You could make a good case for this to go into the "exhibitionist and voyeur" category. However, as it's principally concerned with the change in behaviour of a previously sexually uptight wife, I've placed it in this "loving wives" section.

My wife Ally, by anyone's standards, was gorgeous: Fine, delicate features; flawless, alabaster, skin (that also, perversely, tanned really nicely); sleek, brunette hair, always immaculately cut and styled; and a toned, athletic body; with small, perky tits (topped with prominent, sensitive nipples); and a really tight arse. Which, if pushed, I thought was probably her best feature.

We'd met shortly after I'd left University. I'd just started my first "proper" job and we were introduced, at a party, by a colleague. From the moment we met I was smitten. And, I'm delighted to report (and not a little surprised as I thought she was out of my league), so was she. We had our very first date the following day and were, almost immediately, inseparable. Moving in together just a few months after we'd met. And marrying just over a year after our first meeting.

Her looks (and body) were, of course, a large part of the immediate attraction. But we'd swiftly discovered we had so many common values and interests. Corny as it sounds she became - and remains - my best friend.

We were also physically and sexually compatible. I was delighted to discover that Ally was a sensual, passionate, lover. And she enjoyed sex as much - and as often - as I did.

But, my complaint, if I had one, was that she was very vanilla in her tastes. Whilst, like me, she enjoyed kissing, caressing - and indeed fucking - she didn't countenance much deviation from this.

She'd had a pretty strict upbringing. With her mother, particularly, having a very clear idea of what "good girls" should - or more importantly shouldn't - do. Ally (thankfully) didn't believe all of this. But enough had rubbed off on her to make her quite restricted in what she enjoyed. Or, perhaps more importantly, allowed herself to enjoy.

So, oral sex was not something that Ally approved of. In fact, she'd never given me a blowjob. And, despite the fact that I adored licking pussy (and considered myself pretty good at it) she only "relented" to me pleasuring her in that way when she was very drunk. Even then, as she appeared to be getting close to orgasm, she'd push me away and ask me to fuck her.

"Why would you want to do something as dirty as that?" she'd once asked me. And was not impressed by my reply, "that's exactly why I want to do it, because it is dirty".

Whilst disappointing, this wasn't really a big deal for me. I was getting plenty of sex with a an absolute "hotty". Who also happened to be my best friend and - corny again - soulmate.

Just a couple of years into our marriage, we were a few days in to a much needed holiday on one of the Greek islands. The two of us had good, but demanding, jobs. We were both quite well rewarded, but worked long hours. So we needed the break to recharge and unwind.

We'd spent the day relaxing on the beach. Sunbathing, reading and cooling off in the Med. Holidays always made me horny. And particularly beach holidays, when surrounded by loads of scantily clad, nubile, women. Not least Ally herself.

We were a tactile, affectionate couple. And I delighted in laying next to her, holding hands, gently kissing and taking every opportunity to apply lotion - or have lotion applied - to each other. Even a few years after we'd met the delights of physical intimacy - of any sort - with her were undiminished.

"Are you concerned about my risk of skin cancer?" she joked, as I applied factor 25 to her back (and arse cheeks) for the umpteenth time. "Or just taking the opportunity to feel me up?"

"I'm just being protective and caring," I grinned. "Can't have these buns burning in the heat," as I moved my hands from the edge of her cheeks towards and against the gusset of her bikini bottoms.

"Stop that," she hissed at me, "the beach is busy. I don't want people to see you groping me."

I didn't push my luck any further. But, so sexually attuned was I, that I was sporting a "semi" for large parts of the day. In part through "leching" at the topless beauties round us. And in part through the effects of the physical contact that we were indulging in.

Returning to our apartment in late afternoon I jumped in the shower to wash away the sand and sun tan lotion. Sadly, I was unable to persuade Ally to join me under the jets. But, as I came out, she swiftly stripped off her bikini and followed me in.

"Oh my god, you look so gorgeous. And so, so, sexy," I exclaimed.

And she really did. Her white breasts and buttocks contrasting fabulously against the lightly golden skin on the rest of her.

"You're not looking too bad yourself," she smiled, with a little glint in her eye, as she took in my half hard cock.

I went to dry off and lay naked on the bed, idly flicking through the music channels on the rickety old TV.

Moments later Ally came out of the bathroom, with a towel wrapped around her head, but otherwise naked. Her skin glistening. And her white bits particularly prominent in the light of the room.

"Wow," I gasped. And my dick responded in kind. Uncurling and going from flaccid to fully erect in a second, with absolutely no contact from me - or Ally - at all

"Oh my God," she squealed, "look at that thing! Has it done that just from looking at me?"

"Well, yes, it has," I agreed. "You make a particularly appealing sight. Plus, I've been on edge all day, from all our kissing on the beach."

"Oh, you poor thing, and you've not had sex since yesterday." Ally teased.

But I could tell she was flattered by how aroused I was. And that she had been the cause of that arousal.

"Do I really turn you on that much?" she asked shyly.

"God, yes," I assured her. "You know, or at least I hope you know, that I think you're unutterably gorgeous. Beautiful, but really sexy with it. Looking at you. Laying next to you in your little bikini all day long. And then kissing you and caressing you as we put sun tan lotion on. I've been feeling horny all day."

"I know," she agreed. "It seemed you like you couldn't keep your hands off me. You are such a perve sometimes."

"Guilty as charged," I confessed. "So when you walked out a few moments ago with those "white bits" prominent I got hard immediately."

Which was very largely the case. Though I deliberately kept shtum about the effect the myriad other hotties on the beach had been having on me.

"Well, I'm really glad to hear - and see - that," she smiled shyly.

Moving swiftly towards the bed she lay down on top of me. And we began gently kissing and nuzzling. With Ally starting to grind against me, as I pushed upwards against her.

I absolutely adore kissing. And so did Ally. As she lay above me I cupped her head and ran my hands through her hair. Whilst I chewed, lightly, on her bottom lip. Before softly inserting my tongue into her mouth. Immediately finding her own tongue snaking down to meet mine.

I reached down and ran a finger against her clit, before inserting it into her pussy. God, she was dripping wet!

"Nnnngh," she grunted into my mouth. "That's so good." It seemed she was as turned on as I was.

Breaking from our kiss I whispered to her, "Jeez, you are soaking. Have today's activities on the beach affected you, as much as they have me?"

She didn't answer, reticent as I knew she was to talk about how she felt sexually. But, instead, she pulled me back in for another passionate kiss. Whilst continuing to grind against my pulsing cock.

The first time we'd slept together, after our third or fourth date, Ally made it clear that she "wasn't ready to have sex yet." I respected that (in fact, as besotted as I already was with her, I accepted it readily; plus, I'd always enjoyed foreplay almost as much as fucking itself). But, looking back, it was an early example of her "good girl" attitude to sex.

But what we did on that occasion - and many times since - was a form of "dry humping". What I mean by that was, she would grind her pubic bone against the underside of my cock.

Doing that clearly turned her on. A lot. And again, with hindsight, was a clear illustration of her latent, highly charged, sexual energy. It meant she got - and to be fair gave - pleasure. Whilst still convincing herself that, by not having penetrative sex, she was being "good".

She still enjoyed grinding against the outside of my dick. Partly to tease me. And partly, I guessed, because she loved the feeling of rubbing her clit and pussy against my dick.

"Oh God Jack, you're so hard," she purred, as she continued to rub herself against me.

"I know, you've got me so, so, turned on." I grunted back. "I can't wait to have sex with you." Though, in my mind, what I was actually thinking was, "I want to stick my hard prick in your juicy, gaping cunt and fuck you senseless." But I knew that saying that, out loud, would completely spoil the moment.

"Hold on," she demanded, "Just let me keep rubbing against you. I'm really turned on too. I'm close to coming." Which, by her standards, was as "dirty" as she ever talked.

So, as she kept grinding against me, I pushed upwards against her. Grasping her arse so that there was the maximum friction between us. Whilst, simultaneously, continuing to kiss her passionately.

Within minutes her breathing quickened and she pushed down extra hard against me.

"Ooooh, oooh, keep going, YESSSSSSSSS!!" she cried out as she shook and quivered above me.

As her orgasm ended I held her close and stopping thrusting upwards, giving her a little time to catch her breath.

"Oh my God, that was fabulous," she reported. "Thank you for holding on for me. Do you need to come now?"

"Damn right I do," I assured her. "I really need to be inside you. And yes, I really need to come."

So, flipping her onto her back, I positioned myself between her legs and entered her in missionary. I slid straight in as she was so well lubricated.

Once again, there was a stream of commentary running through my mind. But, I kept this all inside my head. And contented myself with saying, "Oh God, you feel so good." As I began thrusting away inside her.

I was really turned on. And desperate for relief. But so, it seemed, was Ally. Despite the fact (or perhaps because) she'd had an orgasm moments earlier. Like me, she did not display this verbally. But her actions were loud and clear. She gripped me tightly, with her arms, legs and her pussy.

I'd been so turned on, for so long, I knew I wasn't going to last too long. But, sensing that Ally was in a similar mood, I determined to take a little time. And try to give her back to back orgasms. I knew, from experience, that when she'd had one, others often swiftly followed.

So I held back from thrusting too fast. Instead, I begun slower, deep, strokes. Reaching round to grasp Ally's gorgeous arse cheeks, whilst reaching down and gently nibbling on a nipple.

My patience paid off as, once again, Ally's breathing quickened and she began panting beneath me.

"Shit, shit, shit, YESSSSSSSSSSS!" she cried, as another powerful orgasm ripped through her and she convulsed beneath me.

Just as this second orgasm finished I pulled out and came, in several really powerful spurts, all over her belly. The first of these so powerful that it landed between her tits, not too far away from her chin!

"Oh my God," she laughed, "I wasn't expecting that. I can't believe how far you shot."

After a quick cuddle, we dived back in the shower to wash off the sweat and spunk and got ourselves dressed to go out for dinner.

I wore my customary holiday garb of tailored shorts, polo shirt and deck shoes. Whilst Ally was similarly casual. But substantially more stylish. She had the knack of looking good in almost anything she wore.

This evening she looked especially appealing. A dark, high necked vest, accentuating her toned, almost muscular, shoulders and arms. Paired with a pale grey mini-skirt. Which had a similar affect of showcasing her fantastically athletic legs. She wore her hair up, with only a smattering of makeup on (just enough to highlight her piercing blue eyes). And her skin glistening from the tan she was rapidly acquiring.

I thought, once again, that she looked a million dollars. And told her.

"Oh my God, you look stunning. So, so, gorgeous."

"Well, thank you," she blushed, "that's really sweet of you. I think being on holidays in the sun with my handsome, attentive, husband suits me." she grinned.

Ally had no real vanity. In fact she was sometimes uncomfortable in receiving compliments on her looks - particularly from other men. She preferred praise for her academic or business achievements.

But it never does any harm to remind your wife how attractive you find her.

We took the short walk into the resort and made our way to a bustling taverna. We had an excellent meal, washed down with a couple of carafes of local wine.

We weren't huge drinkers, especially Ally. So when we left the restaurant we were already pretty drunk. But we were in one of those moods where we both seemed to want a "big night."

"Let's go and find a busy bar or club," Ally suggested. "I fancy a few cocktails and a dance."

"That's a very fine idea," I agreed. "I want to show off my beautiful wife. And I have some funky stuff that needs strutting."

"Oh my God, no," Ally groaned, in mock horror. "Don't tell me you've drunk yourself sexy? You keep that funky stuff - and particularly strutting - in check. Just shuffle away like you usually do. And leave all the moves to me."

And, to be fair, she was right. I was not particularly renowned for my rhythm. Whilst Ally, in contrast, was a very fine mover. And, sexually repressed as she was in some ways, she was a very sexy dancer. Particularly after a few drinks.

We were staying - and tended to eat out - in the quieter end of the resort. But we made our way to the far end of the strip, to the busier bars. Full of horny, drunken, youngsters (even though we were only in our late 20s ourselves). Ordinarily we gave them (the bars and the youngsters) a wide berth. But, tonight, we both fancied the buzz and excitement of places just like this.

"I'm not sure we are the target audience for these places," I joked, as we walked in to one of the busiest, loudest, bars. "We're not really in this demographic anymore! Staid, professional, types as we've become."

"Speak for yourself," Ally responded. "You're older than me (which was true, but only by a few months). And yes, you are staid. Though not very professional." she joked. "Whilst I, on the other hand, am exciting and spontaneous. So let's show these kids how us oldies can enjoy themselves."

"Oh my God," I chuckled, "never mind me drinking myself sexy. You've drunk yourself wild. But I love it, let's get inside this bar and let loose."

It had been a few years since either of us had been in such an environment. In fact, probably back to our student days, before we'd met. I'd forgotten how wild these places could be. Particularly when people were on holidays. The music was pumping, with the bass thudding through our feet. The strobe lights were flashing. And everywhere we looked people were swaying to the music.

It was a sensory overload. Had we not been drunk we would, I'm sure, have turned on our heels and left (young as we still were).

But, we were also on holidays. And determined to have a good evening. So we fought our way onto the dancefloor, as a song we liked began playing.

I've probably over-played how old and staid we were. Whilst a little older than many in the club, we were still in our twenties. Both fit and, dare I say it, good looking (well, Ally most certainly was; and I don't think I was too much of a "gargoyle"). So we were not out of place.

What was apparent - and probably not that surprising - was how sexual the atmosphere was. All around us couples were groping each other, girls were flashing their tits and arses. And there was an awful lot of "necking" going on. Most between boys and girls. But some "girl on girl" action too.

Ally knew I enjoyed porn. Though certainly didn't approve of it. And she knew that I loved lesbian porn, especially girls kissing. So when she saw two girls - hot ones at that - making out next to us on the dance floor, she drew me closer to her.

"Hey mister, keep your eyes to yourself," she directed, above the hubbub of the club. "And put your tongue back in your mouth. In fact, better still, put it in my mouth." she suggested, as she grabbed me and pulled me in for a passionate kiss.

It was a big surprise to hear her talk - and act - like this. But I most certainly wasn't complaining. I took advantage of the situation and responded vigorously to the kiss.

Kissing on a nightclub dancefloor like this was something I'd done a lot of as a kid (I guess most of us have). But, having met Ally when I was 23 - and with both of us already in sensible, "corporate", jobs by then - we'd never done this as a couple.

But, unsurprisingly, I found it a real turn-on. Especially as I felt Ally melt into my arms and grind her pussy against my rapidly hardening cock. Finally breaking from the kiss I began nuzzling her neck and earlobes. Both of which I knew she loved. With one hand on the back of her neck I became more forward. Moving my other hand down and grabbing her gorgeous arse over her mini-skirt. And pulling her even tighter against my now fully erect cock.

I was half expecting her to move my hand away and admonish me for being too overt in my actions. But, if anything, she upped the ante and began "dry-humping" me. Not unlike what we'd done in the apartment earlier that day. Albeit standing up this time, not lying down. Plus, on this occasion of course, we were surrounded by hundreds of other swaying revelers. Though, to be fair, I don't think anyone was really paying us any attention.

Speaking directly into my ear to make herself heard, Ally then let me know, verbally, how she felt. "Jeez Jack, you are so hard. Feels like you are as turned on as I am."

"I certainly am," I responded, surprised as I was by how open she was being. The wine had clearly loosened her tongue. But also her legs. As I took a further chance and moved my hand under the hem of her miniskirt and gave her pussy a quick stroke over her silky knickers.

"Ooh, you dirty sod," she admonished me gently, slowly moving my hand away. "That's so horny," she grunted in my ear, "but keep your hands to yourself until we get home."

I really was astonished how open she was being. But I didn't push my luck any further. Instead I just enjoyed the dancing, kissing and grinding we were doing.

After dancing to several tracks we decided to take a breather and grab a drink at the bar. Reasoning that we'd probably both had enough alcohol for the evening, I got us a couple of soft drinks.

Finding a quiet spot at the end of the bar, Ally wrapped herself around me, "God, I'm having so much fun," she told me, "it's been far too long since we really let ourselves go like this."

Our embrace was interrupted by a commotion from the edge of the dancefloor. There had been a few groups of both hen and stag parties in the club. And they'd seemed to be "mingling" very merrily.

That mingling had certainly increased. At least amongst two of them. A well built, shaven headed, guy and a buxom blonde were locked in an embrace that was getting steamier by the second. In fact, "embrace" was inaccurate. They looked pretty close to stripping off and fucking! And the commotion was a group of their friends encouraging them to do just that. Not that they looked to have much clothing to strip off. Or, indeed, seemed to need much encouragement.

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