Hello, let me introduce myself quickly. My name is Adriana. I am a dentist. I work in an office with eight colleagues. I am married and have a couple of children. I'm thirty-two years old. I have a beautiful body, at least that's what I was told. I think the sports I did when I was younger still makes my body look very muscular.

So you get the idea. I am in good shape and very busy. This was just a presentation for those who didn't read my previous story.

Here's another adventure that I went through. A few weeks later with the "joke" with the Uber driver (I heated my hands on the Uber driver's pussy.)

I apologize if this story gets too big, but I didn't want to divide it into two parts. If you want the next ones to be divided into parts so it doesn't get too big, let me know. But I guarantee that it is worth reading it all. Kisses from Aunt Dri.

She had gone to the mall with my family (all of my tales take place before the pandemic.) My children were walking in front of us while my husband balanced himself carrying our purchases. He was in a bad mood that day and I couldn't blame him, as he hates shopping and we still had to look at our children, who, even if they behave, love to "get lost in us" in stores.

But then, as always, I reminded my husband that I'm going with him to the football games and I wait patiently until that bunch of men stop running after a ball for 90 minutes! Then he reluctantly accepts our trips to the mall.

  • Just one more store and we're done. ~ I said.

I needed new bras, for some reason the old ones were getting tight. Maybe I gained a few extra pounds ...

I went into the store and asked to measure my bra size. The attendant I spoke to asked another younger attendant to answer me. She smiled and motioned for me to enter one of the changing rooms, while my husband sat in a chair a few feet away with our children.

The saleswoman asked me to take my shirt off. I felt a little embarrassed and crossed my arms.

She noticed my nervousness and took my arms and put them aside.

  • Do not be shy. She said.

I started to relax. My hair is long, so she straightened it and put it over my shoulder so that it hung in front. When she did, her fingers brushed my neck, making my spine shiver. The saleswoman looked at me in the mirror and smiled.

She took her measuring tape and put it on my back, then in front, while she did this, her hand lightly brushed my nipple. It hardened instantly and I was a little embarrassed. She looked up at me and said it was cold here. I was grateful that she was being so nice.

Since I had that adventure with the Uber driver, I started to have a certain ... curiosity about other women. It wasn't hard to catch me imagining myself kissing someone famous. Of course, neither my husband nor my friends knew on this side that I was being aroused. But let's get back to the tale before it gets giant and no one reads it ...

Then she measured the entire area of my bust, she stayed behind me, her breasts touched my back. She stretched her arms around my breasts, brushing each nipple. I gasped, looked at her in the mirror and her mouth was so close to my ear that when she spoke to me, I got goosebumps down my spine.

-Lady ... ~ She said while talking in my ear ~ ... Now you need to remove your bra ...

As she said that, her thumb touched my nipple again. I let out a little groan. It was clear to me now that she did it on purpose. She removed the tape measure and took a step back.

I put my hands behind my back to undo the bra straps. But soon she stops me.

  • Let me help you.

She stood behind me again, I felt her breath on my neck, she slowly pulled the bra strap over my shoulder, running her hands over my skin. She guided my arms out and turned the bra forward and unbuttoned it. She dropped the bra to expose my heavy breasts.

She stood for a moment behind me and I caught her looking at my breast, she looked at me and raised her hands and without giving me a chance to say anything she gently stroked my nipples with her thumbs ... It was so erotic to look at mirror while she did that I felt my panties get a little damp.

Yes, it was happening again. I was getting turned on again by a woman I have never seen in my life. I didn't know what was happening to me, I should scream, scan it, tell my husband and everyone at the mall what that attendant was doing to me. But I didn't do any of that, instead of telling her to stop, I let her continue and was looking forward to her continuing.

She ran her fingers over my nipples again and then squeezed them, I felt my spine freeze. She leaned over a little more and whispered in my ear:

-I bet you're starting to leak honey from your pussy. It is not?

This girl was an abused one.

She slowly moved a hand to the top of my skirt and unbuttoned the zipper. The other hand was now gently pinching my nipple.

I was really excited to see this young saleswoman with her body glued behind mine, while I watched her hand go down to my panties in the mirror as my skirt fell to the floor.

She played with the elastic on my panties as my breathing quickened. In the fitting room next door, I heard a woman trying on clothes and talking on her cell phone. Suddenly, the saleswoman pinched my nipple hard, I groaned.

She put her hand inside my panties until it touched my already soaked pussy.

She held my pussy with her hand as she squatted slowly, running her tongue down my back, even biting my ass. My God ... it was very good.

She parted my legs and in the mirror I could see her finger slide between the lips of my vagina. I took a shock at the first touch and jumped. At that moment, I had to put my hands on the mirror to support myself. I tried not to close my eyes as I watched in disbelief what this girl was doing to me. Not to mention that my husband and children waited outside, but I didn't even remember them at that time. My mind and my pussy just wanted to know about that dirty saleswoman who touched my body.

She continued to touch me, now she ran two fingers between my vagina. So, without waiting for me, she brings her face close between my legs and ran her tongue from bottom to top in my pussy ... that was so shocking (and delicious) that I ended up collapsing on the floor. The saleswoman helped me up and asked me to sit down and spread my legs.

She didn't even wait for me to catch my breath and again licked me. I tried not to moan loudly, but it was very difficult. She stuck a finger inside me and then brought the finger close to my face, I without even thinking I put her finger in my mouth and sucked her wet finger with my honey. God, I tasted good. LOL...

She ran her tongue over my pussy again, that girl licked DELICIOUSLY ... there was no comparison with my husband. I always heard that no one licks a pussy like a woman, and she was showing me that it was true.

In a very smooth movement, she laid me on my back. She then tells me:

  • Close your eyes and enjoy the sensations.

She started stroking the front of my pussy. I lay there and bit my index finger while she was gently stroking my pussy with those wonderful fingers. Then with her hands she opened my legs wider. I now wanted her tongue more than anything, and I practically pleaded with my voice almost cracking.

  • Me ... suck ... please.

Finally, I felt that wonderful mouth stick to my pussy and suck me in the most wonderful way of my life.

She pressed her mouth against my pussy, licking and sliding her tongue up and down, making the wettest sounds I've ever heard my pussy make.

I felt her tongue rise and fall on my inner lips, then she rose and licked my clitoris. My whole body was shaking, I was panting, moaning ... I never knew I could feel feelings like this. Waves of lust passed over me again and again. With the rest of the strength and awareness that I still had, I covered my mouth with my hands to stifle my cries and I came delightfully in her mouth. My pussy squirted all over her face and across the changing room. If I hadn't covered my mouth I would have screamed that the whole store would hear.

I thought I was in heaven. It was pure ecstasy. I KNEW I was in heaven. My pussy was the center of the world at that time. Even though I was almost passed out, she continued to lick me, taking all my honey.

I was horny, not even my husband left me like that ... Damn it, my husband, just now I remembered him and my children.

She noticed my anxiety and stood up so that our faces met. She took my face and kissed me on the lips. Then she got up and handed me my clothes. She came out and left me there. I got up and when I thought it had been a dream she came back with a series of bras, which I didn't try on because I had no more time.

She leaned into my ear and whispered:

  • Did your husband hear? ~ She smiled naughty ~

-Hope not. ~ And I also smiled and pecked her ~

-If he did not hear, you can certainly be sure that he will smell her sweet perfume.

I felt my pussy tingle again. She laughed and left the dressing room. When I left too, I didn't see her anywhere else in the store, nor did I see my husbands or children. As I walked to the checkout, my husband was walking into the store, he said he had taken our kids to an electronics store to buy a video game. After paying for the bra we headed towards the parking lot, my husband was relieved that we were finally able to go home.

When I got home I tried on the bras and noticed that it was the wrong size. And what was my surprise when I saw a note written in very feminine handwriting falling out of one of the bras:

"I loved your visit to our store. Here is my work schedule, Monday to Saturday. I look forward to seeing her again to change her bra ... "

For those who didn't understand, the attendant who sucked me in the fitting room had brought the bras in the wrong size just proposed to force me to go back there for her to see me. She ended the note like this:

"Please leave your husband and children at home so that we can also measure your panties."

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