I sat there confined in a fetal position for what seemed like hours. As I kept running the days events with Jenna's mom over and over, time took on an ephemeral quality. My brain was in a type of space where I was neither awake, nor sleeping. My brain having been flooded with beta energy, seemed to have lapsed into some sort of beta brain space.

Eventually, I heard someone coming, although I could not see who. Someone was lowering Mr. Anderson next to me. I could see him get into fetal position and I saw his chain get pulled through the hook. He turned his head from me as the lock clicked. This must be some sort of cuckold holding area I thought.

Whoever had dropped him off walked up behind me. I felt a bare foot run from my shriveled penis and settle on my bare ass. "Tonight is a big night for you," spoke Mrs. Anderson. "Tonight you will prove your love for my daughter and further submit to your life as a cuckold." She spoke calmly without a hit of her frustration from earlier. "Jake will be your Bull as you are dating, when you soon become engage, and as well as when you take Jenna as your bride. You should be proud, he is an excellent Bull, just as Jenna will make an amazing partner. Show us what an amazing cuckold you can be tonight. Remember what we talked about today. Address your Bull as 'Sir', follow every command, and show the support that my daughter deserves, and you will be fine..."

With that I could feel her foot leave my bare ass, as her message rested my mind. A lot had changed in a short period of time. A lot of what Mrs. Anderson said had made sense. I honestly did have a lot of problems with erections, even with Jenna who was smoking hot. I did find myself getting frustrated around her, seemingly for no reason. As I thought about it, I did notice how she often looked disappointed after we had sex and how we had slowly gotten away from intercourse and blowjobs and moved toward me using my mouth more and more. As I remembered my beautiful girlfriend with that cock in her mouth, that wasn't mine, I felt a small beta surge in my penis. That must be proof. I was born to be a cuckold.

As some time passed again I heard someone come up behind us. "Hi honey!" it was Jenna whispering. She began to undo the lock and detach the chain. She unlocked the cuff and arm spreader and left them on the ground. She helped me up, "Come with me," she whispered as we went into her room. She helped me gingerly into the big bed and I laid down naked. She quickly stripped and got in.

When she held me against her naked breast I just started sobbing. "I'm sorry..." I whimpered. She held me tight and gave me sweet assurances. I could feel my shriveled penis rubbing against her perfect legs, but no erection was coming. All I felt was sorrow for not being the man she needed and guilt for not treating her like she deserved.

She was very sweet and let me cry into her amazing breasts. I felt extremely close to her and devoted to her at that moment as she understood how difficult this was for me. Yesterday, I had been her boyfriend meeting the parents, by the end of the night, I would be an obedient, loving cuckold in chastity.

Mrs. Anderson was right, I was extremely lucky to have found her.

We must have fallen asleep as we seemed to have to woken up at about the same time. It was getting dark out. We were both naked in her bed. I was still flaccid.

We looked into each other eyes with loving devotion, "Hi honey," she said sweetly planting a kiss on my lips. We looked at each other in the eyes again and then went in for a much more passionate kiss. It was one of the most passionate kisses we had ever had. After it was over, she rolled over and checked her phone. She seemed to change gears and spoke with purpose.

"Get up honey, we need to get ready," she said hopping out of bed. Her perfect ass bobbed a bit as she walked to the bathroom. I followed her. "Here, we need to get that collar off for now." I turned around and she undid it. "Hop into the shower," she commanded. "Get cleaned up. You will see a new razor and lotion in there for you. You need be hairless from the head down. Let me know if there is anywhere you can't reach."

I dutifully listened. I had kept a decent shaving routine up till then anyway, so this was not all that different. As I shaved around my tiny penis, I marveled at how soft I stayed. I mean I had already dribbled today once, but with my beautiful naked girlfriend just feet away from me getting ready, you would think something might happen. But, as it turns out, nothing did. I stayed soft as we both got ready for this evening.

"So," she called out to me as she got ready, "Did anything interesting happen with my mother today?"

Suddenly, a shot of terror rang through me. What did her mother tell her? What was I supposed to say? Should I come clean and tell her that I squirted with her mother's hand around my penis? I tried to stall for time, "Well... we talked a lot. And she showed me her flowers..."

"Really? That's nice," she said from around the corner. "Anything else?"

I was starting to panic a little. "And I saw the exercise building... seemed nice..." I turned toward the wall of the shower and tried to almost hide in the corner I was so nervous.

Suddenly the water turned off. I turned around to see Jenna standing there. "You know you can just tell me that my mom made you sissy squirt and that you ate cum for the first time."

I stood there naked, shaven and shocked. "Don't worry honey," she said reassuringly, "Mother and daughter hold no secrets in this house. I'm just mad at her for not letting me there the first time you tasted cum. I mean, I missed you tasting yours, but there will be other firsts soon to come so, I guess I can stand to lose that one."

I must have looked confused and frightened. She looked me up and down. "Come on out, you look adorable all shaven," she said sweetly, "But now we need to get you dressed."

When I got back into her bedroom, there were several new pairs of boy-shorts laid out on the bed. There was also a small wrapped package. She handed it to me, "Open this one first."

I unwrapped the package and inside was a brand new cock-cage. "It's the smallest one they had," she said smiling. She hurriedly took it out of the box and began to fiddle with the components. "It's also pink, which I LOVE!" she said grinning ear to ear. She manipulated the device like a pro and had the ring around me in no time. She quickly, placed on the headpiece and it snapped into place. It was tight, very tight. She took at step back and looked at her handy work. "It looks perfect!" she said excitedly. She reached back onto the bed and got out a brand new lock. She fit it through the hole. She looked me directly in the eye, "I love you honey." And with that, CLICK.

She dangled the keys in front of me, "One for Jake, and one for safe keeping..." she said winking at me. "Now, let's see that it works." With that she got down on her knees at my feet. She pretended to give me head. She started kissing the cage and my locked balls sweetly. I felt a tinge of sexual energy ignite there, but no change in erection. She stood up satisfied and turned her perfect ass to me. She rubbed my locked cage up and down her perfect ass. She then pushed back to simulate sex. Again she turned to examine it. Again, there was a slight sexual feeling, but no change in erection. She grabbed my cockcage tight and pulled up real close to me and whispered in my ear, "Jake is going to fuck the shit out of me and you are going to helplessly watch..." Just then I felt a major jolt to my locked penis. It even moved a bit despite being confined to it's metal prison. Jenna pulled back and put her arms around my neck, "Well that seemed to do something," she said smiling, "And no cage is perfect."

She kissed me on the cheek seemingly satisfied with my new cage. "Here, let's pick out your panties," she said excitedly.

I looked down at the selection. "Jenna," I asked calmly. "Why panties?"

"Well, in this house you might call it a cuckold tradition," she answered. "The men of this house, Mr. Johnson and Jake certainly don't feel threatened by the cuckolds, they just... feel like if the glove fits. Do you know what I mean?" I guess I sort of did. "Plus," she said continuing, "Much of the time the cuckolds are naked. Panties are only sometimes." She said this as if it were obvious and made complete sense. To me, I guess it was starting to in a way.

She handed me some light purple ones that I tried on. She seemed to think that they were perfect. "Some cucks wear thongs," she said, "Sometimes you might. I just think that for now, boy-shorts are the way for us to go." She stepped back and looked at me with my cock tied and my ass pantied. "You look perfectly adorable!" she said beaming. "You are going to do so well tonight!"

She went back into the bathroom and put on a very small bikini that made her body look amazing. "Tonight is pool night," she said answering my unasked question.

I watched her get ready. "Uh Jenna," I asked sheepishly, "How come I never speak with your dad?"

She kept applying makeup, "That's a fair question," she answered. "Honestly, he doesn't have anything to tell you. You and I are here to build our relationship. True, my mother can give some advice, but really this is about us... and Jake." She saw that his name brought some confusion to my face. "You see, we are Jake's first real cuckold couple." She saw that I was very confused. "I mean don't get me wrong, he has turned plenty of boys into cuckolds, and plenty of girls into sluts, as he still does, but we are a little different for him."

"He fucks other girls?" I asked. "Are you ok with that?"

Jenna laughed, "Of course he fucks other girls silly! He's an Alpha, a Bull. His seed is what us girls go crazy for." Again I must have looked dumbfounded. "And I would love for it to be only me he fucks, but that is just a ridiculous fantasy. A guy like that should fuck as many girls as possible. I mean honey, I'm ok, but there is no way a guy like him would be satisfied with just me. He has a lot of oats and they deserve to be sown."

I still must have looked confused. "You met him last night," she explained further. "But you have not seen yet what he can do to me, what place he can take me to. After you witness that, you will understand. Jake is not for one woman. We are just lucky when he chooses us..."

Strangely enough, this information sent a beta pulse to my locked dicklet. "So uh... what are we to him?" I asked.

"Well," she said thinking as she spoke, "You might think of us as his first real project. Like I said last night, Mr. Johnson owns my parents, so by extension his son... owns us." She paused a bit before continuing, "You and I will have a prosperous relationship filled with joy, love, and companionship. But for this to work, we both need to acknowledge that a Bull controls our relationship. He deserves our complete respect. He has offered to take many burdens off of us. He will prevent us from conflict, shoulder the masculine pressures that so many modern couples crumble under, and give us progeny."

"You mean," I asked, "He's going to have our kid?"

"He's going to give us kids," she said starting to sound serious, "Don't be so selfish in the face of his gift to us." She took a breath as she finished putting her hair into a ponytail. "Anyway honey, we are getting ahead of ourselves."

She wrapped a sheer shawl around her waist and fit into some cute flip-flops. She held my hand as I stood there with a locked dick and head hung. "All you have to do tonight is remember what my mother told you, do exactly as your told, and always address him a 'Sir'." She kissed my cheek and flicked the tip of my cage with her finger.

"Now," she said sweetly, "Let me see a smile."

She raised my chin and I relaxed a bit. "Time to make you officially a cuckold." she said as we walked out the door.

We walked down the beautiful hallway hand in hand. The thought of wherever we were going, to do whatever that might be made me incredibly nervous.

"Are you alright?" Jenna asked sweetly.

"Actually Jenna," I said humbly. "I'm pretty scared right now."

She appreciated the honesty. She thought a moment before speaking, "That's actually a good thing honey."

I must of sounded confused, "It is?"

"Yes," she said assuredly, "You should be a bit scared. Jake is no joke, and he doesn't take talk-back or any type of resistance very well. Like Mr. Johnson said, 'he's still learning control.'" She held my hand as we walked, "A lot of power is good for a Bull, but Jake is still getting a handle on his. You remember last night when he smacked you. I never want to see that again..."

"Well, what do I do?" I asked.

"I would use it," she said helpfully. "Your fear that is. Use it to stay submissive. Use your fear of him to stay compliant, that way there will be no misunderstandings. He will treat you as insignificant if you behave that way." She seemed to be piecing a puzzle together as she spoke. "Now how he treats me might be a bit more difficult to deal with. Jake can be... a rough lover. DO NOT do anything to stop him. Everything that he throws at me I can handle, trust me," she said kissing my cheek.

We finished descending the stairs and were making our way outside to the pool. "When we get there, present me to Jake. Ask him if there is anything that you can do for him and then just follow orders for the rest of the night." We stopped about twenty feet from the others. She looked me directly in the eye and kissed me on the lips. "Whatever happens, she said, "I love you."

We approached the group hand in hand. Jake was again reclining on a pool chair. Mr. Johnson and Mrs. Anderson were standing by the pool bar. Mr. Anderson, who I hadn't seen since last night was standing nearby at attention like a stone statue. He was wearing only his cock-cage. Everyone got quiet as we approached. There was an air of expectation.

I walked up to Jake with my beautiful girlfriend. He was wearing swim trunks this time. His body was ripped. Jenna looked a little nervous. I was personally scared shitless, but I took her advice and pushed ahead.

"Well if it isn't the little wimp?" Jake mocked. He stood up with his muscular frame in front of us. The contrast between his Greek statue like body and my meager frame was considerable. Which of us were the superior physical male specimen would be in doubt of no one ever.

The humiliation was almost overwhelming. I was to present my beautiful, athletic girlfriend to this Alpha Bull who had easily kicked my ass last night. All the while with a caged penis and panties! I looked over at Jenna, she looked amazing in her skimpy bikini and cute sandals. She was to be his.

I decided then and there that there was no way out but though. "Uh Sir..." I said meekly. "Here is Jenna, my girlfriend. She's yours."

Jenna beamed from ear to ear as I led her to the Bull's arms. She wrapped her arms around the Alpha and he fondled her perfect ass as they kissed on the lips. At that moment, she was no longer mine. She had been passed both literally and symbolically. I was submitting my rights as a lover to the superior male.

There was a smattering of applause from Mrs. Anderson and Mr. Johnson. I sheepishly spoke up, "Uh, is there anything I can do for you Sir?"

Jake put his strong hand on the nape of my neck. "Listen boy," he said assuredly. "I don't want to hear anything from you unless I ask. Understood?" He didn't wait for an answer, "Why don't you sit your bitch-ass over there and I will let you know if I need you." He indicated to the ground nearby. I quickly retreated to the indicated spot and knelt down in a submissive manner on my knees at attention.

He also sat down, but he sat down in a big lounge chair with my near naked girlfriend on his lap. He rubbed her sexy legs as he relished his prize in front of everyone.

"Well," Mrs. Anderson spoke up, "This calls for a toast!"

With that the four non-cuckolds raised their glasses and cheers each other. Apparently, Mr. Anderson and I were only passive objects at this gathering. We were submissive devices forced to watch four great looking, fit people have a wonderful time. The chastity and submissive mindset ensured that.

I lowered my eyes as Jenna and Jake were enjoying each other and settled in for a long night.

After about half an hour of them swimming and partying Mrs. Anderson walked over to me. She sat down on the lounge chair next to me. "You did excellent this evening," she said approvingly. "It seems like my lesson took."

"Yes Mrs. Anderson," I said humbly.

"You have a lot more to do this evening," she continued, "But Mr. Johnson and I think that you will make an excellent cuckold to Jake and Jenna." She rubbed my head as one might a puppy. "Now, there is something you need to do." She indicated to doorway adjacent to the pool. "Go right in that door and there will be a bar. Please be a dear and get us some more refreshments."

"Yes Mrs. Anderson," I quickly picked myself and made my way to the door. Once inside there was a bar and a very pretty girl behind it. I had never seen her before, but I guess she had been there the whole time. How many people were on this estate?

"Uh, hello..." I began slowly, "Mrs. Anderson-"

With that she cut me off and handed me a tray with drinks. She smiled and somewhat devious smile and pointed for me to leave. When I hesitated a bit she pointed again with greater purpose.

"Thanks..." I mumbled as I opened the door back to outside.

"I like your panties!" she called out in a cute tone of mockery. I suddenly remembered what I was wearing.

I looked back but kept on going about my task. Whoever she was, she definitely held me in low regard.

When I got back to the pool everyone was gone except Jake and Jenna. They were making out on one of the large cushioned lounge chairs.

As he was sucking on her bare tit, she looked over to me and pointed to the ground next to them. She had the briefest of smiles for me and then turned her attention back to the Bull.

I put down the tray and knelt next to them on the chair. He had Jenna sit up on her knees on the chair and he stood up straddling it. Jenna ripped down his pants and out popped the snake from before, only this time it was rock hard. It stuck out from his body a solid nine inches and looked strong as a piece of iron. Jenna looked at me, smiled and then dove face deep into his cock.

I could feel a slight tinge in my tied dicklet. It probably was a good thing that we got a smaller size, otherwise my semi would be busting through. But, having been effectively neutered, all I could do was marvel at them together.

She furiously rubbed her exposed tits as she looked up at her conqueror. With her other hand she worked the base of his cock as she took in as much as she could with her beautiful mouth. She gave him those eyes you give an Alpha when you are overflowing with respect. I personally, had never seen those eyes, but it seems like he was able to enliven a side of Jenna that I had never known existed.

He grabbed her hair a the pony tail and forced his cock in and out. "That's a good slut! Take that cock!" He yelled as she blew him. I had never said anything remotely close to that. I certainly would never call her a slut, but with him, it just seemed to turn her on more and more.

I could feel my cockcage tingle more and more as the Bull face-fucked my girlfriend and I simply watched helplessly. This man had power I would never know, that much was clear.

She looked up and loosed her grip as he took control and simply used my girlfriend's pretty mouth as a hole that he was furiously pumping. Suddenly he pulled out and roared as he exploded his load all over her naked chest. His body shook as thick globs of cum emanated from his healthy cock and covered my loving girlfriend in his spunk.

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