Pizza delivery with a twist 15

It's Tuesday and the night of the video viewing party I promised Josh. I have certainly selected my own favorites and lined them up in a video folder. I spent almost an hour downloading the links Josh sent to me and lined them up as well. I organized them as one of his and one of mine. All thirty of them. If they average 3 minutes each, we might be here for a while.

Josh was right on time. I let him in and had him help me set out the snacks and beverages. I also put extra pillows on the couch to make it extra comfy. While we were sitting up the food, I had to let Josh know that others knew what we were doing.

"Listen Josh, the chorus line at the shop know we are here for a purpose. I don't think they know exactly what we are doing, but they know we are doing something. Some even wanted to come over."

"I know. They all tried to get information out of me. You didn't extend any invitations, did you?"

"No. But I won't know what to do if someone shows up at the door. We can't just hide."

"Well, I really want to do this so we can only hope for the best. I thought you were going to wear animal print?"

"I am. Let's go into my room and change. I bought you a few things on Sunday. I hope they fit."

I had him follow him into my room. I motioned for him to strip. Of course, he was wearing his green leotard and pantyhose. OK, I'm going to say it, it is an awful combination. The leotard was under the pantyhose. It was a not a good look.

"Here, get out of those and put these on."

I pointed at the deep nude nylons and matching panties laid out on my bed. He hesitated for a moment until I started to remove my sweat pants. I already had my animal panties on so all I had to do was replace my T shirt with the matching camisole. I should have at least looked for animal print nylons while I was at the department store. Oh well, maybe next time. By this time, he had already put on his new panties.

"Oh yeah, those panties fit you very well. Sit on the bed to put the nylons on. They need a little extra care. That tan V neck over there is for you also. Here, let me help you with the nylons."

They are not the easiest things to put on for the first time. It took a few minutes, but we managed.

"There, look in the mirror. See how much better your legs look when you can't see all that leg hair?"

"I agree. These are great. Thank you."

"Look at you Josh, you have a hard on already?"

"They are my first real panties and they feel so good. Let's go."

We hooked up my laptop to the TV input and settled into the couch. I pulled up the folder and clicked on the first video.

"We'll alternate between your favorites and then my favorites. Make yourself comfortable."

"Hit that play button Brie."

Away we went. WEBM after WEBM. We had a good variety of sissy blow jobs, doggie, cowboy, meme's and on their backs.

"Look at this one Brie. Can you take it like that?"

"I like the down low position and he seems to be very experienced. He must have done this before. I don't know how a rookie could take it so well. Here, do you think you could suck a dick like this next video? The back story was that he got caught in his sister's clothes by her boyfriend and had to pay the price."

"No way that is his first blow job. More like his 10th. Do you think any of the back stories are true?"

"No, it's the internet, but they are fun to read. I like the fantasy of getting caught dressed and made to pay though. Or maybe his sister's boyfriend was drunk and didn't know the difference. This next one doesn't do much for me. He takes it standing up in the bathroom doorway and appears to be crying in pain the whole time. The sex looks good, but look at his face. He's hurting."

"Maybe, or maybe it's for the camera. But, look at his bull. He is pile driving his sissy slut."

"I agree with that. Even if all of these sex acts are staged for the camera, they are all taking it and giving it good. Are you hypnotized yet Josh?"

"Oh yeah. I wish I was that blonde on the bed. That was amazing sex and a great wig."

"Do you want to get caught dressed by your roommate?"

"It wouldn't good as well as these videos. I'd only get fucked because I would need a new place to live."

"Here, I have one more blow job video. Check out this one."

I clicked on the video that Timmy, I mean Tim, took of me deep throating him. Or should I say, the one where he deep throated me.

"Wow, that sissy isn't even sucking him. That's all down the throat action. Hey, wait a minute, that looks like you Brie. The hair is blocking her face, but that looks like your goth wig."

"That's me. I owed Tim a favor and he captured it on his phone. Do you want me to put it on auto play for a few minutes?"

"Yes. I've heard so much from the office grapevine that it would be nice to see some of it for myself."

"Do you want me to rub your boner while you watch Tim ram his fat cock down my throat?"

I didn't wait for an answer. I just reached over and placed my hand on his very erect cock and rubbed it. Josh didn't hesitate to repay the favor. We gently rubbed each other while we watched my video.

"OK, three times is enough. We have more to view. Let's look at these videos next."

I clicked through more of the videos. I don't know if they are really hypnotic, but they do increase the mood. When I looked at Josh's eyes, they were a little glossed over. It might be time to change the subject.

"We shouldn't cum in our new panties. Let's eat something."

Josh agreed. We each made a plate of veggies and cheese and sat back in the couch. That's when the nightmare started and it started with a knock on the door. We looked at each in horror. Neither of us were dressed to answer the door, but one of us had to do it and we were in my house. I peeked out the window and seen Rick's big pick truck.

"OMG Josh. It's Rick. What do I do?"

"Let him in. He knows more than you think."

I was horrified but cautiously opened the door. I used the door as a body shield. Only my head was visible.

"Rick, what are you doing here?"

"Just thought I would stop by and say hello."

"We're not properly dressed. I don't want you to see me this way. Can't you come by another day?"

"Why are you hiding behind the door? May I come in please Brie?"

"Come on in. Josh, Rick is here."

"Your animal print is slutty hot. No wonder everyone at the shop is hard for you."

I let Rick in and closed the door. I was fully exposed to Rick in my panties and camisole. He stood there and looked me up and down. I felt ashamed and tried to cover myself. Rick chuckled and went into the Living Room and plopped down next to Josh.

"I'm sorry Brie. I set this up with Rick a couple of days ago. I have been sucking his dick for 2 weeks."

"Why would you suck him off, not there is anything wrong with that?"

"Because I'm a faggot and because he wants to fuck you. I thought I might save you by keeping his balls drained. It seems like it has worked so far. Give him a twirl. I'm probably going to empty his balls either way tonight."

"Who's hard for me at work?"

"Like you need to ask that question. Now, let Rick check you out Brie."

I was hesitant, but I took a few spins in front of Rick and Josh. I even bent over to provide them with a full view of my tight butt. While I was grabbing my ankles all I could think of was that nothing good was going to come of this. As I stood back up and turned around, I was surprised to see Josh rubbing Rick. Well, maybe not too surprised, but surprised.

Of course, that is when there was another knock on the door. I was beyond my shyness and just opened the door. It was Karen, Todd and Tim. It's a good thing Suzie, Jimmy J and Zack are working tonight or the whole gang would be here.

"Karen what the hell?"

"Relax, we just wanted to join the video viewing party experience. Suzie told me you are the star of one of them. We just want to see it. Nice matching lingerie set by the way."

"Whatever, just come in."

I held the door open and they entered the Living Room. Tim was the last in line and he held us back in the hallway a bit.

"I'm hooked on your sex Brie."

"Easy Tim, a couple of blow jobs isn't enough to hook anyone."

"You might be right. So, I would like to fuck you tonight."

"Tim, I'm not ready for all of this and you are not gay. I get you hard because I appear as a cute girl and I have no issue rubbing your rod. You're not ready for anything else. Plus, I have this whole Zack thing going on."

"Zack? You mean the guy who is sleeping with his ex-girlfriend, some old lady on Oakdale Street, Karen and Suzie?"

"I knew most of that and I know he isn't my boyfriend, but he has been the only one."

It took me a moment to realize that Tim had his hands inside the backside of my panties and was taking his liberties with my cheeks. It took a split second to realize that he was rubbing circles around my rosebud. As good as that felt, I had to break away.

"I need to put my sweat pants back on. There are too many people here for me to be dressed in only panties and a camisole."

I glanced into the Living Room as I darted towards my bedroom. Josh was on the floor on his hands and knees and he appeared to be panting. I didn't get a good look, but Rick and Todd seemed to have a lot more exposed skin than before. Karen was sitting in the chair watching my video and playing with her cell phone.

"Karen, is everything OK in there?"

"Yes, where are you going?"

"To get my sweat pants on."

I entered my room and pushed the door mostly closed. I stood there and took a few deep breaths. To my surprise, Karen pushed the door open and entered. She had Tim in tow. She fully closed the door behind them and threw Tim onto the bed.

"What's going on out there?"

"Josh is taking Rick in his mouth and taking Todd in his ass. He's like a sandwich. I told them to be careful of making a mess on your carpet, so poor little faggot Josh will have to swallow one and hold the other in his back door."

"Is that why the two of you are in here? To give them some privacy?"

"Sure, we can go with that. However, Suzie wants a better video of you sucking Tim's dick. She sent me here record it. Tim, I appreciate your deep throating capabilities, but Suzie wants a little more mouth and cheek action, so keep it up in Brie's mouth this time. You can drop your pants now."

Tim wasted no time in starting that process. I figured I would step it up a bit.

"Tim, get completely naked this time. We're not in the shop's bathroom this time. And if you grab my head remember I'm wearing a wig. Be gentle."

"Are you going to let Tim fuck you Brie?"

"No, not tonight. There is too much going on these days. Best I can do is suck the life out of his boner. Or should I say, the boner I caused. Oh my, Tim, you have a great body. I never seen it before. You definitely need a new wardrobe though. You have a lot to show off. Now lay back on the bed. Karen, are you ready with your phone camera?"

"Recording now. Crawl up between his legs and put his fat cock in your mouth. I see you still have the tube of lube on your dresser."

I ignored her last comment and crawled up the bed between his legs and aimed straight for his very hard dick. It was pointing at the ceiling. I lifted my head over it and lowered down onto it. I completely engulfed his manhood and began sucking him like the pro I have become. It sounded like Tim agreed with me. He had his hands over his face and was making all sorts of odds sounds. It didn't take him too long to start thrusting upward into my mouth. I did my best to maintain maximum suction on his rod while allowing him to fuck my mouth. It was sort of like a two for one deal, for him.

I could see Karen moving around so she could capture the action from different angles. I did my best to keep the sex in full view of the camera while allowing my hair to conceal most of my face.

"Suzie is going to love this video. Be sure I get a good shot of you swallowing his load. Timmy, are you OK?"

"Oh yeah. Brie gives the best blow jobs. But Karen, I want to fuck her."

"I know you do Timmy. Maybe another day. Are you close to unloading?"

"Yes, very close."

"You know that Brie will suck on your limp dick afterwards, right?"

"I wouldn't have it any other way and neither would Brie."

"Massage his balls Brie. Force his juice up."

There was no time for that. Tim's body didn't require any further external help. He became so tense that he sat up on the bed and squirted everything into my mouth. Stream after stream came out of him. It was so much more than the other two times. I didn't exactly look directly into the camera, but rather tilted my head up and swallowed it all at once. It may have been the biggest load of man juice that I ever swallowed.

"Did you get that Karen?"

"Oh, I got it all Brie. Timmy, you were great."

Karen, it's Tim now. I call him Tim after his deep throat session a few days ago."

"OK, Tim, you were great. Nice load dump. Brie, get back down there. I'm going to video record your soft dick fetish also."

"For Suzie?"

"No, sucking soft limp dick fetishes belong on the internet LOL."

True to fetish form, I went down on his spent dick and gently sucked it and true to her words, Karen was recording it. I usually just spend a few moments doing this, but I lingered a little bit this time. And then I got quite a surprise. There was more cum in my mouth.

"Tim, did you just cum again?"

"Yes, I did, but it was because of you. No one else could cause that to happen again so soon."

Karen picked up on my words.

"He came again? It's only been 2 minutes."

"Like Tim said, I'm that good."

Karen crossed her arms and gave us a look.

"Funny. While you two recover I have something to say, but we need to keep to ourselves for a while."

"Tim, lay back and catch your breath. What's up Karen?"

"It's stupid office gossip, but I think Zack's girlfriend is pregnant and I know there is a chance that Zack has gotten Suzie and myself pregnant also."

"What? WTF? What?"

"Well, he doesn't like to pull out and you set both of us up with him when the need for some dick was high."

"What are you girls talking about?"

"Shut up and lay back down Tim. Can you get it back up in 2 minutes more?"

"Give me 4 minutes more."

"OK. Karen, let's go check on Josh."

We cracked open the door and peeked out. Everything seemed to be alright, except there was a position change. Rick had the rear guard and Todd was covering the front opening. Then I realized that Josh was the one who spun around. I was a little nervous that Josh had a huge hard on pointing straight down towards my carpet. Last week I came from being fucked by Zack with no one touching my dick. That could happen to Josh and my carpet was in jeopardy. I looked at Karen. She knew what I was thinking because she was the one who noted that only true sissies do that.

I went to Tim on the bed and whispered "Please fuck Karen with whatever you have left. I'll make it up to you. Take her from the rear standing up over my dresser."

I pushed Karen back towards my dresser and spun her around.

"What are you going to do Brie?"

"I think I need to put Josh's dick in my mouth to protect my carpet. You know that un touched sissy sex thing. Here, you don't need these tights on right now. Get a little more dick, or in other words, fuck Tim for me. Besides, you can't get pregnant when you're already pregnant."

I started pushing her tights down and motioned for Tim to take over. He was already naked and was sporting a fresh hard on. I pointed that out to Karen. She licked her lips and propped herself up on the dresser and spread her legs just the right amount.

They were on their own. I had other business to attend to. I dashed into the Living Room and moved the coffee table. Then I slid under Josh until his hard cock was pointing directly at my mouth. It was moving all around due the front and rear action he was getting from Rick and Todd so I had to grab it and put it in my mouth. I think I surprised Josh, but because most of his body was being used all he could do was to reach around and flick my chest.

"I'm protecting my carpet. Think of me as a cum bucket for the moment if that sounds better. Did you boys already cum once?"

"Yes, then we wiped up and traded places. He is our faggot now."

"Rick, is Josh so tight?"

"So tight Brie, so very tight. Will you please drop your panties? Let me see why everyone wants to see you naked."

"I'm a little busy down here trying to control his wagging cock. Plus, these panties don't hide much anyway."

The next thing I knew there were a pair of hands ripping at my protective panties. It was Karen. I guess she got what she could get because she was fully dressed and at my ankles pulling my panties down. And they were off before I knew it. Rick started howling and ranting and increased his thrusting into Josh's ass. I guess we made his day. All I could do was to return my attention to Josh's dick, you know, to protect my carpet. Then I could tell that Rick was tensing up and grunting. It appeared that he pulled out and unloaded on Josh's butt cheeks. Rick fell back on the floor and was out of the game. I reached up and rubbed Rick's cum all over Josh's skin. The thinner the spread, the quicker it dries. I did the best I could from my position.

I heard Todd gasping for breath and figured he was close. It turns out that he was finished. One grunt and one stream and he was out of the game. To my amazement, Josh still had not cum, but I still had his cock in my mouth. That's when Todd picked Josh up into a standing position. Again, to my amazement, Todd was on his knees and going down on Josh like he knew what he was doing.

I was just laying on my back watching Todd work on Josh when I felt a very warm sensation on my hard dick. I looked down my body and seen Karen hovering over my crotch. She looked at me threw her hair and smiled. We were behind Todd, so he may not have even known that his girlfriend was sucking my boner. It didn't matter who knew what at this point and it didn't matter that Josh and I came about the same time. Both of our tenders swallowed the prize.

Now, except for Karen, there were naked bodies all over the Living Room and one naked body on my bed. Karen crawled up towards my ear and whispered her gratitude.

"Thanks. That's twice I needed some and twice you came through for me. You're the best sissy ever. And Tim, well, Tim is good. I guess you could say that he took me in your precious doggie position. I left my panties on your dresser."

All I could do was to respond by stroking her arm with my hand.

"OK everybody, it's time to go, get dressed and move. All of our missions have been completed here."

Everyone began getting up and getting dressed. Slowly, but surely. While they were in zombie mode I headed into the bedroom and slid up next to Tim. He was in total guy mode and barely turned his head towards me.

"Thanks for whatever happened between you and Karen."

"My pleasure, but you can't get mad or hold it against me in the future."

"Do you want to spend the night?"

"Yes, give me 7 minutes more please."

End Pizza delivery with a twist 15

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