Dora watched Allen settle into the seat in front of her and reveled in the knowledge that this was not the sort of movie her boyfriend had expected. Maybe if he hadn't looked so thrilled about watching her and Grant's video, she wouldn't have decided to come to the movie theater. He did, though, and Dora just couldn't resist teasing him even more.

A moment later, Grant sat down in the seat next to her, handing off a bottle of water. They'd obviously chosen the back corner seats of the theater, opposite the entrance. It was tremendously amusing, however, when she told Allen he'd be sitting in front of them. The disappointment on his face was second only to the twitch in his pants.

Dora leaned over and gave Grant a louder-than-strictly-necessary kiss on the cheek. To his credit, Allen continued to face forward. Dora doubted he'd be able to maintain that discipline even halfway through the movie. If he made it through the whole thing, however, Dora promised to show him the other film. The one he'd been begging to see all night. Once he realized he'd have to undergo more teasing to make that a reality, though, Allen took it all in good humor. He had actually been the one to chose this movie and he'd picked one so unassuming Dora forgot its name before she even sat down.

He'd made a good choice, though. The theater was mostly empty, but not entirely. Even better, a few of the other theater-goers were in the middle section, just a few rows from the back. Dora imagined what they might be able to hear and a shiver took her spine.

"I can still do the hole in the popcorn thing. I can go buy it at any time. Lifelong fantasy and all, nothing big."

Grant's whisper prompted a quick eye roll.

"I'm not touching your dick if it's buttered, nudie boy. I shouldn't really have to explain that."

Grant sighed with exaggerated dejection right as Dora's phone buzzed in the drink holder where she'd placed it. She shouldn't have been surprised, though. They couldn't hear Allen unless he spoke at a volume where the people a few rows in front of him could hear too. Dora didn't bother to stop Grant from reading over her shoulder as she looked at her phone.

The text read, "Surprised you aren't on your knees yet, slut. This is gonna be easy."

Dora suppressed a snort. Instead of texting, she just whispered to her boyfriend.

"You're gonna eat those words while I'm eating cock."

When she saw Grant's horrified expression, she put an elbow into his ribcage. Wordplay was not her strong(est) suit.

To add a little oomph to her point, Dora wriggled out of the very same yoga pants she'd discarded upon entering the apartment earlier in the day. Immediately, she wished she'd gone for underwear with a bit more coverage. The scratchy texture of the theater seat was not pleasant against her bare skin. Still, Dora wanted to make a statement. She tossed the pants over Allen's shoulder in the row below.

Dora smiled wide when her boyfriend jumped slightly. He stared at the pants in his hands for a long moment before he laid them down on the seat next to him.

"We haven't even gotten through the previews yet," Grant chuckled. Dora was pleased to see he'd gotten the brief stripping on camera, though. She never said they were done making the video, after all.

"I'm more surprised you haven't joined me yet," Dora retorted.

"In a movie theater? Are you crazy? We'd be lucky if it was just butter on these floors."

After a moment, he added, "You're fine, though. Looking good. Doing great."

Dora responded to his cheeky thumbs-up with the raising of a different finger. Soon after a few more rude gestures were exchanged, the previews ended and the movie began. In the first few minutes, Dora was actually quite focused. She had no intention of paying attention to it in full, but she was trying desperately to remember even a single word from the title of the film in front of them. So far, her only clues were Generic Blonde White Woman and Generic Slightly-Gray White Man. It was a lost cause.

Grant had likely made the same decision because his hand had found its way to Dora's thigh. The inside of it, to be specific. She squirmed a bit as the boy's fingers caressed her skin. That her boyfriend was clueless to the metaphorical starting pistol made it all the better.

For a while, they stayed like that. Dora savored the touch on her legs while she brainstormed the best ways to tease the man sitting in front of her. After a few minutes and a brief glance at the surrounding seats, Dora decided it was time for her top to go. Just as it left her body, baring her bralessness to all of one person, she tossed it over to Allen.

This time, he took it in stride, tucking it away with the pants immediately. At the same time, Grant's hands found a new target. Dora shivered, half with delight and half with a slight chill, as the boy began to massage her breasts. She let a gasp escape from her lips, just loud enough for Allen to hear.

The text that followed brought a smile to her face. Rather than read, it though, she had a better response. Not a few seconds after Allen put his phone back down, Dora's thong came flying over his shoulder. His head budged just an inch, but he managed to not look back. Behind him, Dora was smiling almost as wide as she'd spread her legs.

Grant didn't comment on the hastiness of Dora's stipping, though he certainly appreciated her enthusiasm. His fingers toyed with her hard nipples unabated as he whispered into her ear,

"What are you going to do if someone comes up here? No clothes. No backing out now."

Dora's grin was nearly manic as she clamped down on the shiver, the urge to writhe in her seat that ran through her. She gripped the plastic armrests as Grant's hand slid down her abdomen and stopped at her bare pussy. She arced her back slightly, squirming with the contact. The boldness of her public nudity felt like a hot . Her head swam imagining the scene Grant had not stopped feeding her.

"What if this is one of those theaters with monitors? The ones with flashlights? He'd walk right up here and put a spotlight on the naked slut in the top left corner. Those people a few rows down? They'd have to turn to see what fuss was about. And what would they see? You. Naked. Begging to be fucked. By me. By anyone. For all to see."

Dora was breathing heavily, enraptured by Grants continued exploration of his dominant side. His hand was stroking lazy lines on the high inside of her thigh, only just grazing her pussy here and there with the backs of his fingers. She wanted to thrust herself onto his hand, or mount his lap, but she resisted, even as Grant spoke again.

"What kind of run-down theater is this, anyway? And you're naked? Here? How badly do you want this, Dora? Do you need it? Tell me."

"I need it," Dora growled, her voice low. Allen stirred.

"I can't hear you." Grant's voice was barely a whisper.

Dora repeated herself, voice still low, but now audible.

"What do you need?"


That last word, which punctuated their exchange, reverberated in the theater as the movie took the opportune moment to go silent. Though she was staring at Grant's beautiful face, Dora saw, out of the corner of her eye, Allen grip the armrests. Hard. Dora tried not to swoon southern-belle-style at the thought of the other theater-goers hearing her.

"Prove it," Grant said, that irresistible, smug grin plastered over his delicate features. The movie screen cast a soft light across his face, laying shadows across it. The effect was just slightly sinister, but wholly sensual. She dragged a finger across his half-lit lips, desperate to find out what he had in store for her.

Before she could even think it over, Dora's knees hit the cold linoleum. She siddled over in front of Grant, not bothering to stop her feet from jostling Allen's seat in front of them. Grant's zipper made a delightfully loud noise as Dora reached for the long, stiff penis she was craving. Immediately, her phone buzzed. Grant raised an eyebrow toward her, but Dora just smiled wider and redoubled her efforts to get her friend's cock out.

She relished in the discomfort she imagined Allen to be in behind her. Did he know she was on her knees? Could he imagine his girlfriend was slutty enough to crawl on the theater floor just to put another guy's cock in her mouth?

And in her mouth it was. Grant exhaled sharply when Dora finally freed his member from its denim confines. Her phone buzzed again, but Dora ignored it. She focused on the feeling of Grant's glans against the tip of her tongue. She pushed her head further down until her nose pressed into his jeans. And that just wouldn't do.

Frustrated that she couldn't get to every last millimeter of Grant's splendid cock, Dora tucked it back into his pants, then tugged them halfway down his thighs. If she could go fully naked, then Grant could give up 20% of his jeans.

With that issue settled, she returned to the task at hand. It began with a kiss, placed delicately on the frenulum. Hot breaths down the shaft. Tongue sliding back up. Then into her mouth. And down. Dora reached the base of his penis and lapped at his testicles with her tongue, suppressing a giggle at the groan, and the text from Allen, it elicited. She came up for air, but wrapped her lips around the head first to make a loud pop when she let Grant's cock leave her mouth.

Dora knew she was dripping wet know. She knew if Allen turned around, he'd see her pussy, bared doggy style to the theater, save for the row of seats below blocking the view. And he'd see just how turned on she was. Grant ran a hand through her hair and Dora smiled up at him.

She whispered, "Is that proof enough?"

Still toying with a strand of hair behind her ear, Grant smiled back and said, "It's a start. I think you want something more, though. This isn't enough to get Allen to turn around."

He spoke loud enough that Dora knew Allen could hear. She opened her mouth to answer, but a better idea popped into her head. Fortunately, she was just the right size for that idea to work.

Dora shuffled her naked body around so that she was facing the back of Allen's head. She scooted forward and rested her chin on his seat, her lips inches from his ears. She wiggled her arm through the gap between the next seat over, then wiggled her bare butt in invitation.

She spoke softly into Allen's ear.

"Hey. Hold my hand."

Allen turned his head just slightly, just enough to rest the side of his forehead against hers. He said nothing, but took her hand in his.

Grant stuck his cock into Dora from behind. She grunted into Allen's ear. She cast her eyes down and saw the bulge in her boyfriend's pants. She grinned and whispered,

"Could you fuck me like this? In a movie theater, on my knees, panting like a dog? Or do you need your friend to do it for you? Mmmm. Don't bother. We both know the answer."

Dora delighted in the twitch of Allen's cock in his pants and the way he squeezed her hand tighter. He brought that same hand, still clutching Dora's, up. And patted her head. She could see his smile, even if it was facing the movie screen.

And as Grant made his second thrust, he grabbed his own bit of Dora's hair. His intention was a bit different, however. He took hold of her by the roots of her hair and thrust again. She grunted, a deep, guttural sound. She almost repeated it when she saw the theater-goers a few rows down turn to look. Allen sat up and leaned forward, obscuring their view.

With her free hand, Dora pulled him back. Grant's hips smacked into her ass with a resounding, distinctive clap. Allen's hand squeezed tightly, but Dora's pussy squeezed tighter. She was near-delirious looking at the potential audience in front of her. One of them stood up to investigate.

Seeing his silhouette rise up against the light of the movie and watching it turn toward her, Dora nearly came on the spot. She moaned to her boyfriend again while she reached back and clutched at her butt. She spanked herself with a loud clap.

Either the man gave up, or got too good a look at what was going on because he sat back down quickly and whispered to his companions. Meanwhile, Grant's cock was reaching deep inside her. Dora talked into Allen's ear, her voice frenetic with nerves and arousal.

"Did he see? Did he see your girlfriend getting fucked, Allen? F-fucked better than her boyfriend ever could."

Dora stuttered out the words in between the thrusts of Grant's hips. He was breathing just as heavily as they went from panting to groaning, louder and louder. Visions of the man who stood up ran through Dora's head. She imagined him walking over, taking pictures, even joining in. She whimpered into Allen's ear as Grant's thumb started to stroke the rim of her asshole. With each clap of Grant's hips against her ass, Dora felt herself inching toward an orgasm. The hand pulling on her hair, the cock inside her, her boyfriend struggling to keep cool, even the feel of the cold floor on her knees; everything was pushing Dora to the edge.

She shakily planted a kiss on Allen's cheek and, surprisingly, that did him in. He turned to her. Looked into her eyes and kissed her back. For a moment, she moaned into his lips, but she was able to stammer out,

"You lose."

Dora cried out as she came, arching her back and clutching Allen's hand. Grant clapped a hand over her mouth as he shot his load inside of her. He groaned and slumped over her naked form in the back of the movie theater.

Dora stayed on her knees for a moment while Allen stroked her hair and Grant planted a kiss on the top of her head. She savored the delirious joy in the afterglow of the orgasm that rendered her a quivering mess on the floor of a movie theater.

Even in that state, though, Dora's thoughts went back to the silhouette of the man who stood up. She grappled with herself, wondering if she wanted him to come over, or go so far as to join in. Mentally, she arrived at a crossroads and looked into an uncertain future. What she knew for sure, however, was that Allen had lost.

And punishment was in order.

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