Tom was in shock; his cute, studious friend had just pissed all over his head, her warm wee engulfing him like a hot shower. His face was still wet, moisture still dripping from his lashes into his eyes. All he could picture was the moment her panties changes coloured as they filled with liquid and then spilled their contents over him.

He had made the mistake of pleading with her mid flow, her liquid quickly filling his mouth, and flowing down his throat as he tried to gurgle his plea. The pert butt and the cute panties may have skipped away, but their gift was now permanently inside him.

Elena had released herself from the cage but had quickly relocked the lid with Tom still trapped inside. His arms and legs were once again completely pinned down and immobilised by the impenetrable steel bars. He couldn't even wipe his face and lay helplessly as her pee slowly dried, creating an Elena scented sheen on his skin, locking itself into every pore of his body.


Elena was also in shock. Her feelings for Tom and her desire to impress Kate, her rebel sister, had made her do things she would never do in her wildest dreams. Despite her rational self feeling ashamed and embarrassed, the woman deep inside her had loved being in the cage with Tom. The touch of his lips against her had felt incredible, and the closeness to the man of her dreams had made her glow.

Kate had led Elena out of the basement and into the shower. She had then used the cord from her dressing gown to tie the shower door closed with her dazed sister trapped inside. Elena peeled her wet underwear from her crotch and dropped them with a sodden thud as she looked dejectedly at her sister through the glass shower enclosure.

"I've messed up my research and lost Tom," Elena moaned, pulling miserably at the glass shower door, her sad eyes begging her sister to let her out.

"Was he angry?" Kate asked, double knotting the cord to ensure her sister remained confined in her glass box.

Elena thought back to Tom's sodden face and beautiful bewildered eyes. His sculpted features were red from the weight of her cheeks and his breathing deep from the punishment she had inflected. He hadn't shouted at her but had watched with almost doting eyes as she climbed out of the cage and lowered the lid on top of him.

"He was just shocked," Elena whispered flatly through the glass.

"That wasn't just shock," Kate replied kindly, her usual sisterly rivalry put aside.

"Also, disappointment..." Elena added.

With her obstinate sister refusing to untie the door, Ellie showered and then looked meekly at her sister as drips of warm water fell from her naked body.

"Wash your hair," Kate instructed, as she sat with her annoying short blue shorts perched on the edge of the bath.

"No, I need to let him out now, ," Ellie moaned, "Untie this door!"

Elena stamped her bare foot, splashing water across the shower tray, and then cried out in frustration as hot water again gushed down to soak her long blonde hair. It was a much-needed wash and condition and she it felt better as she ran her fingers through her silky dripping waves.

Elena waited patiently as her younger sister inspected her naked body through the steamy glass and then leisurely untied the door. She rushed out into a waiting white towel, her eyes searching the humid bathroom for the key to Tom's cage.

"I've hidden it until you're ready," Kate announced.

"I must let him out now!"

"No," Kate replied stubbornly and with a hint of pleasure at being one up on her sister, "He will wait for you."

Elena hurriedly blow-dried her hair and ran back to her room where her sister had laid out a black sleeveless top and tight white miniskirt and heels for her studious sister to wear. Ellie knew she didn't have time to argue and so quickly squeezed into the provocative clothing and fidgeted impatiently as Kate did her make up.

Elena felt painfully self-conscious as she wobbled nervously back down the stairs on her loudly clipping heels. Her sister's stupid miniskirt was riding even higher on her thighs and she blushed with embarrassment, pulling on her hem as she warily approached the cage. She stood with her ankles crossed and hands clasped together as Tom's trusting eyes looked up at her from beneath soddened, matted hair.

"I'm so sorry I took so long, Tommy," she sighed, "...and that I peed on you."

"I think I swallowed some." Tom whispered matter-of-factly.

"Oh god, don't," Elena swallowed hard, grateful that a curtain of blonde hair was partially covering her face.

"One minute I was kissing you and then ..."

"I know, I'm sorry!" Elena was trying to stop tears forming in her made up eyes, "I don't know what I was thinking... carried away by the moment, I guess... but you did kiss me!"

Tom hadn't forgotten. The girl he wanted more than anyone, the girl who giggled nervously when she shook hands, had sat on his face and let him bring her to orgasm. Quite a step up for the jeans and jumper clad geeky girl.

Elena perched side-saddle on the edge of the cage. Her legs were slightly parted and the short skirt and slit were exposing a teasing glimpse of her soft tanned thighs. For Tom, the day of debilitatingly secure incarceration, combined with the closest of his captor's body was overwhelming. He breathed deeply through his nose, her perfume mix with her pee as he relaxed down into the bars.

"You look beautiful, Ellie," he breathed, transfixed by the thighs that rested almost directly above his head.

Elena sighed in desperate relief, "You look like shit," she replied accompanied by her high pitched, strangely harmonic giggle.

"My new beauty treatment not working?"

"No!" Elena exclaimed.

Tom was now fighting against the bars that continued to pin him rigidly in place.

"You know you haven't unlocked me yet?" Tom pointed out.

"I wanted to make sure you weren't mad at me."

The pouting lips curled, and her dreamy eyes just stared. She waited until her lips finally quivered and then slipped into a full smile, "One last thing before I release you..."

Elena's hands reached through the bars to squeeze the cock ring over his balls. She then slid the small chastity cage into place and padlocked them together.

"Sorry, research only," she called touchily in response to Tom suggestive smile.


Elena smiled again, "I have you on a very sensitive trigger," she warned, "One naughty thought and the sensors in that cage will make my phone will beep."

"Your sister's description of me as just a lab rat was right."

Elena shuffled across the lid of the cage and strained to open her thighs against the tight white fabric. Her phone beeped.

She shook her head, "You know lab rats stay in their cages 24/7."

"Something else we have in common."

"If only," Elena sighed with a wistful smile, "I'd love to lock you up at the end of the day and go out and leave you here."

"We could go out together?"

"Not while you're my lab rat..." Elena replied, pleased that they were slipping back into girlfriend boyfriend talk, "Maybe I'll keep you here all night..."

"All night," Tom repeated, every ounce of his remaining strength trying to reach the innocent girl perched on his cage.

The phone beeped yet again.

"You didn't dress like that to watch Netflix on the sofa while I languish in here," Tom whispered.

"Hey," Elena exclaimed, crossing thigh over thigh to try to reduce the flesh on show, "Anyway I'm busy tonight."

Elena immediately regretted her words. Why did her stupid sister make her wear this tiny skirt? In jeans and jumper, she could have happily had a drink with Tom, but now she felt tarty and had just turned down her crush. She was devastated. How had she managed to lose a certain date?

"Okay, then I'll stay as your prisoner until you want to go out with me," Tom replied.

Toying with Ellie was a fun, if dangerous, game. Surely, she wasn't thinking of leaving him locked up all night, but then again, anything was possible with a woman who had peed in his mouth.

The smile was returning to Elena's painted lips, "You really want me to leave you here?"

"I want to take you out, but you're busy."

Ellie turned and clipped away, her high heels forcing her hips to rock and the tight fabric to pull teasingly against her cheeks.

"You look beautiful, Ellie," Tom called again.

She stopped and turned, "I'm just so embarrassed by what I did to you... and what you did to me."

"Didn't you like it?" Tom called gently.

"Yes, of course... but I shouldn't have made you do that!"

"That was my choice, Ellie."

She stamped her heel in frustration, "Yes, but I sat on your face...oh god," she moaned.

"And it was the most amazing thing ever."

Ellie sighed and crossed her slim arms.

"Sleep well, Ellie," Tom called.

"Oh, I'm not very good at this!" Ellie laughed in frustration, her long legs stopping, turning and then walking back to the cage.

"Isn't this how all dates start?"


"It's your choice, Ellie," Tom blinked, "I would love to take you for a drink. Otherwise, I'd love to stay in this inescapable torture cage while you and the key snuggle up on the sofa."

"Stop it," Ellie cried, "Guess you need to shower before we go?"


Dinner was uniquely Ellie. She wobbled into the restaurant on her unaccustomed high heels with her long legs swaying even more after two glasses of wine. It felt to Tom like a mix of a date and science experiment, with Ellie looking down at her phone every time his cock swelled inside the chastity cage.

When the wine arrived, Ellie sipped it and slowly ran her tongue around the rim. Then as she looked down at her phone, she managed to spill a drop between her breasts and then tried to mop it up with her serviette.

"Five," Ellie announced, seemingly impressed, as the beeps echoed around the restaurant, "You know the sensor will shock you if you get a six or more."

"What?" Tom almost choked.

"And there's nothing you can do about it," Ellie sang as she retrieved the wine covered key from inside her bra.

"Fuck!" Tom cried in a pained whisper, hunched over the table with his hands in his crotch as electricity pulsed into the end of his penis, "Fuck!" he mouthed.

"Why did you do that when I told you about the consequences?" Ellie asked, turning off the electric shock, "Even cattle learn about electric fences."

"Hard to explain," Tom panted.

"At least I know how to coax you back into the cage tonight."

"Tonight?" Tom looked up warily.

"It would be so much quicker if I could have you 24/7!" Ellie was animated and almost knocked over her wine, "I want to experiment with emotions, pain and sexual stimulation." She bit down on her lower lip.

Tom smiled; this was the most promising his geeky date had been all night.

"Sexual pheromones," Elena explained, "I want to see how you react to the scent of my body."

"Shush," Tom whispered.

"And in the cage, you can't stop me," Ellie giggled.


Tom placed an arm around Elena as they walked home. He ventured a kiss on her lips, but she reacted by playfully kissing his cheek. It was scant reward from a woman whose vagina he had kissed all afternoon. He looked on enviously, fantasizing about unzipping her tight white miniskirt, but just thinking that made Elena turn away to check her beeping phone.

"I am so grateful, Tommy," she grinned, hugging him playfully.

Tom removed his clothes, climbed inside the cage and pulled her down on top of him until Elena's mini skirt was sat on his chest. She looked down with nervous laughter.

"Would you like me to kiss you?" Tom offered.

The answer was yes, but Elena wouldn't admit it. Instead, she lifted up and bounced down playfully on face. It worked perfectly, distracting Tom for the few seconds it took for her to stand up, turn and close the lid on him.

"Is that it?" Tom sighed, the sight of the long legs and mini skirt on the other side of the bars causing his cock to ache in its cage.


Elena unzipped her skirt an inch and slid one of the sensors down inside the front of her white silk underwear. The sensitive scientific equipment was now pinned against her clit and vagina as Elena zipped up her skirt to seal it all inside.

To Tom's disappointment, the next sensors were for him and he watched helplessly as Elena taped them to his nipples.

"They tingle," Tom smiled, unaware of what she had in store.

"Really?" Elena replied, her long hair swinging as she looked away.

"Tom smiled back, waiting for the bashful scientist to explain."

"When two people's physical senses are connected, they should be self-regulating," Elena explained, "Particular with sexual stimulation and pain."

"Which one is me?"

"Well, a temperature rise in my 'skirt'," she mouthed the last word, "will send a current of electricity into your nipples."

"I can feel it," Tom winced.

"Well, so reduce my sexual stimulation," Elena breathed, her words a potent mix of inquisitive scientist and naïve, love-struck woman.

"But I can't do anything, Ellie, until you unlock this cage!"

"The captive's conundrum."

"Fuck," Tom mouthed, writhing around in his cage, his crushed cock tingling and his nipples aglow. Elena was standing so close that he could feel the heat from her body, "Fuck Ellie, I feel like I'm in your skirt with the sensor!"

"You really want me to imagine that?" Elena smiled, "One naughty thought and well..."

"Ow," Tom trembled, looking up both in delight and pain at the aroused woman who now controlled everything, "Fuck, I want you!"

"Do you have a death wish, sweetie?"

Tom moaned, his nipples lighting up as Elena walked around the cage.

"Rationally, he should try to discourage me," she whispered into her phone, "but as my captive, his primitive brain has to please me, to give him the best chance of escaping alive."

Elena climbed on to the cage and pushed her feet through the bars next to Tom's metal encased hands. From there, he automatically pressed her feet, his entire world now consumed with giving the perfect massage.

"You see, totally irrational," Elena continued, "A foot massage from my captive is only going to make me hot..."

"Fuck, El," he moaned.

"You know how to brush me off."

"I don't want to. I want to make love!" Tom cried desperately.

Elena was enthralled, "And you need me to stop the pain and release you even before you can charm your way into my bedroom..."

"Yes, yes, yes!"

"Well, I'll be upstairs," Elena announced, swinging her hips and sliding off the cage.


"You may be locked in my basement, Tommy, but you'll know what I'm doing..."


Elena returned to the basement to check the results as Tom lay panting in his cage. The pain had peaked ten minutes earlier but was now a gentle throb.

"Okay," Elena announced, "If I turn the key twice anti-clockwise, it will permanently lock the cage."

Tom's eyes followed her every movement and hung on every word.

"I mean permanent, Tom. As you know the cage is booby trapped to kill the prisoner if anyone tries to break it open."

Tom's nipples were tingling as the Ellie-inspired voltage increased.

"Perfect for the military," Elena continued, "It kept the prisoner alive for future interrogation, but as far as anyone was concerned the prisoner's life was over as there was no way to ever release him. Just to suffer and go mad inside the hideous cage... just because some girl turned the key."

"What would you be keeping me alive for?" Tom panted, his heartrate out of control.

"My pleasure?"

Tom gazed into his friend's eyes with complete trust until the pain was unbearable, "I believe you... my fucking nipples!" he gasped.

"Oh my god, it's still in there!"

Elena was mortified and spun away from Tom and ripped the sensor from between her legs. She zipped herself back into her skirt and turned back to Tom.

"Wow, that was sexy," Tom exclaimed, his nipples now a pleasant glow, "I can say that now, right?"

"I'm so sorry, maybe I was enjoying that."

Elena looked mortified, big brown Disney eyes and pouting lips. She looked gorgeously vulnerable despite holding so much power.

"Well, you have all night to enjoy it," Tom smiled.

"Really? You serious about all night?"

"I know you'll let me out if I ask," Tom goaded.

"I won't... not this time."

The wine and the sexual revelations had given Elena a new determination. She could feel her body buzzing as she daydreamed about once again sitting astride Tom's gorgeous mouth. She clipped slowly around the cage, staring at her helpless man from all angles. His breathing, heart rate and pressure in his chastity cage were high and her mind was whirring, as she analysed her captive.

She clipped to a halt, reached up inside her skirt and after some effort, slid down and stepped out of her white silk panties. She reached through the bars and gently lay her warm underwear over Tom's mouth and nose.

"Sexual pheromones," she whispered.

The drop in heartrate and breathing was instant with Tom's body melting back down into the cage. She continued to walk around the cage, this time enjoying the feel of being naked beneath her skirt and feeling more sexually alive than she remember.

Her thoughts returned to Tom and his cock which she slowly and lovingly unlocked from its chastity cage. Seemingly oblivious to the outside world, she touched his erect penis, the tip of which protruded through the bars.

"At least part of you is free..." she whispered, her voice now raspy and breathy as she spoke.

After several tries, she managed to roll a condom on to his erect penis. She hitched up her skirt, lay down on the cage and let her long dark hair fall through the bars to enclose them both. Only the tip of Tom's cock protruded through the bars but still its touch against Elena's vagina made her tremble.

"I can't reach," Tom cried, thrusting hard.

It wasn't full penetration, but it was enough for the inexperienced woman who cautiously rubbed against his tip and slowly eased him inside. She stared at him in wonder, her emotions in overload, as Tom climaxed and thrashed around as best he could inside the locked cage.

Elena grinned and without a word gave Tom a kiss. She sat up on the bars and swivelled her legs around to wobble back on to her heels. She pulled her skirt back down to cover her hips and flushed thighs.

"Thank you," she smiled shyly.

Tom pushed pointlessly against the underside of the lid. He could see Ellie's eyes flickering with exhaustion. She would soon be asleep, and he so wanted to be in her bed when her lashes closed for the night.

Elena gazed back. Tom was now just more than the perfect dissertation, he was her way to the perfect relationship and right then, she wanted to keep him forever. She crouched down to his level and her trembling fingers touched the key.

"Shall I lock you in for life?"

"Ellie?" Tom was overwhelmed and confused.

"Okay," she whispered, "Can I sleep with your key?"


"And the sensor?" she smiled, kissing him through the bars,

"I hope I can give you what you want," Tom called to the tipsy, love-struck woman.

"And I hope for your sake that I don't have any wet dreams..."

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