Hey everyone, here's another Christmas story. All characters are over the age of 18. It's more of a satire, but there's still some hot steamy sex. Hope you enjoy it. And Happy Holidays everyone!

Chapter 1 - Sarathel

"So I told the demon, you couldn't hit a star with an energy beam if you were right in front of it," I tell the two sexy nymphs as I drain my tankard of the holy fire.

"What did it say?" the blue one says. She's got hair like water and her eyes are like two white dwarf stars. She's looking at me with her full attention.

"It didn't say anything, it just attacked me," I say between gulps. I burst into a laugh. "The demon was pretty brave for trying to attack me. I just gave it a whack with my ax of divine light and severed it in two."

The purple one places her hand on my arm. "You're so brave."

"What can I say? I am an angel after all," I give them a good divine grin. Then I down the tankard the wench just gave me. I lean back and wrap my arms around the two nymphs. I can't remember if they told me their names or not. "What do you two say we find a bed and I can bless you with my holy rod?"

"Yes! Please," the blue one says.

"I want to be blessed!" the lovely purple one says.

I stand up and offer both of my hands. I pull the two-legged beauties that seem to bloom in my arms. Angel or not, I'm one lucky guy. These nymphs could give the angels a run for their wings. Their bodies have curves in all the right places. Their luminescent skin seems so smooth and soft. And they have breasts, the blue one's a little bigger than the purple one's, but I do love breasts. I wonder if they have cocks or not? It's hard to tell with nymphs. It's not that I mind. I do prefer being on top though. I am an angel after all. We are righteous.

I find the closest bed and turn my attention to these beautiful women. It certainly doesn't take me long to get all of our clothes off. Just a flash of light. One of them does have a cock. A nice little purple one. Not as big as my cock, that's for sure. "Who wants to be blessed first?" I ask.

"Me!" The blue one says.

"No fair, I want to be blessed first."

"Oh don't worry, there is enough blessing to go around," I say with my divine smile.

The blue one bends over and turns her head back at me. "Oh please bless me divine one."

God, that ass is so perfectly round and smooth. I bury my face in it. Nymphs always smell like some kind of tropical fruit. I love it. I love life. Things never get boring when you're me. These nymphs remind me of the humans back on that planet that was called dirt or something like that. I did like those humans. The sex was great. They didn't have any good drink though, but great food. I grab a hold of my divine rod and rub it up between these crystal blue cheeks. Her skin feels like water. I slide my sword into her womb as she gasps out in pleasure. The purple nymph slides up behind me. Oh, this should be interesting.

I feel her tiny little cock slip into my butt as I thrust into the blue one. Her little silky blue body quivers in pleasure. Suddenly the door opens and in walks my brother, Michael. "In the name of our holy mother, you disgusting demon."

"Relax, brother. I'm just blessing these nymphs," I say, laughing. I can't even take myself seriously.

"You are a black spot in our divine empire," he says.

"Since when have we become an empire?" I ask with a sigh. I just shoot my holy blessing into her womb.

"Since we protect most of the living creatures with our army surpassed by none. And you disgrace it with your shameful actions. Constantly off laying with these unholy creatures and drinking that foul liquid. You are no angel, you're a demon."

"Well half, but that's neither here nor there," I say as I pull out. The purple one rushes to lick my dick clean.

"Do not come back to the holy city, you are no longer welcome," Michael says, turning heel and walking out.

"If you hadn't noticed, I left the city. I don't want back in. You know what? I'll make my own divine city. It'll be so much better than yours. Just wait, you're going to be jealous," And he's gone. I doubt he heard any of that. What a holy prick. Maybe it's time to go to that Human world after all. "Well, gotta go. It's been fun."

"No! Don't leave us. What about my blessing?" the purple nymph says.

"You got a little bit of it. Consider yourself blessed," I say. And I'm gone. Onto planet Dirt!

Chapter 2 - Isabel Morillo

The holidays have finally come here at the end of the semester. I've passed my finals and here I lay in bed, surfing through my phone while everyone else has gone home to their families. Mine doesn't want anything to do with me ever since I came out as trans. With Christmas coming up, I've got nothing better to do than sit here and catch some pocket monsters high as a kite. I sit up and look outside as snow covers the ground. It's days like these I wish I was at home with my brother going snowboarding up north. We used to shred the terrain park, now he barely talks to me. After our parents died, he left and I was placed with our aunt and uncle who also don't talk to me anymore. They've seemed to disown me after I came out. It's like they've totally erased me from their lives.

God, I never asked to be born. I never wanted this life. I pull myself out of bed and head into the bathroom. I look in the mirror and see a person I hate. I'm trapped in a body that's become my prison and it's a life sentenced. My soul has become withered with disparity. The brown eyes staring back at me plead with sincerity. They no longer wish to be trapped inside a body that doesn't represent the soul within. I wish I could be free but it seems like the only freedom I can achieve is after my last breath leaves my lungs but I'm too afraid to take the plunge. If I had the certainty that death erased my existence, I wouldn't hesitate. However, my thoughts ponder the possibility that death might be worse than the misery I currently suffer. I hate myself and it's the only person I can't escape from. This life seems like a nightmare I can't wake up from.

My brown hair is too short. My shoulders are too broad. The face I see in the mirror I wish didn't belong to me. My chest is rather flat as the floor with nubs for breasts. Even my skin seems wrong. The amber hue just doesn't feel right. God, I could spend all day picking myself apart. It's too easy to do.

A sudden knock on my door pulls me from my doubts. I open the door to find my best friend, Olivia with a smile. She bursts past me and relaxes on my desk chair. "You are totally going out with us tonight. You've been stuck up in your dorm room for too long."

"I don't kno..."

"I'm not taking no for an answer," she says, crossing her arms against her chest. "I've got the perfect dress for you."

"Okay, fine..." I sigh.

A triumphant smile appears on her face. "Girl, let's head over to my place to get ready."


We head over to Olivia's apartment that she has with our other friend Mercedes. Mercedes is already there getting ready. She's got her perfect golden hair straightened out and a cute blue dress on with 4-inch heels. Her golden skin glistens.

I head into the other bathroom with Olivia as she does up my hair and makeup. Then she grabs me a dress to wear. I don't really feel all that comfortable in dresses yet, but I swallow down my fear and put it on. Olivia doesn't really take no for an answer so there's no point in arguing with her. When she's finally done with me, I do feel a little more confident after seeing the finished product in the mirror. She's a witch with makeup, I swear. I look as passable as a Victoria's Secret model.

By the time the three of us are ready, Vance and Jaclynn arrive. Vance is all done up in a white leather jacket and white pants. He's got his makeup on point along with his short black hair with both sides buzzed. He knows his way around cosmetics far better than I do.

Jaclynn is beautiful as usual. Her almond skin shines with whatever moisturizer she uses. She's got on a beautiful but skimpy red dress that shows off her thick thighs.

"We're going to freeze to death out there," I sigh. It's just a day before Christmas Eve and winter is in full swing. I can't believe I let Olivia talk me into wearing this skimpy dress that doesn't even cover all of my thighs.

"Girl, if we do freeze to death, at least we'll look good at our funerals," Olivia says.

"Agreed. I'd rather die pretty than go out looking like a Ralphie from the Christmas story," Mercedes says.

"I think you mean Randy," Vance says.

Mercedes rolls her eyes. "Whatever. You get the point."

"I do and I agree," he says.

"Well, I probably split off from you once we get there, I'm meeting a client tonight," Jaclynn says with a nervous look.

"You better be careful. I still don't like the thought of you hooking up with these creeps. There has to be a better way," I say.

"I don't really have a choice. I have bills to pay. You'll understand once you run out of scholarship money," she says. I place my hand on her shoulder and give it a squeeze.

"The uber's here," Olivia says. We all scurry downstairs and out to meet the guy in a big SUV as I constantly tug down on my dress as it continues to ride up my thigh. It's way too short. It's not long before we're outside the club and waiting in line. The cold causes my skin to form goosebumps.

We finally get admitted and I can't hear a word anyone says over the loud music. The strobe lights make me feel like I'm having a stroke. I feel like everyone's looking at me and whispering amongst themselves as if they've clocked me and are warning each other to steer clear. Why did I agree to come out?

I continue to tug at the dress and feel self-conscious. I'm just so glad I skipped out on drinks. God forbid I'd have to use the bathroom. I see both Mercedes and Vance grinding up on random guys. Jaclynn is flirting with a cute hunk at the bar and Olivia is nowhere in sight. I think I might just go home. I send a quick group text out to tell everyone as I leave. I schedule an uber and go outside to wait.

"Hey, sexy," some random guy says as he walks up to me. He's clearly intoxicated.

"Dude, that's not a chick. That's a total dude," says his friend who's a little taller than the guy hitting on me. I go rigid in fear, but I find it in me to still flip the other guy off.

The guy that was hitting on me eyes me suspiciously. "How can you tell? She looks like a chick to me."

"Trust me, man, that's a tranny," the other guy says.

"Fuck you?" I say.

"Oooh. Freak's got a mouth," The taller guy says as he walks up beside his friend. I turn and go to walk away. He grabs my arm. "Hey, where are you going?"

I pull away. "Leave me alone."

"I can't believe I fell for it. It's a fucking dude," the shorter guy says. They both are bulky tools. They corner me near the alley.

"Just leave me alone," I say.

"We should teach him a lesson," the taller one says. My heart's racing. I knew it was a bad idea to go out tonight. Even with years of jiu-jitsu, I can't take both of them. Especially in heels.

"Ethan, Brody, what are you two doing?" another guy calls out.

"We're about to teach this tranny a lesson for trying to trick us," the taller one says.

"No fucking way," the guy says as he walks up. He's built a little bigger than the other two. The short one pushes me and I fall backward against the side of the building.

"Please, just leave me alone," I cry out. My heart sinks into my stomach and I feel nauseous. I've got myself cornered by these assholes.

Out of the corner of my eye, a blinding flash of light erupts. It's as if lightning struck down, but it was a light array as thick as the alley. A tall handsome guy with golden hair walks out of the light dressed in golden armor and a white cloak. "Is this planet dirt?"

He's carrying a giant jug and takes a long pole from it. "Must be. You, mortals, look like you're from planet dirt. Same kind of fleshy skin."

"Who the fuck are you?" the short guy asks.

The handsome stranger's eyes dart from the men to me and back at the men. "What are you four maggots doing trying to team up on one woman? I hate cowards like you lot."

"Looks like this weirdo is looking for a fight," the taller one says as he and his friends walk up to the guy. "Looks like this guy came straight from Camelot."

His friends laugh. The guy in armor just takes another chug from his jug. "Look, you three are going to want to get lost before you start something that'll finish you."

All three of them laugh. Then the taller one who steps up to the guy in armor throws a sucker punch and his fist bounces off the dude in armor's chin. The guy only laughs. "That tickled. My turn."

He waves his hand against the tall guy and he goes flying back into his friends. "Who's next?"

His friends let him fall to the ground. Did he just knock the guy unconscious with a flick of his wrist? Who is this guy? The shorter guy charges him. He slams into the guy with armor, but he doesn't budge. He tries to lift him and can't get him to move. The guy places his hand on the short guy's back and he falls to the ground. He lays there limp. The biggest of the three looks speechless. "Who the fuck are you?"

"Why I'm Sarathel of course. You should feel honored to be in my presence. It's not every day a mortal like you crosses fists with a divine being such as myself," he says before taking another pole. "Not that it was much of a fight. Although I didn't really come here looking to brawl. Now step up or get lost."

The guy contemplates for a second before running away. "Wise choice."

What just happened? I must be dreaming or I finally went crazy. The tall adonis looking guy in armor walks up to me and holds out his hand. I look up into his golden eyes as he smiles down at me. My heart's having a hissy fit inside my chest. Take his hand, Isabel, just take his hand. I place my hand in his and I feel like a child compared to him. He pulls me to my feet and lifts me into his arms. "Where to gorgeous?"

He couldn't possibly be talking to me, could he? "I uh... Are you referring to me?"

"Of course, who else could I be talking to?"

"No one's ever called me gorgeous before," I say.

"Then what should I call you?"

"I... I'm Isabel?"

"Is that a question?" he asks.

"Uh. No. I don't think so," I stumble out. This guy has me losing my words. His touch warms my entire body.

"You have a bed I can snooze in? Interdimensional travel is tiring. That or the divine firewater I demolished," he says.

"Right... Yeah. I actually have an uber coming," I say.

"An uber? What's that?" he asks.

"It's like a taxi," I say.

"How about we just fly there? I can take you where you need to go," he says as he shoots up into the air. Holy shit! There are... Wings are coming out of his back. They're glowing in a golden aura. I must be losing it.

"So where am I taking us?" he asks.

I shake my head, pulling myself into the moment. I point down at the dorms and he zips down there and sets me down. I point to his wings. "You're going to want to hide those."

"Right," he says as he flexes them and then they disappear into his back.

He follows me up to my room and once we're inside he empties his jug. Now he looks beyond drunk.

"Want my divine blessing? Normally mortals are just dying to get it," he mumbles before he collapses on my bed. He can hardly fit onto it. I take off my heels and slip into my pajamas and climb over him, trying to get comfy as he starts snoring. Unbelievable.

I manage to snuggle up into his arm before I fall as I lay there trying to comprehend all that has happened. It's not long before I find myself nodding off.

Chapter 3 - Sarathel

My thoughts are pounding. I must have drunk all of that holy firewater. I open my eyes to a sight of a mortal staring at me. A rather lovely mortal with sharp brown eyes and a rather silky ash brown skin. She's got rather short dark brown hair. Her lips are luscious and full. "You don't look like one of the nymphs I was with. Who are you and what realm am I on?"

"Uhh..." she stutters as her eyes go wide with panic. I can sense her apprehension. Her soul is filled with anxiety. "I'm Isabel Morillo and we're on planet Earth, but I have no idea what realm that is. Are you really an angel?"

"Earth! That's the mortal term for this planet. I never understood why you named your planet after dirt. Doesn't make any sense. Do you mortals really think so low of yourselves? And yes, I am an angel. A rather poor excuse for one according to my brother Michael," I say as I sit up and rub my face with my hands.

"So why are you here? Are you here to like... you know... Bring judgment or whatever? I'm not much of a Christian, but the bible says something about judgment day or whatever," she says.

"Huh? Judgment? Nah, I'm here because I'm no longer welcome at the Holy City. My brother and I got into a disagreement and I've decided to create my own golden city down here," I say.

"Wait, you got kicked out of heaven?" she asks, her jaw gaping.

"I didn't say that! I left for your information. The Holy City has become full of prudes if you ask me. I'm going to make a better city. One where Michael isn't welcomed," I say.

"So you are going to make, like a paradise?" she asks.

"Something like that," I say. I look up at her, sizing her up. "How would you like to be my high priest or whatever?"

Her eyes go wide as her face blooms bright red. "You want me to be your high priest? I thought being trans like me was a sin? I thought homosexuality will send us to hell or something."

I can't help but laugh. "Who told you that? And what's this Christianity?"

"You know? It's the religion that follows Jesus Christ and the bible."

"Oh, it all makes sense now. Jesus, my brother? Is this about his little teachings? But I still don't understand why you would think people who are homosexuals go to hell? Hell's a being, not a place. You don't want to go anywhere near her. Trust me. She's a bit crazy. I doubt Jesus would say anything about that. He's all about his love and kindness. Besides, that's not exactly how it works. When your physical body dies, your soul just lingers in the astral plane until an astral being like myself takes it or it finds a vessel unless you have an anchor," I say. Once again I find myself laughing. "You mortals will believe anything."

She looks down at her feet, once again, her face flushed with color. "Anyway, you want to be my high priest? I'll teach you everything you need to know about the cosmos."

She looks up at me. "What exactly would being your priest entail? I won't have to give sermons, will I?"

"No. God no. You'll have to help me recruit people and I need to find a good spot for my divine city and you can help me decide who to let in and who not to. If you want, you can receive my divine blessing," I say try to fight the sly grin appearing on my face. I definitely wouldn't mind giving her a blessing with my rod.

"I guess that wouldn't be so bad," she says.

"Great. It's settled then. You're now my high priest. We've got our work cut out for us. I'll need more disciples and a nice location for my city, preferably by water. Nothing like a good tropical beach with plenty of sunlight to really give it the divine feel, am I right?" he asks.

"Yeah, I guess. What does the divine city look like?" she asks.

"It's beautiful. The buildings are made out of the divine energy that glows golden. It kind of feels like it's built upon your clouds. But it's full of pretentious holier than thou prudes with their heads up their assholes," I say as I stand up and stretch. "It's settled then. You're my high priest and now all we need are more disciples before we settle on a place."

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