It was late afternoon/early evening when we finally got out of bed, after some rather lovely napping/snuggling/talking. Our hunger was now ravenous, so we decided to shower-separately this time, and run across the street to a plaza that had a few shops and places to eat.

As I finished up dressing and was stepping into my loafers, she emerged from the bathroom, eliciting yet another stunned gasp from me. She was completely nude, her hair in a pony tail, leaving me mesmerized by every jiggle and flex of her tone body as she went to her still unpacked case and removed a green sundress. She pulled it over her head, and walked over and asked me to do the buttons on the back. As I admired the perfect skin of her back and neck, I chuckled, saying "This is going to be a pain to get out of when we get back."

She demurely turned her head, looking at me over her shoulder, and said "Who says it has to come off to have some fun?" She put on some casual shoes, grabbed her clutch, and said "Let's go eat!"

She took my arm as we entered the hallway and walked to the elevator. The doors opened, and we found ourselves inside. She faced me, brushing my cheek, and said "I feel like I am dreaming. This has been a perfect day so far." Kissing her forehead, I pulled her head to my chest and said "I know, I am afraid I am going to wake up and you'll be gone."

We casually strolled hand in hand over to the plaza, and decided on the sports pub for supper. Fortunately, they carried a sports drink, of which I consumed three, along with two large glasses of water. I knew that if I didn't hydrate it would be a short night.

We shared some wings, and she had a cobb salad, while I had a turkey club wrap. Sitting close to me in the booth, she was fully engaged in our conversation, which covered some about our families as well as our favorite sports teams. Every time I made a joke, she would let out the most delightful little chuckle, and touch or rub my arm. With our close proximity coupled with the incredible view I had down her sundress, added to her absolutely warm personality, I was awestruck. I don't really recall any details of our conversation, just remembering her smell, hair, and beautiful smile. I was 100% smitten. I can't believe that I didn't spill/drip anything as I ate and drank, because my head was swimming.

Finally, with our plates cleared and another refill refused, the check was paid, and we stepped out into the fading light of dusk. As we headed back to the hotel, I saw her glancing around, and I asked if everything was okay. "I'm just looking around for something," she replied. "What, can I help"? "No, it's a surprise" she smirked. About 30 yards later, she gripped my arm and started pulling. "Come on" she said urgently. She led me to a little alcove, where a food cart was parked, closed for the day.

There was just enough room behind it, and stepping in, she wrapped her arms around my neck and urgently kissed me. "There's one thing I haven't told you", she said. "I like to take risks!" With that, she unbuckled my belt, and squatted, opening my shorts and fishing my surprised but rapidly hardening cock out. I stood there stunned, watching and listening to the traffic going by and a group of teenagers walking by not 20 feet from where we were.

After getting my cock wet with her saliva, she began to stroke it, then began to lick my balls before sucking one, then the other, into her mouth. "God I love your balls," she exhaled, before resuming her work. She took my cock into her mouth again, eagerly sucking on it, and sliding her hand up my chest to my mouth, she pressed against my lips. I eagerly sucked her middle two fingers before she removed them. I then felt that hand on my balls, and after a bit it began sliding back. I felt pressure on my anus, and just as she locked her lips around my head and flicked at the sensitive spot just below the v on my head she pushed her finger into my ass. I immediately gasped and ejaculated into her mouth as she slid her finger in and out, massaging my prostate, and used her other hand to milk every last drop of my cum onto her tongue. "That's it, lover, get it all out. Let me have it" she moaned.

She sucked a bit longer, ensuring she got all of it, giggled, then stood up, pulling my shorts and boxers up as she stood. She tucked my cock into my underwear and buttoned the shorts. I zipped up and closed my belt. She kissed me, her mouth still quite moist with her saliva, and, as her tongue entered my mouth, I tasted a bit of my cum.

"That should hold me until we get back to the room," she said. "But do I have plans for you!"

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