! Love ya, bye!" The door slammed shut.

Tera was now on her own. She watched the weather guy. He was funny sometimes, but today? Fuck... maybe someone broke up with him?


A seaside. A woman in... clothes? Sheets? Napkins?

Tera wrinkled her nose. Artsy bullshit.

A crystalline perfume bottle spun around, super imposed over a sunset.

"Bet there's a hunk now," muttered Tera.

Another woman approaches. She's in a tux. They kiss.

"Oh Shit!"

The napkin lady is topless but they don't show anything.

"Oh FUCK, that's hot," gasped Tera, to the lifeless television. Their bodies push together, and all of it is in sepia.

"Diamond Tide... A fragrance by Boolashio," says the topless napkin lady, back turned to the camera.


Tera could feel her body's dick get hard; the one in front. "That was fucking hot..." It began to pulse, but instead of popping out like it did with regular women's panties, Helen had put her in some new unisex thing. It throbbed angrily at her.

Her wife had said, "It's because we're basically trans, Tera." She held them up, thoughtfully. "They donate proceeds to good causes."

"Yeah, I know! But I like my little basics!" Tera loved straining her body's cock and letting it pop out vertically. It was a fun bedroom flex.

Now... watching sexy-ass commercials and wanting to suck her body's dick... She couldn't; the damn thing was stuck in there. She thought for a moment... She used the vaginal canal inside her body to push herself out. She went slowly-this wasn't the cucumber party trick. Her dickneck crept out of her body and she tilted her head to the side, hoping to flop down next to herself.

Almost... almost... floomf, bump.

She popped out, rolled on the top of her head and fell on the floor. "Ow!! GOD... fucking... Hmmm..."

She was on the side of her head, facing the couch. In the corner of her eye, she could see the tip of her body's ding-dong encased in those awful undies. She had the ability to move her dickneck in the same ways as a normal neck would, so she closed her eyes and concentrated.

She pushed to one side and gritted her teeth, at the effort, and at the sensations of the tip of her neck rubbing along the plush carpet. She felt a drip on her forehead. Looking up, she could see her body's penis was already beginning to leak a little bit. "No no no, not yet... Hnng"

She pressed as hard as possible, and was now sitting on the top of her head, facing the sofa. She carefully changed her angle with the tip of her neck and pushed once she got to the tiny gap between the cushions.

"OK... OK... Progress."

"THIS iisssssss JEOPARDY!"

"FUCK! OK OK OK OK." Tera shoved her dickneck between the cushions, carefully pushed her head back to further anchor herself. Tentatively, she used that to lift her head, as slowly as possible so that she wouldn't just pop out. She strained and strained.

She managed to get her teeth on the raised hem of the cushion. She used it to pull herself further into the crevasse between the cushions. The sensations were turning her on; the hems of the cushions and the skirting underneath pressed against the head of her dickneck, and she felt every fiber. She wanted to swear but angry panting was all she could manage.

Now that she was anchored between the cushions, she angled her head again and bit down on as much fabric as possible to get herself upright. Her body's hard dick was in front of her now, still shrouded in her stupid undies... She was getting closer, but her dickneck was still wedged in the sofa.

"Come on..." She was getting tired now. She tilted her head to the side and tried to pull some of it out.

"Plants for 300, Alex."

"Potatoes were first cultivated in this South American country 7,000 years ago by the Incas."

"Nnngghhh! WHAT IS PERU?!"

"What is Peru?"

"Correct! You have control of the board." She started banging her head against the cushions to heave herself out.

"Plants, 400."

"Gahhh!!" She was almost there.

"This fruit has the highest calories of any fruit."

"WHAT IS AN AVOCADO, HELENNNNN!!" She and Helen had argued about that once. Tera WAS right, after all.

"What is avocado?"

"Correct, for 400."

"Let's try... Animals for 100."

"This animal's noise is believed not to produce an echo."

"FUCK YOU ALEX!! FUCK YOUUUUU!!" The tip of Tera's dickneck flung out on the sofa cushion.

"What is a duck?"

"Correct, for another one hundred dollars."

Tera was free and laying on the couch. She used her neck muscles to inch towards her dick.

"This vertebrae lives the longest."


"What is a tortoise?"


"AH BULLSHIT!" Tera was now able to get her teeth on the fabric of her panties. She began to pull with what strength her tired neck could wield.

"Butterflies use this body part to taste."

"SHERE FUH'IN CHOSH!!" Tera had the fabric in her mouth. Both of her ding-dongs where begging to be touched.

"What is a foot?" She yanked at the band of her undies.

Pinch. "AW FUCK!!" She had caught some dick between her teeth.

"This is the only continent without deserts."

Tera groaned in pain... "Eur... ope."

"What is Europe?"

She banged the back of her head against the sofa cushion and, using the momentum of her last bounce, she managed to get the band of her panties into her teeth. Her head fell back along with them, and her body's cock sprang forth. "YES YOU FUCKER!!"

Her little body's wonderful, delicious, juicy ding-dong sprang up into its vertical position. So far, far away. She concentrated and moved the muscles of her body, trying to angle her cock low enough she... almost got her... mouth on it...

"This animal lives in Northern parts of North America," almost... "and is the largest member of the deer family."

"What is a Moose?" Her cock flung back into the air as she spoke the question. "You piece of shit cock!!"

"What is a Moose?"

She reached up again and used her lips to grab a hold of her shaft... and slowly... carefully, used the suction of her mouth to go further along, which incrementally pulled it lower. She drew the tip to her mouth and turned her head to angle it further. She began to slowly pull it in with her cheek, and with any luck, her dumbfuck body would just tip over on top of her so she could just lay there and get off.

"This animal is the only marsupial in North America. No seriously they're not all dead."


"What is a raccoon?"

Tera half-turned to the TV, "YOU FUCKING IDIOT, AN O-POSS-UM!!"

"Ooh... Sorry that is-"

"FUCK!" Tera's dick was now bobbing in the air again, teasing her. The door opened. "I'll bite your HEAD off you piece of shhhhhit!"

Alicia appeared in the door, about to apologize for being late. It sounded like Tera was making death threats. She shrieked and ran outside.

"N-No! No wait!!" Her caretaker had gone. Her only hope.


Minutes later, Alicia slowly crept back into the house. Tera wagging her dickneck all over the sofa cushions and grunting like an animal.

"Tera! Calm down." Alicia picked her up by the sides of her head. "What's going on here, you scared me!"

"I nee-e-eed to cum... I NEED IT... cum. Please," whimpered the redhead.

"Oh, alright honey... In we go!" Alicia trust Tera into her own body, and at this point, she didn't care which cock was cumming.


"This color was named after the fruit, not the other way around."

"THE ORRRAAAAAANGE!!" Tera was losing control. Her vaginal canal was gyrating in what felt like hallucinatory spirals around her neck.

"Wow, Tera! You're so smart!"


"The first soup was made with this large mammal. It is most closely related to the elephant and rhinoceros."


"What is hippopotamus?"

"Oh," said Alicia, half-paying attention. "You got that wrong, eh?"


"Geez, attitude! You're staying in the sink till you calm down!" She waited a moment. "Tera?"

"This human body part stays the same size from birth, however, our nose and ears never stop growing."

"My... fucking dick..." Tera had passed out.

DOOT DOOT DOOT DOOT. "The clue is... The eyes. The eyes."

Tera had her manic moments, and Alicia learned that they dropped off VERY quickly. As soon as Tera was screaming and tossing out threats, it was moments from her passing out.


Helen unlocked the door and stumbled in. "I'm soo... SO sorry. The meeting went late."

Alicia looked at her with a grin. "You're wife's tuckered out. She had a rough night." Alicia was cradling her wife's head in her arms. Her beautiful, sleepy-weepy-wife.

"Aww..." Helen's face crumpled in love.

"I'm not a housekeeper, though." She stood to reveal the other half of the couch, which looked like it had been coated in frosting. Helen knew.

"Oh wow. That's... more than usual? I'll get it, Alicia. Thank you for being there for us."

"I know I always say this... but you two are my favorites. So in love." Alicia smiled kissed Tera's unconscious head, and then Helen on the cheek as she gathered her things and left.


Helen was reclined on the sofa, using her wife's small body to prop her head like a pillow. Her wife's head laid against her, snuggled up against her breasts. Late night TV was on, and she halfheartedly looked at the day's emails on her phone.

"WHAT IS HAMLET?!" Tera was suddenly squirming.

"Shhhh, hey hon. Having that dream again?" Helen placed a hand against her wife's cheeks?"

Tera was quiet for a moment. "Yeah..."

"You OK?"

"I... Next..." Tera seemed to be falling back to sleep. "Juss... leave me on... floor."

Helen smiled and muttered, "More like a plastic sheet," then glanced back at her phone.

Life with a limbless, dickneck wife had its challenges, but... She set her phone down and looked at Tera's sleeping profile. She would never change a thing. She leaned over and kissed Tera's forehead.

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