After several minutes, she pulled his dick out of her mouth and got off her knees and on to the bed next to Danny. He made her get on her back and positioned himself on top of her and in one fast push, he drove his dick right into her warm, tight pussy. She cried out in pain, but in a good way. He paused for a moment, enjoying the feel of her tight warm pussy. He slowly withdrew, and began to slowly fuck her; with every thrust, she cried out in pleasure.

"Oh yes, baby, oh yes," she began to scream. "Your cock feels so good inside of me."

He began to increase his speed, pounding into her harder. She began screaming into his hear as an orgasm swept through her body. They both turned over and she was now on top of him; her hands were firmly placed on the head board as she began to ride him hard.

"Oh, yes, this is incredible," Danny yelled out.

His hands were firmly placed on her his as he watched this beautiful woman bouncing around his dick. He looked up at her and enjoyed seeing her big beautiful tits bounce around. She as taking it slow at first, but soon picked up the pace and began riding him like a mechanical bull, nearly coming off of him a few times along the way.

"Damn, I can't hold back much longer," he screamed at her.

"It's ok, cum inside me. I want to feel your cum inside of me."

He could feel the cum building, he tried his best to hold back because he wanted this moment to last as long as it could. But it was getting too much for him as his body thrusted upwards and he shot his load right into her. Katie, feeling the cum work its way into her pussy began to slow down before coming to a complete stop. She was still on top of Danny, and she felt his dick soften up in her and she got off of his body and just fell on the bed next to him.

"This was wrong on so many levels," she said. "I can't believe I just fucked my cousin."

"It was worth it," he said.

"It totally was," she agreed.

For the next several months of the pandemic they shared a bed every night. In the beginning they were fucking three times a day before they began to slow down. Some nights they just enjoyed laying next to each other. Danny's friends still egged him on about his hot cousin, but he never revealed to them that he was sleeping with her the whole time. Even their family never caught on about the two of them. They were having a lot of fun together, and Danny even helped her take some more pictures for her private Instagram account, and took some private pictures of her that were just for him.

When things began to open up again around the country, Katie decided that it was time for her to leave. They discussed it and decided that it wouldn't work out between them. As fun as it was, it wasn't a good idea to get involved romantically with your own cousin. They still agreed to be fuck buddy's for as long as it could last. It was disappointing for Danny to see her go, but he still thought of it as the best time of his life.


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