The Husband's Hideaway: Rita, The Bunyip

"How about we take things back to my room?" You ask with a suave smile.
You happily accept and allow her to pull you up. The pair of you walk hand in hand out of the park and back to the brothel.
Once there, Rita takes you upstairs to your room. The pair of you are making out heavily before the door is even closed, and soon enough, you've rolled onto the bed.
You and Rita find yourselves both resting on your sides, staring into each other's eyes. The eyes of a bunyip are always intense, and you can feel it.
"Bunyips don't enter heat until the winter, so your little breeding season excuse is out the window." You say with a smile, still staring into her eyes. "You've wanted this for a while, haven't you?"
"I have." Rita admits with a smile.

"Why didn't you make your move sooner?" You ask, genuinely curious as to why she held back.
"I had to wait and see if you were really my type. I caught feelings at the end of my heat. I needed to know I was working a crush that wasn't just hormonal lust." She explains.
"And now you have a crush that inspires hormonal lust, is that it?" You ask with a chuckle.
"You're so much more than just some human. You're kind, you're funny, you're smart... and you fuck like a god. I can hardly think of a better person to love." Rita says, leaning in to kiss you on the lips.
"You don't know me that well, though." You point out.
"I know enough."
"Fair enough..." You reply, kissing her back.

As your lips make contact, Rita wraps her arms across your back and pulls you against her in a tight hug. Rita's body is soft and plushy to the touch, like laying against a cloud or hugging a pillow. Her fur is so thick and soft it almost feels like you're embracing a stuffed animal.
You run your hands along her back, feeling the fur as it slides against your palms. You gently cup her plush ass through her skirt, squeezing it in your hands as Rita lets out a pleasured moan.
You slide your hand up from her ass to her lower back, then up to her shoulder, then up to her neck before leaning in to kiss her neck.
It's a strange experience, and you have to bury your face in what feels like four layers of fur before you finally reach her skin underneath. When you finally do manage to plant a kiss on her neck's skin, you're rewarded with a gasp of pleasure from Rita. The skin under her layers of fluff is incredibly sensitive.

"G-god... you're good at this..." Rita moans, as you continue to lavish attention on her neck.
After a few more light kisses you pull yourself off Rita, holding her a short distance.
"You're so damn cute..." You say, staring at Rita as she stares at you. "Why don't we get these clothes off?" You ask.
"I thought you'd never ask." Rita says with a smile, as she begins to pull her clothing off.
Rita quickly pulls off her blouse and skirt, but you decide to have a bit of fun peeling your clothes off.
You look up to find Rita completely naked and staring at you with lusty hunger.
You stare back with a smirk as your slowly remove your shirt, button by button. Rita's eyes widen as your muscles are slowly exposed to the cool air of the room. Her jaw drops further and further as your entire upper body is exposed, her eyes darting across your lean muscles and soft skin. Rita looks like she's drooling as her gaze slowly moves down from your chest to your stomach and waist, her eyes widening as she takes in the sight of your pants tented by an obvious erection inside them.

"Oh... my..." Rita says, as you slowly undo your belt.
You slowly remove your belt, watching Rita's gaze follow the movement. You slowly undo your fly and pull down your zipper, watching as her eyes widen even further as your straining underwear are revealed.
Rita's intensely fixated on your dick outline at this point, transfixed by the promise of what lies underneath the final layer of fabric.
You smirk as you pull off your pants and kick them away.
You look at Rita with a playful glimmer in your eye, before speaking up in a sultry voice. "Would you like to do the honors?"
"I'd love to." Rita says, her voice filled with lust.
Rita slithers across the bed just a bit, bringing the tip of her long and muscular tail around so that it's right against your waist.

Like a nimble finger, the tip of her tail hooks on the inside of your waistband and slides your underwear right off, finally allowing your dick to spring free.
"Wow..." Rita says. "You're really... big."
"So I've been told." You say.
Rita's eyes are intense, staring at your dick in awe. It's not that much bigger than the average human's cock, but she seems impressed nonetheless.
"Oh, I can't wait any longer!" Rita says, slithering forward and wrapping her mouth around your tip.
"Woah!" You cry out as Rita sets upon the tip of your dick with her mouth.

Rita's surprisingly skilled, she expertly works her tongue around your head and uses her lips to tightly massage it. She slowly moves forward, allowing more of your length into her mouth and down her throat.
She greedily takes in every inch of your dick, sucking on it as if her life depended on it. You groan in pleasure as she moves up and down along your shaft.
Rita gently lies on top of your legs, resting her arms on your pelvis and her hands on your groin to support her sucking. It's obvious, however, that her lamia-like instincts are starting to kick in. You can see her lower half writhing about as she continues to greedily service your cock, dying to wrap around your body. Her tongue is flickering out of her mouth, tickling your dick and sending ripples of pleasure through your body.
"Rita... you don't have to..." You say, realizing she's trying her best to pleasure you as much as possible.
"Shut up, I'm doing this for me." Rita says, not missing a beat in her sucking.

You sigh, realizing that she's put in a lot of effort and you'd be a dick to just stop her now. Besides, you're getting pretty damn hot so why bother stopping? You decide the best you can do is try and make Rita feel even better as she's sucking on you. You take a moment to consider your options, before your gaze fixes upon her fluffy ears.
The mane of a bunyip is crowned by a pair of large and fluffy ears, made of the same plushy fur that covers the rest of their bodies. You don't know everything about bunyips, but you're willing to bet her ears are nice and sensitive.

Rita closes her eyes to enjoy the sensations of your cock in her mouth as she continues her ravenous sucking. You see your chance and take it, extending your arms and taking each of her ears between a thumb and a forefinger. Just as quickly as you set upon them, you start the gently rub her ears, savoring the sensation of her soft and plushy fur between your knuckles.
Rita's reaction is instantaneous. She releases a muffled moan, shuddering as she sucks with more ferocity than before. You grin as you start to massage her ears and she continues to suck, the wet sound of her lips sliding along your dick filling the room.
You continue to massage her ears as she sucks, the soft fur of her ears sopping up your sweat as you begin to pant.

"F-fuck... Rita... You're so good at that..." You say between heavy breaths.
Rita moans in response, sending vibrations through your dick. You groan as you start to cum, and Rita pulls her head back so that she can look into your eyes with a hungry stare.
"Cum, baby." She says, as she starts to stroke your cock faster than ever.
You shudder as you release a long stream of cum, which Rita eagerly accepts with open mouth, swallowing your seed as more and more of it coats her tongue.
"Oh god... that's intense." You say.
Rita smiles as she closes her mouth and swallows your load, licking her lips as she does so.
"You taste delicious, honey." She says.
"Mmm... glad to hear it." You purr as you work your fingers across her ears again.
Rita shudders as she closes her eyes and lets out a long, pleasured sigh.
"I want more of that." She says.
You chuckle as you continue to rub her ears.
"You really like my ears, don't you?" Rita asks.
"I like all of you." You say.

Rita smiles as she leans forward and kisses you on the lips, her tongue entering your mouth and wrestling with your own.
French kissing against someone with a snake-like tongue is always intense, and Rita is no exception. Her lengthy forked tongue slips past your lips with grace and speed as she explores your mouth.
As the two of you make out, she begins to slowly move her body forward, sliding up your torso and stomach. She continues to kiss you as she moves upward, her lips not leaving yours as her breasts press against your chest.
Rita's breasts are large and soft, like that of a busty human woman. They squish slightly as she moves them against you, her nipples rubbing against your chest.
You moan into her mouth as she moves up further, her lips still locked against yours. Her body presses against yours as her tongue dances inside your mouth, and you shudder as you feel the tip of her warm, soft forked tongue rub against your own.
Rita's hands move to your shoulders as she pushes herself up further, the intensity of her kiss only heightening as her tongue starts to explore the back of your mouth.

Deciding to make a move of your own, you wrap your arms around Rita so that your hands are resting on her shoulder blades in a cross-armed embrace. Once you've got her held like that, you pull her body against yours to deepen the embrace.
As you do this, Rita lets out a cute yelp into your mouth as her breasts and groin press against yours. You shudder once again as you feel the warmth of her body against you. She breaks the kiss as she lets out a pant, a warm breath blowing against your face as her lips part.
"Oh honey... you're so damn good at this..." She says, her voice filled with lust.
"I'm not done yet." You say, giving her a cheeky grin.
You take her hands in yours and move them from your shoulders to behind your head as you lean in and kiss her on the lips once more. As you do this, you feel her hands move around your head as she holds the back of your head to deepen the kiss. You feel her warm breath against your face as the two of you start to rub your faces together with a soft squishing sound.
The two of you move your faces back and forth against one another as the intensity of the kiss continues to escalate. You feel Rita's hands start to slide down the back of your head and neck, her fingers curling around the base of your skull.
Rita presses her body forward, her hands pulling your head closer to hers as the tips of your noses touch one another. Your lips part as she moves in closer, rubbing against one another as you both let out a shudder.

"I need you... I need you so fucking bad right now..." Rita says, her voice filled with raw lust as she looks deep into your eyes.
"Then take me." You say, your own voice filled with desire.
Rita pauses for a moment, looking down at the bed.
"Right here? You'd let me do that to you right here?" She asks.
You look at the bed, then nod slowly.
"Right here. Right now. Any way you want."
Rita looks at you with a predatory gaze as she bites down on her lower lip. You can see the desire in her eyes, the raw lust that she wants to unleash upon you.
"Good." She says.

Without another word, she pulls you back into another deep kiss with strength you didn't know she had. Your lips mash together as she runs her hands along your back. You can feel her slightly tracing her nails along your skin as she rubs her hands up and down your back, aching with primal desire in a way that permeates her entire body.
You run your hands along her back, feeling the soft plush of fur that covers her. Her body is warm and inviting, and you feel yourself getting lost in her embrace as you continue to kiss.
Rita moves her hands from your back up to your shoulders, bracing you against her body with her arms so she can pull you deeper into her kiss. You feel her forked tongue pressing against your lips, desperately seeking shelter inside the warm depths of your mouth. You open your mouth and allow her tongue entry as she gently strokes it against your own.
You feel a shudder run through Rita's body as she releases her grip on your shoulders and instead wraps her arms around your neck, pulling you closer into her embrace. Her hands are now resting on the back of your head, and she uses them to push you deeper into the kiss. You feel your face flush as the two of you continue to make out with an intense ferocity.
As her tongue works inside your mouth with renewed vigor, Rita starts to press her whole body against you. Her soft fur feels blissful as it rubs against your torso. All you can focus on are the sensations of her soft body and beautiful eyes as Rita keeps your head firmly in place with her hands, exploring the inside of your mouth with her agile and lengthy tongue.
You feel a pang of arousal as Rita's hands continue to run along the back of your head and neck. Her hands then slowly move down your body, tracing your muscles as they go. The hands travel all the way down your chest and stomach until they reach your crotch. You feel her rub against your most sensitive area as she gently runs her hands along your genitals.

Rita finally breaks the kiss, giving you a chance to catch your breath.
"Haaahh... Oh my god..." You pant as you breathe for air. "You are way too good at that..."
Rita giggles as she looks into your eyes. "I could say the same for you..." She smiles as she strokes your cheek with her hand.
You reach your hand up to meet hers, gently placing it on top. You gaze into her eyes with a smile that radiates the same kind of protective warmth you feel inside her arms.
"You're too kind." You say in a soft voice.
Rita seems to sit in a daze for a moment, before her expression softens and she lets out a sigh. "That smile... that voice... God, I just can't handle it anymore..."
Rita's breathing becomes even heavier as the way she looks at you melts into something equal parts passionate and supremely lusty.
Before you can even voice your mild confusion, you feel her muscular tail start to wrap itself around your legs.

The bunyip pulls you in closer as she starts to kiss you once again. The kisses start off gently, but soon become more passionate and forceful.
As Rita continues to kiss you, her tail moves up your legs and eventually reaches your groin. You feel her tail brush against your dick gently, moving back and forth with a slow rhythm. The pleasurable sensation is a little unusual but by no means unpleasant.
"Ah..." You moan into Rita's mouth as she continues to kiss you.
You reach your hands up to caress Rita's back, then moving them around her body and onto her chest. You then start to gently grope at her breasts, fondling them with a light touch.
"Mmmm... Not too hard... Or too soft..." Rita says in between breaths. "You're doing great so far..."
With a little smile, you move your thumbs across her nipples and start to rub in light circles. Rita's expression relaxes as she closes her eyes, seemingly enjoying your stimulation.
Rita then moves her right hand down to your genitals and starts to stroke your cock gently. You let out a deep sigh as Rita continues to fondle your genitals with her left hand, while her right hand moves up from your genitals and starts to caress your chest.
"How does that feel?" Rita asks softly.
"It feels amazing..." You say with bated breath.
"I'm glad..."
Rita smiles and continues to caress your genitals with her left hand, while using her right hand to stroke your chest. You close your eyes and focus on the sensations.

You feel Rita's hand leave your dick, and you open your eyes to see what she's doing. Her entire lower half is now winding around your body quite rapidly, with Rita's torso adjusted so that she'll be pressed right against you.
"I want to feel your body against mine." Rita says, her voice full of lust and desire.
Rita continues to move around you, winding her lower body around yours. She lifts up her upper body and moves it over yours, laying it on your chest and against your shoulders. You're now sandwiched between Rita's massive snake lower body and her soft, cushiony upper body.
"Ah..." You moan as you feel Rita's massive breasts rub up against your chest. "You're so... soft..."
Rita smiles as she moves her hands to your shoulders and holds them down against the bed. You look up at her, and she stares back down at you.
"Now..." Rita says, a playful yet sexy grin on her face. "You're mine."

Rita's tongue slips out of her mouth as she moves it towards your face. She licks your lips, then quickly darts it into your mouth.
You squirm with a little bit of surprise, but quickly embrace the sensation with passion. You open your mouth wider and allow Rita's long, slimy tongue to enter your mouth. You taste a strange, bitter flavor, but it's not entirely unenjoyable.
Rita moves her tongue in and out of your mouth, and she draws her face down to be closer to yours. The taste of her tongue is quite strong, but as the sensation takes over you find yourself less bothered by it. You begin to move your own tongue around Rita's mouth, exploring every inch as if it were your last.
"Mmmm..." Rita moans, as she moves her tongue around your mouth.
Rita's tongue pushes in and out of your mouth at a rapid pace, as you begin to feel the strange sensation take over your body. Your hands move up to touch Rita's soft, squishy body, and you grope and grab at her massive breasts. You squeeze them, rub them and fondle them as Rita continues to kiss you.

"Ah... You're quite good at this." Rita says, breaking the kiss for a moment.
Rita's tongue snakes out of your mouth and slides along your cheek and towards your ear. She begins to gently lick around your ear, moving her long slippery tongue all around it and into the inside of your ear. The sensation is unlike anything you've ever felt before, and it sends a shiver up your spine.
"You're... pretty good at this yourself..." You manage to sputter.
Rita's tongue retreats from your ear, and she stares at you with a look of desperate desire.
"What's that bitter taste in my mouth?" You ask, slightly woozy. "I feel... different."
"It's the taste of my pheromones. Bunyips don't have fangs like lamias do, so when we hit peak arousal, our saliva changes..."
"What does it do?"
"Good things. Now drink."
Before you can ask any more questions, Rita moves her tongue back into your mouth. Her lips press against yours shortly after, and when she opens your mouth with the parting of your paired lips, a wash of her saliva enters your mouth. It's no longer bitter, but sweet, like vanilla. The taste is intoxicating, almost addictive. You feel yourself growing more sensitive, your entire body attuning to the way Rita holds you, caresses you, the way her fur rubs against your skin as the coils of her lower body keep the two of you pressed against each other.
Rita's tongue retreats from your mouth, and she looks at you with a passionate expression.
"I can feel my instincts starting to boil over..." She says, starting to pant.
"I'm here for you. Let it all out." You say weakly, the effect of Rita's pheromones beginning to make you woozy.
"You're so warm... And so big..."

Rita loosens the grip of her tail to slide down your body, and in one swift motion, she takes your entire length into her mouth. She begins to suck eagerly, her saliva dripping down in an unending stream. You feel the tightness of her throat as she moves her head back and forth, the pleasure she's giving you evident by how she's trying not to moan but failing. Your hands run through her thick, soft fur as the two of you continue.
You feel a tingling in your head, and you try to fight back, but the pheromones are making it hard for you to think. All you can do is lay there and take it as Rita sucks on your cock. You feel her begin to tighten around you as her arousal reaches its peak, but it's at that very moment she pulls her mouth off of you. Your dick is still ragingly hard, now drenched in an impressive amount of her viscous saliva.
You offer up a small moan of protest to the interruption, which is quickly silenced by Rita sliding back up your body and gently resting a finger on your lips.
"Shhhh... It's all going to be better in a moment..." She says in honeyed voice as she takes your head in her hands and draws you in for another kiss.
The two of you share a deep kiss as Rita begins to position herself over your cock, and as her coils begin to bring your bodies together once more, you can feel yourself slowly entering her. With how unbearably aroused she is, combined with the fact that your entire dick is drenched in a thick layer of her pheromonal saliva, you glide into her effortlessly. She sinks down on you inch by inch as you feel her pressing against you tighter, moaning into your mouth.
Rita's practically digging her claws into you with pleasure, spasming her grip on your back as she takes you to the base. The two of you pause for a moment, both of you just reveling in the sensation of finally being one.
"Oh yes... This is what I've wanted." Rita moans as she begins to rock her body back and forth very slowly, not wanting this feeling to end.
You're about to start thrusting, but Rita pulls her coils tighter and stops you.
"No, no. Let me enjoy this." She says.

You give her a small nod of acknowledgement, which she takes as your signal to bring your bodies even closer together in her grip. You feel your bodies meld together as Rita begins to rock back and forth faster, both of you moaning in pleasure. You reach your hands up to her shoulders and dig your fingers into her, causing her to moan even louder.
Being this absorbed in Rita's body is an experience in itself. Her fur, thick and soft, runs along her entire body, even across her tail. So being wrapped up and pressed against her is like being drowned in an impossibly soft blanket of hot and lusty pleasure. In places where her fur runs thin, Rita's dark skin slides against yours, pulsing with her life and heat.
The two of you are close enough to each other, inside and out, to feel every little detail of your bodies. Heavy breathing and heartbeats mix together with the rich noises of your passionate embrace to create a sound that unifies you completely. The lines between partners dissolve in a space so near to the soul, leaving nothing behind but the sensations of absolute carnal pleasure.
Rita's pheromones, which you are still completely immersed in, affect you to such a degree that you never want this feeling to end. You feel like you're in a trance, as if your entire body has been numbed to the world outside of this room. You feel a fresh wave of bliss wash over your body as Rita begins to move up and down against your skin, sliding you in and out of her as she sucks on your neck.

As you move in and out of her, you can feel every fold and ripple of her tight, slick tunnel. You can feel every little movement of her muscles as they grip you tightly, massaging you as you move in and out of her. Rita squeezes her tail around the both of you, adding an extra layer of cushioning and stimulation as it sways back and forth with the motion of your bodies.
You can't tell where your body ends and Rita's begins. You're so tightly pressed together that your senses have completely mixed together, becoming one being.
You can feel the warmth of Rita's mouth as it moves up and down your neck, and inside her you can feel the same sensation on your member. The soft, slick walls of her vagina massage you in a way that no human woman could ever hope to achieve, even with magic or drugs. You can feel the bumps and ridges inside her as you slide in and out, and every inch of your skin feels like its burning as you sweat with the effort of your continued motion.
You can't even hear your own voice, drowned out completely by Rita's screams of passion.
Your heart pounds in your chest, and the world seems to stand still as you release into Rita. Your body convulses under the power of your orgasm, but you can't stop yourself. You continue thrusting into Rita as you release, and she continues to moan in your ear.
The convulsions of your heart cause your body to convulse, but Rita continues to push you onward. You can't stop yourself. You continue thrusting into Rita as your orgasm begins to subside, and finally comes to a rest. You're completely spent, but Rita isn't done with you yet.

Rita takes your head in her hands and locks you into another deep kiss. Her saliva is even more abundant than it was earlier, flooding into your mouth as she invades it with her tongue. The flavor is mind-numbingly good, like your first drink of water after days in the desert. You can feel it filling you up, hitting your stomach and flowing through your veins like a drug.
You feel your body responding, your member growing hard once more despite your previous climax.
Rita breaks the kiss and looks deeply into your eyes, her face only inches away from yours.
"Thank you," she says sincerely.
The best you can offer in response is a weak, but loving smile.
Rita smiles in return, and the two of you share one more kiss before she draws you back inside of her. The pleasure is even more intense this time, and your head practically melts into Rita's hands as you totally submit to the feeling of her.
"That's it... Just let go... You're perfect right where you are..." Rita coos in your ear. "Right against me... Right inside me... It's just where you belong..."
You can't say anything. You can't do anything. You're just letting Rita do everything, and the pleasure is so intense that you don't care.
"That's it... It's OK... Just let go... Let go of everything... Just stay with me..."
Rita's whispers become inaudible as the pleasure takes you, and you feel yourself coming again. Rita screams in ecstasy, and you feel her coils crush your bodies together in mutual orgasm.
Rita runs her hands along the sides of your head as she gasps and pants, still riding out her climax.
"It feels so good! It feels so good!" She repeats over and over, grinding against your body.
The two of you remain locked together as your orgasms finally begin to subside.

Rita releases your head and wraps her arms around you, pulling you into an embrace as the two of you roll onto your side. You feel her lips on the side of your face, kissing you softly, and her hand gently stroking your head.
"You're so perfect..." Rita whispers. "So perfect for me..."
You feel the two of you sticking together with sweat and other things, but you don't really care. The only feeling that stands out is the spot on your neck Rita managed to coat with her pheromone-rich saliva, which has begun to pulse and throb with need. The smell of vanilla invades your nostrils, and Rita seems to notice it too. Her eyes turn to the spot on the right of your neck, and a loving smile appears on her lips.
"Mmmm... Looks like I made a little sore spot. Don't worry honey, I'll make it all better..." Rita says in a sultry voice.
Still gently stroking your head with her hands, Rita tilts her own head so that her mouth is just inches from the spot on your neck. Her long tongue uncurls from her mouth, and Rita flicks it against the spot ever so slightly.

The sensation is blisteringly pleasurable. So much so that you manage to find the strength to gasp, just out of sheer shock. The spot on your neck is somehow even more sensitive than your dick, which is now rapidly re-hardening inside Rita's depths.
Rita giggles. "Well, it seems your little boo-boo is sensitive. That's a good thing, honey. It means you're enjoying this."
She licks the spot on your neck again, and you shudder in ecstasy.
"I think... I'll just lick this sweet little spot of yours for a bit... Since you seem to like it..."
Rita begins to focus on the spot on your neck with her tongue, licking it repeatedly, and you moan in ecstasy. Every single time her wet muscle touches your skin, your body seizes up in a mixture of pain and pleasure so intense that you can do nothing but writhe and moan.
You never knew there was such a potent combination of sensations, but Rita is proving to you that it exists.
"Haaah... That's it... Squirm and quiver, my love... Just let it happen..." Rita whispers between licks.
You feel Rita's start to gyrate her hips again, working your re-erect cock inside her once again.
"I want you... To let it out..." Rita says. "I want you... To let out every single... Last drop... Cum inside me..."
Rita begins to lick the side of your neck more intensely, lightly suckling on it in between broad strokes with her tongue.

"Do it... Just let go... I want you to..."
You feel your abs begin to tense, and your breathing becomes more ragged.
"Cum... Cum... Cum..." Rita moans.
Your body seizes up as you release a torrent of semen deep inside Rita's womb.
"... Cum for me..." Rita whispers with her lips against your neck.
Rita's walls contract around you in a rhythmic motion, sucking every single drop of semen out of your cock as her own orgasm overtakes her.
"Ah... Ah! Aaahhh!" Rita moans.
Your body starts to go slack once again as Rita's climax continues to rise.
"I need it! I need more! Give me more!" Rita howls.
You don't even know how to communicate to her that it's impossible for you to summon another load, but she immediately proves you wrong when she presses her mouth against the spot on your neck and begins to suck greedily.
Your entire being is instantly consumed in a violent tidal wave of ecstasy, and you feel your loins suddenly roar back to life.

"Please! Again! Give me more of your cum!" Rita moans, still deep in the throes of her orgasm.
Your body completely gives in to Rita's demands, and you release a second load into her womb.
"Yes! Deeper! Give me all of it! Pour yourself into me!" Rita shouts in between her moaning and panting.
Rita continues to suck on the spot on your neck as she orgasms once again, and you can feel every single muscle in your body contract and then release, over and over again, as you release a third load into Rita's womb.
"Yes! Give it to me! I need it!" Rita says, her voice now sounding desperate.
You feel your body begin to go entirely limp, and you're barely conscious enough to even realize what's happening.
"I need... I need..." Rita groans, as her climax begins to wind down.
Rita continues to gently lick and suck on the side of your neck as she attempts to wring one last load out of you.
It works, and you can feel the thobbing in your neck finally die down, at the cost of it exploding across the rest of your body in one last eruption of mind-melting pleasure.
"Ah... Ah... Ahhh!" Rita's moans return a feverish pitch as she feels your final load exploding inside her.
Rita licks the side of your neck clean and then collapses on top of you.
"So... Tired..." Rita pants, her breathing slowly returning to normal.

You let out one last weak groan, before passing out completely.

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