"Fuckkk You!!! No way...that is not a fucking fair punishment!" I yelled at my roommate Ted after he announced that I had taken last in our Fantasy Football league and that he would actually be the one to choose the punishment because he had won it on last minute garbage time field goal. Twenty fucking players and I had come in last. I couldn't believe it. I was GOOD at Fantasy Football. Injuries had seriously fucked me.

"Yup! It totally is...because you already bitched about my first punishment which would've been to tattoo you. So this is what you have to do, buddy boy. No more wriggling."

He was holding a small, black bottle that he kept beside his bed that I happened to know he and his girlfriend used during sex. We were close roommates. We had talked plenty about our sex lives. He had taught me why they enjoyed using poppers together. It seemed to make sense. She loved anal. He liked the way it made their bodies respond to stimuli, etc, etc.

"I'm not doing that...that's crazy. Ten sniffs!?" I asked him incredulously, knowing this would actually be a super easy punishment and I was so lucky I'd avoided having to do a permanently terrible tattoo. What could be so crazy about poppers, I figured? I didn't actually know how many sniffs from the bottle was normal.

"It's this or I start showing you tattoo designs...I'm thinking a nice big penis on your left ass cheek," he was smiling at me with a challenging cock of an eyebrow.

"Ugh, fine. Let's get this over with," I still felt like I was the one swindling him. The loser from last year's league had been forced to wear a skirt all around town for a day. That sounded quite terrible too. This was private and I could be done with it like right away. Such an easy punishment.

"Okay, here ya go. Hold your nostril like, entirely pressed to glass of the bottle, and hold your other side closed and take a big sniff...it should last for like one long second if you're sniffing hard." He held the bottle up toward my nose

I did. It was easy. I did it again. Nothing was happening yet. I loved the smell of the Poppers bottle. It was intoxicating. My body did like something that was happening. In rapid succession he had me taking my hits. One. Two. Three. I was feeling really good now. Four. Five. Whoa. Six.


Seven. Mmmmm. My skin was swimming in a bath.

Eight. I was tingling all over like electrified Christmas tinsel.

Nine. FUCKKKKK. I had actually started to wobble a little. This felt so fucking good.

Tennnnnnnnnnn. He held my nose to the bottle longer for this last one and I sniffed deeply.

I made sure to breath in deep like he had said to do. It was suddenly so much all at once.

I was suddenly rolling around on the carpet of his bedroom, wearing only my cotton soccer shorts and a t-shirt. My mind and blood vessels were exploding like distant galaxies coming into creation.

I was suddenly more horny than I could ever remember being in my entire adult life.

He was already straddling me and I moaned. Holy shit I was hornier than I had ever been before. Why was he straddling me and why didn't I care?

Ted spread my legs with his and my hands were all over my body touching myself, I felt a gigantic flush of warmth coat every inch of my skin.

He pulled down my shorts and before I could even object my boxers came off too.

I watched him glob a couple of lewd fingers full of a nearby lotion onto my crack and then pulled his own cock out.

Holy shit, my mind was absolutely rolling and spinning and whirling. I was horny. So fucking Horny.

I don't think I'd ever been this horny...ever before.

He was handling me and it felt good to be handled.

My body was relaxed as fuck.

Then his thick dick was pushing into my asshole which immediately spread for him and I was de-virginized within seconds. There was zero pain.

"Take that big cock, Chris."

My straight roommate had his cock pushing into of my ass and I was writhing around on the carpet below him acting as if I was in heat for it.

I WAS in heat.

He filled me fast, and as soon as he was all the way in he began to rock into me as he held my hips. I grabbed his powerful arms and rolled my ass back onto him. How did I even know to do that? The Poppers had completely taken over my brain.


Powerful thrust after powerful thrust. Nothing hurt. I had taken what I would later learn, was an insane amount of Poppers hits, especially for a first time.

He knew exactly what the effect would be. He knew I'd be willing to do anything...for at least 20 minutes with the amount I had inhaled.

And so he fucked me. Hard. The way a slut gets fucked. On the carpet with my legs spread very wide. And I bounced my butt with his cock because I loved how it felt.

My very first time taking cock was the most incredibly surprising moment of my whole life.

I couldn't stop. I suddenly wanted nothing but his fucking cock deep in my ass and I told him that.


He grinned at how horny he knew the Poppers had made me.

"I knew you'd beg for this cock."

He leaned down to kiss me and I spread my legs and wrapped them around his back and we fucked and we fucked and we fucked some more.

He flipped me over and we fucked doggy style, and then I wanted to ride him. I rode him hard, and turned around and rode him reverse cowgirl. He slathered me with actual lube from his bedside and then he bent me over the living room couch. When I was done moaning for him there he fucked me in the kitchen, and on the table. He fucked me all over that living room. And in his room.

We fucked for over an hour.

Well past when the poppers would've worn off.

He came in my ass and I came from jacking my cock.

And then he slowly slipped out of me and everything felt very sensitive and I felt very weird.

He felt weird too.

This was a strange moment.

He got up sheepishly and grabbed me a towel.

And I went to use the bathroom.

I looked at myself in the mirror and felt my loosened asshole.

"What. The. Fuck?" I shuddered a little.

I couldn't tell if I was insanely embarrassed...or still turned on...or ashamed. Or angry even? That felt like such a trap.

I stormed out of the restroom angrily, resolved to give him the lecture of a lifetime, even as my half-hard cock was bobbing naked in front of me.

"Ya know what Ted I think we need to..."

But he was already waiting there. Holding that black bottle again. He pushed me up against a wall and told me to take another sniff.

"FuckTeddyyyy," but I was already sniffing.

I took a huge five second sniff. And another one. And then he capped the bottle and I dragged him down the hall to my room now.

I pushed him up onto my bed and climbed onto his strong pelvis. After lubing my asshole with my lube that I kept under one of my pillows, I immediately got him back inside of me.

POPPERS. What a fucking drug????

I rode him like the slut I felt like.

It was alien.

It was sexy as hell.

His big cock banana'd into my prostate with every single one of my carefully aimed bounces of my butt on his dick.

I was getting fucked again. This dick had literally been waiting with the Poppers bottle to ambush me. I was going to fucking yell at him and instead here I was being fucked again. What in the fuck?


Holy shit my blood vessels were betraying me in the craziest sexuality coup on record.

This good dick was a good fucking dick and I was riding it like it was a good fucking dick.

Teddy fucked me. He thrust up into me. He pounded and filled and split me wide open until I was moaning his name throughout the apartment.

"Fuck me Teddy...fuckkkk me! Fuckkkkk me fuckkkk I'm so fucking hornnnny for this cock Tedddddy FUGHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSS!" I moaned and grunted and squeaked and squelched and lube made me messy all over as I bounced and he thrust.

Which would've been just fine had his girlfriend Kacey not just walked in on us, having heard the many lurid sounds coming out of me. She had just gotten back from hanging out at a bar with one of her girlfriends. This was way earlier than I thought she was supposed to be back.

I sat there, his cock still full impaling me, waiting to see what she would say or do. She had pushed the door open slowly which revealed the scene to her, as she stood in the illuminated doorway.

That's when I noticed she was holding an open beer from the fridge.

She looked tipsy and very sexy in her small olive green skirt and torn shirt.

"Mmmm, hi baby...I'm guessing Christopher here agreed to his punishment switch?" She swigged from a dark beer and I saw her raising her shirt to play with her smooth, tanned belly as she drank in our naked, sweaty forms.

"Yeah. He was just as slutty as we thought he'd be." I couldn't believe Ted's words. She knew? This was their plan? His plan? What?? They thought I would be slutty? WHAT???

But I felt him throb in my ass and I moaned again and my smile was undeniable. I started to ever so slightly grind my body, almost subconsciously, even as I looked at her while trying to decide if I should stop.

But she wasn't telling me to. She was touching herself.

I couldn't believe any of this was happening.

Ted and I both watched as Kacey slowly pushed her shirt up to play with a bare breast. And then she pushed her skirt up to rub her pussy through a sexy thong. We had a show now while we fucked.

I ground myself on his cock. It felt so good. I LIKED cock as it turned out. How did they know I would? Or was all of this just sexual luck?

She started to finger herself as she watched me ride, but soon I felt him needing control again and he pushed me down forward towards her and I got up and turned around on my hands and knees so he could fuck me from behind.

He took his time opening me so she could watch my face. This was a kink for them. I was being used for something very erotic and I loved that realization.

He fucked me until I was dumb for it. And she played with her clit the whole time that she watched us. Loving it.

I was immediately being turned into a cumtoy.

His cock felt incredible inside of me and I started to jack off as he fucked me.

"Cum in his ass baby. Breed him for me. I wanna see it." She said, and the words couldn't have turned me on more.

Something about her wanting to see her boyfriend cum inside me drove me wild. I pushed my ass back to meet each thrust and soon the loud fwapping was leading us both to an impending explosion.

"I'm gonna cum!" He finally shouted, as he picked up his paced and fucked me over and over and over again, holding tightly to the handles of my hips.

I felt my own cock begin to spasm.

"Ughhh fughhhhh meeeee soooo hardddd I'm gonnna cum I'm gonna cum I'm gonnnn fuckkkgggg!" I moaned and my cock completely spunked all over my bed.

Creamy goo exploded in my ass as his cock expanded once again and filled for me the second time that night.

Twice. I'd been cum in twice.

What in the holy ever-loving mother cum fuck?

She looked like she was quaking against the wall as she leaned back and rubbed her drenched pussy with her sticky clit as she watched us cum. She never took her eyes off of us, even as she quaked through her own masturbatory voyeurism.

He pushed me down so I was laying on the bed, and even though he was almost finished cumming, and I was definitely finished cumming, he just kept fucking me.

Long and slow and loving.


I hit and I wasn't horny anymore necessarily but there was something so quenching about the way a cock could fill an ass. And I was finding this all out in real time, even though it take me a very long time to analyze all of these rapid fire feelings and break down their meaning.

For now I was just being slow fucked through my incandescent afterglow.

And nothing else mattered.

I was beaming.

I was full.

I was fucked.

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