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Issues with calibre? Visit their help forums or /r/calibre

❗ To upload to libgen, navigate to the /librarian page of whatever libgen domain is online, eg. libgen.rs/librarian. User: genesis passwd: upload


Textbooks / Academic books

  • libgen.rs (mirrors - .is/.st) - Best site for textbooks. Provides several download options like DDL and torrent. Textbook focused. If you have any textbook or any other educational book to share, this is the place. For any book not available, make a request here
  • libgen.fun - An offshoot of the primary libgen created by the founder, bookwarrior (Complete story). Catalogue not as good as libgen.rs but it's close. Also search for books and make requests here.
  • [Private tracker] MyAnonamouse a.k.a. MAM - As good as libgen to get your requests filled.
  • sci-hub.se - Largest collection of research papers
  • academictorrents.com - "Making over 65TB of research data available! We've designed a distributed system for sharing enormous datasets - for researchers, by researchers."
  • zlib.freedit.eu - z-lib library. Books were originally sourced from libgen and other sources
  • archive.org/details/texts - The Internet Archive's immense archive of ebooks.
  • forcoder.su - Focuses on programming textbooks
  • mobilism.org - Large warez board that contains a request subforum


► Guides and Custom Search Engines (CSEs)

Guides and Search Engines dedicated to help you increase your reach in finding content


► Book IRCs




  • audiobookbay.nl - #1 public torrent site for audiobooks. Shares a lot of content with MAM. To get the magnet link without creating an account, navigate to the page for a particular audiobook, copy the torrent info hash, which you'll paste into your torrent client using the following format: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:infohash. Eg. If the infohash is abc123, then the magnet link will need to be pasted into your torrent client as magnet:?xt=urn:btih:abc123.
  • mobilism.org - Warez board
  • novanon.net - Warez board
  • AAXtoMP3 - Convert Audible files to mp3 and other file types
  • tokybook.com - Audiobook streaming
  • MyAnonamouse a.k.a. MAM - Biggest private tracker for audiobooks. Has a great request section. It's also a great place to contribute your own uploads



See also: General Sites and Search Engines. Many popular torrent indexers have courses available, such as Rutracker and 1337x.to






Private torrent trackers

Intro to private trackers

  • MyAnonamouse a.k.a. MAM - One of the 2 biggest private tracker for ebooks/audiobooks. The focus is on the fictional ebooks side unlike libgen though making requests can do the job. Also the best place for audiobooks in numbers though overall quality lacks a little. Similar to libgen, it's also a great place to contribute
  • bitspyder.net - Tracker that focuses on e-learning content.
  • thegeeks.click/ - Large tracker that focuses on e-learning content
  • bibliotik - Best private tracker for ebooks. Also has audiobooks though MAM's selection is better. One of the best request section on the internet, so make a request for anything you can't find



Light Novels

  • LNReader - LNReader is a Tachiyomi-like, free and open source light novel reader for Android.


► Misc


► French Content Sites


► Spanish Content Sites

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