It was an exhausting weekend I don't even want to get out of bed on this Sunday morning. However, I do want to run to the department store to pick up a few things for a video viewing party this Tuesday. You might remember that the viewing party is for Josh. He's afraid to watch his faggot videos at home because he might get caught by his roommate.

I also have to talk to Suzie now that she's home from her weekend away trip and see how her weekend went. I hope Jimmy J treated her well and sexed her up every night.

I was still laying in bed when my phone rang. It was our Counter Manager Sal. He asked me if I could work from 3 pm to 5 pm today to cover the late afternoon orders before the regular drivers arrived. I reluctantly agreed. I don't mind working for 2 hours, but it's a lot of work dressing for just 2 hours. So, I laid in my warm and soft bed and devised a plan. It was a simple plan. Get up, get cleaned, get dressed and go to the store as Brie instead of Bryce. It's easier to wander around the Women's department dressed as Brie then it is dressed as Bryce anyway.

My goal was to pick up a few things for Josh. All he wears are pantyhose and his leotard. Nothing wrong with them, but he needs more choices. He needs some nylons to cover his leg hair. Anything would be better than his tight as hell pantyhose. He is not ready to shave his legs yet.

To my surprise, I manage to find a package of deep nude nylons and matching panties. I couldn't find a matching camisole, so I grabbed a tan V neck for him. That should get us through Tuesday. Now it's time to head to the shop.

I parked in my usual back corner and went inside. I don't know why I park in my special spot when I might have to head out at any minute, but I do. It's my spot. I went inside and waved at everyone. I asked Sal if there any deliveries.

"Just one, but it's a pick up. You can run it out to her. I think she has been here before. She always charges her order and picks it up."

"Let me know when you see her or she beeps her horn."

You don't always get a tip when a customer calls in an order and puts it on a credit card. You win some and you lose some.

Rick, our pizza chef, waved me to his work area.

"There may be some office gossip."

"It wasn't me."

"Oh, I know that. I heard through the grapevine that Timmy got together with a customer and that she is the girlfriend of a big burly type with big burly friends."

"OMG, he got with Lisa?"

"It might be just silly gossip."

"He has liked Lisa all summer. Their house is on his regular route do it could be true. But there is one other thing."

"Gossip on top of gossip?"

"Lisa is a cute cross-dressing boy. But you didn't hear that from me."

"What? What the hell goes on out there while I'm behind this oven?"

"A lot. But never mind that, let me get some facts before this goes too far. Does he work tonight?"

"He comes in at 4 pm, so he will be here at 4:10 pm.

"Sounds about right. Put a pin in it until then."

"Brie, the SUV is here. Will you run this Greek Salad out?"

"On my way."

I knew the dark SUV. It belongs to Naomi, Ken's hot trophy wife. We already had one face to face confrontation and nothing bad happened, so I'm not too nervous.

"Hi Naomi, it's nice to see you. It looks like your salad is pre-paid, so you're good to go."

"Hi Brie. I'm glad you're working today. I wanted to talk to you and I don't have your phone number."

"Give your phone Naomi."

She handed me her phone and I entered my name and number. I called my number so I could log her in my contact list.

"Thanks Brie. Listen honey, I want to talk to you about something, but I don't know how to begin."

"Well, is it related to sex?"


"Do you want me to do something."


"Where will the kids be?"

"At their Aunt's house. My sister's house."

"Are we talking about the usual front porch blow job?"

"I was thinking of something a little closer, like inside the house."

"So, like you answer the door and lead me into the bedroom by my hand and then I suck Ken hard as a rock and leave?"

"That sounds about right. How did you know that?"

"I already thought of it. I call it a 2 ½ way. When might this occur?"

"You thought of it? Wow. Maybe this Thursday or Friday. I've been teasing Ken about how frisky he gets when you deliver our food, so your name has come up. I haven't accused him of anything. I just tease him. But there is one other thing."

"What's that Naomi? Don't get shy on me now."

"I'm nervous about being naked in front of you. Ken may not go for that. I'm not trying to make any trouble in my life, I just want a better sex life. I want the sex life I've had since you came around to continue."

"I understand what's it like to be nervous. You have a couple of days to think about it, so try this on for size. It happens on Thursday so I can be clean and pizza flour free. It's 9 pm so the sun is setting. You can wear a nightie, but it should be the most see through you own. Do you have matching see thru bra and panties?"

"If I don't, I will have something by Thursday. Do you have anything special in mind?"

"Not really, just so I can see your perfect hips. Do I suck him hard or suck him dry?"

I think you should suck him hard. However, I have never been involved in a 3 way so I don't know exactly how to answer your question."

"2 ½ way Naomi. You want me to leave after I complete my task, right?"

"Unfortunately, yes. So, I agree with the 2 ½ way thing."

"We may have an agreement. Will you take him doggie? I have a thing for that."

"I'm pretty submissive to him when it comes to the way we do it. I'm happy when I get pounded. Here, take this cash and get yourself a new outfit and wig. There is a sex clothes store over in Hillsdale."

"Can my skirt be shorter than it should be?"

"Yes, but it should be long enough to cover your cock."

"How much do you know about me Naomi?"

"Just buy a couple of chokers. You need to cover your neck better."

"And you still want me?"

"My husband reacts to you and I want my husband to slam me. I'm trying to keep everyone happy here."

"Are we going to surprise Ken or what? This could go wrong pretty quick."

"I'll make us a few cocktails before 9 pm. And hope for the best."

"Text me if anything changes."

"Bye love."

"Thanks for the tip."

Back inside for a while. It's not too busy on Sunday afternoons so I have plenty of time to search the sex clothes store in Hillsdale. They close at 7 pm on Sunday's so I need Timmy to get his ass in here early. I mean I have money for new clothes and there is a store one town over. It's like having a hot coal in your pocket. I called Timmy and made all kinds of promises. He agreed to come in early because, you know, that Brie always gets her way around here thing. I'll let him feel me up if I have to.

I explained the situation to Sal and he agreed to it. Well, I didn't really tell Sal the truth, but close enough. That was about the moment Timmy pulled in. Rick looked at me and nodded as if to say, go get the truth about him and Lisa. I nodded back and swiped my nose with my finger. Secret Agent Brie on the case.

I met Timmy at the door and walked him straight into the restroom, arm in arm. Once in there, I spun him against the wall.

"Brie, we are going to get caught in here someday."

"Shut up and listen. First, thanks for covering for me today. I owe you a big favor. Secondly, did you and Lisa get together this weekend?"

It's only seems right that when you pin someone to a wall, you should grope his dick as a sign of good will and faith. Anyway, that's what I hoped because his junk was in my hand and I was giving him a free ride.

"I didn't really get together with Lisa. But, she did exactly what you're doing right now. It felt so good I couldn't stop her."

"See, I told you 2 weeks ago that you would like her hand better than mine. Did she make you cum?"

"Yes, it was embarrassing, but it was so good."

"Was she better than me?"

"That's a trick question, but the results will be the same in 2 minutes."

"Did you touch her?"

"I wanted to, but I was in a trance. I couldn't move."

"Anything else?"

"No, it was over as soon as it started."

"OK. I owe you a favor. Do you want to fuck my mouth right now and think about Lisa?"

It seems his answer was yes. He started pushing his gawd awful running pants down and then he was pushing my head down. We may have created a sex monster here. But I owe him a favor.

"Come on big Timmy. Screw my mouth. Pretend I'm Lisa and thrust in and out of me. Go ahead big T, do me like you want to do Lisa. Let me suck you like Lisa would, hot and wet."

That old saying "be careful what you wish for" is true. Little Timmy forced his cock straight down my throat. It's like my mouth wasn't even there and he was doing his best to gag me. I actually couldn't believe I wasn't choking my butt off. No one has been this deep in my throat. However, after a few moments I got used to it. This is actually another new experience for me. It may have been a new experience for Timmy as well. His sex game has improved. After several grunts, he released straight down my throat. He leaned back against the wall and I fell to the floor.

"Geez Timmy, not one drop is in my mouth. You made it all go straight down my throat and into my belly. Have you been having sex that we don't know about?"

"And you took it like a champ, or a tramp. No, you and Lisa own my last three experiences. But when I felt the tightness of your throat, I couldn't pull back. Now, are you going to put my spent limp dick in your mouth and suck me clean Brie? We both know you can't pass it up. I'm soft and spent so you should do your thing."

We have indeed created a sex monster out of Timmy. I'll split the credit with Lisa on this one. I'll update the score card after I cherish his shrunken dick.

"OK Timmy as far as favors go, we're even. Is that your phone in your hand? Did you take pictures?"

"We're even. No, I did not take pictures, I took a video. Can I come to your party on Tuesday?"

"It's not a party. It's a favor for Josh and he requested no other guests. Sorry. Who else knows about it? And why did you take a video of me with your dick in my throat?"

"Everyone here knows about your private party, you know, silly office gossip. I just wanted a record of you on your knees sucking my dick. Maybe you want me to upload on one of those sissy boards or something. I need to get out there and get to work. Thanks for the sex."

"Timmy, just between you and I, how many sex partners have you had? I promise I will keep it to myself. And no, you are not sharing that video with anyone."

"Three. A summer party hook up, Lisa and you. You sexed me the most."

"Fair enough. Was the summer party partner intercourse or not so much?"

"Sadly, not so much. Everything has been hand and mouth. Sadly, I'm an intercourse virgin."

"That's OK. I kind of thought that anyway. However, you can now claim hand, mouth and throat to your resume. Your cock didn't really touch my cheeks, it was all throat."

"Thanks, that's nice to hear. Can I see you naked?"

"What? Not now Timmy. You need to get to work. Now go."

"I just came down your throat. Call me Tim."

"Alright Tim. Go make some paper and keep your video a secret. Well, maybe you can send me a copy."

He left the restroom before I did. I actually needed a moment to compose myself. That's a first. But now, it's time to go shopping. I opened the door and walked right into Suzie. She was just standing there like she was waiting for me.

"Again, with Timmy?"

"I had a favor to repay. And it's Tim now. You want to go shopping me right now?"


"Hillsdale. A sex clothes shop. We don't have a lot of time."

"I'll drive while you explain all the sex activities I heard about while I was at the wedding."

"I'm getting a plaid skirt a lot shorter than anyone should wear."

"Let's go slut."

"One minute, I need to tell Rick something."

I let Rick know that the Timmy gossip was only half true. Lisa felt him up and made a mess in his pants. Rick shook his head.

"Well, at least it was something."

"OK, got to go. See everyone later."

It wasn't a long drive, but she made me tell her everything on the way. Listening to my own story makes me think I have become a slut. I used to be a happy weekend cross dresser. Now, there is sex involved everywhere along the way. How did I get here?

"Sounds like you were very sexually active the entire weekend."

"You knew about everything."

"I'm not complaining. As long as you are still faithful to me, you can get what you need or what you want."

"Forever yours Suzie. How was the wedding weekend?"

"The wedding was fine. Everything else was, well, not so fine. Spending that much time alone with Jimmy J was difficult. It was more like our 15th anniversary than our first weekend alone."

"It was your first time alone with him, that might be expected. Was there much sex?"

"No. Friday, it was a long drive up there, Saturday, it was a long wedding event and Sunday it was a long drive home. Three days alone and no sex."

"Sorry to hear that Suzie."

"It's over. Here's the store. Let's get this done."

We knew we had limited time in the store so we split up. I took a moment to text Zack. Maybe he can help out.

"You want to stop by at 8:30 pm?"

"You need me?"

"No promises, but Suzie."

"You can't get mad later."

"I promise."

I cannot claim Zack as my boyfriend, but he's as close as it gets right now. And I have managed to get him to fuck me, Miss D and Karen. Now we may have Suzie on the list. He's like my own personal cock solution. I turned my attention back to shopping.

"Suzie, do you see any wigs?"

"Over here. Check out this red one. How about these stockings? You like them?"

"You should get some too. Miss, if we buy these, can she wear them out? OK, thanks. Here Suzie, go put these on and give me the package."

We made our purchases and left. I had to let her know of my back up plan.

"Listen Suzie, you can drop me off at my car and we go our separate ways for the night or we can stop by house first and meet with Zack for a few minutes."

"I'll let you and Zack have your time tonight."

"Well, I invited him over for you tonight. In case you needed something."

"Thanks, but I'll pass."

She drove straight to the Pizza shop and dropped me off at my car. We pecked each other good night and we headed our own ways. Now I need to figure out what to do with Zack. It seems I made a promise I couldn't keep.

I was barely in the door when there was a knock on the door. It was Zack. I let him in and told him to take a seat while I put my packages down. I went back to the Living Room and was about to start my explanation of failure when there was another knock on the door. Whew, it was Suzie. I smiled and let her in.

"Hey Zack, how are you today?"

"I'm good Suzie. I heard you got some new clothes tonight?"

"A few things. Brie insisted that I wear my new nylons out of the store. It's too bad a had to put my leggings back on, you would like them."

I had to get in on this.

"Drop your leggings and show them off. We're all friends here."

"But then I would be posing in my nylons and my panties and they don't match."

"Prude. I'm going to go check out my new wig. I'll need a few minutes alone. I'll be back soon."

I left Suzie and Zack alone to do whatever they wanted to do and went into my room. I'm going to like this new wig. Auburn color with long curls. Now I have 4 choices of hair color. That's a good variety. I may have been in my room for ten minutes or so when there was a knock on the door frame. It was Suzie. She must have given Zack a show because she was only in her nylons, panties and bra.

"Can we use your bed?"

"Yes, if that's what you want. Come on in. I will go watch TV or something."

"You can stay if you want. I'll take him in your precious doggie position if you want me too and if he is up to it."

"It's my experience that Zack can do it in any position and anywhere. He also follows instructions very well."

"Come on Zack, let's wreck the bed."

Suzie barged in and had Zack by the arm. She released him and dropped her panties. She positioned herself near the edge of the bed on all fours. I whispered to Zack.

"She could get pregnant. You might want to pull out."

"That's what you said about Karen. Why don't you get some condoms in this place?"

Time to update the shopping list. Buy condoms and maybe some baby shower gifts.

End Pizza delivery with a twist 14

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