Brenda and Angela Smoking

I had my own place, a great job, and a nice ride. I worked third shift as a supervisor/lead man at a meat company and was enjoying my freedom. I was locked in a cage for a long time and was pussy and party crazy. After working all night, I woke up and went to the gym to maintain my prison muscle. When I got back and showered, my coke dealer tossed me some new stuff; it was so good, I bought more. I take a huge puff of the rock and holy fucking high. I put on a fresh tank top and jean shorts and my Timberland boots, and decided I needed a drink. I walked to a cool, little Mexican bar and did four shots of tequila and felt instantly better.

On my way home, maybe two blocks away, some hot little Puerto Rican lady comes up to me and says, "Papi, I like your tattoos."

She is a short, cute thing and I'm feeling the booze. "Wanna party," I asked, and she smiles. "You smoke cigarettes and rock, baby?"

She grabs my arm, "Hell yeah, but I don't have none."

"Let's go get you some so you can party with me." We walk to the gas station to get a pack of Virginia Slim 120's, and I hand the pack over to her as she thanks me.

We get back to my place, and she likes my bachelor pad, taking in how well I've done for myself. She goes to the bathroom and comes back out, looking at the rock in the pipe and the porn on my TV; of course, it's smoking porn. I point to the screen and some hot lady is smoking a cigarette, blowing smoke on some guy's huge dick that's even bigger than mine.

"Damn Papi, I can do that. I'm Brenda, I'll take care of you." She smiles at me wickedly as she grabs the pipe off the bed. I hand her a huge hit of this powerful rock, and I'm pulling off my clothes as she hits the pipe. I pull off my undies and stand before this hot, little sexy slut. She's staring at my huge dark dick as she takes the smoke in and her eyes go wide. I move in front of the TV so she can see the hot blonde doing a smoky blowjob, and she hands me the pipe and grabs my cum leaking eight and a half inch prick.

"Blow it on my cock, baby," I tell her, and she does one better. Her tiny, wet , smoky lips wrap around my huge cum oozing cock head and in one swift motion, she deep throats me, burying her nose in my cock hair. She gags and a huge cloud of smoke covers my whole dark, hard dick. She looks up at me, staring into my big, brown eyes as hers go wide and glassed over, moaning on my big, fat prick stuck in her mouth.

I grab a long Virginia Slim cigarette, light it, and pass it to her as she slurps on my cum leaking cock.

"Papi, you're so big. My friend's gonna like you, baby," she says, taking the smoke as I point to the TV. She puts the cig to her cocksucker lips and takes a drag, blowing the hot smoke on my saliva coated cock before beginning to suck me off. She wraps her tiny hot mouth around my cum leaking prick as I grab my pipe and put a huge hit inside, forgetting how good this rock is and blast off. As I inhale the hit, my whole body warms up, my ears start ringing, and I fuck Brenda's mouth like it's her hot pussy.

I pull my fat wet cock from her dick loving lips and kiss her, giving her the cocaine shotgun as I blow the smoke down her throat and into her lungs. She can't take it all and it covers her face, the huge smoke cloud billowing between us.

"Talk slutty, it turns me on. Talk dirty," I command her, and before she can say anything, I shove my huge, dark cum leaking dick back in her hot, wet throat. She gags on my throbbing hard cock and the smoke pours from her mouth before pulling away to take another drag.

"Fuck my mouth, Papi. Use my mouth like it's my pussy. I smoke your cock," she says in a sultry tone, blowing the smoke on my big cockhead and tongues my hot pre-cum glob on my pisshole. I grab her head and, feeling so high, I get rough, fucking her tiny wet cocksucker lips. She gags on my huge prick, her tongue doing hot swirls all over my dick shaft as I keep pounding her tight, little mouth.

"Smoke my cock," I tell her, pulling my excited, hard cock from her mouth. She puffs roughly on the cig and pushes my horny prick back into her hot, cock loving mouth. She looks so sexy as I fill the pipe and hand her an insane hit. She replaces my cock with the pipe and I light it as she takes the hit; with the pipe still sizzling, I pack another hit in and blast off with her.

She's staring at the hot blonde getting ass fucked, smoking a cigarette and I shove my excited prick down her throat and keep it there. She gags loudly and the crack smoke pours over my huge dark dick. I feel the cum in my balls swimming, begging for release as I fuck her hot, dick loving mouth and throat like it's a hot cunt. I let the hit out of my lungs, and as the smoke escapes my lips, I fuck her face faster and harder.

She starts making these wild noises and I scream, "I'm cumming, eat my cum, bitch! Eat my cum! Suck it!" My hot cum shoots from my exploding huge cock deep down her throat as I hear her gag like a whore in ecstasy. She gulps down my sperm in globs as I fill her belly and mouth full of hot sperm.

She sucks me clean and spanks my ass. "Papi, you naughty. I can no breathe. Damn I love your big dick." I see cum all over her chin and lips as she wipes off her mouth. " You fuck me later. I go find something nice for you, like that," she says, pointing to the blonde on the screen who's getting her ass fucked while smoking.

She asks for a little rock to take with her and tells me she'll be back later; before I know it, she's out the door and I lock it behind her. I see she forgot the cigs in her hurry, and go under my mattress for more rock and change the DVD. My cock is still drooling cum as I put on some cool DVD from fetish fans, this shit is hot! I listen to the two lesbians talk and that English accent drives me wild with lust.

I smoke a little rock and wish I was in England with these hot, sexy British birds. As soon as I take a huge blast off the pipe, I hear a knock at the door.

'Fuck,' I think to myself, 'is that my P.O., or is it the cops?' I sneak to the door and look out the peephole and relax. I see two smiling faces and open the door. In walks Brenda and some hot, young blonde.

"Papi, this Angela. She from Florida," says Brenda, introducing her new friend.

I look at Angela and ask, "How old are you?"

Angela dodges the question, "Holy shit, nice tattoos," and grabs at my bulge in my tight boxer briefs. She looks at the TV and sees a hot lesbian with a huge strap-on with her partner blowing smoke on the dildo.

"Angela, you smoke for Papi," said Brenda, grabbing the cigs she left behind and lights one up, passing it to the hot, sexy Angela. This bitch is fucking beautiful!

I hand Brenda a huge rock, watching intently as I break off a piece of it and leave a large portion for her and Angela. "For me, Papi? Oh, thank you. I do anything, I stay all night." She opens her purse and grabs a bottle of 20/20 wine and a bottle of vodka, combines them both and slams it all down.

"I ready. I eat this bitch's pussy and you fuck her face and pussy. She like it in the ass, Papi. She make money for you."

I can't believe my luck as I have two street hoes on my dick! "Take them clothes off," I tell them, "and I like my sex dirty and smoky. You use nasty words, I fuck and suck you harder."

Angela says, "You like this?" She takes her shirt off, and she's all nipples, no tits, with piercings through both pink nipples and a tiny, shaved slit. She puffs on the cigarette, "You want to fuck me like a whore, David?"

Brenda lights a cigarette and tells Anglea, "We suck and smoke."

I got two hot whores now licking my hard cock as I turn up the TV to hear the lesbians fucking. I pass Angela the pipe filled with rock and Brenda lights the lighter. Angela takes the huge hit and looks up at me as she faces the TV with my hard, fat eight and a half inch cock in front of her hot, pink, wet lips.

"Suck it, blow the smoke on my dick," I command her as her eyes roll back into her head. She opens her hot, sexy lips and I slide my cum leaking prick in her mouth as her hands grab my balls. I push my prick down her throat and hear a sound that never fails to excite me.

"Aagghhrr" is all I hear as she gags on my cock and smoke pours from her sexy lips and out her nose like a witch dragon of lust. She sucks my fat dick like she's possessed.

"You're good," I commend her, "suck it. Deep throat it, get it wet so I can fuck your hot, little cunt."

Brenda grabs my wet, saliva covered dick and takes a hit off the pipe as Angela smokes the cigarette like a whore. Brenda's mouth takes me to her hot throat and blows the smoke on my pulsating prick. "Fuck yes," I tell her, "suck my big cock!"

Angela blows cig smoke on Brenda's lips. "God he's sexy. You got a nice, big cock," she says. I grab the pipe and tell them what to do next like the dominating master I am.

"On the bed, spread your legs, and rub them cigarettes up and down your hot, wet cunts." They quickly obey and I take a big hit and observe their pussies and asses. Angela has this hot, pink pussy lipped cunt that's shaved smooth. I load and take another insane hit before passing the pipe to Brenda and bending down to Angela's tight pink slit.

She reminds me of Miley Cyrus with these huge, blue eyes that watch me as I blow smoke on her wet cunt lips, grabbing her legs and pushing them up to her ears powerfully. I thrust my tongue up her young, tight shaved cunt and hear her moan in earnest.

"Eat my pussy, fuck yeah. Tongue fuck your runaway whore's pussy!" Brenda kisses her hot lips and I look at the tiny pink asshole I can't wait to taste and fuck. I pull my mouth off her tasty, young pussy as Brenda starts tongue lashing her pierced nipples.

"You're gonna be mine. I'm gonna tongue your ass," I tell Angela as Brenda squeezes her small tits. I ram my long, wet tongue up her asshole, struggling to get the tip of my tongue up her tight, naughty hole.

"Ooh, shit, he's licking my ass. Oh yes, it feels so fucking good."

I tongue fuck her tight pink asshole and she grinds her ass like a hot, horny slut on my face and tongue. I watch Brenda smoke the cigarette over Angela's pussy mound, looming closer to Angela's pretty pink clit.

"I'm gonna lick your little pussy, whore. You want Mama's tongue in there," says Brenda, her head hovering inches away as Angela giggles like an evil whore; it turns me on so much, I"m beyond simple smoky lust.

Brenda puffs on the cigarette and blows the smoke on Angela's little pink pussy lips as my tongue fucks her tight asshole. As soon as Brenda's tongue probes her cum leaking cunt, Angela screams, "I'm gonna cum, oh fuck, lick my holes."

I open her ass up with my wild, wet tongue and slam my fat tongue further up her ass that it's been and she screams and bucks in heat. "I'm cumming, oh yes!"

She shakes with passionate, orgasmic ecstasy and her little pussy explodes, leaking streams of hot cum down into my mouth and on my tongue. I let her legs down and drink her sweet, young pussy cream. Brenda's tongue and my own lick our young hot whore's pink slit clean before kissing Brenda, tasting more of Angela's sweet cum on her smoky lips. I suck on Angela's cum leaking pussy lips then crawl on her passionately, deeply french kissing her so she can taste her cum.

"Turn around and light up a cigarette. You're gonna blow smoke on Brenda's hot unt and eat her pussy while I fuck you." They grab the pipe first and Brenda says, "Me first, whore," as they fight over the hit. Brenda blasts off and lays back on the bed, her legs wide open and hot tits looking so good and delicious.

Angela puts her tiny ass up in the air, her skin so white it's like vampire pale and her pussy glistens with saliva and cum; I see my spit on her asshole while Brenda takes another hit.

"Eat my cunt, bitch," she orders Angela, and she flicks her tongue back and forth over her wet clit and brown cunt lips. I grab my big, hard prick and slap her young, pink cunt with my fat mushroom head. Brenda quickly slides up and grabs Angela's pussy juice covered mouth and deeply tongue kisses her before blowing the smoke down into Angela's lungs.

"Eat my cunt, whore," she screams at Angela, "Fuck her pussy Papi, make the slut scream!"

I ram my big, eight and a half inch cock up her tiny cunt hole and she's soaking wet and tight as fuck, she feels so good.

"Oh fuck, oh yes, it's too big. I love it," she screams as smoke pours from her hot lips

into Brenda's brown lipped cumleaking cunt. I fuck this timy whore's pink pussy faster and harder, reaching under her and pinch her nipples so hard, she squeals.

"Fuck me, fuck my pussy like a whore," she yells, trying to puff on the cigarette as my

fat, huge cock stretches her pink pussy open with each powerful thrust and my balls slap her hot clit.

Brenda screams, "Eat my cunt, whore. I cum, I cum, bitch," grabs Angela's head and force her face and mouth into her cum pissing cunt. Angela gasps for breath, moaning wildly as I pound her little twat and Brenda shakes so fucking hard, her back arching off the bed and grinding her cunt on Angela's mouth and tongue. I hear her slurp and suck Brenda's love juice out of her spasming hot cunthole.

I stick a finger in Angela's ass as I fuck her little pink lipped cunt harder and work on loosening her tight little ass.

"Oh no, oh fuck it hurts. I'm cumming. Fuck me, fuck me David, I'm your whore," she screams as her whole body spasms and her little cunt explodes on my dick. She starts leaking hot pussy cum from ddep inside her hot cunt and I spit on her asshole and pull my finger from her pink, puckered ring.

I really want her ass, so I grab the pipe and give her a huge hit to help relax her. I have a half gram rock on the table and tell Brenda, "Putt all of it in there for Angela." As Brenda loads the hit, I lean down and whisper into Angela's ear, "I'm gonna fuck your ass, little whore, so you better hold that hit in. It's fucking fifty."

I turn my attention back to Brenda. "Light two cigs at the same time when I slide my big dick up her ass. Do it, bitch!"

Angela takes the hit, putting the pipe between her lips and Brenda lights the two lighters to melt the big rock. I slide two fingers up the tightest ass I ever felt.

As Angela takes the hit, I tell Brenda, "Turn around and spread your asscheeks. Let her blow the smoke and tongue your ass."

Brenda turns around and holy busted up, huge, brown fishlipped asshole. I see pink and red in her gaping, cum leaking ass; there's even some old cum in her dirty, stinky asshole!

Angela takes the hit and I slide my cum oozing, dark cock inside her pink tight asshole and my head eases in past her puckered ring of muscle as she tries to buck forward, I hold her by her asscheeks and slide inch by thick inch into her tight ass until I bury all eight and a half inches inside her.

"Blow the smoke on Brenda's asshole, whore, taste her dirty ass," I tell her and she screams huge clouds into Brenda's cum filled asshole.

"It's too big! Oh, God, hurry! Hurry, fuck my ass, cum in my ass," she screams before her head buries between Brenda's ass cheeks and starts tongue fucking her asshole.

"Eat my ass, whore, lick out that sperm slut. You love it," Brenda says before handing Angela a cigarette as I continue to fuck her tiny asshole with my big, dark cock, my balls slapping against her red-pink pussy lips. I see Brenda and Angela both take huge drags on their cigarettes and it pushes me over the edge.

I scream out, "I'm gonna cum in your hot ass, whore. I"m cumming, I'm fucking cumming." My hot jets of burning cum shoot deep up her busted open rectum as she screams with me.

"Cum in my ass, Daddy, I love your big dick. I'm cumming too, oh it hurts so good!"

My prick is so excited by her whore words of slutty filthiness, I shoot even more hot cum up her ass, filling her to the brim with my hot, fertile seeds of love. Her whole body shakes like a schoolgirl in orgasmic heaven.

Brenda screams, "Finger my ass, bitch, finger my pussy. I want to cum in your hot mouth, bitch. Smoke my pussy and ass!" I see Brenda spread her ass as I pull my cum leaking hard cock from Angela's red, cum drooling asshole and push her out of the way and drive my ass juice covered prick to Brenda's dirty asshole and easily slide inside.

"Oh, God yes Papi, ass fuck your whore. I yours," she yells out as I plunge my entire length in her stinky asshole.

"Angela," I yell out, "blow smoke on my dick and her asshole as I fuck this slut." Angela has tears of joy in her eyes as she obeys her master. She takes a drag on the cigarette and blows it perfectly on my ass-covered, cum leaking cock.

"Papi, hurt my ass, cum in my ass. Make Angela eat Mama's ass," Brenda screams as I feel the smoke being blown on my wet, dark, and now smelly cock as Brenda starts cumming.

"Yes, I cum, I cum," she shouts as I pull my dick from her ass and turn to Angela.

"Open your mouth Angela, blow smoke on my ass loving cock!" I feel powerful to have two sex whore slaves and I see Angela puff on the cigarette and I shove my dirty dick down her throat. She looks dazed and blows the smoke on my cock as I pull it from her lips. "Now lick your whore's asshole."

She tongues that asshole like a starving slut and I can't hold back anymore, I'm so turned on by the most beautiful, dirty whores. I shove my dick back inside Brenda's loose asshole and scream, "I'm cumming in your whore's ass. Feel my cum, bitch."

Hot sperm shoots up her loose asshole and I pull my prick out, caked with dirtiness and cum and turn to Angela. "Lick it clean," I tell her, and she does not look happy about my stinky, messy, cum oozing cock. She grabs the pipe and I point to the tables. She grabs a chunk and takes a hit, closes her eyes and swallows my huge, messy cock, her tongue swirling on my growing limp dick. The hot crack smoke pours from her lovely cocksucker lips and this makes her suck on my prick hard. I stare into her eyes as she slurps on my cock.

"I taste too, Papi," asks Brenda, and again I point to the table. She grabs a rock and blasts off before kissing Angela with power and passion, blowing the smoke into Angela's sexy, messy ass and cum filled mouth. I look down and see Angela fingering her pussy as Brenda licks my soft dick.

I try to be a sexy sport and call for a triple kiss, and all three of our tongues dance together in messy anal delight. I need a hit, so I load the pipe and tell them, "Light up a cigarette. You two are going to lick and tongue my asshole until you get my cock hard."

I go into my stash and give them each a big reward; a gram of rock.

"Papi, really? Thank you," says Brenda.

"I love you, Daddy," Angela yelps, "I never had an orgasm getting my ass fucked. Can we try it again?"

I laugh and get on my hands and knees, feeling their four hands spread my ass cheeks. "Stick the cig filter in my asshole. I can smoke with my ass" I tell them, and my two naughty sexy whores giggle with witchy laughter. They put the filter in and I puff and hiss a small stream of smoke from my pink asshole.

"Holy shit, do it again," says Angela, and I do before taking another hit off the pipe. I feel two sexy, hot tongues worshipping my ass and I command them to eat. It. I can tell Brenda's tongue is longer, but Angela tries. They both hear me say, "Blow smoke on my asshole," and they obey.

Brenda would bring me lots of girls; I have five living with me by that Fall. My bed was never empty! Yes, all you hot ladies, I like to dope date, so don't judge me. I can be clean and sober too, but I'm not giving up my dirty, nasty, smoking sex! Mmmm...

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