Chapter Fourteen: Little Red Riding Hood

Imogene told Mary that partygoers had already carried the ailing old woman upstairs to her bed, so they rushed to grandma's bedside. Looking at Grandma Petra's vital signs, Mary said immediately, "Immy, your grandma isn't sick, she's been drugged!"

"Who would ever want to do such a thing?" asked Imogene.

"I know one," said Mary determinedly. "Quick! There's no time to lose!" She had Imogene help her drag the unconscious grandma down the hall to Imogene's own room. "You stand guard here while I disguise myself as your grandmother and take her place."

"But why, Mary?" Imogene asked, confused.

"You'll see," was Mary's reply. "And another thing. Find Maragert and make sure she's safe here with you two. We don't want to lose her too." Imogene went looking for Maragret while Mary rushed to her own bedroom to put on a disguise. Mary painted her body with latex. This type was formulated to wrinkle up when it dried, making her whole naked body look old. To complete the disguise, she donned a white wig, put on one of grandma's nighties, and climbed into Grandma Petra's bed.

It wasn't a moment too soon, for mere moments later three men entered grandma's chambers. Mary peeked and saw that one of them was the same man with the deformed ear who she and Sheriff Barton had caught snooping in front of the Jones residence. She didn't recognize the other two. They had been told to make sure grandma was unconscious, and they argued for a moment about how much of a hurry they were or weren't in. Then, coming to some agreement, they pulled back the blankets, pulled up her nighty to her waist and ran their hands creepily over her wrinkly latex skin. Then each of them climbed onto the bed and had their way with her, presumably to test whether she was really unconscious. She, trying to stifle cries of arousal, couldn't argue against the soundness of the men's testing.

The man with the deformed ear went first, since he was evidently in charge. He had a long thin dick that felt wonderful, and Mary had a very hard time playing unconscious while he fucked excitedly in her and finally, thankfully, ejaculated, since he was driving her crazy and she was very worried she would blow her cover by crying out. It was maybe the hardest thing she'd ever done in her young career as a detective. After this, she feigned stirring in her unconscious slumber and pulled a pillow over her face so she could bite it during the upcoming onslaught. It was a good thing, since even though the other two were nothing to write home about, she was so worked up from stifling herself during the man with the ear that she climaxed wetly practically every other stroke with the other two, biting her pillow hard the entire time to stifle her passionate cries.

After their fun, the three wrapped her in a blanket, still dripping, and carried her downstairs and into the kitchen. The kitchen was quiet when the henchmen entered it carrying Mary, but then there was a commotion. Some party revelers had entered the kitchen, so the henchmen decided to hide in the pantry until they left.

Squeezed into the dark pantry with the henchmen, Mary was able to soundlessly pull back the blanket and look through the louvered door of the pantry at the invading party revelers. It was George and his dear one Bonnie holding hands followed by Eustace, George's mother and Mildred, George's younger sister, who was Mary's age. Mary was shocked when George set his sister Mildred at the edge one of the prep tables, removed her panties, and began to perform cunnilingus on her. She was equally surprised when Bonnie did the same with Eustace, except Eustace jumped up on the table herself and took off her own panties. She could see that ejaculate was already leaking out of Eustace's vagina, and Bonnie was cleaning it up, making yumming noises. Could it be George's?

Bonnie and George seemed to know who each other were, but neither appeared to recognize Mildred or Eustace or vice versa. Mary deemed it statistically probable that the four had split up to don their costumes and to wander the party separately. Finding everyone else otherwise engaged at this late hour, the four were thrown together again by their mutual availability, not realizing their identities.

Mary was surprised they didn't recognize each other from their voices until she heard Mildred speak. The seemingly innocent girl, who Mary had never heard utter an epithet stronger than "gosh!" as her anonymized brother thrust into her gleefully, let loose a string of language that made even Mary, hardened detective that she was, blush.

"Fuck my fucking cunt-hole, you piss-shitting tit-sucking motherfucking cunt-licker! UUUUUAAAH!" shrieked Mildred. "Harder, you manure-shitting stallion dildo! URRRRRRR! Faster, you mask-faced, monster-cocked, son of a weasel and a whore! EEEEEAAAAAH! Breed me, you cunt-juggling thunder-cock! MMMMGGGGH!"

George thrust in as far as he could get into his tight virginal little sister, which was not all the way, because her slot was clearly extremely small and tight and perhaps previously unexplored, and Mary saw the exposed shaft of his cock throb as he shot wad after wad of his incestuous baby juice deep into her quivering climaxing virginal womb. She hadn't seen George cum this hard since she'd seen him ejaculate into Bonnie for the first time. Next he took a turn in his mother while she shrieked in orgasm and Bonnie ate his fertile cum out of his fertile younger sister. Mary additionally noticed they weren't using protection.

The three henchmen, figuring that George and company were sufficiently distracted, crept out of the pantry and out the kitchen door carrying Mary wrapped up in the blanket. They put her into the back of what sounded like a delivery van. Three more henchmen were waiting there, and the six of them drove off with her. They arrived at their destination only a short distance away, and she figured it had to be the rectory that Humpf owned. Sure enough, one of the henchmen soon called it the rectory.

The three henchmen who had stayed in the van argued that they also should get to enjoy themselves testing grandma, Mary in disguise that was, since the three henchmen that grabbed her got to. The original three agreed and left to go into the rectory. The three new henchmen flipped up the bottom part of the blanket and spent an hour switching back and forth enjoyably testing her thoroughly and ejaculating in both her holes on a dirty cushion in the back of the van. She was still pretty worked up, and she climaxed many times that hour, biting the blanket to stay reasonably quiet.

When the men were done with her, she was carried into the rectory, where she was thrown roughly onto a bed in a downstairs bedroom. The blanket was still wrapped around her, but the new henchmen that were there at the rectory pulled it up to expose her lower half, spread her, and began to test her in one of her two holes, their choice, one after the other, flipping her onto her tummy or back as they wished. Her mouth had a good biting grip on the blanket, so she was able to mostly stifle her cries of crisis. After the first few of them, she was orgasming readily for the lot of them. These were six new dicks by her reckoning, and they tested and enjoyed her roughly one after another in quick succession, sometimes repeating, for another glorious two hours based on the bells of the grandfather clock in the hallway. This brought the henchmen total to twelve and her orgasm total to, well, she had carelessly lost count.

After the six new henchmen had satisfied themselves sufficiently in her holes, ten of the henchmen left on another mission, leaving deformed ear guy, whose voice she recognized, and one other of the original three to guard her. She knew it was only the two of them because they argued between them who should be the first to test grandma, that is to say Mary in disguise, again, and no other party was apparently there to mediate the dispute. Deformed ear guy went first because he was in charge. Deformed ear guy and the other one enjoyed her for another half hour based on the bells of the grandfather clock.

There weren't many young women who would willingly allow themselves to be gang raped by a dozen hardened criminals to solve a mystery, but Mary was that special kind of girl who would happily go that extra mile for even the chance at solving a mystery. This particular mystery had the highest of stakes, given her father and Bucky had been kidnapped. Soon she would have a chance to search the rectory, but first, she wanted to confirm the identity of the gang's ringleader.

Mary continued to play dead under the blanket. A man with an unmistakable voice came through the door; it was Humpf. He was definitely the ringleader! "Finally we have the old biddy, boys, and we can make her sign. But first," he chuckled and flipped up the blanket to expose her naked lower half, spread legs, and torrent of white froth still slowly leaking out of her. She heard Humpf's pants unzip, and a moment later, his weight fell on her and his familiar tiny but very excited member was sluicing in and out of her. "Grandma's a little beefier than I remember, and tighter for that matter." Within a few minutes Humpf's breathing and pace increased, and Mary knew he was now beyond the point he could stop himself before ejaculating. It was time.

"This is getting to be guilty habit," Mary said as she pushed Humpf off her to the side before he reached his climax and provided him a swift knee to the groin that brought him from near ultimate bliss to quivering nausea in an instant. She leapt to her feet on the bed and found, as she suspected, that deformed ear guy and the other guy had been standing right over them, drooling and hoping for another turn. She kicked the legs out from under deformed ear guy, and his head banged painfully on the foot of the metal bed; he was out cold. The other henchman tried to run away, but she caught up to him easily, jumped on his back, and choked him unconscious with her legs in a few seconds. She was still naked except for the latex body paint disguise. She peeled most of it off and stole Humpf's clothes and shoes, which were baggy but otherwise fit her surprisingly well, then tied up Humpf and his two henchmen.

Mary was still only halfway through the rectory knocking on every wall and picking every lock to find her father or Bucky or both when she heard the front door bang open. The rest of the gang had returned! Immediately they shouted in alarm when they found Humpf, deformed ear guy, and the other one tied up. She would have to escape and come back later. Climbing up the stairs to the second floor, she unlocked a few windows, let herself out, and crawled down the drainpipe. Once she confirmed that all ten of the other henchmen were in the rectory shouting and running around looking for her, she stole a rusty looking bicycle out of the side yard and started pedaling her way back up the hill to Triple Forests.

Mary struggled somewhat sullenly back to Triple Forests through the fog and darkness up the steep street with the half-broken bicycle. A car with bright headlights punched its way through the fog and screeched to a halt beside her. Thankfully, it was deputy Katz in his cruiser and not the bad guys. He jumped out and grabbed her off the bicycle and up into his arms in a gentle embrace. She saw that his handsome face was a mask of concern and his eyes were actually a little wet. "Mary," he cried, "I was so worried! You need to be more careful than leaving without telling anyone and wandering around in the fog and the dark in search of your mysteries and what all. There are dangerous people lurking all around here!" He opened the passenger door and placed her gingerly, like fine porcelain, on the passenger seat. After all the roughhousing, this is just what she needed. He shut her door, climbed in himself, and headed back towards Triple Forests.

Mary cuddled up to Katz. He continued to bump his gums endearingly. "If you're angry because you think I think you're a floozy, kitten, I don't. I know I don't measure up to your highbrow intellectual standards. I know I'm not one of those sensitive bookish gentlemen you probably prefer with their refined tastes and nasty perversions, but I do have some feelings, and when I heard you were gone my heart literally ached because I never got to apologize for whatever wrong thing I said that crusted you and made you flip your wig. I was worried about you and came to look for you here, and aren't you glad I did? Because who would have rescued you if I hadn't, young lady? I'm dizzy for you, if you hadn't noticed-"

"Shut up and kiss me," purred Mary.

(To be continued)

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