Hello Readers & Writers!

Welcome to the 2020 Literotica Reader's Choice Award Nominations, celebrating the amazing work Literotica authors created in 2020!

In this round, you will have the chance to nominate your favorites in eight special categories. At the end of the nomination period, we will close down the nominations and whittle them down to the top five nominees in each category. These will then join the Literotica category nominees in the final voting round (as explained at the end of this message).

Please take the time to make a nomination in each category below. You have until February 28th to make a selection, so you feel free to go back and reread your favorites. Thanks, and have fun!!

Most Helpful Volunteer Editor for authors

Most Influential Writer

Most Influential Poet

Sexiest Female Character in a Story

Sexiest Male Character in a Story

Sexiest Transgender/Non-Cisgendered Character in a Story

Most Literary--Genre Transcending

Most Original Sex Scene

Please note: in all categories, author self-nominations (author nominating their own work or body of work, either via their own account or known aliases - only one vote per person, so if you have multiple pennames only one will count) are allowed, but will be worth one half (0.5) a regular nomination, and will be discarded in the case of a tie vote.


After the nominees for these categories are chosen, they will join a list of nominees in each story category on Literotica. The story nominations in each story category are chosen thusly: we took the top voted story in each category from each month, ending with a total of 12 possible works in each category. (These are being tallied right now, and will be finished in time for the full voting.) From those, we whittle it down to the top five stories with the highest vote score. The category nominees will join the above special categories in the final voting to take place in March.

Nominations in the above special categories will be closed on February 28th. We will tally the results, then post the finalists along with the category nominations for final voting. Good luck, everyone!

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