The battery room was really more of a long hallway, running along the entirety of the mile-long ship's spine. Ellie found it hard to grasp the scale as they entered it—the corridor stretched out in both directions so far she couldn't see the end on either side!

Along both walls were the boxy battery mounts—most of them empty. Ellie looked at the closest one that held a battery. The side facing her reminded her of a front-loaded washing-machine leaned backward, so the two-foot diameter opening was angled a little upwards. A barrel-like glass battery had been pushed firmly into the round slot. About a foot of the transparent barrel stuck out from the black box, allowing Ellie to see part of the glass cylinder's contents in the projecting portion.

Ellie had been warned and knew what to expect, but even so, she gasped. There was actually a folded-up young woman trapped inside the glass pod! Ellie could see the naked girl's buttocks next to the toes of her feet, beneath the thick crystal. The woman was head down inside, her bare butt and feet exposed and pointed towards the ceiling in the part of the barrel sticking out from the mount. Scanning the row of black boxes for more glass cylinders, Ellie saw girls' cheeks and feet inside those containers as well, all along the entire length of the corridor! Ellie put a hand to her mouth. There were so many!

The lieutenant walked up to the holder the Princess had been looking at and pulled a lever. The mount tilted towards them with a soft hiss, and the just over three foot long battery cylinder smoothly slid out from the unit until its entire length was free from the mount. The heavy crystal barrel holding the young woman now rested securely on two level metal-bars that had pushed out of the device along with the glass pod.

The flat-ended tube was tight around the poor girl, shoulder-width and just barely big enough to swallow her diminutive body, even though she was tightly folded up. The trapped female's knees were pressed against her chest, her heels to her buttocks, and her arms were bound painfully behind her back. Neon-colored rope wrapped in a crisscross pattern around her body so tightly it indented her pale, glistening skin. The bondage made her into a package—tied with twine for secure shipping and then inserted into a jar for easy transport.

The trussed young woman was somehow floating inside her glass-walled prison—her head aimed towards the mouth of the dark chamber her tight enclosure had slid out of. Her face was scrunched up, and she moaned into a scarlet ballgag—Ellie realized she had been right in the middle of an orgasm when her container was suddenly pulled out, and she still was. The trapped girl's face burned at her sudden audience, but her body still quivered in climax.

"Oh Goddess," Ellie said, trying to keep a straight face in front of the cameras, feeling herself reddening along with the poor, exposed girl. She could hear her ladies' reactions behind her and turned towards them, seeing their flushing faces. They seemed as flustered by the girl's ongoing ecstasy as she was. Ellie wondered what the chance was, what portion of time the podded girl spent in orgasmic rhapsody for her to be in the middle of it the moment they happened to inspect her. Embarrassed, she blushed deeper, putting a hand up to cover her mouth again. She couldn't ask that! "What... what's holding her up?" she inquired instead. "I mean... She's floating!"

"It's the protective magic," her guide replied. "She's prevented from making contact with the glass, so even if she thrashes when being ridden, she can't harm herself! It eliminates the risk of damage to the asset. We don't have enough batteries as it is."

"The tube seems so small... There's barely room for her."

"Yes, they've been purposefully made as compact as possible," the lieutenant responded and nodded as he gestured along the hall. "As you can see, we require a vast amount of batteries, and there are always size-constraints on a spaceship. As it is, battery accommodation takes up almost a percent of the ship's volume! Naturally, we strive to preserve space for where it matters, so efficient design is essential."

Ellie bit her lip and chose to not mention the cavernous bridge and the decadently spacious hallways they'd traveled to get here. Instead, she nodded dutifully.

The lieutenant pointed to the tube. "The female is folded and tied down shibari-style into an optimized form before she's inserted into the barrel, but as you can observe, it's nevertheless an extremely tight fit. The bonus, though, is that the girl being denied volume actually strengthens the spells! Domination is required to make sex Mage spells for energy transfer work, so the container's limited size is intended to keep her constantly aware of how her needs are neglected. With the protective spells in the glass walls pressing into her from all sides, she can hardly move at all!" He winked at her. "Luckily, there have been no complaints from the girls!" he said with a chuckle.

Ellie glanced at the girl's ballgag, the size of the red sphere holding her mouth open into a taxing O wide enough to stretch the girl's lips thin. Her cheeks were protruding, suggestively distended by the mass deeper in her maw. How would she voice her objections, with her mouth stuffed to the limit like that? Still, there was some truth to the lieutenant's statement, as looking at the girl's expression, she seemed too into her orgasm to bother much about comfort or anything else. The girl's eyes were half-lidded, and she twisted in the ropes, writhing in rhythm with her climaxes, puffing hard through flared nostrils as she helplessly crested for the magic that dominated her.

Not that she could move much. This was some hard bondage! The girl's hands were pulled up harshly behind her with her palms pushed flat against each other at the back of her neck. Her slender arms were tied together by loops of the bright neon rope from wrists down to her elbows. The girl's lustrous hair was in a strict, braided ponytail that was held squeezed between her tied-together forearms, the tension in the braid drawing her head back, presenting her slim throat arched in an elegant curve. It looked as if it was meant to be as uncomfortable as possible, while somehow simultaneously being darkly beautiful. And even trussed up like that, the girl came. Ellie couldn't help but imagine the intensity of the magic stimulating her to accomplish that!

From the heavy vibrator in her sex, a thin lead attached her to the inside of a connector in the tube's end cap—the filament glowing warm amber from the mystic power being generated by the girl's occult domination. On the outside, a thick powerline coming down from overhead was securely slotted into the jack. The cable disappeared into the ceiling above, leading the girl's erotic energy to somewhere unknown, deep into the hungry ship.

"Part of the power draw is sacrificed to spells that maintain her youth and vitality. The female won't mature while in the tube. Biological functions, like eating and... uh—making waste, are suspended too. There are only two states—being harvested, or sleeping to recharge. The magic holds the girl aroused, so she's always anxious to deliver."

"And the girls agreed to this?"

"Currently, most are captured enemy females, from boarded ships or plundered resorts and colonies. We only have about two hundred batteries onboard, even though we could slot several thousand. We wish we had a lot more volunteers, with batteries in such short supply. A girl should do her duty for the Empire, right?" he prompted, looking at her meaningfully.

Ellie blushed, knowing what was expected of her. She couldn't meet his eyes. Pink-faced, she looked down. "Yes, the courageous volunteers are playing a vital part to secure our Empire's destined role in the galaxy. I applaud their sense of duty and wish more of the Empire's young, patriotic daughters would express their commitment by joining them in this brave sacrifice," she recited obediently. Louder, to make sure the microphones could pick up the scripted statement.

The woman in the container moaned again. Her submissive whimpers were echoey and muffled from inside the crystalline tube, but Ellie could still hear them. The microphones could probably pick up the needy sounds as well, as a naughty background to her little speech, showing that this girl wasn't entirely unhappy with her role in the Empire's development.

The lieutenant saw her listening to it and leaned in and whispered to her. "Willing or not—we gag them all for their submission and to manage the noise. But even so... Well, you hear it yourself. The batteries produce enthusiastic sounds when we draw power!" Of course, she heard it—the hall was filled with the endless murmur of hundreds of girls begging. Some of the moans came from the podded girl they were inspecting, along with shocked grunts into the ballgag each time the magic did something unexpected to her. It was the sounds of a girl being put through the fuck of her life.

"Goddess, she's so into it! She must be a volunteer."

"Trust me, you couldn't tell without checking her citizen file. Once podded, all females love it," he said, putting his holo close to the glass near her head, using its sensors and bio-pattern recognition to try to identify her. He looked down at the holo's projected report. "Nope, this one doesn't have a file, so must be a capture. We don't even know her name. Probably got stunned during a raid and podded before she regained the ability to speak." He smirked. "But like any other female podded, she's learned this is where she belongs. Just look at her—she wants it!" He bent down to leer at the woman's scrunched up face in the tube as she was worked. "And she's getting it! She's really getting ridden!" he said with a chuckle. "These afternoon shift-change hours put a tremendous demand on the girls with all the spells running, like showers and meal conjurers, and the elevators. And look at her submissively giving herself up for it! What a useful little power-plant she is, dutifully providing for her ship's crew! This is what she was always meant to do. She found her proper place in life!"

Ellie looked wide-eyed at the girl inside as she suddenly thrashed in another release, until her guide gently coaxed the barrel back into the aperture, the woman's head vanishing into the darkness of the black container once more. The holder automatically tilted back and locked, the girl now shoulders down and ass up again. The only thing visible of the podded girl was her buttocks and feet, and her wet sex in-between, rhythmically clenching around the fat and demanding occult vibrator. The glowing wire attaching her to the end cap illuminated her red, excited sex for everyone to see, making a soft glow inside the dark cylinder. Ellie noticed the girl's toes curling, showing her pretty, painted nails, as she was worked towards a new peak. Goddess, the magic was relentless! It just didn't let up, did it?

Ellie listened to the girl whimpering again and to the background murmur of all the other females in the long hall doing the same. Her face flushed at the implication of that sound, and the myriad empty cylinder slots she could see stretch out in both directions. She could only guess how greedy for power a big ship like this was and how hard it rode the helpless girls for the energy it needed.

Suddenly the noise level in the hall increased as if all the girls moaned out together.

"Oh, sounds like we are about to go to warp! Since we aren't at full capacity, all the plugged girls will have to contribute."

All of them, Ellie thought. Every single podded girl on the ship obediently climaxing in sync with the others, a submissive sisterhood helping each other to pull this massive vessel up to warp by the clenching of their wet sexes around their magical plugs. There were about as many girls in the pods as she had in her entourage, she suddenly realized. The image of all her friends climaxing at the same time came into her head, and it was weirdly exciting.

Ellie tried not to pant as she listened to the aroused, podded women serving.

The submissive female sounds increased in volume for the next minute. It grew too loud for anyone to speak, so they just listened. Ellie tried not to meet the eyes of anyone in the entourage. She tried to pretend the reporters and the cameras weren't there, recording every second of her reactions. Still, she blushed.

She couldn't explain why this was turning her on so much, standing there while those girls had their brains fucked out. The helpless females being worked in their pods was the only thing she could think of. The wails from them grew louder and louder until it abruptly turned into gagged, climaxing screams from two hundred young women all at once, and the ship shuddered. They'd gone to warp.

"A successful transfer!" her handsome guide shouted over the noise of the batteries.

The cacophony didn't lessen as the girls rode their climaxes to keep the ship in warp. "Is... is this how it is every time?" Ellie leaned in and shouted, but it was almost impossible to be heard.

The lieutenant pressed his hand to the small of her back once more and briskly steered her through the exit, escaping the noise. He permitted her to stop in the long corridor behind, to catch her breath. With the two wide sound-proofed doors still open, as the press and entourage followed, the din from inside was still loud, but at least it was possible to be understood. She repeated her question.

"For now," the tall officer answered. "Once we have batteries in the rest of the slots, it will sometimes be even louder. With its full complement of batteries, this ship will be able to warp to any of our star systems without dropping to normal space even once, and immediately be ready to warp again as needed. For now, we can only stay in warp for about five hours, which is enough to reach about half-way to Alina IV with one warp session. The batteries then need to rest most of the night before we can make the second warp tomorrow morning."

The Princess's face was flushed. For most of the evening, all the podded girls would be peaking hard without respite, only to have to do it all again tomorrow. She fanned her face with her palm, panting as she struggled against her corset.

The girl in the glass cylinder had seemed to be about her age. She wondered how it felt. She saw herself in one of those tiny pods, masterfully teased and endlessly coming... Horny, blushing, embarrassed, she failed to pay attention and mistakenly looked right into the lens of one of the cameras while imagining the fantasy. She gasped and turned away quickly, the red blush deepening in her face, but it was too late; she could see the cameraman's pleased grin at the shot he just got.


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