As soon as Adya left the room, I went to massage Bera's big firm and perky breast while sucking her now hard nipples., then the tip of my tongue slowly moving down her stomach, then licking her navel, down to her vagina, I slowly lick her vaginal lips up & down, then I placed the tip of my tongue on her clitoris.

I slowly lick her clitoris using just the tip of my tongue.

Bera: Yeah!! please don't stop. Move the tip of your tongue faster. OHHH!!AHHHH!!. You drive me crazy, nobody does this to me. My sister Didi is so lucky to be married to you. UGHHH!! FUCK YES!!

Bera, squirt on my face, I never stopped licking her clitoris, the juice of her vagina nectar still flowing out of her vagina.

Bera:: It's my turn to show you, what my husband is missing.

Bera: Let's change places, I will stand up you lie down on your back on top of this massage table.

Bera licks my balls while she strokes my penis, then her fingertips started to circle on the rim of my penis to the tip of my penis head.

I moan and my penis gets so hard. Then Bera applies her saliva on my penis head and she rubs it to the tip of her nipples.

Me: Shit!! UGHHH!! How do you know it's one of my favorite.

Bera: All women know that, but we only do it if the penis deserves it, my husband's penis doesn't deserve it, he even offers me cash, what an idiot.

When she sees that pre-cum is already coming out of my penis. She straddles on a squats position between my legs and slowly brings her ass down to insert my penis inside her vagina.

She started thrusting her vagina up and down, then she stops and she tightens the lips of her vagina and slowly squeezed the shaft of my penis:I starts moaning so loud.

Bera: you love it, Bitch? You want me to fuck you?

Me: Yes I love it, yes fuck me, I am your bitch. UGGHHHH, AHHHH

My penis fired a big load of sperm inside her vagina, too much it overflows. We are both tired & exhausted. The door opens it's Adya.

Adya: Here have a bottle of water, you guys looked exhausted, I think our threesomes will happen later.

Me: Thank you, I need to rest my body, tonight my wife will fuck me for sure.

I went to our bedroom, took a quick hot shower, and went to sleep. I woke up, check the time, I was asleep for four hours. Brush my teeth and went downstairs, I hear my wife voice.

Didi: Hi Babe I missed you, UMmmmm!

Adya: Call your husband Bera, tell him to come here so we can have some bonding.

Didi: Good idea, let's have a party, I have some weeds.

So we smoked a joint and went to the gazebo and we smoke a cigarette. Then Bera joins us, she looks mad.

Bera: My mother fucking husband has too many excuses. Well, I am buying our dinner & drinks tonight, let me spend my fucking husband money.

Didi: What is his excuse this time?

Bera: He wants to jerk off.

Everyone is laughing. Adya order a pizza and spicy hot chicken wings. to be delivered.

Bera: Come with me Orly, let's buy drinks & desserts.

Didi: Babe, buy us our cigarette for the week.

Adya: Gets some munchies.

When we get inside my truck Bera grabs my penis right away and she pulled my shorts down to my leg, just enough for her to have my penis inside her mouth.

She is so good:

Me: I can't believe your husband doesn't miss this, you should be sucking his penis right now instead of mine. FUCK!! I AM COMING!! UGHHHhhhh.

Bera swallows every drop of my sperm. We got back just in time for the pizza delivery guy. Bera paid it. We brought the food to the gazebo.

Didi: Babe don't drink too much, we have a date.

Me: Yes, Babe

Bera: Wow! I wish my husband is like that. I have to beg him for me to fuck him.

Adya: Well it's been a year since Gerry left for London, so it's been a year since we fucked.

Bera: A year, with no sex.

Adya: With Gerry, yes, but I did not say I never tucked.

Everyone is laughing.

Adya: I am getting my self a beer who needs one?

Didi & Bera: Me!

Me: Let me help you. Adya, you told me I am the only one you fucked since Gerry?

Adya: Chill Baby! I was just saying that.

it is getting late at night:

Didi: It's time for us to go to bed Babe.

Adya: Hurry up Baby, your mommy wants you to eat her delicious vagina pie. I am jealous.

We went straight to our bedroom, bathroom, we were kissing each other passionately while taking off each other clothes.

I adjusted the ceiling shower water temperature before we went inside the shower room. We clean each other.

My wife's breast is the same size and looks like her sisters are, big, firm, and perky. I love caressing her breast and sucking her nipples.

We missed touching each other, it's been two weeks since the last time we made love.

She sits down on the marble lounge chair, I spread her legs so I can lick her vagina. Her vagina smells so clean, as I run down the tip of my tongue on her vagina lips, her buttocks moved upwards. I keep on licking her vagina and massages her breast.

Didi: Lick my clitoris, I missed the way you lick it.

I concentrate on licking her clitoris using the tip of my tongue, that's how she wants it that way.

She moans and her buttocks are moving upwards and sideways. Her moaning is getting intensely loud and her breathing is getting faster and deeper.

Didi: Please, Babe, don't stop what you doing, UGGHHHH!! AHHHHH!!


She is squirting heavily, both her legs clamp my head, I am having a hard time breathing. I need to tap her legs, for her to know that I am getting choked by her legs.

Her whole body is still shivering, after a while, we rinse ourselves and got out of the shower room. We put on our bathrobe and she also wraps a towel on her head.

We went to our bedroom lounge, I pour a double shot of cognac in a glass for us to share. I play romantic mood music. We sit beside each other on our loveseat.

My wife untied my bathrobe belt. Then she gently stroke my penis, while we share a glass of cognac. The cognac helps our libido, it warms both our blood that flows in our veins.

Didi: My sisters talk to me about how they envy me, regarding my sexual life. Are you willing to share this?

Me: AHHhhh, you mean to share this one? I don't think they will enjoy this. It's too small.

Didi: It is small, but it gets hard like a steel rod, also I told them you're so terrific licking & eating my vagina, they know you have a small dick.

Me: Are you willing to share your toy?

Didi: Maybe, not sure, for now, I want to fucked you, let's go lay down in our bed,

My wife lies down on her stomach on top of me. She starts licking my ear, while she is rubbing her vagina on top of my penis.

She slowly moves the tip of her tongue down to my neck, then to my nipples, then slowly down my navel, all the way down to my balls.

She, have her fingernails slowly circle the rim and head of the penis. Then she places my penis inside her mouth. While my penis is inside her mouth, she move, she changes position, she turned around upside down on my face. She wants me to lick her vagina, while, I have my penis being suck by her mouth.

Both are breathing is getting faster and deeper. we both know that we are reaching our climax. So she changes position again. Now she straddles in squats position by my waist, facing me, grabs my hard penis. She slowly sits on top of me. When my penis touched her vagina entrance, she inserted just the head of my penis inside her vagina.

After she feels that my penis head is already inside her vagina, she just let her body fall on top of me. That feels so good, my whole pens are just wanted inside her vagina. Then she only thrust her vagina up and down while my penis is inside it.

Didi: Bite my nipples, Babe, Ahhhh. I missed your hard penis, two weeks was the longest time that I never fucked you.

Me: Faster Babe, harder.

Didi: Cum same time with me, I want you to make me a baby, I am ready to be a mother.

Both our breathing is getting deeper & deeper, getting heavier. Then both of us is morning too loud, UGHHHH!!AHHH!!, we both reached our climax together, our bodies are shivering. Then we our lips kissing passionately.

Didi: I love you, Babe, I am positive that your sperm got inside my ovary. Please don't move, I want to sleep with your penis inside my vagina.

to be continued...

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