Michael was roughly two meters ahead of me as we left Abbas' house. I controlled the door shutting loudly by holding onto the door handle.

As I heard the lock click into the door frame my heart sank. I froze with my hand squeezing the door handle making my knuckles turn purple. I started to cry.

We were only friends. Fuckbuddies. Sometimes people thought we were partners and in my heart I wanted that more than anything. But Abbas made it clear that he was single and free.

He had lost many potential partners because of his refusing to be involved with anyone. I enjoyed what we had together but sometimes it left me feeling empty and I found more and more that I lived under a hope full of illusion. We accompanied each other to many parties, orgies and theatre events. He had fucked me alone or spit roast me with many other guys. I loved it all. But! Sometimes I just wanted him to myself in every way.

"Hey Glen, come on! Let's go," I heard Michael's voice penetrating into my ears.

My face was wet from crying. I forced my hand away from the door handle and slowly walked towards Michael.

"Fuck! Glen, you are crying!" said Michael as he raced towards me. His arms wrapping around my body as soon as he could.

We stood there for what seemed like an eternity.

I sobbed even more. I felt heartbroken but at the same time I knew it was time to move on from Abbas. Maybe Michael and I would only be another casual fuck but I knew it was time to face my inner reality that I wanted to settle down with a man that wanted me to himself.

"Glen, I am so sorry I didn't notice your pain sooner," said Michael, as he squeezed me tighter.

I melted into his muscled body. The heat was amazingly comforting and erotic. I felt secure in that moment and relaxed.

Michael kissed the tears on my cheeks away. I stood there in amazement of his gentleness. After all, he had fucked me pretty hard earlier on and was pretty forceful in thrusting his fat cock into my love hole and now kissing away tears!

Momentarily lost in my own world, I was brought back to reality, "Come on Michael, let me take you for a ride on my motorbike. That will help shift your attention away from the deep sadness you are feeling."

I blurted out, "Motorbike! You have a motorbike?" full of excitement.

"Yes, I ride a BMW touring bike with a 1.6 litre engine, so it travels very nicely."

"I've never been on the back of a motorbike before and feel a bit scared but excited at the same time Michael!"

"Don't worry Glen. I will take it easy until you tell me you feel comfortable," said Michael, smiling from ear to ear.

Michael was right. My attention was already distracted from my emotional upheaval of leaving Abbas' house.

Initially, on seeing his motorbike, I thought of it as an old man's bike. Touring around the country side like an arrogant arsehole. This gave way to me deciding it was hot but only because I knew he rode it.

The panniers housed his leather gear and a spare helmet and jacket for passengers.

The helmet was, luckily, a good fit but the black leather jacket swam on my torso.

Michael laughed, "You look hot Glen!"

"Oh! Fuck off with your trying to make me feel comfortable. I look like an ape I am sure."

I'd been so busy thinking of myself that I forgot to check Michael out.

My heart missed a beat as I saw him in a leather jacket with matching leather pants and gloves. The visor on his full-faced helmet was up and he was wearing a pair of mirrored sunglasses, so I couldn't see his eyes. I grinned and then felt my heart pounding in my chest as well as my cock stiffening.

"Come on Glen, let's get on this monster and take it for a spin."

I climbed on behind Michael and then he gave me advice about either holding on to him or the passenger grips. I smiled to myself and thought this was going to be one hell of a new experience for me.

"Glen, I have decided that we will hit the motorway and feel the comfort of this bike and the wind against us. It is my favourite pastime."

I whimpered, "Sounds great to me."

On the main road he took it easy for what seemed for ever, but then I tapped him on the shoulder and told him that I felt safe and he could go faster.

Up to this point I had been letting my hands hang freely but now as he sped up my body was pushed into the backrest. I scrambled to grab hold of the hand grips.

It was exhilarating as we passed other vehicles at the speed we were doing. The wind was wrapping around the exposed parts of my neck, between the jacket and the helmet. I was glad the air was warm. I relaxed even further. I leant forward into Michael, pushing my full body into his back against the thick leather jacket. I felt him moan. One of his hands found my knee and then it was gone again. I moaned gently.

With my arms wrapped around his muscled body I was in heaven. The helmet against the jacket. My fingers interlocked in front of his six-pack.

I thought I'd experienced intimacy before, but this was far beyond my expectations. There was something about being on a motorbike and cuddled up to a man that I felt I could spend a lot of time with.

My cock was now straining against my jeans. My balls had risen up. I'm sure I would have had pre-cum.

I only just heard Michael's voice as he spoke, "Are you alright back there Glen?"

"Perfectly happy Michael. This is beyond my expectations and so far the experience is almost overwhelming."

I looked over Michael's shoulder to see how fast we might be going.

I couldn't help myself blurting out, "Holy fuck! We are doing one hundred and eighty kilometres per hour!"

"And!" uttered Michaels mouth.

I wanted that mouth on mine. I wanted to feel his naked body against mine as he drove his thick cock into my willing man hole and made me cum over and over.

I answered, "It is fantastic, thank you. So freeing."

I adjusted myself again behind Michael and finally reached down to feel that he was hard. His cock pushing against the leather. I ran my fingers along the outline of his thickness. Enjoying the form of the leather around his man hood.

Michael moaned loudly. I kept rubbing my hand against the leather. His cock trapped behind the leather; unable to expand to its glorious upright position.

"Hey Glen, I think we need to pull-over at the next truck stop and have a rest from riding," with sex in his voice.

As we pulled into the stop I noticed that there was a semi-trailer parked at the very end of the parking bays. Michael parked the motor bike near a picnic table. We both dismounted and took off our jackets.

I let out a deep sigh, "That was fucking brilliant Michael. So intimate sitting behind you. The thrill of going fast and the wind was fantastic!"

"I am glad you liked it Glen and it felt great when you wrapped your arms around me and then felt me cock.

While Michael packed the gear away, I made myself comfortable leaning against a nearby picnic table; then I sat on the edge with my legs hanging over the side.

Michael walked towards me with a big smile. I spread my legs in the hope that he would stand between them and then kiss me.

My dream come true. He held me by the ears as he kissed me hard but passionately. His tongue darting gently into my mouth and pushing my own tongue around. We both moaned heavily.

I reached down and felt that his cock was hard, again. My hands pushed against the leather and onto his cock.

"Fuck I love it when you do that Glen," breathing into my ear as he spoke.

"Well Michael, I like what is happening right now. Maybe we need to take off some clothing?"

As quickly as I could, I undid the zip on Michaels leather pants and then the top button. With a quick downward pull on the leather, his cock sprung out.

"You sexy man! You aren't wearing underwear!"

"I never do when wearing my leathers. I like the lining and it makes me feel sexy," grinned Michael as he spoke.

His cock was hard as. Thick and long. I kissed him again and then he started to undress me. His hands undoing the belt, the button and the zip and then his hands diving into my jeans to feel my erect cock.

"Oh baby, your hands are so warm on my cock. I'm going to come pretty soon if you keep that up!"

My cock was released from the clothing and Michael went down on me.

Sucking on me, I started to leak pre-cum and he obviously knew that.

"Mmmmm... I should have known that your juice would taste so sweet, as sweet as the man is!" licking all around my nob.

On hearing his beautiful words I shot a load of cum into his mouth, unexpectedly. The gulping sound as he swallowed made me shoot again.

"Yeah Glen, give it to me. I like it," moaned Michael with his mouth full of my juice.

In one quick movement Michael pulled my jeans down and beyond my comprehension took both my shoes off so quickly that I hardly had time to blink.

I felt my naked legs in the warm air and then they were over Michaels shoulders. Then his big nob pushing at my already willing and wet hole.

"Please Michael! Fuck me! I have wanted this all the time I was sitting behind you."

I felt the nob push against my opening. I groaned. He pushed in even further and then passed my sphincter.

I gritted my teeth in searing pain as his thickness pushed in and spread my hole.

"Aaaarrggggghhh! Fuck man!" as I felt the length of his cock bottom out in my hole.

He stopped. I relaxed.

Looking into each other's eyes, I spoke silently, "You can fuck me hard now Michael."

Michael pulled his cock out and I gasped, "No, don't take it out, please!"

The big nob was right at the entrance. I kept gasping with pure pleasure as he teased me with tiny thrusts of his nob at my entrance. I cum again.

Looking at me, Michael said, "You ready Glen?"

Before I could answer, I felt him thrust his cock into me. My back arched as I dropped onto the picnic table.

His big monster cock fucked me with a vengeance. I loved it.

The shaft thrust in and out with such force and beauty that made me groan and writhe around on the wooden picnic table. Michael fucked me as he stood at the end with his biker boots firmly on the ground.

The cock didn't ease up. My hole felt ruined. I wanted it ruined. His big balls slapping against me. I screamed with total sexual abandonment.

Michael then grabbed my ankles and pounded my arse. I cum again and then he blew into me.

I counted seven loads of cum as he drained his balls into my man-cunt.

I smiled as I watched his face. His eyes closed and the total sensuousness on his face was beautiful as he unloaded his monster into my guts.

Finished, he lent down and kissed me passionately.

"Glen, thank you. You are the best!" with tenderness in his eyes.

"Well Michael, you are not too bad yourself!" as I smiled back at him.

Michael moved his face towards mine and whispered into my ear, "Don't look now but we have company!" He then indicated with his eyes that our 'company' was to my right. On looking, I saw that a hot looking man in work overalls, possibly the truck-driver, was at the end of shooting his load onto the ground. He was approximate two metres away from us and was wiping of his thick but six inched cock. He pushed his semi hard cock back into his work overalls, smiled at us directly and walked away.

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