I woke up to the sound of my alarm trilling. How I'd managed to fall into a deep, lasting sleep after the events of the night before was totally beyond me. Gabby. Her gorgeous tits. Her shaking orgasm. Her eyes locked on mine. My hips powering my cock through my grip. Coming at the same time as my daughter. My dick was waking up too and it definitely wanted to pay Gabrielle an early morning visit.

No sooner did I make up my mind to do so, I heard someone stomping down the stairs, like only teenagers can do, then the backdoor slammed, and the engine on Gabrielle's hand me down car chugged to life. I jumped up and ran to the front facing window in the master bedroom. Sure enough, Gabby was behind the wheel, backing out of our suburban driveway.

"Damn it, Gabs!" My 17-year-old echoed my thoughts from his own bedroom. She was in such a hurry to escape the house, escape me, that she'd left Smith behind.

"What's going on?" My wife rolled and stretched, trying to wake up and comprehend the latest household drama.

With a sigh, I lied. "No big deal, babe. Gabby and Smith are probably bickering. She left without him."

I made my way to the bathroom to handle business when I heard her mumble, "Talk some sense into her, will ya?"

It had long been established in the Vernier household that Gabrielle was incapable of hearing anything that came out of her mom's mouth. I attributed it to the fact that most teenage girls have selective hearing, but Stella, my lovely wife, insisted it was because Gabby is a tried and true Daddy's Girl. That morning, I wanted nothing more than for Gabby to literally become Daddy's Girl.

Me: Straight home after school! Understand??

I pounded out the short text to my girl before tossing the phone on the bathroom counter and trying to take a piss with a raging hard on.

It was a tough claim to make, considering the night before she'd snuck a boy into the house and let him finger fuck and eat her out on our couch, but Gabrielle really was a good girl. So the moods and the drama hadn't magically disappeared when she turned 18, three weeks prior, and she'd always rebelled in small ways, but she was never an outright bitch to me or her mother. She fought with her brother, but she'd often fought FOR him too until he grew into himself, found his identity, and then found his people. That's why when I received her reply saying simply, 'OK, Dad', I trusted that she would be home right after school. And that was why I made a plan to ignore my impatient cock all day, no matter what.

Gabrielle and I were going to have a chat.

It wasn't hard to convince Stella to take a short nap before her shift at the hospital. I dangled the prospect of a nice dinner in front of her under the guise of doing something sweet while she rested after spending her day tackling bills and mundane household chores. And technically, she did deserve it, but let's face it, I needed as much privacy as possible for this conversation with my daughter and I was too impatient to wait any longer.

At 2:45 I took my place on a stool at our kitchen island. All day I had tried to focus on my work as a freelance editor. Needless to say, the shit I'd paged through paled in comparison to the story of my life at that moment. Working from home had several benefits, but not when you were struggling to get out of your own head, to stop remembering the smell of your daughter's aroused cunt, and refrain from wasting the load you were trying to save just for her.

After the longest seventeen minutes of my life, I heard tires in the driveway. I took a deep breath, silenced my cell, and laid it out of reach. With nothing else to busy my hands, I balled them into fists and kept them glued to the granite about as far away as they could be from my dick.

The backdoor opened and Gabrielle again spotted me immediately, but this time she wasn't surprised to see me. Her eyes did not go wide. They roamed my expressionless face which I thought was brave as hell since her breathing seemed to betray her nonchalance.

After she slid off her coat and slung it over an arm on the coat rack, she walked slowly to the side of the island opposite me and deposited her bag on top. Not only were her breaths shallow, her hands were trembling slightly and I couldn't help but wonder how difficult it was for her to remain still and not fidget.

We stared, neither of us saying anything at first. It felt like the temperature in the room was rapidly rising. I could hear the clock Stella inherited from her grandmother ticking away the seconds in the living room. I couldn't remember ever noticing it before. Everything in my tiny little world was turned up to ten in that moment.

"Where's your brother?" I asked her, still not moving or taking my eyes off her.

"He said he was going to Dean's." Gabby's voice was shaky and so quiet I started to wonder if she was truly scared. I expected her to be embarrassed or ashamed considering how strict Stella could be. I had also braced for the possibility that she would be furious or disgusted with me, though the night before I'd seen a lot of things play across Gab's features and disgust was definitely not one of them. Finally, she said, "Where's Mom?"

"She's taking a nap before work."

Gabby nodded slightly. It took her several moments, but she eventually asked, "Did you tell her Mitch was here last night?"

I took a deep breath before answering, mostly to calm my racing heart, but I also didn't hate keeping my girl in suspense for a few beats either. "No Gabby."

Her eyes widened, but she still spoke softly. "Why not?"

I slid off my stool and walked around one corner of the island. Immediately, her shoulders tensed making those memorable tits jut out just slightly further than before. There was already a lot of color in her cheeks when I lowered the volume of my voice even further to explain. "It wouldn't do any good for me to tell her you had a guy in the house with his face between your legs and his fingers inside you. If I did, you could turn right around and tell her that I not only watched, but that I did it with my dick in my hand, the whole time wishing I could join in if only to cover your bare tits in all that cum you saw."

It was shocking, I admit it. In a million years I never dreamed I would speak that way to my own daughter, but it was purposeful. I wanted to get a read on Gabby's thoughts and I couldn't do that without catching her off guard. Exactly as I'd hoped, she gasped. Then she closed her eyes. Then she licked her fucking lips and I knew all I needed to know. Gabby wasn't disgusted, not by a long shot. If I was a betting man, I would have put down ten large that her panties were getting wet.

I moved quickly so when she opened her eyes I was crowding her space, but not touching her. "There's some things I need to know."

She stared straight ahead but nodded.

"Did you tell Mitch that I saw you last night?"

Her head jerked back and forth almost imperceptibly before she whispered, "No."

I moved my right arm toward her and slid my hand along her waist bringing it to rest lightly on her stomach. Her heat dipped away for a moment as she sucked in, but it returned quickly and my hand synced with the movements caused by her erratic breaths.

"Have you let Mitch fuck you?" She cringed a bit, probably not loving discussing it with her Dad, but she nodded. I had hoped, foolishly as it were, considering how intense the two of them were together the previous night, that I would get to taste a virgin pussy for the first time. It was something I didn't even know I wanted until I realized I wanted to fuck my daughter.

I must have looked disappointed because she whispered, "Sorry."

"Has anyone else been inside you?" She bit her lip and shook her head.

By saying those things I was making myself insane with lust and producing an erection so demanding that I moved my hand to her hip and turned her body away from the island and toward me. Her tits brushed low on my chest and the bulge in my pants interfered with the natural movement of her skirt.

She stared intently at the Triumph logo across the front of my shirt until I moved my hand to lightly cup her jaw and tilt her head back. Then her eyes were searching my face, seemingly still unaware of how this conversation was going to go, though I couldn't tell if she was truly that naive. "Are you on birth control, baby?"

Another startling question. She braced herself by lifting both hands to my waist and gathering handfuls of the t-shirt there. Still whispering she said, "No, Daddy."

She hadn't called me Daddy in a decade. She had in the fifteen hours worth of fantasies my mind had conjured, but actually hearing it felt like a hot, physical caress when it slid into my ears. "Handle that baby, yeah? As soon as possible." She nodded, but since she didn't ask, I offered. "I'm gonna want to fill your pussy with my cum soon."

Her lips parted again and stayed that way. She breathed in and out through them. Like me, my girl had begun to suffocate from the lustful tension between us. "Would you like that, Gabrielle?"

I gathered a bit of her white polo shirt and lifted it out of the waistband of her skirt. I continued to do the same slowly and gently around each side of her slim midriff. When my hands met up at the small of her back and the last of the shirt was freed, I slid my fingers under the fabric and made contact with her soft skin. She was burning up. Focusing back on her face, I saw that she was staring at my throat. "Gabby?" I gave her a slight nudge so her eyes would come back to mine. "Do you want this?"

She nodded her head faster this time and kept nodding until she'd swallowed hard and figured out how to work her mouth again. "Yes. I do, Daddy."

"Fuck yeah, you do," I muttered before slamming my mouth down on hers. My hands at her back pulled her to me and those fabulous tits mashed tight against my chest. I bent slightly until the head of my cock could feel the small space between the tops of her thighs and the promised land that was her pussy. I had a flash of how nice it would be for her to wake up one morning to me fucking that tight space.

I felt her arms slide around me and her finger tips dig in. A couple of her nails snagged the fabric of my t-shirt. Wild. My sweet baby girl gets absolutely wild. She'd shown me the night before but if I'd had any reason to doubt what I saw, she made it clear. Now that I knew, I was not only going to ride that wild with her, I was going to show her exactly how crazy shit could get. I sucked her tongue into my mouth and brought a sweet sounding moan with it.

Turning her back to the counter, I wasted no time bunching up that ridiculous Huntsfield Academy polo under her chin and yanking down the rose gold satin cups of her bra. Only then did I tear my mouth away from hers to finally see those tits up close. Fucking gorgeous. I covered both entirely with my hands testing their size and fullness and being just rough enough that her back bowed slightly over the island and those tits were tipped up to me in offering. Her nipples were so delicate looking, yet rock hard, and they were blushed just slightly darker than the surrounding flesh. With urgency, I lowered my head and sucked her left breast into my mouth. I dragged teeth and tongue across her nipple in the process of trying to devour the entire mound making her hiss and then groan like she ached for more. For everything.

Without robbing her of my mouth, my left hand moved to my hip and started jerking down the waistband of my joggers, taking my tight boxers with them. As soon as my cock sprang free I left my clothes as they were and found Gabby's right hand clinging to the edge of the island. I grabbed her wrist and forced her hand to my cock. Any hesitancy or shyness she'd possessed had evaporated. Without direction, she gripped my dick at its base and made my knees weak as she dragged her tender palm up my rigid erection. Like she'd had a fair amount of practice, she swiped her thumb gently across the sensitive head before venturing back toward my balls.

"Fuck yes, baby, stroke Daddy's cock." I claimed her mouth again, shoving my tongue inside, while digging my right hand through the fabric of her skirt until I found bare thigh. Again, I noticed her flesh was on fire.

Our movements freed her shirt and it slid back down her torso, falling over the end of my cock and concealing her hand pumping up and down. I may have lost access to her tits, but I was busy working my hand up the leg of her boy shorts, focused on nothing but denying my own orgasm until I had her begging me for relief.

She jumped when my fingertips slid over the smooth lips of her 18 year old cunt. I pressed in to separate her folds and felt the wet. "Jesus, baby," I groaned never taking my lips from hers. Her free hand slid up and into the hair at the back of my skull and I had a flashback of watching her fist Mitch's hair while she fucked his face.

"Goddamn it, Gabby," I growled. My cock was getting impossibly harder. Her hand glided faster and easier thanks to the pre-cum she kept gathering from the tip. "I can't wait to fuck you." With that I shoved two fingers into her cunt and she gasped. Her weight shifted and she lifted her left leg slightly and pushed her knee out. "That's right, give Daddy access to that hot pussy."

I manipulated her clit with my thumb carefully focusing on driving her mad. I began withdrawing my fingers and then shoving them deep in a ruthless rhythm. Each time I pushed in, her pussy felt hotter and wetter than the times before. I knew then that my daughter was a loosely contained inferno that would eventually engulf me until she decimated both of us in the most euphoric way possible.

I moved my mouth to her ear and quietly bit out, "This cunt is mine, Gabrielle! Do you hear me?" I continued driving my fingers into her and without waiting for an answer assured myself, "It belongs to me."

She clamped down with her muscles before answering with a tortured moan. "Yes, Daddy." Her eyes squeezed shut, she hooked her left arm around the back of my neck, and her breath left her in a rush as she whispered, "You're gonna make me come."

Still panting against her ear I bit out, "Yes I am, baby. I'm not going to stop until you've given me what you gave Mitch last night." As soon as I said the words I heard a squeak from the floorboards above our heads. I suddenly remembered I was finger fucking my daughter directly below my sleeping wife and nearly lost control. I gritted my teeth and squeezed Gabby tighter to me.

"You better hurry, baby. Mom will be down soon." Gabby gasped and again, the walls of her pussy tightened around my fingers. Her hips started to move back and forth in the cramped space I'd allowed her. "What's getting you off, Gabrielle? Thinking about mom catching you getting finger fucked by your own father? Or that she's going to see you stroking her husband's cock?" She whimpered and started fucking my hand desperately. "I hope she smells your little cunt from across the room like I could last night."

"Oh God!" Gabrielle threw her head into my chest, trapped my hand between her thighs, and began to shake so hard I struggled to hold her up. I felt the spasms of her cunt around my fingers and the sensation traveled straight to my dick.

The footsteps continued above us, but after moving back and forth few times, they started to fade as Stella made her way into the upstairs hallway.

"Good girl, Gabby." My own voice was tight. I fisted a handful of her silky dark hair, jerked her head back and shoved the drenched fingers of my other hand into her mouth. "Suck your cum off my fingers and keep jacking my cock, baby. I want to mark you."

Her focus returned and her gaze sharpened on my own intense stare. Her lips closed tighter around my fingers and sucked deep pulling her own taste from them. I started thrusting my hips into her motions, displaying how brutally I was going to take her pussy. The squeeze of her grip and the impact of the head of my cock against her flat stomach sent chills racing down my spine. I replaced my fingers with my tongue and at the first hint of her sweet cunt's flavor, began to come.

"Fuck baby, the taste of you." I gritted my teeth fantasizing about drinking to intoxication straight from the source between her legs. My balls were tight and my body tensed and froze until the first shot of cum exploded from the end of my dick with so much force it shot up Gabby's chest and appeared at the base of her throat, painting her skin pearl white.

The sound that came from me was part groan, part growl. I leaned back enough to yank her shirt back up and watch as my cum splattered all over and under her tits. Fuck they looked gorgeous decorated with my sperm. Gabby clutched my cock against her bare stomach and I continued to slide in and out of her tight hold. She whispered, "So warm, Daddy."

By the time my balls were empty, small rivers were winding down Gabby's torso, sliding along our skin, and soiling both of us. My breathing was ragged. I didn't want to let her go. I wanted to soak up every second of the beauty that was claiming my daughter but there was no time.

I fixed the cups of her bra, getting cum all over my hands in the process. I stepped away and swiped a dish towel from the handle of the oven. "Put your coat back on and go clean up in your room. I will wash your uniform when your mom goes to work."

Once dry, though not exactly clean, I righted my joggers and ran to the sink flipping the tap to hot and squirting a healthy amount of fragrant dish soap into the swirling water. I realized Gabby hadn't moved. "Baby?" I went to her and leaned in to catch her gaze. "You gotta go."

Gone was the sex crazed fire. She was just Gabby and she looked pretty dazed. "What if she'd caught us?"

"Fact is, she could still catch us so I need you to grab your coat, put it on, and act like you just got home." She became unstuck and quickly did as I'd instructed, but before she high tailed it out of the kitchen I tagged her arm to get her attention. "We'll talk tonight." I winked at her.

A small smile teased the corners of her lips which still looked like they'd been thoroughly abused. When she turned to leave, Stella was walking through the living room towards us. Without pause Gabby hustled past her with a mumbled, "Hi, Mom."

She was out of sight by the time Stella reached me and plopped down on the same stool I'd sat in while waiting for Gabby. "Last time she acted this weird she was back together with that Mitch guy. You should talk to her about that too."

I let out the breath I'd been holding, smiling to myself. "Will do, babe."

To be cont.

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