It was a quick heat followed by a dull throb. It moved across her chest and ended just above her right nipple. She knew better than to cry out, or make any noise more than a low moan.
"You look excellent in red." Her captor said. "I think we will try the blue next." She knew more burning and throbbing would come. This time it started just above her pubis. The heat was more intense as she felt it moving down into her pubic hair. She tried not to gasp as the heat moved into her belly button. But try as she might she inhaled sharply as an intense burst of heat and stinging pain rushed from her sensate stomach area into her groin. "You were told not to make any noise." Tears formed in her eyes from the pain of the candle wax, as it slowly moved up into the center of her chest, crossing the freshly dried red line extending from one breast to the other. "For that you will be punished." She had no idea what was about to happen, but from the way her nipples ached from the pinching they took the first time she cried out, she knew it was going to move from the realm of pleasurable pain to a real hurt.
"What am I going to do to a little bitch that cannot shut up?" The voice asked. "Perhaps this will do?" She felt the familiar candle wax burn briefly on her right cheek. "Oh God, not my face please, not my...." But she didn’t finish her sentence. Before she could say face a blinding pain shot across the left side of her head. She must have been slapped, maybe even punched, because she could see, despite her blindfold, stars spinning around in front of her eyes.
"Speak again without permission and I will cut you," she heard from somewhere in front of her. Tears ran down her face in quiet little streams. Her jaw was on fire. She had never been hit so hard in her entire life.
"Now, open your mouth and suck what goes in." She expected a very hard dick to find its way into the back of her throat. When the flesh parted her lips she thought, "This must be the smallest dick in the world." But with a quick lick across the top she knew she was sucking on someone’s big toe. She had never sucked on anyone’s toe before. But she sucked on it as dutifully as she would have any cock. As she sucked she began to notice something. It was the smell. Far from being the acrid smell of a sweaty foot, she smelled baby powder. With a little tongue manipulation she could tell this was a pedicured, polished toe. Was it a woman?
"Very nice, you have a certain penchant for sucking. Perhaps you want to suck on something else?" She was so busy wondering about the gender attached to the toe she barely heard the question. "Answer by shaking your head yes or no." She nodded her head. Her captor was definitely a male. But his voice seemed too far away to be the owner of the toe. The toe was removed from her mouth and she heard the scrapping of a chair directly in front of her, no more than six inches. Someone sat in her lap. He or she was light. "Open your mouth." She did as she was told. There was no question as to what this was, or to the gender of the owner. She gentle bit down on the girl’s nipple and wrapped her lips around the areola. She sucked and nibbled, licked and blew. She was getting rather excited about this. Her jaw still hurt, but the pain was slowly subsiding. She could feel the heaving breast of her companion as she suckled her.
A cold metallic object touched her clitoris and started vibrating at a steady rhythm. She instinctly sucked in, pulling the erect nipple deeper into her mouth. She tongued it faster, caused its owner to inhale deeply. The vibrations began to get faster and she felt the slow swell of an orgasm creeping into her crotch.
"I’m glad you like it, but we are not there yet." And then the most awful pain, the most intense blast of agony ripped through her. Her vibrator had apparently turned cattle-prod, throwing her entire body into a mass of tense muscles. She bit down involuntarily on the nipple in her mouth before opening her mouth to scream. She heard the other girl scream too, obviously from the shock of having her nerve-sensitive nipple clamped down on by four incisors.
"You insolent, ungrateful bitches," the man screamed. The good news was the pain was less severe than the brief clit-electrocution she had just received. The bad news was she was definitely bleeding. Whether it was a whip, a leather strap or a belt she couldn’t tell. Not that it mattered. Whatever it was had come screaming through the air on her right side and crashed into her arm. Nor was her companion spared from the whipping. Since she was straddling Jolene she had obviously received the strap on her left side. They both received two more lashes. She could feel the blood trickling down her arm. He had hit them both below the shoulder.
She was definitely not having fun anymore. She wanted to go home. Forget about this, if she could forget. She wondered if she would have a scar. She felt something wet on her face. It felt like rain. Then she realized what it was. By the way her companion was shaking in her lap she was certainly being cried on. She felt absolute pity for the girl.
"I will show pity to one of you, and real torment to the other," their captor was saying. "One of you may go home, the other will stay here. Which one will it be?" The girl on top of Jolene began to sob uncontrollably. Jolene wanted to go home. But the girl on top of her was clearly close to the breaking point. As she was thinking of what to do a wholly new sensation flooded over her, literally. Her crotch was instantly warm and wet. She had just been urinated on. The girl cried harder. "Which one!" the man yelled.
Almost without conscious effort Jolene said, "I want to go home." The girl in her lap began to cry so hard she was heaving.
"Very well then," said the man. "You shall go home, and your friend will stay here and suffer the night."
The girl was lifted from Jolene’s lap. Jolene was grabbed forcibly by her hurt arm and pulled to a standing position. Something was slipped over her head, which she quickly identified as the dress she arrived in. The hand snatched her by the wrist and led her up the stairs. As she was being half pulled, half dragged up the stairs she barely heard, "No, please no." She recognized the desperate, pleading voice of the girl she had but five minutes ago suckled on.

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