She was a Chinese girl with long straight dark hair. She was older than me by nine years. We'd gone out to dinner and movies a bunch of times and for the first time she invited me into her place. She lived in a townhouse with two housemates. It was late at night and seemed like her housemates had all gone upstairs to bed already.

The two of us sat on the floor in the living room without turning on any lights. We got to making out there on the floor. I was stealing a good feel of her tits while we kissed. My heart was racing. Despite her being older, she had told me she hadn't done anything physical with another guy before either. We'd felt each other's clothed bodies before on other occasions, but this was the first time she unzipped my pants and awkwardly tried to reach inside them.

She wasn't having much luck, so I eagerly just helped her out and slid down my pants and underwear completely, giving her free access. She started stroking me a bit which felt amazing even though she really didn't have any idea what she was doing. But I think the unpredictability of the sensations was driving me nuts nonetheless.

We kissed while she stroked me with our tongues dancing in each other's mouths. And then finally she broke our kiss and leaned down and took my cock into her mouth and started sucking. She didn't really move her head or anything just sucked me like I was a straw which while amazing also seemed a bit awkward. I gently used my hands to guide her head up and down on me a bit and that felt so much better.

After showing her the motion, she continued it without me holding her head. She also started sucking harder almost painfully so, which I communicated by squeezing her hand and she eased back a bit. She started to make some slurping sounds as she bobbed her head up and down on me.

I guess they were loud enough that she didn't hear her housemate come down the stairs. Her housemate didn't turn on the lights so it wasn't clear to me if she could see us especially since we were sitting on the floor partially concealed by the coffee table there. I could see in the dark she was wearing her pajamas but couldn't see very clearly where here eyes were looking. Either way she went to the kitchen and got a drink and went back up to her room without making any fuss and all the while my girl was sucking away. After a few minutes I think she started getting tired and slowed her head movements considerably.

I was feeling great and wanted to finish, so I reached down and started stroking the base of my cock some, but she pushed my hand away and started stroking me herself with still the tip of my cock in her mouth. And in less than a minute I was shooting my load into her mouth. She froze and just sucked it all up. I instinctively kinda humped her hand and mouth as I came and then collapsed back to the floor like Jello.

When I finished cumming she quickly got up from the floor and ran to the kitchen and spit everything out into the sink. It wasn't one of those porn moments where the girl shows the guy the cum in her mouth and then swallows it but I was still feeling amazing about it all. I think she was kind of embarrassed about it all and kinda rushed me to get up and get out of her place. I stopped at the door and she kissed me again there, and I felt like I could taste some of my cum still in her mouth, but before I could say anything she was pushing me out the door.

The First Girl to Have Sex With Me

You might think it was the same girl who gave me my first blow job, but we never got beyond giving each other oral. Instead, the girl who took my virginity was a little Mexican girl who I met online. She went to a different college but chatting online can seem to empower me to talk more directly about sex with girls than in person. We were always talking about our sexual interests. You could say she was a bit of a slut, she'd had sex with over a couple dozen different guys, if I recall correctly, and was eager to meet up with me to be my first, even though we had only been chatting online a few days. We even video chatted a few times and I watched her use a dildo on herself while I jerked off.

So I ended up driving a good number of miles to see her in person. It was super awkward when we first met. She was a good two or three feet shorter than me. So I had to bend down to give her a hug. We held hands immediately which was a milestone that took longer with my previous girl. We had lunch together and then I drove around with her as she acted like a tour guide for her town. She guided me to a deserted parking lot with no one around.

When I parked she immediately reached over and started undoing my pants. I was happy to help her though I did have one fear. She had braces. So I was not sure if that was going to be a problem or not, but in no time at all she was sucking me from the passenger seat. To my relief I was feeling nothing but pleasure and she bobbed up and down on my cock. It was a tough angle though, so she actually got up and kneeled in her seat so she could get better leverage to suck. She was quite skilled and had me hard right away and feeling great. She took my hand and guided it around to her pussy where I felt it was already wet.

She stopped sucking and asked if I wanted to move to the back seat. I agreed immediately. We both got out of the car. I saw her remove her thong from under her dress and lay down on the back seat with her legs spread for me. I got on top of her, and guided my cock with my hand into her pussy and voila! I was having real sex for the first time. I didn't know at the time, but her pussy was really loose. I slide right in easily into her wet pussy.

As I moved in and out of her she started moaning loudly which made me nervous because with the doors wide open if anyone were around they would have clearly heard her but she didn't seem to worry about it at all and I was took horny to stop either. Even with her being loose it was the best pussy I'd had, being a virgin, and I was enjoying it immensely. Apparently she did too because she suddenly grabbed me and squeezed me as tight as she could with her whole body and I felt a rush of warm wetness surround my cock inside her as she screamed out loud. She started demanding that I cum. So I increased my speed and in less than a minute later I also started cumming inside her and then collapsed on top of her.

She smiled and that's when she kissed me for the first time with a short peck of a kiss. We got out of the car and then I saw my back seat was soaked with her cum. We got back in the front seats and I drove her home. For weeks after that my car smelled like sex. So on future trips out to see her we started getting motel rooms. But that's another story.

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