Just a little east of Portland, out by the college, I was canvassing the area for prospective clients when I came upon a massage parlor. I was walking out of a printing supply business when I looked up and across the street was the place. I walked across the street and found out the place was closed. But there was a note on the door with a number and a name. The note said that this location was closed but to "Call Richard" if you need a massage at this number.

So I took a picture of the note and continued my canvassing. I visited two different potential customers before I decided to call Richard. He didn't answer so I left a message. My phone rang after just a few minutes, it was Richard.

"Hello, this is Keith," I said.

"Hi Keith, this is Richard. You left a message on my cell phone," he said.

"Hey Richard, I was looking to get a massage today. I went by your place and I saw the note and called you. It is too bad that you closed," I told him.

"Well, due to the economy, I had to get out of that high rent, but I still do massages at my place. I have a nice studio set up here at the house. It's really private and casual," Richard said. "Would you like to schedule an appointment?"

"Well, I was hoping for a walk-in today and I won't be back in the area for a couple of weeks. I guess we can schedule for a few weeks from now," I said.

"No, I am open this afternoon," Richard said, "just name the time." There was something in his voice, or maybe it was just his response, that told me he didn't want to lose this opportunity.

"OK, how about five o'clock," I said, before looking at my watch. It was already 3:50 and I still had to work out. "No, forget five, I have to workout. How about six?" I asked.

"Sure, I can do six. I'll text you my address," Richard said.

"Is it close to here?" I questioned.

"I am about six to seven minutes to the east of the shop," he said.

"OK, text me your address and I'll see you at six," I responded.

I hung up the phone and wondered what this guy was like. I have not even seen him and I didn't get any feel for him from our conversation. I walked back to my car and headed to the gym. I got a good workout in -- I ran an extra mile to get warmed up, swam a little, then hit the weights, took a shower and headed to my massage appointment.

I put his address in my phone and drove to the house. I rang the bell and Richard answered promptly. "Hi, you must be Keith," he said, extending his hand for a handshake.

"Hey Richard, nice to meet you," I said.

"Come on in," he said. "The studio is in the back bedroom. Follow me."

I follow Richard to the studio, checking him out as I follow him into the room. The studio is cozy with two candles burning that made the room smell like vanilla and cinnamon. The colors are very warm and inviting. There are four can lights on and pretty bright. The massage table is directly in the middle of the room. There is a wooden chair in one corner.

Richard has on worn blue jeans that are just the right fit, not too tight, not too loose, a button up white shirt and no shoes. His brown hair had a little gray on the temples and he had a darker complexion. He was fit, like a swimmers body, not muscular, but slender and fit.

He was tending to the music. "What kind of music do you like?", he asked.

"Whatever you like," I said. "You are the pro, you pick."

He picks some music, turns around and gets a few towels out. As he is doing that, I start to undress. I remove my sport jacket and look for a place to hang it.

"Here," Richard says, "let me get that for you. I'll hang it up in the closet."

I hand it to him and he opens the closet doors and hangs up the jacket. I unbutton my shirt and throw it over the chair. I sit down, remove my shoes and socks while Richard comes in and out of the room a couple of times. I stand up, loosen my belt and take off my slacks, which I also threw over the chair. Lastly, I pull down my boxers and throw them on the chair. I take my watch off and ask Richard where I should put it, he turns and takes it from me and puts it on the table by the lotions. I see him steal a peek at my cock.

I love to get naked in front of a guy for the first time. The anticipation is wonderful, not sure how he will react. It is a test, in many ways, I guess. Does he object? Does he check you out? Does he steal a peek? I love it when I catch them stealing a peek. That tells me that they are interested, but they are not sure if you are yet, so they don't want to ruin anything.

He tells me to lay down on the table, face down and he will be right back. Now, I am the one waiting and anticipating what will happen next. Will he return wearing his clothes? Wearing sweats? Wearing shorts? Shirt or no shirt?

He does not make me wait long. Richard walks in and puts a big heavy and warm towel on me. It pretty much covers me from my shoulders to my feet.

"Here you go," he says, "this will warm you up for the first few minutes."

"OK," I said, "it is definitely warm."

"Is it too warm?", he asked.

"No, I should be good for a few minutes. Besides, you are the pro, I am in your hands now," I returned.

Richard shuts down the main lights after he lit two more candles. Now the room is pretty dark, lit only by candles. The room smells great and the lighting is actually quite nice, maybe even romantic. Richard starts on my shoulders. He rubs some oil in and gives me a nice rub on my left shoulder and then down my arm. I can see his feet and I can tell that he does not have pants on anymore, but I am not sure if he is wearing shorts or not.

Richard moves to my right and rubs my right shoulder and arm. As he rubs, I am hoping that his cock will rub up against me, that way I will know if he is naked. Nothing. He asks if I am ok and I shake my head in the affirmative. He lays my right arm on the table by my side and moves down to my feet. He flips up the towel and starts on my right foot. I love having my feet rubbed. He moves to my left foot and does the same.

Then he flips the towel up past my knees and pours some oil on both calves. He rubs my left calf first, up to my knee. That is when I think I felt his naked cock on my foot. He moves to my left side and rubs my left calf. Then after a minute, he moves to the end of the table and on to my right calf. As he slides his hand up my right calf, again, I think I feel his cock on my foot. He rubs for another minute or two and asks if I am getting warm. "Yes," I said. With that, he removed the towel that was covering me.

He discards the towel and I hear him fiddling with the lotions. I am dying to know if he is naked, so I turn my head to the left and raise my head up off of the table and ask him if he has any water.

"Sure do," he says and he hands me a bottle. That was all I needed. He is definitely naked, but I couldn't see his cock. I take a drink, hand him back the bottle and lay my head back down on the table.

I feel his hand on my back as he comes to the head of the table again. He squirts some oil on my back and proceeds to rub it in. He squirts more and continues the massage. He moves to my right and continues to rub my right side and back. I am hoping that he rubs low enough so that his cock will hit my hand that is on the table at my side. But he moves to the left side.

He pours oil on my left back and side and rubs it in. This time I feel his cock on my left forearm. I think he is hard, but I am not sure. I am waiting for him to move far enough down that his cock will hit my left hand, that by my side. But once again, he pulls away.

He grabs more oil and starts on my left hamstring. He pours a lot of oil on my hamstring and begins a serious hamstring rub. He rubs deep and on the inside of my thigh. He pulls my left leg apart from my other leg and that is when I feel his cock on my wrist and hand. I waste no time in grabbing it and fondling it. He is not very long but plenty thick. I am massaging his cock and loving it. He continues to rub my left inside thigh, and my left ass cheek. This goes on for several minutes.

Richard switches to my right hamstring. I immediately find his cock and rub it. Man it feels so good to have this cock in my hand. He pulls my right thigh towards the edge of the table and goes to work on my inside thigh and right ass cheek. He pours more lotion on my ass then spreads my ass cheeks apart and pours oil on my hole. He continues massaging my ass cheek, now he is dragging his fingers up my crack and finding my hole with his finger. Now, I am breathing very loudly and my ass is moving in rhythm with his finger, desperately trying to get his finger in my hole.

I lift my head and look back at him. My hand is wrapped around his cock. I lick my lips and he knows what I want. He walks up to the right side of my head and I wrap my lips around his cock. I turn into a cocksucker and go to work on his man meat. I lick it up and down several times, then I devour it. I dive down to I can't get anymore in my mouth. I lick his head while it is in my mouth. As much as I wish that his cock was in the back of my throat, his girth is very satisfying. It is a thick six inch cut cock.

I turn over on the table and scoot my head until it is hanging off of the end. I want him to feed me this thick cock. I open my mouth and he knows what to do. My tongue is sticking all of the way out. He holds it in his hand and guides it into my waiting mouth. He is fucking my mouth and trying to bury it in my throat. I am loving every single second of this. I willingly accept all of his cock that he will give me.

He stops abruptly and tells me he is close to coming. I try to keep sucking but he pulls his cock out of my mouth. I lick it a few times before he pulls it away completely. I feel like I am being punished. My mouth feels alone now. My lips and mouth miss his thick cock. I want more.

He moves down to my feet and pulls me back on the table. He pours oil on my feet and rubs them again. I rub his cock with the foot that is not being rubbed. He has gone soft on me. My feet won't do the trick, but I know what will. I just have to wait for a few minutes, until I can get his cock back up to my face.

I ask him for some more water. I sit up and drink the whole bottle. He is standing in front of me and I reach down and rub his cock. He leans into me and kisses me on the neck. Then he moves down to my right nipple and kisses and sucks on it. He reaches down and strokes my now hard cock. Somehow he gets me on my back on the table and starts sucking my cock. He sucks my balls and then he take his right hand and starts fingering my ass with it. OMG. I can barely control myself. He pulls off of my cock and I turn over to my stomach. He spreads my legs and starts tossing my salad. He digs his tongue deeper and deeper into my ass.

"Fuck me," I say. "Please fuck me."

He gets off of the table. He plays with my ass for a few seconds. Then I get off of the table and lay across it on my stomach, giving up my ass to him. I look at him and open my mouth. He comes over to me and I suck his cock like it was the last cock on earth.

"You want me to fuck you?" he asks.

"Yes," I say, "Please fuck me."

He walks around the table and picks up some lotion and pours it on my man pussy. He spreads my cheeks and guides his cock to my hole. His head is at my hole and I want it bad. I am trying to push my ass into his cock. Suddenly, I feel pressure. I want his cock in my ass so bad. I push back on his cock and he takes one of his arms and pushes me back down on the table. Then I feel both of his hands around my hips and he pushes his thick cock into my man pussy.

OMG. It is thick, I think his head is in. I am almost delirious. He pushes a little more and waits. I push back on his pole.

"Fuck me harder," I said.

And he did. He wasted no time. He held on to my hips and fucked me good. Oh, it hurt so good. I just laid there and took the pounding. I was pinned and could do nothing but enjoy it. He fucked me hard for a good five minutes. Slapped me on the ass a few times and then fucked me some more. I love being pounded like that. He told me he was about to come and he pulled out and came all over my ass and back.

I just laid there, stretched out over the table for a few minutes. My ass felt so lonely and empty. Richard grabbed a towel and wiped me down. Then he offered to suck my cock, but I told him that was not necessary and I would take care of it myself later on tonight. And I did. My ass was sore for a week, but it was a great reminder.

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