We were in our shared condo and a super cute guy was passed out on our couch. He's about 6 feet tall, maybe 170 pounds, with a muscular body, and a full head of dark brown hair; thick and lush. His hair line is strong which led us girls to believe his penis had to be thick. His name is Bradley and we know his girlfriend Lisa, but we don't give her the time of day, so it was certainly interesting to see Bradley show up at our party alone.

He had been drinking all night and was in a deep sleep on our leather couch. He was the only guy left after a small class party we had hosted. And I should tell you falling asleep drunk around my three pretty and bitchy housemates is not a very wise thing to do; especially someone as gorgeous as him. I could see my dolled-up housemates Melissa, Stephanie and Margot checking him out. Everyone else had already left and I could easily imagine what was on the privileged and deviant minds of my sexy friends.

"I can't see how it's not possible to rape a man?" asked my bitchy friend and housemate Melissa, a 5'3" blonde goddess with perfectly shaped legs.

"Cuz you know like they say you can't rape the willing," answered my other rich bitchy housemate Margot crossing her legs in white hot pants and matching white go-go boots. Her B 34's sitting snugly in a cropped white cotton shirt. Margot is another hot blonde goddess and she knows it.

We were all sitting around our kitchen table smoking, drinking wine and recapping the party.

"Yeah, but my ex-boyfriend always woke up with a hard on, and I've read when a guy has a dream, he always has an erection," counter pointed Melissa. "So, like hey girls, what was to stop me from fucking him in his sleep?!!"

"But isn't that rape?" questioned my third richly entitled and bitch of a housemate Stephanie. She was wearing a tight red mini skirt and an expensive black halter top. Stephanie is a curvy brunette goddess about 5'2" and like the rest of us no more than 115 pounds.

"Well, it's not rape with my boyfriend," smiled a scheming Melissa, "but I'm just saying, theoretically or technically, it's like, very possible to rape a guy if he can get an erection in his sleep."

"I once had a boyfriend and he was pissed drunk," smiled Stephanie with her big lips that are a real turn on, "he was passed out with a thick hard cock, so I went down on him."

"Did you get him off?" asked Margot.

"Duh of course I did you little sexy bitch."

"He cummed while passed out?" I asked

"No, no, he woke up and then I got him off."

"Okay that's different," smiled Melissa. "Now suppose you get him off while he's passed out, is that rape?"

"Not if he's my boyfriend" smiled Stephanie, "but I don't know if he could technically get off unconscious?"

"And a duh right back at you Stephanie, of course he can blow a load in his sleep," smiled Margot holding her wine glass close to her full lips, "it's called wet dreams darling!"

"Let's suppose it's some random guy at a party," Melissa looked toward our sleeping friend Bradley, "he's passed out and I suck him off, blow his jizz down my throat?"

"Fuck girl," laughed Stephanie flicking back her long wavy brown hair, "that's rape, he never said yes."

"But he never said no either."

"He had no chance to say no," I said trying to get a grip on our conversation. "Why are we talking about this?"

"I was just thinking we should mess around with cute boy over there," smirked Melissa with all her blonde hair tossed messily on top of her roundish, pretty, yet often cunty face, "I snuck Viagra in his drink earlier, I'm curious if we can get him off passed out."

"What?" I asked with a startled voice. I couldn't believe she had drugged him with Viagra.

The other girls laughed as if they already knew he had been drugged. A condescending Margot poured more wine around the table. While pouring she asked with her big pouty lips and a serious looking face, "should we strip him naked?"

"It wouldn't hurt to start," smiled Melissa with her full C breasts showing in a black spaghetti strap baby doll dress, "and see what we're dealing with!"

All the girls started gawking toward the couch with twisted perverted eyes. Our condo is an open concept with the kitchen and living room in one large space. Bradley was certainly out for the night and oh my goodness he looked so gorgeous and sweet. His lush hair and dark complexion made me wish he was only mine for the night. And quite honestly, I was feeling a touch apprehensive for what might happen to him passed out on our couch. My rich friends are not exactly merciful.

I should also tell you; on campus and on social media my roommates look like the stereotypical rich brats. Entitled, wealthy, privileged College girls. We share a nice large condo and split the expensive rent four ways. We're all enrolled at a prestigious Business school with ambitious and driven goals to work in our respective family businesses or start out on our own. Which is my case, I want to make a name separate from my family's household name that I better not mention for fear of losing my weekly allowance from Mom and Dad. Every home in America needs the product my family manufactures.

So, what I'm saying is my roommates and I all grew up spoiled little Daddy's girls. However, I tend to think I'm not as malicious as my sybaritic roommates. The three of them are often rude with other girls that are not as well off financially or as beautiful as we are. Melissa, Margot and Stephanie see men as a business decision or as a disposable sex slave which was not good for helpless Bradley passed out on our leather couch. And although my bi-curious roommates each work hard at their studies they like to party for a reward. Often that reward is a wild night of twosomes, threesomes, foursomes amongst whoever is home in our condo. Thanks to good genetics, healthy food and rich upbringings all four of us boast glowing skin that can only come from sunshine, exercise and eating the right foods.

"How about somebody goes over and undoes his zipper, get a peek at what we're dealing with," suggested our de facto tribe leader Melissa.

'You don't have to tell me twice," smiled Stephanie. She took a sip of white wine and finished one last drag of a black Russian cigarette. We all watched her walk with a mock sexy two-step in black high heels over to the couch, bend down in a tight red miniskirt, lift Bradley's arm and we could all see it drop immediately. The poor sexy guy was out cold. Then Stephanie reached down, unbuttoned his corduroy trousers with a serious look, unzipped the fly with a snicker. We could see her teasingly open his silk looking boxers, reach in and pull out his long somewhat thick cock. He wasn't hard, but he certainly wasn't flaccid. The sight of his penis floored me with erotic thoughts!

"Guess his girlfriend's not getting lucky tonight," smiled Stephanie holding his cock in her hand.

"I say let's give the Boy toy a toast," laughed Margot with her wine glass in the air.

"I toast we get him worked up in a dream and have our way with him," taunted Melissa, "see how far we can go with a sleeping erection."

"I toast that if a hunk like this wants to pass out in our condo, what does he really expect to happen?" laughed Stephanie stroking his large penis in her hand.

"His girlfriend is a dumb business bimbo anyways," laughed Melissa, "fuck her."

The girls congregated around Bradley and he was certainly out for the count. Melissa and Margot undone his fancy button up shirt and we could see his lean muscular chest and super tight stomach. Melissa started rubbing his nipples and although I was uneasy, my gawd I felt my pussy getting extremely wet. Stephanie rubbed his penis and it looked to be hardening while he was deep asleep on his back.

"You just have to work the blood flow and Mr. Viagra will do the rest," smiled Melissa as she reached down and began rubbing his balls. "You know what, he could use a shave, I'll be right back."

Melissa got up and her black baby doll dress seemed as though it barely covered her bubble ass. She looked like a blonde bombshell in overpriced matching pumps.

A part of me wanted Bradley to wake up and end this embarrassment before it went any further. My drunken friends were getting heavily worked up playing with his penis watching it harden.

Next Stephanie and Margot slowly pulled and wrestled his corduroy pants down. They got to his ankles and ripped them off completely.

Next came down his sexy silk boxers. They were also thrown in a heap.

The poor guy was left with nothing on but his shirt unbuttoned, silver watch, and socks. I couldn't believe how hard they already had his penis. I went close to his face and opened an eye lid hoping to wake him before an erotic nightmare ensued. There was no question he was completely passed out drunk. His head had a feel of heaviness that goes with deep sleep.

Melissa returned with shaving cream and a high-quality razor. They quickly lathered Bradley up in white spray foam. Margot went to get a container for water. Meticulously Melissa shaved Bradley's balls and all around the base of his shaft, dipping the razor in water, moving his penis back and forth, she had an unconcerned look on her face, occasionally laughing about the thought of shaving Lisa's boyfriend smooth, stroke after stroke she paid close attention. Melissa passed the razor to Stephanie who moved around consummating Bradley to a smooth bald state. I saw his penis growing harder as Margot played with his tip, all pubic hair was coming off, not that he had a lot to begin with.

As Stephanie finished shaving, she asked for a zip lock. Not quite sure what for, I went and grabbed one from our kitchen. I returned and Stephanie grabbed it from me and put a wad of Bradley's pubic hair in the zip lock. "This will be a little present for his plump girlfriend."

The girls laughed and thought it was a great idea since none of them cared for her at all. I felt another wave of apprehension, a gorgeous hunk passed out on our couch, now completely shaved, and he was still showing no signs of waking up.

Margot took a towel and cleaned and dried him up, she even reached down and pulled his socks off and threw them across the room. Melissa for whatever reason unclasped his watch and tossed it in the heap of clothes. Bradley was now naked except for his opened shirt revealing a lean-hard hairless chest. "Probably that bitch girlfriend of his waxes his chest!" laughed Stephanie.

Now with his pubic hair cleanly shaved I saw Margot softly move her hands up and down his chest and then she moved lower to rub and caress around his freshly shaved balls. He looked so gorgeous in such a helpless, vulnerable state. Although it felt wrong, I found myself getting very wet in my tight cut off jean shorts that cost me over one-hundred dollars, I pulled down on them to help my pussy breathe. It was strange how the more humiliated they made Bradley the more I felt uncontrollably turned on. I stood back in my Bailey suede fashionable boots and watched my friends now quietly discussing how far they can go with a sexy passed out "Boy toy."

Melissa held up the razor and smiled devilishly; "should we shave off an eye brow?"

"Oh, my gawd, how embarrassing would that be, HAHA I luv it," laughed Margot.

I figured I better try and save this guy some dignity so I said, "No, come on, let's keep him sexy until were done with him."

The bratty brunette Stephanie, grinned, "Okay then once he blows, we cut all his hair off, and call him Samson!"

"My good lord, yes," laughed Melissa with her devilish bitchy face and bombshell blonde hair, "once we're done with him, we're gonna shave his whole head with the electric razor from our bathroom!"

I again felt like saving Bradley so I tried another diversion, "no come on girls, he has all that gorgeous dark hair, let's keep him this way."

The girls thought about all sorts of possibilities, laughing and coming up with plots to leave Bradley naked and completely hairless from head to toe. Margot had grabbed scissors from the kitchen and bent down in her white hot-pants and matching go-go boots as if we were in the 1970's, I could see a teasing amount of her ass cheeks. She clipped off a piece of Bradley's hair over his ear. He had so much hair it wasn't very noticeable.

"How about we each get a lock of his hair?" suggested Margot as she worked around Bradley's lush hair and snipped off a lock for each of us to keep.

If they kept cutting his hair, I didn't know how to stop them. Then Melissa came up with another underhanded idea. "You think we should tie his arms down?" she asked with a concerned look that lacked any sense of compassion for our victim.

"Hey we've got that extension cord we tied Margot up with," smiled Stephanie.

"Oh baby, fuck yeah," laughed Melissa, "go get it Margot, you know it intimately!"

"Fuck you all for that," Margot looked cute and sexy wincing over the fact we had tied her up to a kitchen chair a couple weeks earlier to mess around with her.

The three girls took helpless Bradley's arms and tied them very tightly together. At first I was surprised how strong the knot looked, of course I should have known better, these girls have plenty experience with bondage. I think the whole embarrassing scene was beginning to overwhelm me. They pulled his tied arms back over his head and wound the extension cord around the back leg of the couch tying it off.

If Bradley woke up, he would have still been helpless and completely at their nightmarish mercy. Whatever his dreams were at that moment, he was no longer in control. I remember thinking at the time, even though each of us is only around 5'2" or 5'3" and we each weigh about 115 pounds, that's still four hundred plus pounds to hold him down (if I reluctantly joined in). The one thing I've noticed about my roommates is that for small girls we each have noticeable thighs, hips and of course full chests. We four are very womanly in all the key areas.

Again, I felt embarrassed for Bradley, the girls looked horny and hungry to take advantage of him and see how far they could go. They were also a lot drunker than I was and a lot less inhibited than I was feeling at the time. Strangely though I felt myself getting horned up seeing a gorgeous hottie, whom I didn't know very well, tied down on our couch with his freshly shaved penis totally exposed, even his undone shirt looked so very sexy to me! I was irresistibly turned on by his helpless state!

Suddenly a cell phone rang an unfamiliar tone. I could feel it vibrating on the tiled floor. Oh, my gawd, I should have known this might happen; it was coming from Bradley's pant pockets.

Our de facto tribe leader Melissa jumped for it and I could see she was wearing no panties under her baby doll dress, as usual her pussy looked completely shaved. She grabbed at the phone and put a huge devious smile on her face. "OH YES! Guess who it is girls?!!"

"It's gotta be his girlfriend wondering where he is?" whispered Margot as if trying not to wake up the passed-out hunk.

"HAHA yepper, and look at what he calls her on his phone, 'THE WIFE.'"

"Answer it and mess around with her," laughed Stephanie who was also talking in a soft whispery voice.

"Helloooo," answered Melissa with an exaggerated sexy tone.


"Oh, you're looking for Bradley, hmmm, well honey, how can I put this to you, hmmm, let's just say he's a little tied up at the moment, can I have him call you back?"

Pause. Margot and Stephanie laughed into their tanned arms.

I could see a hunger for torture showing all over Melissa's dolled-up face. She is my friend and housemate for over a year now, so I know her contemptuous moves. She can be very malicious toward girls who are not as hot or sybaritic as she is.

"I'll tell you what honey, you sit tight, and maybe we'll send you pictures."


"Like I said, he's a little tied up at the moment."

Melissa was grinning with her piercing blue eyes, such a calculating smile; she waited a few beats, and pushed the phone off without saying goodbye.

There were a few uncertain seconds where none of us knew quite exactly how to react next. Then Melissa burst out snorting and laughing in a muffled sort of way, her mouth compressed in her tanned skinny arm.

"If Lisa could see her man now!" smiled Stephanie holding up Bradley's large penis, bent down in her red mini skirt, revealing halter top, and high heels.

"Are you gonna send the bitch a photo?" asked Margot looking very horny in her white hot-pants and boots, her blonde hair giving off a full 1970's glam vibe.

"Girls maybe think this one through," I again intervened in a meek way knowing that I was outnumbered if things went amok. My three drunken friends can be very cruel, I didn't think they would turn on me, but who knows when intoxicated they could also tie me up and have a blast torturing me like we did to Margot. I said to them in a convincing way, "we don't want to leave any evidence with photos do we?"

And just like that Melissa got down on her knees beside the couch and started sucking Bradley's penis deep in her dainty mouth. She moved slowly, almost casually deep throating him and he remained motionless other than his erection growing while being worked over in Melissa's mouth.

Next Stephanie asked for a turn sucking him off. I could see his hardening penis pulsating. I watched for his eyes to open, but he was still gone to the world, no facial movement at all.

I was curious what my three sex crazed roommates had in mind so I asked, "do you really think he will cum passed out?"

"Hard to say, HAHA," laughed Melissa rubbing his balls with her long red polished nails. "I think one of us is gonna have to fuck him, that'll wake him up."

"How?" wondered Margot; "He's out stone cold."

"Throw water on his face, he'll wake up," I suggested still hoping to wake the poor helpless hunk up.

"No wait," whispered Melissa, "let's first give him a hand job and see if he goes off passed out, do a little experiment with our Boy toy."

Melissa spit on his already wet cock from all the blow job saliva and started to rub his long hard shaft, at least 8 maybe 9 inches. Margot rubbed his nipples which were also very hard and protruding. I stood by and honestly felt bad for Bradley; he was helpless to these bitchy entitled roommates of mine. Privileged girls use to getting whatever they want.

"I don't think he's gonna go off this way, one of us is gonna have to fuck him," sighed Melissa.

I asked, "What makes you think fucking him will get him off?"

"Who cares about all this philosophizing," whispered Stephanie, "I say we fuck his brains out anyways, the cum will have to flow sooner or later."

I quickly felt weightless as Melissa, our unwritten tribe leader, looked at me. I knew what she was thinking. It would have to be me the sober one to fuck a passed-out hunk on our living room couch. All at once I felt like nothing would happen to me, but also, I felt like everything was about to happen because of me. Looking at Bradley, so gorgeous, so helpless, I admittedly felt horny. And as reluctant as I was, I started to feel uncontrollably wet and aroused. Like a relentless wave was pulling me under with the rest of the tribe.

I pulled down my cut off jean shorts and slipped down my white panties. I pulled off my white tank top and matching bra. All that was left on my curvy 110 pounds was my Bailey suede boots, a thin gold waist chain, naval piercing, and my gold bracelets and rings.

The girls were biting their lips in anticipation, each of them carefully watching me. My long reddish-brown hair was styled with lots of berets; I am all about high fashion with my hair. Everyone was quiet for fear of waking Bradley up. The background music was soft and appropriately a slower dance track.

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