Needless to say Sadie was not happy to wake up and find me cuddling our mutual friend. After that night we continued to date until late in the summer. Things just felt awkward between us, and I had a feeling our guilty friend Fred may have told her what had happened. The sex was still great up until the end, but I couldn't stay with someone who resented that I had cheated on her with a man. And I didn't blame her. To this day I don't know why I did any of that that night.

That was years ago at this point though, and Sadie has been happily dating a much more successful man than I since then. As for Fred, he went off to an Ivy League school and has become a lot more flamboyant on social media since then. I have no problem with people expressing themselves and embracing who they are. But it did feel like when I occasionally scrolled through his Instagram that the shy and innocent guy who sucked my dick was long gone. While I was in college I had contacted him asking him if he wanted to "keep experimenting", but he didn't seem pleased at the idea that I still saw myself as a straight man exploring other options.

That was until he messaged me on Snapchat saying he was in town and wanted to talk. Given that I've had a lot of time to think about everything, I decided that I am definitely bisexual. But I still wouldn't feel entirely comfortable about having a boyfriend and kissing him in public. I told Fred I would be glad to have him over at my place for some dinner. He replied enthusiastically and we set the date for next Friday. He would stop into town and probably rent a hotel for the weekend so he could visit his family. I would've offered him to stay at my place, but that seemed like I was rushing things a bit.

Since discovering I was bisexual, I went through of lot of porn and erotic stories trying to find other kinks that turned me on. Apparently there is a lot. It was at this point that I realized I was in fact kinkier than the average guy, and more than just marginally. One of my biggest fantasies that I've discovered is being a sub. There is something liberating about giving up complete control to someone else who you trust. Along with that, I found out I had a mild feederism fetish. The thought of being fed until stuffed turned me on beyond belief. Despite that hedonistic fetish of mine I was still in good shape, simply because I liked the discipline of working out and eating healthy. And my last fetish is one that's hard to put into words. It probably is best classified as an offshoot of being a submissive and a feedee. Simply put, body modification seemed fascinating to me. Permanently changing your body in any way seemed like the ultimate form of eroticism. Especially when it was at the behest of a significant other.

Now I understand it's weird I'm just throwing all my kinks out there, but I had never acted on any of them. And given that in a couple days I would be meeting Fred again I feel like now was the time to act on some of them. Or at least talk about them. Not to mention I still don't know how big his dick is and that is probably why I want to meet him again so badly. In all honesty I trust Fred a lot, and when we hooked up he probably could've done anything he wanted to me I would've been fine with it. I just felt safe when I was with him. Back in high school if I had asked him to be my dom I don't know if he would say yes. In keeping tabs with him through social media I had learned that he was going through a "bad bitch" phase. I think this matured version of Fred might be the perfect dom.

As the week progressed and we got closer to Friday, I couldn't stop thinking of more and more perverted things I wanted to do with him. I think waiting a half decade to finally see his dick was taking a toll on me. I imagined him tying me to a chair and feeding me Big Mac after Big Mac until I felt sick. He would then untie me and take me to the couch and fuck me silly. I was masturbating at least five times a day to these fantasies, and each got crazier than the last. Needless to say that on Friday morning the amount of butterflies in my stomach could fly me to the moon.

After a day of work where I was distracted the entire time, I went home and got ready for Fred to arrive. In the hour before he arrived I think I stress ate an entire can of Pringles and drank a couple cans of soda. Finally the doorbell rang. I quickly ran to it to unlock it and swung it open. "Long time no see amigo" Fred said with a cunning grin on his face.

"It's been way too long Fred. Please make yourself at home" I said as I waved him in and grabbed his jacket from him. When I returned from the coat closet Fred was wandering around my apartment taking everything in.

His appearance had definitely changed over the years. I always like to think I look the same as when I was in high school, down to the way I style my hair. But Fred had ascended to new levels of change. In high school he rocked a buzz cut and short trimmed beard, and wore androgynous clothing. The man in front me had what looked like a half foot long beard and curly brown hair growing past his shoulder blades. He was wearing a long black skirt and a black sweater. "You know I've thought about our little hookup a lot. Sadie still hasn't forgiven me but I have no regrets about doing it" Fred pondered out loud. "I can't help but shake the feeling that I blue balled you from seeing my dick." He glanced over at me with his hands on his hip.

"I mean a quick Snapchat could've solved that" I quipped back. We both broke out into laughter and embraced each other earnestly. The next hour or two was spent catching up on each other's personal and professional lives. After a while Fred asked me what I had prepared for dinner. "I figured we would just order your choice of restaurant for delivery."

"Mike, mike, mike. You really haven't changed much have you. Here I was thinking you'd prepared a delicious Italian meal just for me." He winked at me to let me know he was pulling my leg. "I'm really in the mood for something greasy. Maybe a pizza and some breadsticks?"

"Yeah that works for me. What toppings do you like on pizza?" I asked.

"I'm fine with plain but I also like Hawaiian and Buffalo chicken." He responded.

"Alright I'll order a medium plain, medium Buffalo chicken, breadsticks and a two-liter. Sounds good?"

Fred looked at me quizzically. He studied my figure and then shrugged. "That's a lot of food for the two of us. Are you training for a triathlon or something?"

I blushed and looked at the floor for a second. When I regained eye contact he had a concerned look on his face. I didn't know if now was the best time to start revealing my perverted fantasies to him. But I also didn't have the heart to lie to him. After quickly running through several scenarios in my head I decided that honesty was the best policy. "No, I just have a big appetite and a tiny little fetish I want to play out..."

Fred straightened up in his seat and started smiling from ear to ear. "I thought we would save the sexy talk until after dinner, but now I'm really curious as to what's going on in that head of yours. I never struck you as someone with a food fetish. Do you like to feed or be fed?"

"I want you to feed me." I said candidly. I was having trouble maintaining eye contact because it felt wrong to be saying these things out loud. When I looked back at him he looked cool as a cucumber.

"Don't worry Mikey I won't judge you. And you happen to be in luck, I always thought you were a little too fit for my tastes anyways." He reassuringly put his hand on my shoulder. I was so overjoyed at his openness to comply that I jumped on him and hugged him. "You better hurry up and order or we might get distracted before it gets here."

I climbed off him and ran over to my phone to place my order. I also threw in a half dozen cookies in my excitement. After putting my phone away I walked back to the coach and saw Fred examining me like an art curator examines a painting. "You really are full of surprises. In all honesty I came over here thinking we'd have a heart to heart about how our hook up was a one time thing. But you seem to have grown a lot in the interim. I'm beginning to wonder what other things you have discovered about yourself."

"Well first of all I'm bisexual." That got a laugh out of him.

"I'm not surprised in the slightest. You seem like the kind of guy who loves everything and everyone."

"But there are some other fetishes I'm into and fantasies that I've had that I don't know if I want to voice out loud. They are kinda kinky" I said, looking at the ground again.

Fred grabbed my chin and made me look up at him. "I would never judge you for any fetish you have. My biggest turn on is helping other people fulfill their fantasies. Now spill the beans, sugar pea."

Looking Fred in the eye, I felt like nothing could go wrong. "Well I have always had a desire to be fat. I don't know why but the idea of being large and full of blubber turns me on to no end. I want to be fed until it hurts and my stomach is distended. And I want you to dominate me and treat me like an animal. Like a pig. I've always had fantasies about resembling an animal. Becoming a real life pig is something I've masturbated to endlessly. I want you to own me Fred, because you make me feel safe."

Fred stared at me intently for several moments, clearly processing what I just said. Finally he stood up and looked at me. "I'm all in on this if you are Mike. There is nothing that would bring greater satisfaction to me than helping you achieve your fantasy. And I know this might be a little soon, but I love you."

I jumped out of my seat and wrapped Fred up in an embrace. I pulled back slightly to look in his eyes and he grabbed my face and started making out with me. He moved his hands down my back and toward my ass, firmly grabbing one cheek in his hand. Then he startled me, and started to prod my anus with his index finger. I had never been touched there before so I inadvertently jumped, and Fred pulled away. He looked guilty like he had done something wrong.

"So I think we should set some ground rules. If you don't like ass play I'm fine with that" he said.

"No it's totally fine. I definitely want you to play with my ass and eventually fuck me. I want to be your sub. It's just I had never had anyone else near my butthole before so it startled me. And as for the rest of the ground rules, I trust you entirely with my life and well being. I want you to do whatever you think you need to do to help me fulfill my desires. I am yours, Fred, if you'll take me."

"Of course I'll take you" Fred replied, smiling and with what looked like a tear in his eye. "But that's a lot of responsibility you're giving me. You've never seen what I'm capable of as a dom. And as far as fucking you goes, I'm going to have to wear you in a lot before you're ready to take this thing" he said as he grabbed his dick through his pants.

I had never been so turned on in my life. I went to grab his crotch, ready after all these years to see what he is working with. He swatted my hands away before I could start pulling his pants down. "If I'm in control though I'm going to relish having you wait to see my dick. Also the food is going to get here soon. We don't want to get too far ahead of ourselves. Give me a minute to think."

I sat back down on the coach and observed Fred pondering what to do with me. He paced back and forth mouthing something to himself. Finally he stopped and looked at me with a devilish grin on his face. "Alright, I need one last affirmation that you are now mine to control in every way fit to help you reach your fantasy. And before you accept, know that once I get control I will be moving you out of state to my house in Vermont where you will live and be my pet. I want you to quit your job and live with me. So what do you say, Michael?"

With tears forming in my eyes and my dick rising to attention, I said "I'm all yours Fred."

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