"About yesterday..." I began.

"Don't." Holly cut me off. "I don't think we need to discuss it. Let's just say it's been a while and I intend to get as much as I can this week." She looked round at me and smirked as she lowered her voice, aware the two Teaching Assistants, Karen and Susan, were just on the other side of the hall. "Besides, if we start thinking about it now I'm going to need you inside me again, and we've only half an hour to get set up for the kids."

I grinned and nodded. No need to upset the apple cart by overthinking the fact she'd ambushed me for a hard fuck on her desk the night before. I had already decided to leave my proposition until later in the week, but now I resolved to simply let things be completely and see how the week progressed for the moment. From what she had just said though, things looked promising for this afternoon, too.

As we prepared the day's activities, I thought back to the previous night, when I'd been able to tell my beautiful wife, Erica, about Holly's seduction. Erica always loved to hear about my encounters with other women, and last night had been no different. She'd heard about Holly before, of course, as Holly was pretty much my best friend at work, and also as we'd slept together on a residential visit with school a couple of years earlier. However, hearing the way Holly had seduced me the previous day, from me finding her masturbating to her taking control through a sudden "not-so-innocent schoolgirl" act, had Erica orgasming on her fingers in a matter of minutes.

Erica is bi-sexual, and sometimes invites other women into our bedroom, as well as enjoying hearing about my encounters with other women, but always before it had been someone she knew and had decided she wanted us both to sleep with, mainly people she'd become friendly with through work, although her sister and cousin had also joined us in the bedroom in the past. Last night, after a particularly fierce, passionate fuck, was the first time she had asked if I wanted to bring home a woman I knew and liked, rather than a friend of hers, as usually she liked to be comfortable with the women herself before she slept with them. I had, naturally, told her I'd love to bring Holly home to share with her, but as far as I was aware, Holly was only into men. Erica had accepted that, but I had, however, resolved to at least air the idea to Holly at some point in the week, as if you don't ask...

The day went as slowly as the last. I spent most of the day in the office ringing parents and Holly and the two TAs ran the activities. Every now and again I'd nip to see how they were getting on, or to offer a drink, but my day was a dull as could be, with very little company. Still, I thought, if I could get the majority of the office jobs done on the first few days I should be able to spend a bit more time later in the week doing activities with the kids and enjoying the weather.

As the day drew to a close, through the office window I saw parents, several clearly straight from work in their nurse's uniforms or supermarket t-shirts... the key workers picking up their children. I waved at the couple who noticed me from the gate, even as I continued to plough through the phone calls. Thirteen, we had today, which turned out to be unlucky for us, as the last parent didn't arrive until almost 4pm, a good half hour after the official closing time.

As I watched Susan walking the child up to the gate, I heard quick footsteps in the corridor, and the door to the office burst open. Holly darted inside, her white, flowery summer dress floating in the breeze she created.

"Pick up the phone, and if anyone asks, I had to rush off," she instructed, as she dived under the desk I was sitting at, after throwing her bag out of sight behind the photocopier.

"Wha..." I began, bewildered, before Holly's hands appeared from under the desk to unbuckle my belt.

I picked up the phone, and glued my eyes to the office door. The desks in here all had backs, creating a cubicle-like workspace, which hid Holly from being seen from the door or through the window from the reception area.

The low cubicle walls also hid my quickly growing erection as my cock was released from my jeans and boxers in one wrench down. Warm hands immediately wrapped around my length and began to stroke, speeding up the diversion of blood from the rest of my body to fill my hard eight and a half inches. Holly seemed to be having a little trouble with the desk itself, preventing her from rubbing along my length without banging her wrist, so I lowered the chair a little, and Holly's hand moved more freely up and down the shaft, before fondling around the head, where she found the first tiny drop of pre-cum beginning to form.

I let out a low groan as Holly continued to fondle my cock, now playing with my balls with one hand as the other stroked slowly up and down the shaft. Luckily I remembered to keep the phone up by my ear, as suddenly, Karen's face appeared at the door. Composing myself, I motioned her to wait a second and then very clearly finished my conversation with the imaginary parent on the other end, allowing this to signal to Holly that we had company.

Karen popped her head in the door as I hung up. "Kids have all gone. Need anything else?"

"Yeah I saw, thanks for seeing them out," I replied, Holly's warm hand trailing slowly up and down my erection. "And no I'm fine thanks. You two get going."

"Have you seen Holly? She was with us in the hall but we can't find her."

Holly had clearly been waiting for them to ask about her, as I felt her tongue suddenly press against the base of my shaft and lick slowly upwards as I began my reply, desperately trying not to let on what was happening below the desk. "She rushed off. Needed to get back apparently so with the late pick up she's gone." As I finished, Holly, not that I needed it, gave me a reminder that she was anything but gone, as her tongue finished its slow, sensual journey to the top of my shaft and her lips wrapped around the head of my cock. I held back a gasp as the wet warmth of her mouth engulfed me, just about managing to finish my sentence.

Thankfully, Karen just nodded and said goodbye. The door was just about to close, as Holly's lips travelled further down my cock and her tongue played over the tip, when the TA's head suddenly came back through. "Just thought, remember we need another member of staff for Thursday because Susan won't be in."

I gasped as Holly began to bob her head up and down on my shaft, and quickly tried to turn it into a gasp of surprise. "Oh God, I'd forgotten. Thanks for the reminder. I'll send a message now. Thanks, Karen."

Karen began to retreat again, but stopped. "You ok, Kev? You seem a little low down in that chair."

Quickly, I thought up a bluff, no easy feat with a tongue licking around the tip of my cock and a pair of hands working on my shaft and testicles. "Yeah," I chuckled, stifling a gasp as Holly quickly jerked up and down with her hand, "I just sat down too hard and I think I broke the mechanism. Doesn't stop me making phone calls, so I'll have a look tomorrow."

"Want me to have a look?" asked Karen, beginning to step into the office.

I warned her off immediately, "No!" Her startled look wasn't fully removed by my attempt at placation as I reminded her of the social distancing rules, so I continued, "Honestly, I'm only doing two more calls then I want to get off home. I'll sort the chair in the morning."

She hesitated a second longer, and I think Holly realised we were on thin ice, as her ministrations on my cock slowed, her hand merely rubbing slowly up and down as she waited for Karen to leave.

Luckily, Karen decided it wasn't worth arguing for the sake of fixing the chair, and she nodded a goodbye, waving as she passed through the reception area. I breathed a sigh of relief as she left the building, and Holly immediately returned my cock to her mouth below the desk, taking it almost all the way in before slowly releasing the length as far as the head, before again sliding her mouth as far as she could along my erection. I groaned as she worked her way towards deep-throating my whole cock, the sensation of her mouth enveloping more and more of me as she opened up her throat almost causing me to forget there was still another person to leave the building.

Susan's knock brought me around with a start as she opened the door. Holly didn't halt in her attempts to take all eight and a half inches right down her throat, despite again having another person in the room.

"You ok, love?" Susan asked, kindly. "Sat there in the dark with your eyes closed. Looked a bit unwell."

"I'm ok, bit of a headache is all," I replied. "Going to get..." I interrupted myself as Holly suddenly gagged on my cock, a throaty noise emanating loudly. I immediately tried to recover by clearing my throat loudly, hawking some phlegm to try and replicate the sound, as below the desk I could feel Holly's shoulders shaking in laughter even as she sucked on the head of my cock, abandoning for the moment her plan to take my length down her throat. "Sorry SUsan, bit of a cold and a headache, but I'm getting off home as soon as I've just done this next phone call and locked up."

Susan smiled. "Alright, love. Remember if you're not feeling well you stay at home tomorrow. Don't want you giving me this corona virus!"

"I couldn't do that to you, Susan," I smiled back, desperate for her to leave as Holly's tongue trailed sensuously up and down my length, lingering as she took a ball into her mouth and rubbed lovingly on my shaft. "Anyway, you get going and I'll finish and lock up."

Susan smiled and agreed, saying goodbye as she walked back out through the door and left the building through the reception.

Holly's lips left my cock, where she'd returned to slowly sucking along my length, and her face appeared for the first time in what seemed like forever, although apparently what seemed to be several hours of being relentlessly questioned while my cock was sucked was actually only twelve minutes. I groaned as she grinned at me, her hand still rubbing along my shaft. "I thought we were done for when I gagged," she laughed. "Lovely coughing to hide it!"

I opened my mouth to respond, but just chuckled as the look on her face disarmed any intention I might have had to make a point about potentially losing us both our jobs. Besides, we'd gotten away with it, and my cock was very ready to be put to use.

Holly grinned wickedly as she climbed out from beneath the desk, releasing my erection as she pushed me backwards on the swivel chair. "I'm a bit disappointed though, Kev," she complained. "All that effort and not a drop of spunk in my mouth to say thank you."

My mouth dropped open as she sat back onto the desk in front of me and lifted her pretty, white dress to reveal her smooth, pink pussy, her lips puffed up and slick with her arousal. She held up a pair of white knickers with her left hand. "I'd taken these off ready for you to fuck me after you left a load of cum on my face, but now... well, now I think I'm going to have to cum on your face instead."

I didn't need to be told twice to eat the beautiful pussy in front of me. I wheeled the chair forwards and lifted her pale, toned thighs onto my shoulders, before leaning in to taste her arousal.

Holly moaned as my tongue slid between her lips and I licked upwards, exploring the entrance to her cunt before continuing up to run over her engorged clitoris. I wrapped my arms around her thighs and pulled her to me slightly, encouraging her her lie back onto the desk as my tongue circled around and over her clit, bringing soft moans from her mouth. I licked her softly, gently for a few minutes, savouring the taste of her as her moans grew in volume.

Slowly I began to explore the rest of her pussy with my mouth, licking up and down the groove and sliding my stiffened tongue inside her, before returning after each foray to caress her clitoris, bringing small squeaks and moans as she gripped my short hair with one hand, pulling me hard against her. Looking up briefly, I could see that she had her other hand inside the top of her dress, fondling and pulling at her nipple as my tongue brought her towards orgasm.

Releasing her thigh with my right hand, I brought it down to slide a finger inside her as I focused my tongue upon her clit now. I soon slid a second finger into her sopping cunt, stretching her tight pussy to accommodate this before I inserted a third shortly after. Slowly I pushed in and out of her soaking pussy with my fingers stiffened, and it wasn't long then before her thighs squeezed around my head and I felt her body tense and then quiver as the juices of her orgasm flowed over my hand and her moan reached a high-pitched squeal of ecstasy.

Removing my fingers, I lapped at her, tasting the cream of her pleasure, drawing out the orgasm by slowly rubbing my thumb over her clit as my tongue explored her gaping pussy, licking up every drop of her juices I could.

As Holly released a sigh and I sensed her body relax, I felt her hand grip my hair and pull me up to stand in front of her, her legs already wrapped around my waist.

She said nothing, but reached up and pulled me into a deep, passionate kiss. My rock hard erection needed no guidance as I pushed forwards to slide easily into her soaked pussy. Holly moaned against my mouth and held me close to her as I entered her, revelling in the tight, but slick grip of her cunt walls wrapped around my length as our arms were wrapped around each other.

We kissed as I slowly thrust in and out of her, her breasts pressed up against me as I leaned over her to thrust deep inside. Holly's moans and gasps all released against my lips as we kissed, sensuous and intimate, my cock slowly moving in and out of her wet pussy.

Shortly, the feel of her pussy walls began to push me towards the edge of my own climax, and by instinct increased the speed of my thrusts, the head of my cock pressing deep inside her before pulling almost to release, before sliding smoothly back in, my testicles slapping against her skin as I buried myself inside.

Knowing I couldn't last much longer, and the groans I was producing warning Holly, I asked with one heavily breathed word, "where?"

"Inside me," she breathed. "I want your cum inside me. Fill me again."

I needed no further encouragement and a few seconds later pulled back to a standing position and groaned loudly as a thick stream of cum filled Holly, followed by another. I pulled backwards, releasing my cock from her tightness and a third string of hot, white spunk shot up onto her stomach and dress.

"Don't stop," Holly pleaded, and I slid my cock back between her puffy lips, almost immediately feeling them tighten as she quivered in a second orgasm. I leaned in to kiss her again as she came, my cock hard inside her as she convulsed and writhed, small, high-pitched noises escaping from her mouth.

Soon, she collapsed back onto the desk and I collapsed onto her, spent, but with my cock still hard inside her. We kissed a while, before I stood, pulling my cock from her. She sat up and we kissed again, before standing to re-dress ourselves a little. Holly needed little dressing - just to replace her panties, while I needed just to retrieve my jeans and boxers.

We didn't speak much, but Holly told me not to send a text out about Thursday, as she would try to get someone in to cover Susan's shift. I shrugged that was fine, and she grinned, kissed me again, and fetched her bag as she left the room and walked straight through the reception area to exit, waving as she passed the window. I set about wiping down the workspace. There was a lock-down going on,after all.

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