While my kids watched one of their favorite movies for what felt like the millionth time, I leafed through a hot-rodding magazine, dreaming of building a new engine for my old truck. My wife, Cami, had gone out with friends after work, and I happily agreed to watch the kids. What Cami did not know was that my willingness to do so, as well as to do many other things for her over the past couple of weeks, stemmed as much from guilt as anything else.

The source of my guilt lived next door to us, in the person of a cute eighteen-year-old named Kat. Well, cute and sexy as fuck. A little more than a month back, Kat shocked me with a request to help her learn to give a blowjob. She wanted to keep her boyfriend from finding another girl, so she decided to blow him. But because she had never gone down on a guy before, she was nervous and thought it best to learn from someone she trusted. She picked me.

But I had done more than help her out with the BJ, and by 'help out' I mean enjoy a great first attempt from the girl, who proved to be a natural at oral sex. A week later, I popped her cherry. And a couple of weeks after that momentous event, we engaged in a marathon afternoon of sex. Up until the end of our last encounter, I had managed to rationalize away any guilt I felt. One, I convinced myself that I was not a cheater because I had never even considered doing it before. And two, I told myself that I wasn't cheating with Kat because of desire to go outside my marriage, but rather because she needed my help. Of course, I was lying to myself. I buried the truth as far away from my conscious mind as I could. But falling asleep with Kat on her parents' bed had changed everything. Well, everything but my lust for the blonde girl.

I did attempt to channel that lust into sex with my wife. But while that strategy worked on the physical level, guilt still threatened to overwhelm me. And it did not help that any time Kat had a free moment to herself, she texted me with suggestions of things we could do together. Trying sixty-nine showed up in many of her texts, but different sex positions did as well, with reverse-cowgirl perhaps number one on that list. Specifically, she wanted to try that in my truck because she thought she would have sex with her boyfriend soon and suspected that it would happen in his truck. I tried suggesting that she just try these things with him, but Kat wanted to do them with me first. And God help me, I wanted that too. But I knew I should not.

A chime startled me out of my thoughts. I flipped open my phone and read a text from the source of all my worries.

"Saw Mrs. P. go. R u alone?"

"No. Kids r here."



"I wanna fuck. Meet in ur truck?"

"I cant."

"Im wet & ready."

I read and reread her last text, my breath quickening. Telling my kids I would be in my bedroom, I hurried down the hall. After closing the door, I called Kat.

"Hey, Brian," she answered in a quiet voice.

"Is someone else there?"

"I'm in my room. Cam is studying in his and my parents are watching TV."

"I see."

"So, you don't want to ram your hard cock into my tight little puss?"

"Kat, I told you we have to stop."

"Yeah, right."

"I'm serious."

"No, you're not. If cheating really mattered to you, you would've never let me blow you, much less the rest of it. And you know it."

"That's not true," I sighed, uncertain whether I needed to convince Kat or myself.

"Yeah, it is. So, if you want to fuck, go to the garage. I'll slip out and meet you there."

"I'm not leaving the kids alone in the house, Kat."

"Put on a movie. They'll veg for long enough for me to ride you."


"Really? You don't want to feel my tits? Or my lips on your cock, making sure it's hard and slippery before I slide my cunt down it?"

"Please stop..."

"You don't want me to."

I could not deny the truth of her words. I wanted nothing more in that instant than to rush to the garage and feel the snug warmth of the blonde girl's pussy engulf my shaft. But I knew that my growing guilt would torment me afterward.

"We could have phone sex," I suggested, not wanting to upset her. Also, I hoped I might not feel as guilty in the aftermath.

"I could do that with Clarke or a dozen other guys I know," Kat scoffed. "I want the real thing."

"Why not with Clarke?" I asked. I had been wondering that for some time, especially after I tried to cool things off between Kat and me.

"I'm not ready for that."

"I don't understand..."

"I don't want to fuck him, Brian," she snapped. "I want to fuck you."


"Yeah, I get it. Bye."

I stared at the silent phone in my hands for some time, wondering what to do next. But no ideas came to mind, so I headed to my bathroom to take care of the traitorous erection that had sprung up during my conversation with the girl next door.

"Will b alone 2moro. Want 2 69?"

The text came in Friday afternoon while I was working. I attempted to ignore it, but seconds later Kat texted me a question mark.

I texted 'no' although I had wanted to say 'yes'. My wife did not care much for sixty-nine, but I rather liked it. So not only did I feel the normal temptation from my lust for Kat, my mind latched on to the idea that I would get to lick her sweet pussy while she sucked my dick.

"69 & reverse cowgirl??? >:->"

"What time?" I responded, doing my best to ignore the voice in my head calling me a cheating scumbag.


"I'll see."

My young lover texted me a smiley face followed by maybe a half dozen exclamation marks.

"How'd you slip away," Kat asked as I stared at her nakedness. Like the last time I had come over to her house, she answered the door nude.

"Um... Cami, I mean, Mrs. P. took the kids to a movie. She never makes me go to those."

"So, we have a couple hours?"

"I guess. Where are...?"

"At an academic decathlon. They'll be gone until tonight."

The blonde girl grinned and took my hand, leading me upstairs. I wondered if she might take me to her parents' room like she had the last time, but she led me down the hall to hers, the place I had taken her virginity.

"So, not in your parents' bed today?" I asked as we entered her violently pink bedroom room.

"No. That comforter took forever to dry after I washed it last time. I was freaked that Mom might be home before I could get it back on her bed."

"Ah," I nodded, not saying anything else since at the same moment Kat dropped to her knees and tugged down my sweats and underwear, freeing my already hard cock.

The girl kissed the tip before enveloping it, soft lips sealing around my shaft as her tongue swirled. I laced my fingers through her silky hair and groaned, marveling at her enthusiasm and skill as she sucked up and down the first half of my shaft. And for the first time, I wondered if Clarke and I were the only recipients of her sublime talents.

"I thought you wanted to sixty-nine," I said after some time.

"I do," Kat said, grinning up at seconds after freeing my dick from that incredible mouth. "I was just saying hello to my favorite cock."


"And I have more to compare it to now," she went on, confirming my earlier suspicion. "I sucked off two of my guy friends and a guy at a party."


"And it's so interesting that guys like different things. The guy at the party wanted me to lick more. One of my friends wanted to fuck my mouth. The other let me do whatever I wanted, and he lasted the shortest time. He blew his wad in maybe a minute, and there was a lot. But he had the yummiest cum. He's a super healthy eater, including a lot of fruit. My friend Kendra said guys who eat a lot of fruit taste best."

"I see..."

"But you tasted yummy too, just a little more bitter. Not like Clarke, though. His cum is not so good, now that I have more to judge it by."

"Um, have you had sex...?"

"Just with you, Brian" the girl winked before taking my hand and climbing to her feet. "But I almost fucked the guy at the party. He's twenty, goes to Northridge, and is hot as fuck. But I chickened out 'cause he didn't have a condom. And I thought of you. What if he had something and I gave it to you, and you gave it to Mrs. P? I'd feel like shit."

"That's... very responsible of you, Kat," I told her, a new reason to feel guilty coursing through my mind. As the eighteen-year-old increased her experience, I would be exposed to more risk. And so would my wife.

"Yeppers. So, I got a bunch of condoms just in case. And I was hoping you could show me how they work when we fuck."

"Uh... okay. It's really easy. The guy has to be hard, and you roll them down his dick. But you should pinch the air out of the tip before..."

"I know that. Duh! I want to practice it... and see how it feels."

"I doubt it will feel different for you."

"Kendra says it does for her. She says the friction is different."

"That's probably in her head," I suggested, not sure. Cami and I had not used condoms in a long time, as she was on the pill. And I could not recall her or any other woman I used them with saying anything about it feeling different. The main complaint Cami always had was that using them tended to slow things down at just the wrong moment. And I agreed with my wife, but I did not tell Kat that.

"Maybe. We'll see. But right now, I want you to lick my puss while I suck your cock. We can play with condoms later."

Grinning again, the blonde hopped on her bed and lay on her back, legs spread. I pulled off my shirt than my shoes, socks, pants, and underwear while she slid one finger between her glistening labia.

"You should probably be on top," I said as lay down on my side next to her, my hand joining hers between her legs.


"You're a lot lighter than me, for one. And two, it gives you more control."

"What do you mean?"

"If the guy's on top, he may thrust while you suck. It's kind of instinctual. And if he does, you won't be able to control the depth. If you're on top, you're in charge of that.

"Oh. Okay," Kat said, turning on her side to face me. "But what if I want that?"

"That's different. But for this first time, I think it'd be better if you were on top. And besides, you didn't like it when I took control last time."

"It's not my favorite, but it was better the second time. With my friend. Not that he was better than you. I just knew more what to expect, you know?"

"I understand."

"But I'm sure you're right about being on top right now. You haven't steered me wrong yet, Brian."

Kat, blue eyes sparkling, kissed me. Not passionately, but softly, tenderly. The kind of kiss that speaks about more than desire. Renewed guilt fought with my arousal, but I knew which would win. Accepting my weakness, I rolled onto my back, away from that kiss. Kat turned and climbed over me, lowering her warm, wet sex over my face. I Inhale the heady aroma of her need, savoring it, before sliding my tongue into her pussy, enjoying the musky flavor, losing myself in her taste and her moans. At least for a few seconds, until she engulfed my rigid pole in her eager mouth, swallowing half of it in an instant and making me forget to keep licking her.

A weak gasp escaped my lips, and I forced myself to tongue her clit. While I lapped at her most sensitive spot, my nose slid between fleshy labia. At the same moment, I thrilled from the sensations of Kat's eager, sucking mouth sliding up and down my throbbing erection while her supple, young flesh pressed against my body. It had been at least two years since my wife and I had last sixty-nined, and doing it with my sexy neighbor felt even better than I had expected. And while I enjoyed our mutual oral efforts, my find flashed back to my last girlfriend before I met my wife. That girl had been a very willing participant in sixty-nining, and I had loved how I she would let my cock slip from her mouth when something felt really good to her, then suck it right back in. I decided to try the same thing with Kat, shoving two fingers inside her tight pussy while I flicked my tongue against her protruding clit.

"Oh God...," the eighteen-year-old groaned, her body jerking forward. I pumped my digits faster, eliciting a shuddering moan. And then Kat did what I had hoped she would, slurping my dick back into her mouth and sucking hard. That wonderful feeling of the wet warmth of her eager mouth enveloping my sensitive flesh brought my tongue and fingers to halt for a heartbeat, then two, as I caught my breath. After that, I attacked her sex with even more vigor, leading to a repeat of the whole thing.

In what felt like no time, but might have been a few minutes, Kat's body stiffened in climax. And while she did not pull her mouth from my shaft, her head and tongue stilled for several seconds while fear that she might involuntarily bite down invaded my thoughts. But she did not do so, and the next thing I felt was the flow of a held breath around my dick as her orgasm subsided.

Relieved that my concern had not come true, I lapped the hood of her clit with slow, gentle strokes. But there was nothing slow in Kat's response. She swallowed my length until the head hit the back of her throat, gagging around its thickness but not pulling away. In fact, from the pressure I felt on my sensitive glans, I suspected she was attempting to make herself take more of it. Gripping her pink comforter, I made myself lie still, resisting the instinctual urge to hump my hips upward.

"Fuck," Kat growled after more gagging, followed by a coughing fit, had forced her to give up the attempt. Or at least I thought she had given up. But in the next moment, her lips were back around my cock and she swallowed until the gagging started again. But this time, instead of pulling off all the way, she moved her lips back up, gained control, and tried again, and again, and again.

I licked at her clit, but my teen lover got up on her knees above me, putting her sex just out of reach of my mouth. And when I attempted to push my fingers inside of her, she reached back and swatted at my hand. Taking the hint, I lay still while she did her best to try to take my cock into her throat. And maybe she would have succeeded had I been able to last longer. Her recovery time after each gag had certainly reduced, and I had even felt the tip of my dick start to slide into a tight channel, but all that only drove me closer and closer to exploding.

"I can't... I can't hold... hold off..." I panted, warning Kat of my impending ejaculation.

The blonde girl sighed, the air of it bathing my twitching dick. Her soft lips slid up to just beneath the head of my shaft and she swirled her tongue over my most sensitive flesh. I thrust my hips upward and grunted as my release came. And what a release it was. My balls constricted and tingled. My dick twitched and spurted. My heart pounded and lights danced in front of my eyes. And all the while, Kat did not miss a beat, her lips and tongue milking my cum from me. And of course, like always, she swallowed it all.

"Well, that was pretty darn awesome," she said after rolling off me and reversing direction so she could snuggle her head against my chest.

"Uh huh," was my only response, other than gently stroking her silky hair.

"I can see doing that more."

"Uh huh," I repeated, not caring in that moment if she meant with me, with other guys, or both. Hell, in the lingering bliss after one of the most intense orgasms I could recall in recent memory, I did not even care that I was cheating on Cami.

"And I want to try it on the bottom, too," Kat went on between soft kisses across my chest.

"Okay," I agreed. Of course, given my blissful state, I might have agreed to anything.

"But later. We have another thing we need to do right now."

"Yeah?" I vaguely recalled we had talked about something else, but my mind would not focus.

"But I want to do it in your truck."

I made my mind focus, and I remembered that Kat wanted to try reverse cowgirl in my truck as she had some plan to do that with her boyfriend, Clarke.

"Umm... I think it might be more comfortable here..."

"Nope," the girl said, popping the 'p' and shaking her head. "In your truck."

"Are you sure?"

"Oh yeah," Kat said, a huge grin on her face.

"Hey Mr. P," Kat purred, walking into my garage in a short denim skirt, skin-tight black t-shirt, and high-heel pumps. I had preceded her to my garage and had the hood of my old truck up, as she had requested.

"Hi, Kat," I replied, feeling silly yet aroused at the same time.

"Um, do you have a second?"

"Yeah, I'm just working on my truck."

"Good. And is Mrs. P. home?"

Of course, Kat knew my wife and kids were not home. But that was not the game.

"She's in the house with the kids," I said, and a surge of guilt nearly overwhelmed me. Yes, it was a lie, but even saying it, even pretending it, felt like the worst betrayal yet.

"Oh... I... I'm horny as hell and need my little cunt fucked. I was hoping you could help me with that, Mr. P."

I closed my eyes, wanting to tell Kat to stop, wanting to tell her 'no'. But I did not. My dick had twitched at her crude words, and I knew I would not resist.


"I'll be quiet. I promise. But your thick cock feels so good in my pussy, I need...."

"Get in the truck," I snarled. The girl flashed me a huge smile before rushing to do as told. Shaking my head, I hopped in the driver's side. And as soon as my door closed, Kat had her arms around my neck, her lips smashed to mine, and her tongue invading my mouth.

"Remember me sucking your cock right here," she said when we came up for air.

"Hard to forget."

"For me too. I never imagined I would like it so much. I thought it would be something I did because guys wanted it. But I love sucking your dick. And drinking your cum. And your dick in my pussy. And your fucking tongue... oh... all of it."

I nodded, but her words concerned me, and doubt that she had been truthful about her intentions crept into my mind. Maybe that supposedly teasing comment about getting me away from Cami had not really been a joke.

"Look, Kat..."

"Don't fuck this up, Brian," the blonde girl hisses, and the intensity of her eyes drove my words from lips.


"Mrs. P. is so lucky to get your cock all the time, Mr. P.," Kat said in a slightly higher pitched than normal voice. "Do you think she'd let you fuck me if I came to live with you."

A sighed and shook my head, liking this game less and less all the time.

"Maybe she could teach me to deepthroat... I doubt you'd object..."

"Shut the fuck up," I snapped, grabbing Kat's hair and giving it a small twist. The girl whimpered and pouted, but she did not say anything else. Guilty for a whole new reason, I dropped my hand and looked out the windshield.

"Why'd you stop, Brian?" Kat asked, her fingers caressing my forearm. "That was getting fun."

"I hurt you."

"Um... not really. Clarke's been a lot rougher than that."

"You shouldn't put up with..."

A kiss stopped me. Well, a kiss along with the girl's hand finding the bulge in my sweats and massaging it.

"It's not really your thing, huh?"


"The roleplay?"

"I guess not," I shrugged, although the truth was that Cami and I had role played several things over the years, our favorite being the grateful hitchhiker. But we had not done that in a long time. Not since back before our first child was born.

"Okay. Not a problem. We can move right to the fucking if you want. You're clearly ready, and I am too."

I nodded, not trusting myself to speak and afraid saying 'yes' would make me an even worse husband than I already was. But if Kat knew that I was suffering through an ethical crisis, she did not show any sign of that. Instead, she slipped her panties off, handed them to me so I could see the sodden satin, and worked to free my erection. And as she pulled my dick out of my sweats, I ran my finger along the soaked material.

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