This is a list of recommended games and applications for VR. These are grouped by genre and very roughly ordered by popularity.
Game recommendations are primarily focused on PC VR headsets, but some games in this list have also been ported to Quest and PSVR. Quest and PSVR sections only contain exclusives for their respective platforms.

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[Introductory Demos]
[Social and Metaverse]
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There are a few in depth video reviews for certain games. Check them out below.

--- [Introductory Demos] ---

The Lab: Valve's smorgasbord tech demo of fun mini games and small experiences. Worth it just for the bow and arrow mini game.

First Contact: Cute little robot sandbox intro demo for Rift users. Takes advantage of the Touch controllers and runs automatically when you setup Touch. Not recommended for Vive users due to control differences but the graphics and animations might be nice to check out.

Toybox: Extremely simple social sandbox demo space for Oculus users. Only recommendable if you invite a friend into it and you both use Oculus Touch. May be worth trying alone just for the haptics you get when you roll around a ping pong ball on the paddle - it feels extremely realistic almost like you can feel the texture of the paddle.

Aperture Hand Lab: Simple Portal-themed tech demo where you interact with an Aperture Science robot. Designed to show off Index controllers, so it's not really worth playing if you don't have a set of those.

Nvidia VR Funhouse: Free physics tech demo from Nvidia taking place in a carnival. Demonstrates all sorts of materials, fluids, and flame effects, and makes very good use of the haptics in your controllers.

--- [Utilities] ---

XS Overlay: This is one of the best upgrades you can make to your VR experience if you're in the SteamVR ecosystem. Adds much more functionality over the default desktop dash. Attach screens to your hand for quick viewing or place around your play space to streamline your shitposting from VR experience.

OpenVR Advanced Settings: A free tool that gives you access to a lot of extra settings and data. Lets you do things like completely hide the chaperone and fix your playspace height without rerunning room setup. Also includes playspace mover, which is especially useful with FBT.

Steam VR Wheel: An emulated steering wheel using SteamVR controllers for people without an actual one

--- [Applications] ---

Bigscreen: Allows users to browse their desktop on a flexible, movable screen, including in multiplayer with up to 4 people. With a variety of preset environments such as theaters, a campfire and a fancy estate’s balcony, users can play non-VR games at a surprisingly stable frame rate on a larger-than-life screen.

Google Earth VR: Travel all around the globe and visit places you've never been to before, or simply visit your hometown again in VR.

Google Tiltbrush: Paint stuff into the air for amazing holographic-feeling art.

Oculus Quill: Paint stuff into the air for amazing feats of art including large scale worlds. *Free with purchase of Oculus Touch - we only recommend this for Rift users.

Oculus Medium : 3D modeling application the way it was always supposed to be. It's like Zbrush/Mudbox in VR, but more like an MSPaint casual version. Feels like sculpting. Can export models to polish, modify, or use in other programs. *Free with purchase of Oculus Touch - we only recommend this for Rift users.

Microsoft Maquette: Free 3D modeling application from Microsoft that works on all VR headsets. Allows you to import models from a variety of sources and export out to work on elsewhere. Also allows you to export straight to Unity.

--- [Social and Metaverse] ---

VR Chat: Be the little girl. This is the biggest VR social app by far and is where you will find most of /vrg/. It allows the community to generate its own content such as worlds, games and avatars using Unity and VRChat’s API. Content is primarily limited to experiential type worlds currently as there is no native scripting support so don't expect too much in the way of gameplay, this is primarily a social game and it does that well.

NeosVR: Interesting application that's like a social VR unity engine. It supports direct importing in game of most 3d/2d assets and features an in game scripting language. If you have Freecad installed you can import and view CAD models in the STEP format straight in game. Developed by an autistic enginedev features are constantly being added so it's one to watch.

Anyland: Low-fi metaverse all built in VR out of primitives and a basic scripting engine.

Mozilla Hubs: An in browser web based VR metaverse. Has limited support for importing media files.

Engage: Purely an educational experience. There are a collection of experiences and lectures you can watch.

--- [VR FPS] ---

Half-Life: Alyx: The first of Valve's promised VR games. As an Alyx-focused spinoff, it plays more like a survival horror game than your typical Half-Life game, with a slower pace, more scarce ammo, and more cramped environments, although it does open up more later in the game. Has been simplified in some ways for the sake of polish and comfort, but as a result, it feels like a full-fledged VR game instead of a tech demo. It's easily the most polished VR game out right now, and one of the best single player experiences you can have in VR. An Asset Pack has been released for Valve's level editor Hammer, and full SDK support is possibly in the works, so expect mods to start showing up soon.

Boneworks: Borderline tech demo with a incredibly robust physics system, and a soundtrack that's better than it has any right to be. Wears it's Half-Life influences on it's sleeve, and has more of HL2's physics tech demo feel than Alyx does. The physics interactions and smooth locomotion implementation are actually better than Alyx's, despite being janky at times. Story and enemy variety are pretty weak, but it's still a fun shooter that's worth playing just to mess around with the physics if nothing else.

Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners: Work your way through post-apocaliptic New Orleans fighting zombies, crafting weapons and upgrades, and choosing how to deal with the survivors you come across. Based on the Walking Dead comics, but you don't really need to know anything about the series to enjoy it. Heavy emphasis on melee combat and player choice.

Pavlov VR: One of the most currently popular multiplayer FPS games on VR right now. The gameplay currently has CS-style de_ and tdm_ game modes with a familiar buy system and very familiar weapons. Supports virtual gun stock and has an active Workshop and modding community that adds in original maps and port's of well-known maps, especially CS maps.

Onward: The go-to multiplayer Arma/milsim for VR. Great with a gun stock attachment you can build or buy separately (e.g. ProtubeVR). Early Access. Very obviously a one guy indie project.

Space Junkies: An attempt at a AAA VR arena shooter by Ubisoft. The gameplay is fun, but the game suffered from a poor launch and ongoing development has stopped, so the community is pretty small. Still be worth picking up on sale if you're curious though.

Robo Recall: Intense fun shooter gameplay with bullet time, catching bullets in midair and tearing off robot limbs with your bare hands, plus other interesting mechanics. High production value with extremely good graphics in VR, and an interesting setting with limited narrative. Open source and mod friendly, with movement mods available. A bit short being only a few hours long, and the challenge comes from scoring higher rather than surviving, lending to an "arcadey" feel. One of the best overall games out there even if "arcadey", and lends great credence to VR games as a new form of play rather than a spin-off of regular gaming. *included free with Oculus Touch
RoboRevive adds native SteamVR support to the game:

Superhot VR: A shooter with a unique and fun time slowdown mechanic where time moves only when you move, with room-scale sandbox-y gameplay and some melee action. Attractive simple art style. Very short at 1-2 hours but does have some replayability and is still highly enjoyable. Same amount of innovative feel for VR as Robo Recall, and goes in a different direction by playing with your perception of how time works (real body/hand/head movement = time movement), but much less well produced given the indie scope.

Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades: Excellent firearms simulator. There is a large selection of weapons to pick from of different forms: single-action revolvers, lever-action shotguns, bolt-action rifles, assault rifles, and so on. These are all portrayed in a realistic manner and are a joy to play with. New content is always being added in the form of new guns and game modes. It takes some time to get used to a few of the controls such as operating a slide release and especially loading a Colt SAA, but these are all well explained in the devlogs on YouTube (which I highly suggest watching). Solid recommendation for any firearm enthusiast, especially to those in nogunz countries.

Arizona Sunshine: A singleplayer campaign zombie FPS with a narrative. Supports up to 4 players co-op. Set in a desert location that isn't all dark nights. A bit short at 4 hours. Graphics aren't great but just good enough to get near AA value. Similar to Farpoint in terms of gameplay depth and even supports the same PSVR gun peripheral. It's sort of like what you would imagine Left 4 Dead VR would be like, except much less fleshed out and polished. Arguably not something you'd want to play if it weren't in VR, but its VR qualities and mechanics make it worthwhile. Steam doesn't offer the native Oculus build of the game.

Raw Data: Nice tower defense FPS with a futuristic robot almost-horror theme, but development seems to be making it feel more and more like an Overwatch type game in the PvP mode. Decent graphics. Set up sentries, shoot guns, punch robuts, swing swords, use telekinetic powers, and other cool abilities. Co-op in addition to the singleplayer and PvP multiplayer.

Echo VR: One of the best multiplayer VR games. It's being treated by users as the Rocket League of current VR, but with a Quidditch/Ender's Game/FFX Blitzball type of gameplay where you try to get a disk in the other team's goal in zero gravity. It has great graphics and the best player character animations in the industry. Amazing zero gravity movement that has been tweaked to the point that very little people get nausea whereas normally many would. Great lobby design where you can hang out and practice in with others. Some of the best social interactivity made possible in games, with an almost physics sandbox to play around in. The free version only includes the Echo Arena mode. Echo Combat mode is available as DLC if you're hungry for more.

Lone Echo: A singleplayer story adventure game in space that looks like it'll play quite well since the mechanics in Echo Arena beta, a multiplayer spin-off, have received extremely positive reviews. The zero gravity movement system in particular was able to get almost no one motion sick, and the movement mechanics with being able to grip and move on all surfaces give incredible amounts of natural free movement. Looks like it might have AAA value in everything but play time which may be reasonably 6 hours. Coming July 20.

Doom VFR: A shorter VR spin-off of Doom 2016 that is quite a bit shorter around 6 hours reasonably. Suffers a bit from being designed around teleport movement, but it's still fun when you use the smooth movement option that was patched in later.

Dead Effect 2 VR: don't let the fact that this was originally a mobile shooter deter you from one of the most amazing VR hits of 2017. Coming from left field, the port of DE2 to VR was a welcome surprise in an otherwise starved VR catalogue. the game translates well to VR as a single player action shooter akin to the original Half Life. Collect loot, interact with the environment in VR such as flicking on your helmet flashlight, handling mechanical equipment, hacking into terminals with a swipe of your fingers, and frantically reaching for that crucial shell or magazine in a firefight. varied enemies, dark corridors, multiplayer, full VR reloading and hammy voice acting make this game a must-have.

Sairento VR: The winner of some pretty snazzy award, Sairento places you in the role of a ninja that has to slice, shoot, and style on your enemies that vary in speed, strength, and health. A unique jump mechanic and slow motion "Focus" works like teleportation but without the faggotry, and for you iron stomached weebs out there, there IS trackpad locomotion. Loot collecting comes in the form of weapon shards to augment your weapons, sometimes even with rare skills. upgrade your own skills as well with exp. There's even an option for third person recording inside the game itself, so you can record yourself getting the party crazy. A must have to live out your inner Cyborg Ninja or Half-Devil tendencies.

Contractors: Currently the closest thing we have to CoD multiplayer in VR. Multiplayer is a little dead compared to Pavlov and Onward, but it's definitely worth a shot if neither of those are your thing.

--- [Rhythm & Active Games] ---

Beat Saber: Closest thing to a "killer app" VR has right now. Swing two lightsabers to match colour and direction of boxes that approach to the beat of songs. Much more fun than it sounds. Think of it as Guitar Hero re-imagined for VR. Only a few songs included in the base game but it's very easily modded to include thousands of songs created by fans of the game. Also an excellent workout.

Rec Room: The go-to free social multiplayer hang-out gaming application where you can play paintball, dodge ball, etc with others. Includes a very fun "Quest" mode that plays like Left 4 Dead where you're all going through a level and fighting off waves of enemies. Simple family friendly style. Warning: play with friends or at sleeping times, or risk running into sessions filled kids.

Pistol Whip: A stylized rhythm game where you shoot and punch enemies to the beat. Think Beat Saber meets John Wick. No mod support yet.

Eleven Table Tennis: The go-to table tennis sim. Has incredibly realistic singleplayer AI, and multiplayer.

Audica: A rhythm game where you shoot and punch targets to the beat. Literally Beat Saber with guns. Has mod support and custom songs, but the custom song library is incredibly small compared to Beat Saber.

To The Top: Very fun and fleshed out indie first person platforming game with some climbing elements. Control mechanic is unique and feels like you're using your hands to "leap" and fly around the environment, so it's not realistic, but still fun. Collect the crystals or speedrun. Rather simple graphics and art.

The Climb: Very good graphics. By Crytek. Use your hands (or even play with gamepad) to climb various different environments including tropical mountains, glaciers, and more. Some gameplay mechanics can be a bit finicky and it's mainly a "get to the goal" game with speed or score chasing. It is better as a good "experiential" or touring app than a game. Too expensive for the amount of content (sale price can get down to $30-20 which makes it good). Needs a beefy PC (max graphics are possible with a 1080).

Sprint Vector: Entirely focused on unique locomotion Sprint Vector has you race others online by swinging your arms, jumping, and climbing. Fun and competitive, also a great work out. Multiplayer community is dead, so it's harder to recommend these days.

Creed: Rise to Glory: Fun arcadey boxing game. Has a pretty solid story mode where you fight your way through the plot of the movie, and a fun multiplayer mode if you can manage to find a match. /vrg/ does occasionally have fight nights if you want to throw down with some anons.

--- [Simulation] ---

Assetto Corsa: A good racing sim with a great modding community and decent VR support. Career mode is kinda weak, but it's great for hotlapping and multiplayer. Can often be picked up on sale for less than $10 with all of the DLC.

Project Cars 2: Has the best VR support of any racing sim so far. Lacks the modding support Assetto Corsa has, but has a better career mode and a more structured online experience.

Dirt Rally: Hardcore rally sim with good VR support. Has a career mode you can work your way through, but multiplayer support is limited to time trial competitions. Only supports Oculus, but works fine through Revive.

Dirt Rally 2.0: More Dirt Rally, this time with SteamVR support. Unfortunately, it's pretty light on content, and a lot of the DLC is recycled content from the first game. Still probably your best bet for rally action if you don't have an Oculus headset though.

Euro Truck Simulator 2: Comfy trucking. Drive big rigs to deliver cargo and build up a trucking company. If you're looking for a more relaxed VR driving experience, this might be for you. American Truck Simulator is more of the same, but set in the US instead of Europe.

--- [Flight] ---

Aircar: Think of piloting a flying car in Bladerunner. This is exactly that experience. It features a sizable city crafted with very good graphics and music to make for a cyberpunk setting oozing with atmosphere.

Star Wars: Squadrons: Star Wars dogfighting with pretty good VR support. Not as hardcore as the old X-Wing/TIE Fighter games, but it's a blast in multiplayer. Can't interact with the cockpit using VR controls, but it does support HOTAS controls if you don't want to use a gamepad.

Ultrawings: Basically Pilotwings VR. It's a super laid back experience that has you flying around the islands and completing challenges to unlock new planes. Can interact with the cockpit using VR controls, so no need for a HOTAS or anything.

VTOL VR: A near-futuristic combat flight game built for Virtual Reality. Pilot advanced multi-role jets, using your hands to flip switches, press buttons, and manipulate the virtual flight controls.

--- [Flat Game Ports] ---

The Forest VR: A free VR port for those that own the base game. Singleplayer and co-op.

Serious Sam VR: Full classic FPS with the fastest gameplay seen in VR. Pretty much perfectly working port of Serious Sam and this might be your definitive experience of the game now. First Encounter, Second Encounter, and Before First Encounter are all avaliable, and the full bundle gets pretty cheap on Steam sales. Those susceptible to sim sickness might want to pass.

Minecraft (VR) : The definitive way to play Minecraft. If you've never played Minecraft, this is your chance. There are two ways to play this. The official VR support uses the Windows 10 Edition of the game, which means slightly better performance and crossplay with other devices that Minecraft is on. There is a mod called Vivecraft for the Java version that has more features than the official VR support, and since it's the old Java version, you get all the old mods. That version is generally recommended over the offical port.

Talos Principle VR: Another Croteam VR port, but this one is a first person puzzle game. The port is just as polished as the Serious Sam games, and is a little friendlier to those with sim sickness since it's much slower paced

Skyrim VR: Buy his game. It's Skyrim SE in VR. Almost all SE mods are compatible with it, and there are VR specific version of SkyUI and SKSE. It's a lazy port where weapon swings just emulate button presses, don't expect GORN combat but archery and magic are improved by motion controls. All the lewd mods are a thing of beauty in VR.

Fallout 4 VR: Say what you will, this is the first port of the immense (and watered down) RPGs Bethesda is known for. The port is worse than the Skyrim one, but some mods are still supported, and it at least supports smooth movement.

No Man's Sky: Space exploration survival game that gradually got patched into something that's actually worth playing. VR support was added in 2019 as one of the many changes in the BEYOND update. Fully supports motion controls, including virtual controls to fly your ship.

Subnautica VR: Terrible VR port but the game is fun and good in VR. Explore the ocean, build a base, get spooked by the unknown abyss. Comfy and terrifying.

Payday 2: It's the same heisting game from 2013 but in VR. Free DLC for those who own the base game, but can have some awkward controls. Supports cross-play with non-VR players. You'll also probably want to install the VR improvements mod unless you want your controls to be complete ass, instructions here: And last but not least, here are some fixes that prevent you from crashing every 30 minutes or so: For other players to see your arms move, you first have to look at the screen to your left in the main menu, then calibrate your height and your arms.
An anon wrote a more in depth review:

ANUBIS ZONE OF THE ENDERS : M∀RS: Remake of ZOE 2 with optional VR support for the whole game, in the cockpit.

--- [Flat Game Mods] ---

Doom 3 BFG VR: Access to the source code has given modders the chance to perfectly port the game to VR. It's a AAA (by old standards) 10 hour long singleplayer narrative-driven game, that even integrates cool VR mechanics like using your fingers to work in-game touch panels. Works with the HD texture pack.

Alien: Isolation: Supports VR through the MotherVR mod. No tracked hands or roomscale, but it works fine otherwise, and the atmosphere is great in VR.

Dolphin VR: Experience your favorite Gamecube, Wii and Virtual Console games in a whole new way in Virtual Reality. The VR port is incredibly outdated, but it's still possible to get it working on modern headsets. Be warned, many games require tinkering in order to work properly in VR, as certain HUD elements must be culled out so you can see. Once you get things working, however, Dolphin VR can deliver some unforgettable experiences as you look at your childhood favorites in a whole new way.

gz3doom: A source port of the original Doom for VR with motion control support and 3D weapon models. Should run Doom/Doom 2/Heretic/Hexen, for any other WADs, you're on your own.

Quake VR: A Quake source port with hand tracking, updated weapon models, VR interactions, and more.

GTA V: The entire single player campaign is playable in VR through the R.E.A.L. mod. No tracked motion controller support unfortunately, but an additional mod adds steering wheel and manual transmission support if you're interested in that. Online play is unsupported, but you can mod in all the online content, and not have to deal with cheaters or grinding.

VRMod (Gmod VR): Adds "experimental" VR support to Gmod, lets you mess around in sandbox mode and can be used to play through the original HL2 campaign in VR (see second link), although that's a bit janky at times. No support for the HL2 episodes at this time though.

Half-Life: VR: Adds VR support for the original Half-Life along with some quality of life changes to make it work better in VR. Blue Shift and Opposing Force aren't supported though, and there are no plans to add them.

--- [VRMMO] ---

OrbusVR: Play free up to level 10. The first VRMMORPG, don't expect the content or polish of a big name MMO but the team does a fairly good job updating consistently and adding meaningful content. Do melee combos as a warrior to use abilities, break your arm machine gun firing a bow as an archer, get bored as hell as a musketeer until you have great fun healing with a gun, or play the only class you should: Runemage and draw shapes and symbols in the air to cast spells via the game's highly praised and unforgiving magic system.

Elite: Dangerous: The go-to space trucker simulator that also has combat. It is an MMO with trading, mining, combat, and more, though there isn't an economy like Eve. Offers dozens to hundreds of hours if you're into cockpit space sims. Boring and grindy if not, but still provides beautiful graphics and sound design, in space. Throttle and stick highly recommended. If you are a cockpit sim fan, this game alone is worth getting VR for.

--- [Swords & Sorcery] ---

Blade & Sorcery: The best VR melee combat game available right now. Combat and weapon interactions have much more realistic physics than GORN and the game also has a simple magic system. The game has a pretty good modding community with new weapons and other improvements to the game when you get bored of the vanilla experience. One of the few games other than VRChat that supports FBT, which lets you kick people with your actual legs instead of a button.

GORN: Gladiator arena entirely focused on the quality of its combat. You pull a lever, enter an arena, fight and win. It's very simple but is often seen as what VR melee combat should strive to be. Gets updated sometimes with new weapons, bosses, and rarely a new mode.

In Death: Roguelite shooter focused on bow and arrow and crossbow. Has an interesting movement system that lets you use arrows to teleport, but also supports free movement as well. No longer well supported though, and has issues with Index controllers.

Swords of Gargantua: An arena swordfighter with multiple modes, the best is the Roguelite mode where you can go on an adventure through multiple levels with up to 3 other people to get loot, weapons, artifacts while building your stats and upgrading your weapons to try and take down GARGANTUA on floor 101.

The Mage's Tale: A Sequel to The Bard's Tale series. First person RPG dungeon crawler with hand-based magic spell combat. Pretty fleshed out singleplayer with decent variety in gameplay where you have puzzles and exploration. There's also a story and voiced characters. Great looking visuals in some places. Some bad graphics/animations in other places, showing the artistic limits of a smaller AA production scope. 8-12 hour length.

Chronos : A more traditional Zelda/Dark Souls style action adventure RPG. You're placed somewhere in the environment looking at a character from a distance and controlling him/her (using gamepad). Mechanics simpler than Dark Souls and a shorter game at 10 hours. Good quality graphics/art and production value worthy of a small AA production scope. Doesn't use many innovative VR mechanics but it was crafted to immerse you well using the headset with scenic locations in the environment. Herobound: Spirit Champion on the Oculus store is free and is basically like the kid friendly baby brother of this game so if you liked that then this is what you really want.

Dreadhalls: Pure horror escape the labyrinth game. Procedurally generated levels. Monsters. No weapons. Jump scares, but good players who learn the mechanics and behaviors of the game will adapt and learn how to not get jump scared, while still remaining in a very tense atmosphere. Warning: do not use analog yaw or turning control in this game as it has been known to cause motion sickness.

Herobound: Spirit Champion: Cute third person action adventure game with old Zelda inspirations. You're looking down at a little hero who needs to go dungeoning to save the world. If you like the gameplay in this then you need to check out the more advanced Chronos recommendation above.

Until You Fall: Hack and slash roguelite with a nice OST. Blocks, dodging, and combos use some rhythm game mechanics, but it's a lot of fun even if you don't like that kind of game.

--- [Puzzles, Strategy, & Platforming] ---

Lucky's Tale: Short, simple, and kid friendly 3D platformer where you're looking down at a little fox and controlling him using a gamepad. Simple and clean graphics that makes you feel like you're in the world of a miniature toy set. Is a collectathon. Movement in this game may cause motion sickness for some people.

Moss: Short puzzle combat game where you play as both a friendly ghost and a qtp2t mouse. View is from the perspective of the ghost, you use motion controls to move things in the environment and hold enemies. Buttons control the mouse with basic action gameplay. Short but good. The visuals are very pretty and the mouse is so fucking cute. You can pet the mouse.

I Expect You To Die: Spy themed puzzler with escape room gameplay. It's an early VR game that uses seated mode exclusively, but it got a few free levels added in 2019, and it's still a lot of fun. Very short though, so it's recommended you get it on sale.

Brass Tactics: Oculus exclusive tabletop styled RTS with a Steampunk theme.

Paper Beast: A light story-driven puzzle game in a surreal world with excellent sound and visual design. Puzzles are based on fluid physics, like those falling sands toys but in 3d. Not very challenging, but the environments are comfy/weird enough that it's an enjoyable experience just walking through the world and watching what's going on.

--- [VN and Experiences] ---

Spice & Wolf VR: [x] touch fluffy tail. Cute if short story featuring Korbo and Lawrence taking shelter from the rain in an abandoned watermill as they reminisce on their travels. Given the length it's recommend to wait for a good sale or finding it at a steeper discount elsewhere.

Wilson's Heart: A narrative adventure. If you want to feel like you're in a 40's black and white thriller/horror flick, this is worth trying. Lasts 5 hours and has an interesting story with characters, as well as pretty good graphics and production value. A small AA production scope with voice acting, animation, and story to last the time. However it's not really much of a game as it was designed to be extremely casual and easy, and a lot of the gameplay isn't interesting or worthwhile. It works kind of like the point and click games where you cut or teleport to set points of interest in the environment. There isn't much NPC interaction. Might be more recommendable on sale.

Batman Arkham VR: You get to be the Batman. Great graphics and production value. Not an action game. Basically a crime solver. Extremely short on the level of 1-2 hours and plays more like an interactive experience than a game with much challenge. Has a narrative with characters, animation and voice acting on the level you'd expect from a AAA studio, although the story itself is a bit sad and unfulfilling. Recommendable on sale.

Henry: Short animation. Feels like you're in a cute Pixar short.

Irrational Exuberance: Prologue: Surreal physics rock crystal interactive experience thing in space.

Dear Angelica: Semi-animated short with a drawing-come-to-life kind of feel. Made almost entirely with Quill. Very beautiful and surreal.

Gnomes & Goblins preview: Short interactive experience where it feels like you stepped into a magical fairy forest. Requires a lot of room.

Cosmic Sugar: Cool looking floating particle physics simulator that feels almost like you're controlling a sea of stars.

Allumette: Short animation that feels more like you stepped into a claymation film, but quite beautifully crafted.

Realities: High resolution scans of real life environments, using photogrammetry.

Fantasynth: A passive surreal music experience where you're floating through cool looking animated environments reacting to the beat

Lost: Very short animation where you meet a big robot friend in a forest.

Senza Pes: A short beautiful boat ride through surreal environments.

The Rose and I: Short animation.

The Cubicle: Surreal office worker experience.

--- [NSFW] ---

Honey Select VR: Lewd Japanese sandbox sim by Illusion. Somewhat realistic art style with realistic shading and graphics.

Koikatsu: Lewd Japanese sandbox sim by Illusion. Anime art style. Story mode is also supported in VR as well through a mod. Created characters can also be exported for use in VRChat, Guides for Avatars and World Dev pastebin in the OP has some details on how to do this.

CM3D2 VR: Lewd Japanese sandbox sim. Anime art style. Created characters can also be exported for use in VRChat, Guides for Avatars and World Dev pastebin has some details on how to do this.

COM3D2 VR: Lewd Japanese sandbox sim. Anime art style.

Waifu Sex Simulator: Based on MMD, where the author has compiled hundreds of different girls and countless motions together for your convenience in a VR application.

VR Kanojo: Like a Summer Lesson clone except with sex. By Illusion.

Sex Like Real: Live action porn video streaming browser application. Mostly paid videos but some free.

Monster Girl Island: Several patreon exclusive VR demos have been released. Asking around might get you a mega link.

--- [Quest] ---

SideQuest: Quest tool designed to make sideloading unofficial Quest applications and mods easier.

Lambda1VR: Quest native port of Half-Life and it's expansions.

--- [PSVR] ---

Resident Evil 7: Allows you to play the whole game in VR. Lacks motion controller support and graphics take a hit in VR, but it's still a very immersive way to play the game.

Ace Combat 7: VR support is limited to 3 VR exclusive missions with a limited number of aircraft. What's there is really good, but there's not a lot of it, so it's not really recommended to pick this up just for the VR support. It's definitely worth trying out if you already have the game though.

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