The Husband's Hideaway: Snow, The Kitsune

"Alright Aria, I'm going to head out and clean up. You good here?" You ask.
"Yeah, I'll be fine." She says.
You nod, and head to the bathroom, starting a cold shower to try and get your body temperature down a bit.
The cool water feels good against your skin, and lets you collect yourself a bit as you rinse the sweat and fluids off of you.
You spend a few minutes in the shower before stepping out, and begin to dry yourself off. You walk back into the bedroom to get dressed, and notice that Aria is gone.
You're a little sad she didn't stop to say goodbye, but that's just how things work. She seemed happy enough.
Throwing some clothes back on, you exit Room 8 and head to the front desk.
You enter the lobby and see Rita still at the front desk, looking through a magazine. She notices you entrance and visibly perks up a bit.
"Hey Rita! Did you see Aria come through?" You ask.
"Sure did. She looked quite happy as she checked out. You did great!" Rita says with a smile, before grabbing a pouch of coins on the desk and tossing them to you.
You catch the bag of coins and look through it to check your payment. It's quite hefty.
"Another happy customer. Guess satisfaction pays well!" You remark with a chuckle.
Rita nods. "So, are you ready for your next client?"

"You got someone coming in soon?" You ask.
"I sure do! She should be arriving soon. I'll go get her."
You nod, and Rita heads off to get your next customer.
You hear a door open off to the side, and turn to see Rita talking with a new customer.
She's a shy-looking monstergirl, with white fur and several tails, as well as white ears, you can't quite tell what she is, but she's definitely not human.
Rita brings her over and introduces you. "This is the Husband's Hideaway's star employee, Ryan."
"Hi!" You say.
"Hi..." She replies quietly.
She's definitely nervous.
You gently extend your hand in greeting. "Hey there, I'm Ryan. What's your name?"
"I'm... Snow..." She says, shaking your hand a bit awkwardly.

"Well it's nice to meet you Snow. Is this your first time at the Hideaway?" You ask.
She nods. "It is..."
"Don't worry, everyone feels a bit nervous their first time here. Why don't I show you around?" You say with a smile.
"Uh... sure..." She says, following along as you lead her around the building.
As you start to walk, your turn your head to inspect her features. She's... Cute, for a monstergirl. Her white fur is especially soft-looking, and you can't help but want to pet her head.
You extend your hand and brush some of her fur, and she looks up at you. You blush a bit, pulling your hand away. "S-Sorry..."
She smiles at you. "It's okay..."
You continue to show her around the building, pointing out the various features.
Eventually, curiosity gets the better of you, and you ask. "So, Snow. What kind of monstergirl are you?"
"I'm a Kitsune, but... well... I'm albino..." She says in a nervous tone.
"That's so cool!" You exclaim.
"R-Really?" She asks with a shaky voice.
"Yeah! I think your white fur magnifies your beauty quite a bit." You remark with a smile.
She looks down, blushing. "Th-Thanks..."

You show Snow the rest of the building, and eventually you reach your room. You open the door and let her inside.
"So, this is my room." You say.
Snow looks around, inspecting everything. She walks over to your bed and sits down on it, lying down to test its softness. You roll your eyes and chuckle as you join her on the bed.
"It's really comfortable..." She says.
"Glad you think so, I sleep here every night." You reply with a smirk.
Snow hits your arm, but not too hard, and smiles. You smile back and reach out to stroke her head fur, which is so white it's almost see-through. She closes her eyes and purrs, extending her own hand to touch your chest.
You lean in slowly, and find yourself with your face in her hair. You inhale deeply, and smell strawberries.
Snow looks up at you and smiles.
You close the gap between you two and kiss her gently on the lips. She kisses back, wrapping her arms around your torso and pulling you closer to her.
"You're really pretty..." You say.
"Th-Thanks..." She says, a bit nervously.

You start kissing her more passionately, and she kisses you back with equal fervor. You run your hands down her back and to her hips, where you begin to undo her belt. She stops kissing you and looks into your eyes.
"Is this okay...?" You ask.
She nods eagerly. "Yes..."
You finish undoing her belt and pull it off of her, tossing it aside. You give her a warm smile, before gesturing to your own clothing.
"Now you can take something off of me, if you want." You say.
She nods, and slowly begins to unbutton your shirt. As she does this, she kisses your chest. You sigh in content as she pulls your shirt off of you, throwing it on the floor.
Snow looks into your eyes and smiles, then begins to make out with you again. You wrap your arms around her and pull her close, feeling her soft fur against your skin.
Snow moves her kisses from your mouth to your chin, then down your neck. You let out a pleasured sigh, and she giggles in response. She continues kissing your chest, then moves down to your stomach, making her way to your pants.
"Do you want to go further...?" You ask.
"Yes..." Snow says with a nod.

You take off the rest of your clothes as Snow takes off hers, and you pull the covers of your bed back. You get in and pat the spot beside you, signaling for Snow to come over. She does, and you embrace each other once more.
Snow begins to slide her hand down your chest and to the area between your legs. She begins stroking you as you let out a pleasured sigh. You take your hand and place it on her side, then slowly begin to move it down to her crotch. You begin to rub back and forth slowly, causing her to let out a moan.
Snow continues rubbing you until you feel yourself getting closer to the edge. You slow down your pace, not wanting to finish just yet.
"Do you... want to stop?" Snow asks, a bit breathlessly.
"No, it's fine." You say. "Just take it slowly."
You begin to speed up your pace once more as Snow begins to moan. She speeds up hers as well, and before long you're both pleasuring each other at a reasonable speed.
"Oh...! Oh god, yes..." Snow says.
"Mmh... You're really good at this..." Snow continues.
You speed up again, and she follows. Before long, you're both pleasuring each other at a frantic pace.
"I'm going to...! I'm gonna..." Snow starts to say, but is cut off by her own moaning.
"Ahh! Ah! Aaahhhh!" She moans loudly as she climaxes.
She takes her hand off of your dick as she falls backwards onto the sheets, squirming and whimpering as she enjoys her orgasm.

You're a bit disappointed that she finished before you, but you're so turned on that you're about to as well.
"Come here..." Snow says, pulling you down towards her as she lays on her back.
Once in range, she wraps one of her legs around your waist and the other around your back. You yelp slightly at the ferocity of her embrace.
Snow's breathing is much heavier now, her face flushed with arousal.
"More..." Snow pants. "I need more..."
You enter Snow, and she lets out a pleasured moan.
"More!" She says once more.
You thrust in and out, slowly increasing the pace with every push. Snow wraps her arms around you, writhing and squirming as you pleasure her.
Snow begins to let out a series of high pitched moans, signaling that she's about to climax again.
"Oh! I'm going to cum again!" She screams.
You continue thrusting into her as she screams and howls, her walls tightening around your cock as you feel yourself getting close to release.
Just as you're about to fall over the edge of release, you feel your body resonate with a sort of electric tingle. Magic.

You can see the tips of Snow's tails glowing with a light blue magic flame, and your release is stopped in its tracks.
Snow, however, is still very much in the throes of her orgasm.
She lets out a gasp, her face twisting into an expression of both pain and pleasure.
"Oh...! Don't stop...! Keep going!" She says.
Her magic is preventing you from finishing. You're not exactly sure how to get around it, but you sure as hell aren't going to stop.
You continue thrusting into her as she writhes and squirms in her bed.
"Ohh...! Yes...!" She moans.
You keep pounding away at Snow, but your release never arrives. Her magic is keeping you completely pent up. After what feels like an eternity, Snow finally speaks up again.
"I want you to cum inside me...!" She says, her voice quivering.
You don't have any other choice but to comply with her wishes. You thrust as deep as you can, and Snow lets out a long, pleasured scream.
"Oh! I feel it! I feel it!" She says.
Snow's magic is preventing your release, so you just continue thrusting. You feel your dick start to quiver, but it's quickly stopped again by another surge of magic.

"No! Not yet!" Snow moans. "I need more! More!"
You continue thrusting, and Snow's magic continues to prevent you from finishing as she writhes and twists in ecstasy.
"Oh! Yes! Yes! I need...more..." She says.
You keep thrusting into her, and Snow begins to go wild.
"I cum inside me!" She screams at the top of her lungs. "I want you to fill my pussy with your dirty, filthy seed!"
You're caught off guard by this, and a shiver runs down your spine.
"I want you to impregnate me! I want your baby growing inside me!"
You're about to point out that you can't release, but you're cut short by a violent reversal of the magic. It feels like your balls have been thrown into overdrive as the magic buzzes through you, and you release a torrent of semen into Snow's depths.
Snow howls in ecstasy as she feels it pumping into her.
"Yes! Yes! I can feel it! It's so warm!" She says.
You continue thrusting as you release, and Snow's face begins to twist into a masochistic snarl.
"Yes! Yes! I'm being filled with your filthy seed! It's so dirty!" She says.
Your eyes widen as you finish, and Snow's magic disappears. She slumps forward onto the bed, her head hitting your shoulder. You pull out of her as she lets out a long, drawn out moan.
"I feel it...slosh...inside me...!" She moans. "So wrong..."
You pull off of the bed, and Snow rolls over onto her back. She lets out a sigh as her hand goes to her stomach.
"I feel...your seed...deep inside me." She says. "I'm your breeding bitch. Your whore. I want more..."

Snow sits up and leans in, kissing you on the lips. You're taken by surprise, but you quickly wrap your arms around her and return the favor.
Snow breaks the kiss and smiles.
"Thank you..." She says.
Snow then lays back down on the bed, closing her eyes. You stare at her naked body, watching as her stomach gently rises and falls as she breathes in and out. You’re just sort frozen there in a mixture of shock and confusion.
Snow's voice breaks you out of your trance.
"I'll be here all night...for as long as you want..." She says, a lustful tone in her voice.
"I... I don't know about this Snow..." You stammer.
"What's wrong? Scared you won't be able to handle me?" She asks, a bit of humor in her voice.
"I'm not sure if this is a good idea..."
"I could tell you were a little hesitant about all this earlier...I understand." Snow says, sitting up and turning towards you. "Let me help you..."
Snow's tails start to flare with magical energy again, and you can feel your head starting to swim. You feel your willpower being drained away, and you no longer have the strength to resist her commands. You feel your muscles flare with energy as a mixture of lust and rage ignites within your soul.
"There... Perfect..." Snow says with a masochistic smile. "Now... I want you to ravage me."

You grab Snow's arms and pull her up, forcing her onto her hands and knees. She lets out a playful yelp as you force yourself inside of her. You thrust in and out, your loins pumping with energy. You let out a growl as the pleasure takes over your mind.
Snow begins to moan in a mixture of pain and ecstasy, and the sound pushes you further and further. You grip Snow's hips as you plow forward, ramming your dick into her as hard as you can.
"Harder! Fuck me harder!" Snow yells.
You obey her command, grabbing a handful of Snow's hair and yanking it back as you continue to thrust forward with as much force as you can. Snow's orgasmic cries are quickly giving way to primal howls of pleasure, every inch of her body getting off on your savage domination. You feel your own orgasm swiftly approaching with every thrust.
"I'm going to fill you up with my seed!" You growl in a voice that’s not your own.
"Yes! Yes! Oh, fuck yes! Flood me! Flood me with your cum! Defile me!"
Your body goes tense as you release your pent-up passion inside of Snow. You groan in ecstasy, feeling wave after wave of sheer blissful joy rush through you as you pour yourself into her. Snow's own eyes roll back into her head as she lets out one final howl of pleasure, her body shuddering and convulsing in delight as her womb fills with your seed.
Snow collapses onto her stomach, panting and heaving as you continue to penetrate her from behind. You pull out of her, and she lets out a disappointed moan as you do so. You turn her over onto her back and enter again.
"Please! Please! I want you to finish inside me!" She says, clawing at your chest.
You smile, thrusting into her as she wraps her legs around your waist. You gaze into her eyes, reading her face and watching her every move. You see her pupils shrink, indicating her arousal. You pull out as she lets out a disappointed groan.
"Please... Please..." She begs.

You grab her by the hips and flip her over once more, thrusting into her as she howls in ecstasy. You grab a handful of her hair and pull back, forcing her to look at you. She stares into your eyes as you thrust in and out of her, growling with primal ferocity.
Snow's eyes widen as she lets out a long, pleasured howl. You feel her walls tighten around your dick as she releases. You let out a savage roar as you release inside of her, filling her womb with your seed once more.
"Oh god! Fuck! That's it! Fill me with your filthy seed! Decimate my fragile body! Fuck! Oooh! Yes! Yes!" Snow howls.
You thrust into her a few more times, releasing the last bits of your seed before pulling out and collapsing onto your back. You laugh as you feel Snow climb on top of you and wrap her legs around your waist. She leans in, kissing you passionately as her tails start to wrap around your legs.
Snow pants as she breaks the kiss. "Mmmm... I can feel it inside me... painting my walls with your filth..."
You let out a dark chuckle as you wrap your arms around her, one hand going down to her ass, the other going up to her left breast. You squeeze her breast as you kiss her again, as she continues.
"God, I love how your dick just completely defiles my body. It's so... Hmmm... yeah, right there..." She says, as you thrust your hips upward, causing her to moan in pleasure.

"I love your body. I love how you do whatever I want, however I want. I love how I can position you however I please... You're mine, tonight. Every muscle, every curve, every inch of you is mine."
You nod in a haze as she continues to speak.
"Now... You're going to fuck me like a beast. You're going to go until I break. And you're going to enjoy every second of it." Snow's bright red eyes seem to pierce your soul as her tails roar to life to once more.
You feel a strong jolt of magic course through your body as your mind bends to comply with her instructions. Your dick returns to unholy life as your body swells with the power needed to carry out your mission.
Snow howls with pleasure as your dick buries itself back into her orifice. You reach your hand down, forcing it open as you thrust in deeper. Snow's body rocks back as tears well in her eyes, her scream of pain turning to one of animalistic ecstasy.
"Ungh! Yes! Yes! I'm yours! Use me! Ruin me! Break me!" She screams, her voice haggard and wild.
You lean forward, sinking your teeth into her supple neck as you start to thrust into her with wild abandon. You feel Snow's body tense and coil like a spring, her moans growing louder and louder in your ears. You let go of her neck, instead putting your arms under hers, locking them around her body as you continue to thrust into her.
Snow howls in pain and ecstasy, her body convulsing and shuddering against you.
You can feel her tails wrapping themselves around your legs for an extra tight hold as she bucks and thrashes against your thrusting. All the while Snow moans and screams with extreme pleasure, egging you on even deeper into her magic hold.

"Fuck! Yes! Oooohh! More! Harder! Fuck! Break me! I'm your toy! Do what you want with me!" Snow screams, as her body writhes under yours.
You bite down on her shoulder, restrained just to the edge of causing actual damage by her spell's grip on you. You dig your hands into her shoulder blades with a lock-tight grip, straining her soft and pale skin with your savage fingers.
"Fuck! Impale me! Make me into your fuck toy! Harder! HARDER! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" Snow's screaming and moaning becomes even less coherent as she's tossed into a mind-melting orgasm. Her tails tighten around your legs as she climaxes with unrivalled force.
Snow's body goes slack as she loses all strength in her muscles. You continue to thrust into her, even as her pussy tightens around you with a force that threatens to break your dick off at the hilt.
You release your hold on her, instead leaning forward to grip her shoulders as you give a few more hard thrusts. Snow's body rocks back against you with each one, her head lulling forward as she stares blankly ahead.
She suddenly snaps back to life with a savage howl of pleasure. Your release is extremely close, finally brought forth by the only word Snow can manage in her state of brain-shattering pleasure.
You release yourself into her, your dick throbbing as you empty yourself deep into her hot and tight pussy. Your dick twitches and spasms as it releases a torrent of your hot semen, flooding into her womb.

Snow's howl of pleasure only gets louder and more violent as your dick continues to throb inside her, each twitch sending another spurt of cum deep into her body.
"FUCK! Keep cumming! More! Mark me with your seed! Breed me! Fill me! Ruin me!"
You're helpless to do anything but obey Snow's commands as you keep on releasing yourself into her. You can feel your dick beginning to go soft, but Snow's greedy pussy keeps sucking your dick in deeper and deeper with each pulse, trying to milk out every last drop of cum.
Snow's head lulls forward again as she goes limp, her body going completely slack under yours.
"H-hah... hah... You... You're something else, y'know that?" Snow says, slowly lifting her head up to stare at you.
"So I've been told." You reply with a grin.
Snow leans back slightly, still firmly tied to your legs with your length inside of her. She lets out a small moan of pleasure as she massages her lower stomach.
"Oooh... So full... So filthy... I love it..." Snow moans as she tilts her head back and lets out a long sigh. "You're the best I've had in a long time. I could get addicted to this."
"So I take it you enjoyed yourself?"
"Fuck yes."

"Glad to hear it." You say as you move to suck on her neck again.
Snow lets out a long, pleasured sigh as she tilts her head to the side and closes her eyes.
"Oooh... Fuck... I... I can't... Hold back..." Snow says, her breathing starting to speed up again. "I need it..."
Before you even have the time to ask her what she means, Snow takes your head in her hands and stares deep into your eyes.
"Harden for me." She commands, her tails shimmering with magic energy.
You feel your dick beginning to harden again inside Snow's folds.
"A-ah! Fuck!" You shout as you're quickly pulled in deep.
Snow's pussy tightens instantly, her already tight vaginal walls becoming like a super-solid vice grip around your dick.
"Aaaah! Aaaaaaahhh!" You moan as you feel your dick being milked by Snow's pussy.
The feeling is... Intense. You can't help but moan out as you feel it. Your dick continues to harden in her vice-like pussy until you're completely buried inside her, your dick squeezed and massaged by her tightness.
You grit your teeth and wince, doing your best not to just start wildly thrusting in and out of Snow's body.
"Do it." Snow commands, as if she can sense your desires. "Fuck me. Hard."
You start to move your hips back and forth as you slide your dick in and out of Snow's tight folds. The feeling is blisteringly intense.

"Mmmh! Ooh! Ah! Yes! Fuck! Keep going! Fuck me harder! Mmm!" Snow moans as she wraps her legs around your waist, forcing you to thrust deeper and deeper into her.
You grip onto her legs and thrust as hard as you can.
"Oh! Oh! Fuck! Yes! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" Snow moans, her pussy tightening up and releasing on your dick.
Snow's pussy begins rapidly massaging your dick with her juices as she lets out a series of moans. You feel yourself getting closer to coming.
"I'm close..." You warn Snow.
"Cum inside me again! Again! Fill me up! You I told you to BREAK ME!" Snow screams with orgasmic force.
You feel yourself quickly losing control as your dick begins throbbing and pulsing with each beat of your heart.
You run your arms under Snow's, before reaching them around and clamping your hands onto her shoulders with overwhelming force. Your new grip asserted, you unleash yourself upon Snow with renewed force, pulling her up and slamming her down on you with ferocity.

"Oh! Oh! Fuck! Yes! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" Snow screams as you fuck her.
"I'm going to fill you up with cum!" You grunt, feeling an orgasm rivaling the one you had earlier coming.
"Do it! Give me your seed! Every last drop! Stain my insides white! Give me your babies! Oh! Oh! FUCK!" Snow screams as loud as she can.
You feel the muscles in your groin begin to tighten as pure pleasure courses through your body.
"I'm coming!" You warn Snow, who begins laughing.
"Give it to me! Flood me with your cum! Knock me up! Oh! Oh! Fuck! Yes! Aaahhh!"
Every single muscle in your body tenses at once, and the most powerful orgasm you've ever experiences rocks your body as Snow practically electrocutes you with her magic.
Despite already having poured everything you have into Snow, your dick erupts once again like it's never been touched.
Snow is drenched in another powerful orgasm, this time just from the sensation of being filled with so much cum.
"Oh! Oh! Fuck! Aaahhh!" Snow screams as her body spasms and her eyes roll back into her head.
You don't know how much time passes, but eventually you finish unloading inside of Snow and your dick gives one last throb.

You each release your grips on one another, falling in opposite directions as you collapse on the bed.
"Oh... Oh fuck me that was good..." You pant.
Snow just smiles.
You look at the red-eyed beauty as she lays there, basking in the afterglow of your lovemaking. Her long white hair frames her delicate face and her red eyes seem to be looking right through you. Her features are sharp, but gorgeous. Her pale skin and slender body only add to her beauty.
Snow smiles as she rests her head on your chest, her white hair spilling over your body as your white liquid spills out of her body.
"I've never been filled so fully before..." Snow says with a small moan. "You're an exceptional human."
"I'm glad you liked it." You say.
"I didn't just like it, I loved it. I want to do this every day."
You smile and Snow smiles back.

"Can you afford it?" You ask.
"Definitely." Snow says.
You take Snow's face in your hands and kiss her deeply. Her long white hair falls around you as you embrace one another.
"Then you can have me every day." You say.
Snow smiles and nuzzles her face into your neck.
"Mmmm... You did good, human..." She says.
You smile as you cuddle with Snow.
"Thank you, Snow." You reply.

As the two of you are cuddling, there's a knock at the door, followed the familiar voice of Relkomaz.
"Yo! Ryan! Are you alive in there? It sounds like there's a fucking murder going on in there!" He says with a hint of amusement.
"Yeah, I'm alive." You say.
"Are you sure? It sounds like you're dying in there."
"I said I'm fine!" You say a bit more angrily than intended.
"Alright then... Hey, Snow... Are you alive in there?"
You notice Snow immediately melt back into the shy little fox you met in the lobby.
"Uhm... Yeah..." She says, just loud enough to be heard.
"You don't sound so sure. Are you alive, or a dead?"
"I'm alive." Snow says, this time with more confidence.
"Alright then... You two are certainly taking your time in there. I'd hate to interrupt you Ryan, but we got another job for you."
You groan with frustration. "Another client? Already? Jesus, Relk! You better have a bottle of steroids out there if you're planning on shuffling me between rooms like this!"

Relkomaz laughs. "No, no, no! Well, sort of. Look, this one's different."
You raise your eyebrow, your tone indication your confusion. "Different how?"
You hear Relkomaz shuffle behind the door. "I can tell you more when you're decent. Just finish things up with Snow and get your ass out here soon, okay?"
"Alright..." You reply as you hear him walk off.
Your turn back to look at Snow. She's still hiding her face and blushing. "You can go... clean up now..." She whispers meekly.
"You're not going to wash my back?" You ask with a little grin.
Snow shakes her head. "No, I... I need to go home and clean myself."
You nod and kiss her forehead. "Alright, Snow. Take care."
Snow nods, then puts her robe back on and leaves.

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