Ad Blitz

I used to look at porn, mostly women giving head. I thought for a long time that I was attracted to the women, who were topless, sucking dick. I used to jerk off to these pics all of the time. Then one day it hit me -- I was attracted to the dick in the woman's mouth. So that revelation made me jerk off to all of those pics again and again. Soon I started wondering what it would be like to actually give head. I would look at these pics and imagine that big cock in my mouth. This went on for a few years at least.

At work one day, I was getting my stuff together to start the new insurance ad blitz. I was trying to organize my contacts geographically, using zip codes as a starting point. After I get done with the initial breakdown, I start breaking it down even further, trying to be as efficient as possible.

I now have eight stacks of leads, each covering several city blocks. After a few days of cold calling, in person, just trying to make that great first impression, I start the next day with a workout in the hotel and hit the ground running. I make a couple good connections at various businesses and then I decide to try one more business before lunch. It is a massage business.

The name is generic and I walk in. Small waiting room, smells great, but not the flowery, feminine smell I expected. I stand there for a minute maybe, then I open the door and shut it again, this time a little harder, hoping that someone will hear me. I heard a male voice say "be right there." I check out the magazines on the table and the door opens up.

"Hey, how can I help you?" he says. "Do you have an appointment?"

"No," I say. "Hi, are you John? My name is Keith, Keith Williams. I am with XYZ Insurance. I hope I didn't catch you at a bad time. I just wanted to stop by and introduce myself. We handle business insurance and we have many customers in the area. We are just starting our canvas and I just wanted to stop by and see if we can sit down sometime this week and chat. Which day would work best for you?"

"I am not sure if I have any time this week," he replies, "there is only Thursday and Friday left."

I said, "I can do either day, you pick the time and I will be there, schedule permitting."

He goes and check his appointment book and says, "I can do tomorrow at 11 am, but I have an appointment before and after, so it will have to be a quick meeting."

"OK," I say "I'll see you tomorrow at 11am." I shake his hand and walk out the door. I will have to cancel my noon appointment for tomorrow.

Next thing I know, the alarm is going off. It is 6 am. I get up, take a shower and think about what to wear. I decide on tan slacks, blue shirt and brown dress shoes. And a pair of blue silk boxers. I go down to the hotel dining area and have some breakfast. I eat, head back to the room, call the wife and off I go.

I knock out my first two cold calls and head to my 11 am appointment. I open the door, the waiting room is empty and still smells very good, in a masculine way. I close the door and John appears right away.

"Hi John, how are you doing today?" I said.

"Great," he replies, "how about you?"

"Excellent," I respond.

He invites me in and we go in the back. He has a small desk right next to the massage table. There are several male silhouettes on the walls and body diagrams. The north facing window is letting in some sunlight, thanks to the blinds being partially open. The room is a very warm feel, light blue walls and one accent wall that is off white. In the corner, there is a partition, like the old ones where you could change clothes. Makes sense, I think.

The room is kind of awkward for a meeting and presentation of any kind, but I make do. I try to keep the atmosphere light and friendly. I explained all of the business opportunities that we provide. Then I ask him what kind of opportunities do you provide to your clients? He starts off by getting pretty technical with his procedures. I try to sneak a peak at his bulge. It is distracting me. I offer some questions as we move along. Then I ask if he has any specialty treatments that he provides? He answers me with, "Yes, I do athletic massages, orthopedic therapies and massages, occupational therapies and massages, Thai stretching, myofacial."

"Interesting. Which is the most popular?" I ask.

"Well," he says, "it depends on what you like."

"Oh, I see. So it is all up to the individual?" I ask.

"Absolutely," John replies.

"But, I have to imagine that people will call and consult with you to determine what they may want or need?" I question.

"Yes," he says, "that happens all of the time. Have you ever had a massage?"

"No," I say.

"Well then, why don't you get on the table and I will give you an hour complimentary massage, so you can better understand what I do?" John suggests.

OMG! Are you kidding me? Is my fantasy about to come true? This may be my moment of truth.

"OK," I said, "When would be a good time?"

"Well, my noon appointment got pushed back to 1:30, so I can do it now. If you have the time," he says.

"OK," I said. "I should probably use the restroom first, though."

"Go down the hall past the elevators, second door on the right," he stated.

So I go to the restroom. My mind is racing like it never has before. I take a leak with a semi-erect cock. I can't believe this may just happen after all.

I get back in his office and go to the back. He greets me and tell me to undress behind the partition and lay face down on the table, with my hands at my sides and use the towel to cover by butt. I do as instructed and in a few minutes, John comes out from the waiting room. He lights some candles, shuts the blinds and turns on some background music.

He starts by lightly stroking my entire backside, from my feet to my head. He then comes around to my head and starts massaging my scalp. Man, this feels pretty good . After a few minutes, he walks around my body, all of the time, gently touching my body, never losing contact. I hear a sound, but I am not sure what it is. Then I know, he has squirted oil onto his hands and he is now rubbing it on my back. He massages my back for about 5 minutes, going past the towel many times, touching my upper butt and then moves down to my legs. He rubs the oil on my right leg first and then he takes the towel and pulls it up so that most of my ass in showing.

He really concentrates on my upper thighs and hamstrings. He rubs my inner thighs and his fingers hit my cock and balls several times. Well, this is making me hard. He switched over to the left leg and does the same things, each time moving further up my leg, touching my balls and cock. Then he says that it is time to turn over. I say "OK" and flip over. I am half hard and it is obvious. I ask for a drink of water and he hands me a cold bottle. I sit up and check him out. He has on mesh gym shorts and no shirt. He seems to be a little excited himself.

I lay back down and he goes to work on my feet. After 5 minutes of that he starts working on my arms, that are by my side on the padding. He holds my right arm up and applies some oil, then he massages it. With my eyes closed, it feels like he is allowing my arm to make contact with his cock. He switches to my left arm and does the same thing. I think he is definitely touching my arm with his cock. I am getting more excited.

He gets more oil and starts to slowly dump it on my left leg. It feels like there is a lot of oil running down my leg. He take his hands and starts rubbing my leg all over, making sure to get all of the oil and smears it all over my legs. He pulls the towel up and I feel exposed..

He is rubbing the oil very high on the front of my leg and touching my cock. With every stroke, he seems to rub my cock more and more. I am definitely hard now. He walks to the other side, never taking his hand off of my cock. He gets more oil and pours it all over my right leg. He rubs higher and higher until he has reached my cock. Now he lifts the towel off of me, exposing my hard cock, pointing at my head. He gets more oil and now he pours it directly on my cock and then he proceeds to rub it in. At this point, I look at him and he has a hard on also.

I am dying to see it. I move my hand and rub his cock through his mesh shorts. It is very hard. Oh, I want to see it. I lightly tug at his waistband and he pulls his shorts off! OMG. I have waited a very long time for this to happen. I start to fondle him. His cock is beautiful. Probably 8 inches long and thick. Oh, I want it in my mouth. I want to suck it so bad. So I ask, "can I suck it?"

John says "what?"

"Can I suck your cock," I repeated. He says "sure."

He takes a step towards my head and I lean out with my mouth open. He lets it touch my lips and then he pulls back and teases me a few times. I grab his cock with my right hand and guide it to my lips. I can't believe it is finally happening. I am licking and sucking like there is no tomorrow. I lick his balls and get right back on his head. I want his come so bad. I start stroking him while I have his head in my mouth. I can't believe this is happening.

He pulls away and starts sucking me. But I don't want that now. I want his cock in my mouth. I tell him to stop and let me suck his cock. I slide down the table a little and grab his cock and go to work. I am slobbering on his meat, I am using my tongue on him. I am trying to deep throat him, but I can't. I keep choking. My eyes are watering. He is standing in front of me, allowing me full access to his man meat. I keep stroking and bobbing up and down on his cock.

Finally, I hear those magical words, "I'm gonna cum." He pulls out and shoots all over my face. I lift my head to suck what is left out of him. I suck the last remaining cum from his cock and clean him off. He starts to soften and he pulls out again. I watch his cock for a second or two and decide I want it in my mouth again. I lean up and suck it in my mouth again. Oh, that is wonderful. He pulls away and asks me to stand by the table. I do and he kneels in front of me and begins to suck me off. It doesn't take long. After a few minutes, I come in his mouth. He swallows every drop and cleans me off.

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