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Tegan darted into the bathroom and splashed some water on her face and armpit to freshen herself up. Since Sam hadn’t cum inside her despite fucking her twice she left her crotch as is, seeing no need to interfere with the natural lubrication and cleaning processes going on that maintained a healthy ecosystem down there. As she exited the bathroom she met Brandon in the hallway just returning from a long day of classes and he grinned as she wrapped him in a warm hug, snuggling her naked body against him for a moment before escorting him to his room, making idle chit-chat about his day.

"Sounds like you had a pleasant one for a change." Tegan remarked once he was finished.

"Well, end of semester assignments are all handed in, exams are in two weeks, it’s really just revision and filler now."

"So you’ll have plenty of time to relax and unwind then?"

"Hell yes." Brandon grinned at her again "Speaking of which…"

Tegan coyly tilted her head, feigning innocent confusion. Brandon reached into his satchel and drew out a small paper bag, from which he revealed a small bottle. Tegan blinked in confusion, having expected that Brandon was going to start undressing and direct her attention to his penis.


"Massage oil?"


"Oh. Well, sure! I can do that." Tegan said as she reached for the bottle. Brandon yanked it out of her reach.

"Not for me. For you." He set the bottle down on his desk and swung his bedroom door shut for privacy, starting to undress. "I thought you might enjoy a nice relaxing massage. I know it’s kind of intimate and I’m not a professional or anything but I figure since my hands have already been all over your body…"

"That’s very sweet." Tegan said, sincerely. "Just a sec." She exited the room and quickly retrieved a couple of their softest towels from the hall linen closet.

"For the oil" she said in response to Brandon’s quizzical expression when she returned, closing the door behind her for privacy and spreading them over the bed. "It kind of gets everywhere." She sat down on the bed and watched Brandon finish undressing and pick up the bottle.

"How do you want me?" Tegan asked suggestively as she threw herself back on the bed, propped up on her elbows.

"Ummm, lying on front stomach I guess, so I can start with your back?" Tegan complied, rolling over and grabbing a pillow to prop under herself as she rested her chin on her hands.

Brandon went over to his computer and handed her his cordless headphones which she slipped on, adjusting her hair under them. After a few seconds some gentle ambient music began to play through them, the headphones effectively cancelling all other noise from the room. Brandon adjusted his desk lamp towards the wall and killed the overhead light, creating a dim soft surrounds. Tegan wondered how much research he’d put into this.

She felt Brandon sit on the bed next to her and the movement as he gently shook the bottle to agitate the oil and then a drizzle of the cool liquid landed on her back, making her squirm, but she bit her lip to stay quiet. Gradually he began to use his hands to spread the oil over her skin, feeling him move it up to her shoulders and down to her ass. He carefully rubbed it down her sides and she tensed her feet a little to restrain herself from reacting to the tickling feeling that caused. Once he had spread the oil around he started to caress her shoulders, using a gentle pressure mostly letting his hands glide through the oil. Closing her eyes to let the immersiveness of the experience take effect she murmured "you can go a bit harder if you like" then settled in.

Brandon started at her neck and gently squeezed his way up to her hairline a few times then out across her shoulders, digging his thumbs in wherever he thought he could feel a knotty muscle. He methodically worked his way down her back, every tough lingering as he worked his fingers into every muscle he could find, leaving no inch of skin unattended. When he reached her ass he added more oil to his hands and began to squeeze and mould her firm muscles in his hands. Tegan strongly suspected that manipulating her ass like that would give him a pretty clear view of her butthole – which she currently had a plug in. Not that that was a big deal, but she wondered if that was one of the perks actual massage professionals usually kept secret.

Moving down Brandon applied the same method to her thighs, each hand either side of each thigh, stroking her skin and digging into the muscles. She instinctively parted her legs to make it easier and wondered if he could see her pussy lips from where he was sitting. Again, not that it mattered, but the massage was making her very relaxed and impressionable, and quite horny. She assumed once he was done with rubbing oil all over her naked body he’d be aching to fuck her and couldn’t help but think about that inevitable moment.

Brandon continued to work his way down her legs, massaging her firm calves and then her feet. Her feet surprisingly didn’t tickle when he touched them, either because of the oil or because most of her attention was fixed elsewhere. Once he was done with her feet he gently eased her arm out to the side and gave it a rub down with the massage oil, giving her shoulders another once over then really working down her fingers. She didn’t know how much tension and stress she carried in her fingers but the feeling of him drawing his fingertips down from the knuckles to the tip sent shivers through her. Once he finished one hand he folded it back against the pillow and gave the same treatment to the other. She was definitely feeling relaxed, like she could easily drop off to sleep. She felt Brandon straddle her thighs and expected him – now that the massage foreplay was over - to enter her from behind, but instead she felt his hands on her shoulders, putting his weight into a more vigorous massage as he worked his way down her back again, massaging the muscles either side of her spine. Eventually he reached her ass and again worked his fingers into her flesh, giving her butt muscles a second round. Feeling a tap on her shoulder she turned her head to look back at him and he motioned for her to turn over.

She carefully rolled back onto her back, her legs shifting under Brandon as he continued to straddle her. She glanced down wondering if he was as turned on as she was right now and confirmed his cock was at full mast, bobbing gently above her crotch. She mentally applauded his self control as she settled back on the bed and closed her eyes.

Brandon drizzled some oil on her chest and she smiled thinking about it splashing on her boobs, wondering if it would give him a mental image of something else. Then of course, he began to rub it in. He caressed her chest, pushing the oil up over her collarbones and to her shoulders, using the heels of his hands to rub the muscles in her upper chest. When he reached her small breasts he cupped them gently in his hands and moved his entire hands in circles over the small mounds of flesh, her hard nipples circling his palms. He used his thumbs to massage the underside, then spent some time working the oil into her nipples the same way he had her fingers, by closing his fingers around the base and slowly drawing them to the tip. She involuntarily moaned the third time he did it, tugging gently on her oily nub, and she immediately bit her lip having no idea how loud that noise at been. She didn’t want to open her eyes and look at him to see his reaction. After twiddling her nipples a few more times – much longer than she felt was strictly necessary – he moved on, massaging her stomach muscles and shuffling backwards to straddle her legs further down. After giving some attention to her sides and hips he skipped over her pubic region to focus on the fronts of her thighs. He started at her knees and pressed down on the muscles, pushing upwards towards her groin. He did this a few times before finally starting to massage her bikini area. He started out at the sides and slowly moved inwards towards her trimmed triangle of ginger pubic hair.

Adding more oil to his hands he cupped her pussy and massaged her pubis, using his fingers to squish her lips together and smear oil on them. She let out another moan as he gently pinched her lips, rolling them a little between his thumb and fingers, then ran his fingertips lightly along her slit. She wondered if he thought this was a genuine massage technique or he was just deliberately teasing her now. After a minute he began to move down her legs again, caressing and stroking her thighs and using lighter strokes. She was against surprised at this point that he wasn’t giving in to what she assumed was a massive urge to just fuck her, but decided to stop overthinking it and let him get on with the massage and lay still with her eyes shut absorbing the music he’d chosen for her.

After a short while, she wasn’t sure how long as she lay there in a relaxed half asleep daze she felt him adjust her legs so her knees were up and thighs parted. His fingers ran up her torso one last time and he massaged her little tits some more, apparently concerned about how much stress she was carrying in them, a thought she found amusing. Again his hands drifted lower and she felt a thumb slip between her pussy lips and begin massaging her swollen clit, eliciting a gentle moan from her and she squirmed her hips under his touch, feeling an aching need spread throughout her lower belly. Brandon continued to massage her clit for a minute and then she felt something cool slip inside her, making her gasp at the contrast to the heat that had built between her legs. She quickly recognized the probing object as a finger coated with lube as a second finger joined it. She was slightly confused at the need for lube as she was sure she must be dripping wet down there by now, but her confusion was set aside as she felt him curl his fingers towards the front wall of her vagina, applying pressure as he matched the circular motion of his other thumb and her legs quivered as another probably louder moan escaped her – with the headphones on she wasn’t sure how loud she was being but was pretty sure it wasn’t discreet. Brandon maintained a steady pressure and rhythm and she couldn’t resist urging her hips upwards to buck against his fingering. Suddenly the pressure building in her pelvis released all at once and she pressed her lips together and held her breath to stifle the moan that escaped her, so when she finally tipped over the edge it all escaped her in one guttural groan and left her panting for air.

Brandon gently slipped his fingers from her once her climax subsided, then she felt him gently push against her and guided by his cues, slowly turned over so she was lying on her belly again, slipping a pillow under her belly to prop her ass up a little bit. Tegan didn’t protest, both because she was feeling very relaxed and also because she assumed he was now finally going to mount her and slide his cock into her well-prepared hole. However, her confusion only increased when she felt him take her wrists and the familiar snug of handcuffs click into place, binding her hands behind her back again. Mentally she flashed back to when they had cuffed her last night and suddenly felt very vulnerable and exposed as Brandon pushed her legs apart.

"Brandon, what are you doing?" She opened her eyes and tried to crane her neck to look back at him, but in this position she couldn’t see him, and if he answered her she couldn’t hear him over the music coming through the noise-cancelling headphones he’d put on her. Tegan assumed if he wanted her to know he would take them off her so they could talk properly. With some amount of trepidation she resigned to wait, until after a moment she felt his fingers enter her vagina again. They felt cold again, from a fresh coat of lube he’d apparently applied. And she was pretty sure that he was using three fingers this time. Again her mind cast back yesterday to the story she’d told him about her first encounter with Bethany, and how he’d lamented that the story didn’t end with her being fisted as well. Was that what he was planning? She felt her stomach turn with anxiety as she tried to imagine how that would feel. The dildo they’d stuffed into her yesterday had seemed like it was pushing her little hole to it’s limit but logically she knew that a vagina was capable of more, not that she’d ever intended to find out for herself. She was not at all confident that she was up to this kind of challenge, or that she even wanted to try.

"Brandon, wait a minute." She protested as she felt him push his three fingers and then try to add a fourth, feeling her muscles stretching. "Wait, Brandon, can we talk about this?"

He still wasn’t answering her, at least not as far as she could tell, and suddenly the urgency overcame her relaxed submissive trance the massage and music had put her in. She flicked her head angrily until the headphones came loose and she rolled herself onto her side, away from him.

"Brandon, what the fuck?"

"What’s wrong?" Brandon was standing there, seemingly mollified.

"Brandon, were you seriously just going to try and fist me, without even asking?"

"I uh… well we talked about it yesterday."

"That was a really personal story I told you, and it was about me doing it to someone else, because she asked me to."

"I thought if you were nice and relaxed you might want to try it as well."

"And it didn’t occur to you to ask me, or even tell me what you had planned."

"I thought it would be better if I surprised you."

"Brandon," Tegan said, gritting her teeth "I don’t think that’s true. And I’m going to ask you to be completely honest with me, and I promise I won’t get mad."


"Did you try it because you genuinely thought I would enjoy it, or did you try and force me into it because you thought I would say no if you asked?"

Brandon hesitated for a long time before answering, then he looked down, apparently in shame.

"I didn’t think you’d let me do it." Brandon admitted. "So I thought if I just did it, you’d just go along with it."

Tegan took a deep breath and counted to ten, trying to stick to her promise that she wouldn’t get angry. She carefully sat up, using the wall behind her as leverage as she was still cuffed. She was aware they were both completely naked and she was about to have a pretty unsexy heart-to-heart with him, but that couldn’t really be helped.

"Brandon, I know that maybe yesterday’s… adventure… might have created a bad precedent. And I know you’ve never had a serious relationship before. But you really need to have a think about consent going forward, especially if it’s something we haven’t done before. Our agreement was for sex and while I’ve been lax on some interpretations of that, there are lines that shouldn’t be crossed. I was talking to Sam earlier so I’ll tell you what I told him. I’m ok with some stuff without asking, I even like being surprised by some things. But this was too far." She paused to let that sink in. "Tell me you understand why."

"I do." Brandon said, contritely.

"I hope you do. Because this arrangement is really reliant on trust, and if I don’t feel safe here, it can’t continue."

"I didn’t mean to make you feel unsafe, I swear."

"I’m sure you didn’t, but I think you got a bit carried away. I’m a real person, with real feelings, and I can be hurt if they’re not respected."

"I’m sorry."

"Apology accepted."

"Please don’t tell the other guys about this."

"When I say apology accepted I mean it’s forgiven. Not forgotten, but forgiven. Our little secret, and we never have to bring it up again as long as you learn from your mistake, ok?"

"I… I promise." Brandon pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Hey, B, don’t get upset. I told you I’m not mad." Tegan smiled, trying to add some levity. "For what it’s worth, I really enjoyed the massage."

"Well at least I did one thing right." Brandon smiled.

"You did a lot of things right, don’t let one mistake throw you off." Tegan nodded at the bed next to her "Come sit down."

Brandon crawled onto the bed and sat next to her, leaning against the wall. Tegan snuggled against his shoulder.

"Is there anything you want to talk about, B?."

"Like what?"

"Well call me crazy but it kind of feels like you’re rushing things. Like you’re always keen to move onto the next thing instead of just, y’know, taking your time and having fun. You do enjoy the sex, right?"

"Yeah, a lot."

"I had a boyfriend once, who I broke up with because he enjoyed humiliating me more than he enjoyed making love to me." Tegan said gently. "So, I guess I thought maybe…"

"No, no, that’s not… that’s not me. I really enjoy the sex."

It seemed like Brandon was thinking over his next words carefully so Tegan remained silent to give him space to think.

"There’s this girl." Brandon started, haltingly.

"At uni?"

"Yeah." Brandon nodded. "She’s in all the same classes as me so I see her pretty much every day. I had a crush on her since the beginning of the year but I didn’t know how to make a move." Brandon paused seemingly waiting for Tegan to interject, continuing when she didn’t. "Anyway a few weeks ago I guess she noticed me. We started talking after lectures, sometimes grab a coffee between classes."

"Like a date?"

"I didn’t think so at the time. I guess because you were here I didn’t really think about relationships at all."

"Because you were having sex with me every day." Tegan smiled. "You know that’s what changed right?"


"You started having sex. You stopped thinking about those girls, and probably seemed more confident."

"Well, yeah, that makes sense." Brandon sighed. "And I know you’ve told me like a hundred times that we’re not in a relationship, but because we’re having sex all the time I stopped thinking about opportunities with other girls."

"But now this girl’s interested in you and you don’t know what to do about that."

"I mean it’s not like it’s a sure thing, but I don’t really feel right going out on dates with another girl while I’ve got you at home."

"I get it."


"Sure. Even though our relationship isn’t an emotional one, if you did start dating her you’d kind of be cheating on her with me."

"And then, I mean, what if I started sleeping with her? No offence but if I had a real girlfriend I’d pick her over you."

"No offence taken. And I think the reason you’ve been so pushy about doing stuff to me is because once you get into a relationship and stop having sex with me, you might not have as much liberty to uh, experiment."

"Yeah." Brand mused silently for a minute. "So what do I do?"

"I don’t have an easy solution for you B. Because especially if you do stop having sex with me I can’t exactly ask you to keep paying for my rent and groceries."

"Yeah, I guess the deal was that I use the money I would normally spend on dates and stuff right? To be honest when you offered yourself up to us I’d started to feel like going on dates was a lost cause for me."

"Well we can cross that bridge when we come to it. Can I offer a suggestion?"


"Dating doesn’t mean exclusive. Ask the girl out on a real date, If she says yes we can still have as much – or as little – sex as you want, until things get serious. If things progress with her and you want to be exclusive with her, we can stop and figure out the details later. Would you be comfortable with that?"

"I think so."

"I can even try and give you some advice, since relationship sex might be different than what you’ve gotten accustomed to. You know, the whole free use thing."

"That… would be really helpful."

There was a long silence.

"So, you like this girl?" Tegan queried. She turned over and lay her head down in Brandon’s lap. He’d mostly wilted to half-mast during their conversation and she gently nuzzled his cock with her cheek. Brandon automatically adjusted his position to accommodate her.

"I think so. She’s cute. And she likes a bunch of the same games and books as I do."

"Do you sometimes think about her while you’re fucking me?" Tegan asked, her voice smoothly transitioning from conversational to seductive, just before she started teasing his cock with her tongue. As she was still cuffed she couldn’t use her hands and it was hard for her to finish a guy off with mouth alone, so for now she only planned to tease.

"Sometimes." Brandon admitted, his breathing changing as his dick began to swell.

"Tell me about her." Tegan purred, running her lips up and down the underside of his shaft.

"She’s Asian. Korean." Brandon clarified, shifting his hips a little more. "She’s got the cutest little smile. And she’s um… bigger than you."

"You mean her tits?" Tegan said innocently, as she took his cock in her mouth and began to bob her head, using her tongue.

"Yes." Brandon groaned. "Just a little. Like a B cup, but she never wears a bra. She’s always got these tight t-shirts on."

"Mmm, now I see why you like her so much." Tegan murmured before deepthroating him with a satisfied sounding moan.

"They bounce just a little when she walks but it’s when we’re sitting across from each other in class when I really notice her."

Tegna responded only by gently easing her head back and forth, slowly easing off then sucking him back into her throat.

"It’s cold in the classrooms so she usually wears sweaters." Brandon continued, his cock throbbing in Tegan’s mouth. "But not always. Her nipples are so dark when they get hard." Brandon gripped one of Tegan’s breasts with one hand and clutched her head with the other.

"Mmmmngh." Tegan gagged encouragingly.

"She must have seen me looking… she must know I’m thinking about them." Brandon grunted, tugging on Tegan’s nipple and holding her head down as his balls tensed and he began to squirt his load directly down her throat, his cock pulsing and twitching until Tegan let out some muffled moans to indicate she needed to breathe and he released her. They both panted for air as Tegan lay on her back across Brandon’s thighs. He kept his hand on her tit, playing with her hard nipple.

"You must reeeeally like this girl." Tegan said wryly, once she had her breath back.

"Yeah." Brandon laughed "I used to jerk off thinking about her. Until I started fooling around with you I mean."

"That’s not that weird. You probably don’t want to bring that up on your date, though."

"She might be flattered." Brandon said sarcastically.

"Maybe save it for the second or third date."

There was a long pause.

"What if she doesn’t want to go out with me?" Brandon pondered aloud, his head clearing in the post-afterglow period of mild shame.

"Based on what you’ve told me so far B, that seems kind of unlikely. But worst case scenario, you’ve still got me."

"I really am sorry for earlier."

"No hard feelings, promise. we don’t ever have to bring it up again."


"B, one last thing on that subject, before we drop it?"


"I’ve had some time to think about it and I’m not completely opposed to it. And if I do choose to do it, I think I want it to be with you."

Brandon looked down at her in confused surprise.

"I don’t mean to reward bad behavior, but…" She paused. "If you ask this girl – what’s her name?"

"Yeong." Brandon said "But she usually goes by Gloria."

"If you ask Yeong out and things don’t work out with her, I will try let you try to do… that. I can’t promise a hundred percent it will happen, or exactly when. But when I’m ready I will tell you."

"You don’t have to-"

"It’s my choice." Tegan said firmly, cutting him off. There was another long silence.

"Ok." Brandon said, eventually.

"Now if you would be so kind as to uncuff me, I should probably take a shower to rinse off the oil."

"Care for some company?"

"Always." Tggan smiled.

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