Greetings readers! This story is fairly short compared to my usual output. It is almost entirely about revenge on a cheating wife and her lover with very little sex. It is, also, a total work of fiction, which means everything is made up! None of this stuff could possibly happen in the real world, so before some of you shit your pants because you find everything farfetched, well that was the idea. There are some pretty gruesome things that occur to the bad guys that many will find distasteful...again that was the idea. Kind of the ultimate revenge! For those of you who decide to read it, I hope you enjoy it. For those of you who read and don't like it, I'm sorry and I don't really care why you don't like it, so keep your comments to yourselves! Thanx Kalavo

Heinous Fuckery Most Foul! (1)

I hadn't paid attention to my birthday in years. I was always just a year older, but nothing else seemed different. I never felt any wiser than I did the previous day. However, my wife liked to make a big deal out of our birthdays, mine and hers. So, in an effort to let my wife have her fun I came home from an assignment two days early on my birthday in an effort to surprise her.

I had been gone for over a week on an assignment to disgrace the opposition leader who was opposed to the regime our country supported. Our team of experts worked in a branch of the CIA whose mission it was to discredit, disgrace or eliminate enemies of ours. We weren't averse to killing people, but we had discovered that results were better if we made our targets look bad in the eyes of their people rather than make a martyr of them by killing them.

We had managed to pull off our last assignment fairly easily in a West African country that was rich in mineral resources important to our nation. Since we finished early, I would be able to be home for my birthday, so instead of alerting my wife Pam, I planned on surprising her by sitting in our living room when she returned home from work.

When I arrived home, not only did I see my wife's car in the driveway, but the car of one of my closest friends there as well. This picture didn't bode well in my mind, so I quietly entered the house, followed the trail of discarded clothes from the living room to our bedroom and found the two of them having quite a romp as I peeked through the slightly opened doorway. Chad Baldwin was standing to the side of the bed fucking my wife doggy style as she screamed out her joy.

She told him how much better he was then I was in the sack and how she wished she could be with him all of the time. I whipped out my phone and took a nice long video of the cheating pair and when I had more than enough, I snuck back downstairs to ponder how I wanted to proceed. My first thought was to just shoot them both, but I decided I didn't deserve to be in prison, so I decided to take my leave and figure out how to proceed. Happy fucking birthday to me!

I left the front door wide open as I left thinking that that might make them wonder if someone else had been in the house. I got a motel room at a nice chain and began thinking about how I wanted to proceed. As I thought about it, I decided that I would make their lives as miserable as possible while I seemingly disappeared from the face of the earth. I was going to need some help formulating and carrying out a plan.

I called members of my team and told them I had a problem and that I required their help ASAP! We all lived in McLean, Virginia, an easy drive to Langley, so getting together wasn't onerous on anyone. I told them to meet me in my motel and arranged for a meeting room.

There are 6 of us altogether in our group, two women and four men including myself. We had been together as a team for 7 years and loved each other to death and would do anything to help each other out. Kind of like old WWII movies, we all had nicknames for each other. Bob Johnson was known as stretch because he was 5'3". Bill Mays was called AH for asshole. Joshua Mason was called Perry for obvious reasons. Alice Krumholz was known as Doc because she had 2 PhD's, one in physics and one in psychology. Lastly, there was Janet Blake whom we called Bubbles because she had really large breasts and like to show them off. Ooh, I forgot myself. My name is Herb Cane and everyone calls me Geezer because I'm a bit older than the rest of them and because I'm the leader of our motley group.

Within 40 minutes all 6 of us were together at my motel. So, I walked everyone to the conference room I had arranged for and we all sat down. Doc said, as we sat down, "You've missed us already despite being home for all of 6 hours?"

Everyone chuckled as I replied, "I wish that was the case. Unfortunately, when I got home I found my wife Pam having sex with someone I considered to be a close friend in our bed. My first thought was to just shoot the two of them and then I settled down. I was hoping that you all would help me to make their lives as miserable as possible."

"Wow, Geezer, that really sucks. You can count me in," said Stretch.

"Yeah, Geez, I think you can count on all of us," said AH. "Just tell us what you want and we'll do it!"

I thanked them all for their support and then said, "I'm not exactly sure what I want to do specifically, I just know I want them to suffer mentally and physically."

Big smiles appeared on their faces as ideas began popping into their evil minds. Years of concocting similar fates for enemies of the US gave them a treasure trove of evil things to do. Finally, Doc asked, "So, is this something you want to do with them separately or in a package deal? Do you want them to live, disappear, be totally traumatized, tortured or all of the above?"

I laughed and said, "I'm open to suggestions. I had thought I could disappear and then haunt them some way over a long period of time, if that helps."

The room was quiet for a while until Perry said, "Since we have a long period of time to carry out what we decide to do, let's do things in phases. For example, I think phase 1 should be something like informing his loving wife that he has disappeared having been kidnapped by some sort of foreign ruffian. One of us could go to Geezer's house and inform the bitch of that fact as government officials. In the meantime, we can clean out the bank accounts of your bitch and her lover, order IRS audits on him, sabotage their cars with flat tires. We can, also, wire your house and the other dudes with cameras and shit, make them look bad at their jobs and other such things."

Bubbles then chimed in, "I think one of the phases, probably a later one should be that both of them get gang raped in each other's presence. Ideally, they both get fucked by the same guys or maybe he gets fucked by a bunch of men and she gets fucked by a bunch of angry dykes armed with monster strap-ons! Also, I think the last phase is selling them as sex slaves somewhere like the middle east."

Everyone stared at Bubbles for several seconds in awe and then we all burst out laughing as we thought that was perfect. After the laughter died down, we all started thinking of other things we could do. Finally, Doc said, "How about we surreptitiously inject the man with that drug that prevents erections and the woman with the drug that makes women super horny? We can also do things to fuck with their heads like move items around in their houses, take items out for a week and then put them back. Anything to fuck with their heads."

Bubbles then asked, "Does your bitch have a vibrator or any other sex toys?"

"Yeah, she has a vibrator for sure and I would guess she has some other things I'm not aware of. Why?"

She smiled and said, "We can cover them with a thin coating of Habanero pepper gel, especially after we give her the horny injection."

Again, everyone laughed. Stretch, who hadn't said a thing so far, said, "I think we have enough to go on right now. So, soon do we start and how long do we make it last. We have to keep in mind that we have to be focused on our jobs too."

We all nodded and then I said, "I agree with Stretch, we do have plenty ideas to go forward. So, phase 1, I think we should install cameras in both of their homes, so Stretch and I will do that. Perry, why don't you deal with bank accounts and what not. Doc, you and Bubbles will play government officials and inform my wife of my kidnapping. After all of these first things are done we will start playing our dirty tricks."

As we broke up our meeting, each of my friends comforted me by telling me how sorry they were that I was going through this. As I sat alone in my room I noticed my initial anger at my wife had calmed down and now I just looked forward to the revenge I was going to reap upon her. I then got on my computer and began looking up everything I could about Chad 'Fucking' Baldwin.

Chad was a VP for a charity funding umbrella group which disbursed funds to various charitable organizations. As I read his bio I could see the possibilities of disgracing him being quite simple. We could manipulate a few things to make it look like dear old Chad was embezzling from the charity and was sending the funds to an off-shore account. Once a tidbit like that came to light, making him disappear would be quite easy by having it look like he and Pam left the US to a non-extraditable country to live their lives on their ill-gotten gains.

Delving in a little deeper, it seemed that Chad had a propensity for chasing and seducing married women. The more I read about the creep the more I wanted to destroy him. I couldn't believe Pam could get sucked into an affair with the guy, but then I surmised that Pam wasn't the woman I thought she was. I had always thought she was an intelligent and self-aware person, but, apparently, I was wrong. I guess she deserved the asshole and the hell that was going to befall her.

After my research on Chad, I turned my attention to ordering all of the cameras and computer equipment we would need. Next, I looked at where Chad lived to see if there would be any complications to gaining entry. It turned out that he lived in a condo, so Stretch and I would dress as maintenance men and would say we were doing smoke alarm tests if necessary.

I also needed to find a permanent residence, get a different car, alter my banking arrangements, change my will and retirement beneficiaries. I was kept pretty busy with all of these chores, so I didn't dwell on Pam at all. I found a nice condo in the area, bought it and within a few days I had set up housekeeping there.

When the cameras arrived, Stretch and I went into action. We decided to wire my old house first and set up cameras in every room covering all angles while Pam was at work. She wouldn't be able to move without it being recorded. Now I'm sure you're thinking that there would be too much data to go through but these cameras only activated with movement and heat sensors. They were very high tech. Once they were installed, we set up a transmission frequency and an antenna in the attic space.

Next, we headed for Chad's condo. It was a nice place and we gained entry quite easily. We decided that we would just make our installation and leave unless someone saw us and then we would do the smoke alarm ruse. Again, we had covered every square inch of the place with camera coverage and managed to leave without anyone seeing us.

When we got back to my condo, I set up the computer and picked up the feed from both places. Everything seemed to be working well. With that part completed, I called Doc and told her that she was good to go with the kidnap story. I thanked Stretch for his help and waited for what would happen when Pam was told of my kidnapping.

Now, as far as Pam knew, I worked for a multinational conglomeration as an auditor and that was why I was away from home as much as I was. When Doc and Bubbles arrived at her door, I was waiting to see what Pam's reaction was going to be. She answered the door when the bell rang and I saw my friends looking in and saying they were with the Department of State and that they had some news about her husband. Pam invited the pair into the house as Doc and Bubbles played their parts perfectly as they told Pam about my abduction by terrorists in Somalia and that the chances of my rescue were slim.

Pam acted as though she was shocked and even shed a tear for me. She asked a few questions which Doc answered and then Doc handed her a card with her cell number on it if she had any other questions that she was free to call. As the two left, Pam stood in the middle of the living room and stared at the card Doc had given to her for a minute or two. For a second, I thought she was actually grieving for me until I saw a huge smile grow across her face. She then took off her wedding ring and engagement ring. She walked into the kitchen and threw the wedding band into the garbage. Next, she headed for our bedroom, placed the engagement ring in her jewelry box, stripped herself naked, rammed a large vibrator up her pussy and called Chad.

Chad wasn't home so I wouldn't be able to observe him during their conversation. However, Pam always spoke on her cell using the speaker option because she didn't like holding the phone to her ear because she thought it would mess up her hair and makeup. So, we were able to hear the conversation.

Pam- Chad darling, I just got the best news! Two women from the State Department came by tonight and informed me that Herb had been kidnapped by terrorists in Somalia! We can be together all of the time now!

Chad- My god that's wonderful. Did they give you any indication about if they could get him back?

Pam- They said the chances of getting him back were slim. I hope they torture him so if he does manage to get back he'll just be a shell of his former self. Anyway, I'm laying here fucking myself with my favorite dildo hoping you'll come over and replace it. Maybe you'd like to come over, tie me up, whip me and then fuck my ass the way you know I like it!"

As she said this last bit she was driving the dildo into her sodden hole harder and harder. I was pretty surprised by her request for BDSM and anal sex. She had never expressed an interest in that stuff with me.

Chad- Oh fuck! I'll be right over! I love you!

Pam- Hurry up and get over here, I can't wait! I love you too!

I sat there in my seat in front of my computer stunned by what I had just heard. At about this time my doorbell rang, so I answered it to find Bubbles standing there. I invited her in as she said, "I trust you saw how it went with your wife. I thought Doc was awesome! I was nearly convinced you had been kidnapped myself." She then chuckled.

"Yeah, you were both great. I was just watching the aftermath of your visit; do you want to see it?"

"Sure, do you have any wine?"

I poured her a glass of wine and poured myself a large whiskey and then ushered her into the spare bedroom where the computer stuff was set up. I pulled her up a seat next to mine and replayed Pam's phone call to Chad.

As Bubbles watched, I could see her getting angrier and angrier. When that part was finished, I cut back to the live feed. We found Pam in the master bath giving herself an enema and then showering. When she had dried off, she returned to the bed, grabbed a bottle of lube and then shoved a big butt plug up her ass. Just as she finished, the doorbell rang, so Pam walked to the front door and answered it while still naked. She stood talking to Chad naked in the doorway for a couple of minutes before asking him in.

Chad chuckled and said, "You love standing there naked, don't you?" Pam nodded. "Well, why don't you stand there for a bit longer."

Pam smiled and said, "Okay, this makes me really hot as you know! Did you realize that the seventh anniversary of the first time you fucked me was the other day? That was the first time anyone fucked my ass and I've been addicted to it ever since!"

I cried out. "FUCK! We've only been married 8 years! That cunt has been cheating on me since the beginning! Revenge is going to be so sweet!"

Bubbles stood up, pulled me to my feet and into a hug. She then said, "Herb, I'm so sorry for what you are going through. We will make these two suffer severely. Now why don't we turn this trash off and enjoy our drinks."

When she broke our hug, I said, "Hey, thanks for that, Janet. I think I want to up our treatment of these two. I'm going to love watching them suffer!"

Bubbles smiled and said, "That's the Geezer I know and love!"

The next day we started making Pam and Chad's lives miserable. AH would slash their tires sidewalls on random weeks. He dumped sugar into gas tanks, stole windshield wipers on rainy days and stuffed his and her mailboxes full of dog shit. Once, while he was forced to use a rental car, the four of us guys totally stripped the car and left it sitting on the ground without wheels.

Perry wasn't idle either. He had canceled Pam's and my credit cards and then moved all of the money from our joint accounts into a new account I opened. When Pam discovered our credit cards had been canceled she opened an account on her own while asking what happened to all of her money. Perry immediately took the maximum cash advance out of her new card and put the money into my account, leaving her with $117 with which to use. When she got her first bill for over $9000 she went berserk on the bank. They showed her a video of herself withdrawing the funds from the banks own ATM.

Perry's treatment of Chad was even more cruel. He did the same thing with Chad's bank accounts and credit cards. Additionally, he managed to steal money over several months from the firm Chad worked for and made it look as though it went to an off shore tax haven. Perry didn't make it easy for auditors to trace the money, so it looked like Chad really did embezzle it. My bank account was growing rapidly!

After 6 months we moved into phase II of our plan. After Chad's rental car was stripped, he moved into my house with Pam. We took a page out of the book from the movie, 'The God's Must be Crazy' and hit the sleeping couple with a small dose of animal tranquilizer. We then gave Pam an injection of a very strong aphrodisiac and Chad an injection of a drug that would render him impotent. As I injected Chad, Doc said, "This is a new drug the lab came up with. They think it will render victims permanently unable to perform." We both laughed!

When the injections were done, we walked through the house and moved pictures and knick-knacks, took away their tube of toothpaste and a fresh bag off ground coffee. Pam would die without her morning coffee fix.

I got a few hours of sleep until my alarm went off at the same time as Pam's. I wanted to see how things were shaking out after our antics of the night before. Chad commented that he had a weird dream about people laughing while looking at them in bed. Pam laughed and said she had the same dream and thought the laugh sounded like my laugh.

Next Pam said, "I feel really horny, why don't you fuck me lover!"

Chad smiled and then the two began making out. After several minutes, Pam said, "Come on baby, fill me with you big cock!" Chad uttered a noise, so Pam asked, "Do you need me to help you?" She kissed her way down Chad's body and took his very flaccid cock into her mouth. Despite 10 minutes of hard sucking, Chad's dick laid limp.

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