Chapter 5: Belinda is Publicly Molested Until She Has Her First Orgasm

Although I had followed Vincenzo into the ballroom, by the time we had walked the few steps to the dais I was by his side, and somehow my hand was in his.

We climbed the four stairs to the small stage. I looked out into the room, into a sea of men. Before I could really register what I was seeing, Vincenzo snapped something on my wrist. A wide leather bracelet. A cuff. He had trapped me! I struggled and tried to pull away. Vincenzo said something to me, but it was so loud in there, between the hubbub of the men and the pounding of my heart, that I couldn't hear his words.

He put his hands on my shoulders and his mouth close to my ear. "The cuffs are for show. Tomorrow someone will teach you how to get out of them. For tonight, you have to trust me." It took me a moment to understand what he was saying. "Can you trust me on this?" he asked me.

I took a breath. I did trust him. I nodded.

"Good." He waited a moment while I collected myself, and then showed me another cuff before he put it on my other wrist. With an arm around my shoulder he led me to the middle of the dais. He stopped in front of two vertical wooden poles about three feet apart. "Turn around slowly," he ordered.

I started to obey, but as I did I looked out into the crowd. It was like looking down at a river from the top of a cliff and wondering if I should jump. Except I was naked and the river was made of men -- dozens? a hundred? more? -- and they were all staring at me.

Except one. A man at a table close to the dais was looking impatiently at his watch. He had dirty blond hair and a dark pink, almost red, birthmark that covered the left side of his face. He glanced up and saw me looking at him. He nodded at me and gave me a bland smile.

Annoyance replaced my fear. Here I was, displaying myself, humiliating myself, for his entertainment, and he didn't even care. I was determined to grab his attention. I turned in a slow circle, concentrating on him in my mind's eye. Experimentally I wiggled my hips a bit. Someone whistled, and cheers broke out. They were for me. I felt a little thrill.

"Turn one more time," Vincenzo said. I repeated the circle and winked at the man with the birthmark. He stared back at me. That was better.

Vincenzo nodded at me approvingly. He guided me a couple of steps back, until I was directly between the two poles. At his instructions I spread my legs. He shackled my ankles to the poles. I bit down the resurgence of panic and sought his eyes.

He spoke into my ear again. "You're doing fine." He took my wrists and attached them by the leather cuffs to the poles, at the height of my hips. It wasn't uncomfortable, but I was absolutely trapped. And, with the height of the dais the men in the ballroom could look directly at my naked pussy. The thought made my crotch tingle, and that made me blush.

Vincenzo picked up a microphone. He told the men my name. They cheered. Then he told them I was a virgin. Much louder cheers. I remembered Tonna and Kaylee laughing about my virginity earlier, and that almost made me laugh. More cheers. Vincenzo raised his hand for silence. "Not only a virgin," he said, "she's never had an orgasm. One of you tonight will give her her first." The men went wild. They actually started chanting my name.

Vincenzo raised his hand again. When the men quieted down he said, "You know how this works. Fifty dollars for a chance at five minutes up here with her. You need a medical clearance wristband to play. You can touch her anywhere on the outside of her body, but I don't want to see any fingers roving inside." Some jeers from the crowd. "The man who makes her come gets to spend the night with her, and take her virginity." Now the cheers were so loud that I moved to cover my ears, but my arms were caught up short by the cuffs. Vincenzo had to wait several minutes before it was quiet enough for him to be heard even with the microphone. "The usual rules on long-term damage apply, and you might want to be extra careful since she's delicate. And no anal tonight; that's for tomorrow's lucky winner."

Vincenzo gave me a half smile. A man came onto the stage holding a hat upside down. Vincenzo reached in, pulled out a ticket, and read a number from it. A path parted among the men as someone jostled his way forward. Vincenzo called out numbers from five more tickets. The winning men lined up to my right.

The first man approached me. He was about my age, with short red hair and freckles. He faced the crowd and did a pelvic thrust, mugging. A group of men catcalled him.

"Five minutes," Vincenzo said.

The man turned to me. For a brief flash he looked terrified. His face was positively green. I wondered if he might throw up on me. That would ruin Vincenzo's plans for my evening.

"I'm Belinda," I said to him. I tried to convey calm.

"I'm Sean," he said. Suddenly he closed the distance between us, and shoved his leg between mine. The cloth of his jeans scratched my pussy, and something hard -- his penis, I realized -- felt like it was bruising my pubic bone. I was so surprised that I tried to step back, but the cuffs on my ankles stopped me. I almost lost my balance, but Sean grabbed my ass and pulled me towards him. He crushed our crotches together and rubbed back and forth. "That's it, baby," he said. "Doesn't that feel good?" I looked over to Vincenzo. He winked at me. Sean pulled me even closer. He made little grunting noises. I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do, and suddenly felt grateful for my cuffs. He rutted on me, his pants scratching me, his hands squeezing me.

"Time," Vincenzo said. Sean stepped away from me, looking relieved. But he turned towards the crowd and held his hands together over his head in a sign of victory.

The next man was a bit older. He had dark skin, a shaved head, and a short, muscular build. He smiled at me. "That kid doesn't know how to treat a woman," he said, "but I do." He stepped close and cupped my breast with one hand. With the other he reached behind me and put his fingers in my butt crack. "Do you like when I touch you like this?" he asked me.

"Yes, sir," I said. At least I didn't feel like a rag doll, as I had with Sean. He moved his hand down from my breast and touched my clit. But despite the earlier combined efforts of Ricky, Kaylee, and Vincenzo, I was dry there, all of the moisture rubbed away onto Sean's pants. This man's fingers merely chafed. I was relieved when Vincenzo called time.

The next few men were a blur. Some poked and prodded me. Others had some skill. One man pinched my nipples, which to my surprise made my pussy pulse -- but he didn't seem to notice. Another man touched my underarms, which I hated.

The next one caressed the front of my neck. That was lovely. He kneeled in front of me and licked my pussy. It felt divine, and Vincenzo called time much too soon.

He was the last of the six, and Vincenzo pulled another batch of tickets from the hat. It was more of the same. Some of the men touched me in ways that felt good, but they were pulled away too soon. With others, it was a relief when Vincenzo called time.

I had been up there for nearly an hour and my feet were starting to hurt. A balding, red-headed man was sucking on my breast. I could see over his head that a lot of the crowd had drifted away. I sighed a little when Vincenzo called time.

"She's tired. Give her a drink of water before I start." It was the man with the birthmark. His voice was deeper than I would have thought. Vincenzo nodded and gestured to someone.

"I'm Avery," the man said to me, carefully standing a couple feet back. He was older than Vincenzo, but not by much. "How are you holding up?"

It seemed like an innocuous question, but it was too personal. "Fine, thank you, sir," I said.

"I doubt that. You can't be very comfortable."

I shrugged.

"I'm going to put you out of your misery. You just have to relax and recognize that I'm in charge of you." There was a steel edge to his voice.

Someone handed Vincenzo a glass of water, but Avery took it from him. He held it to my lips. The water was delicious. I hadn't realized how parched I was. As I drank Avery slid his finger between my buttcheeks, just for a second. He smiled at me slyly. I don't know if it was the smile or the amazing sensation his finger made that seemed to wake my pussy up again. I wanted his finger back there.

I finished drinking. Avery handed the glass to Vincenzo. "Shall we begin?" I wasn't sure if Avery was asking me or Vincenzo, but I nodded. He stepped behind me and reached his hands around to my breasts. He squeezed them, then pinched my nipples. My pussy clenched. His mouth was at my ear. "One of the advantages of getting to watch is that I can see what you like." He pinched harder. I grunted and thrust my hips forward and back. My butt came into contact with his pants. He moved one of his hands down to my hip, and pulled me back against him. His cock pressed against my crack. "Feel what you do to me," he said. And then his fingers were in my slit.

"Three minutes left," he said in my ear. "Show all the men what a slut you are." He moved his fingers to my clit. He took them away for a minute, and when he put them back they moved smoothly over me, a relief from the chafing of some of the men earlier. "Later tonight it will be your own juices that lubricate you," he said.

He moved his fingers over me. God, it felt good. I leaned back against him and felt the warmth and strength of his upper body as his fingers continued to circle my clit. I was vaguely aware of the men on the floor watching me with renewed interest. Avery slid his fingers down to the entrance to my pussy and then back up to my clit. They were warm and wet now.

"Two minutes," Avery said. He lifted his hand away from me, just a little, so that he wasn't touching me anymore. I couldn't believe it. I thrust my hips out to make contact again. "Good girl," he said. "Admit that you want it. Show everyone that you're a slut who can't control herself." His fingers pressed on my clit again. They circled, and I was pushing into them. "One minute." He continued circling, harder, then lighter. I could feel the blood rushing in my ears. "Thirty seconds. Let it go, slut." I leaned harder back against him. The shift in position brought Vincenzo into my field of vision. He nodded at me. I fell apart, spasming, my universe centered on Avery's fingers.

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