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► Windows/Office tools

  • Guided instructions available on Wiki > Guides.
  • Cached links are available to allow you to view the page without needing to sign in.
  • Many of these tools will trigger your browser, Windows Defender, and personal antivirus. These are false positives.
Tool Name Version # URL Cached Link Win 7 Win 8/8.1 Win 10/LTSB/LTSC Office Description
MAS 1.7 Github page - Latest releases (If you have to ask for the zip password... Try more observation) Wayback Machine Best
Office C2R-R2V-AIO 6.8.0 Original post at MyDigitalLife. abbodi1406's GitHub Repo GDrive -- Dropbox Converts Office Retail installations to Volume License.
KMS_VL_ALL 34.7 Forum discussion page at MyDigitalLife. Codepen Page (No login needed) GDrive -- Dropbox Activates Office Volume License installations and Windows. Does not work on Win7 Ultimate.
KMSAuto Net 1.5.3 ru-board forum page Gdrive -- Dropbox Does the same as KMS_VL_ALL. Does not work on Win7 Ultimate.
Daz's Windows Loader 2.2.2 MyDigitalLife forum page GDrive -- Dropbox Activates all Windows 7 if disk is MBR-partitioned. Possible workarounds: MyDigitalLife thread 1. Thread 2
HWIDGEN 62.01 Aiowares forum page. Use the download link MIRROR1 GDrive -- Dropbox Activates Win10. Use KMS38 mode for LTSC/Enterprise, else HWID. KMS38 mode lasts until 2038, HWID mode is permanent. Image.


► Windows & Office Genuine/Untouched Downloads


Adblockers & Bypassers


Useful Userscripts


► Pirate Site Proxies / Unblockers


► Torrent Clients

Notes: uTorrent bundled an optional, non-malicious bitcoin miner into the software in 2015. The UI includes ads, however these can be disabled. The company developing this software is seen by many as untrustworthy. BitTorrent (the torrent client) is owned by the same company.

Bitlord torrent client is malware.

  • Webtorrent - Torrent-streaming client
  • Transmission - Simple and lightweight open-source torrent client
  • qBittorrent - Open-source torrent client. Has a built-in search feature that searches popular public trackers. Consistently updated
  • qBittorrent Enhanced - Fork of qBittorrent intended for blocking leeching clients such as Xunlei
  • PicoTorrent - Simple and lightweight torrent client
  • Deluge - Open-source torrent client
  • Tixati - Extremely customizable. All menus can be rearranged and color scheme can be changed completely.
  • BiglyBT - Feature filled, open source, ad-free, bittorrent client. A continuation of the popular client previously known as Vuze
  • kTorrent - Torrent client for linux
  • rTorrent - Terminal-based torrent client for linux
  • ruTorrent for rTorrent - Web management UI for rtorrent
  • Flood for rTorrent - Sleek web management UI for rtorrent
  • [Windows] uTorrent 2.2.1 Build 25302 - This is a stable old build of uTorrent, preferred by some. It was released on May 18, 2011. Set net.discoverable to False in settings and disable the Web GUI to mitigate security vulnerabilities that were later discovered.

For Android torrent clients, see: Mobile Apps & Cracked App Markets


► Media Centers / Clients

  • Stremio - Multi video library manager. Plugins available to stream from various media sources, including torrents. Also check out /r/StremioAddons. Watch-together guide.
  • Plex Media Server - Self-hosted netflix. Provide your own content and serve them in a netflix-like interface.
  • Jellyfin Media Server - Open-source self-hosted netflix. Provide your own content and serve them in a netflix-like interface.
  • Plexamp - Plex but for music. Available on ios, mac, windows, linux and android
  • Emby Media Server - Self-hosted netflix. Provide your own content and serve them in a netflix-like interface.
  • Kodi - Home theater media center. Host your own content or add online content sources (/r/Addons4Kodi)
  • OSMC - Home theater media center. Forked from Kodi, provides a simple UI for the Raspberry Pi and Apple TV



Windows defender should be more than enough for virus protection, combined with malwarebytes as an extra precaution. You do not need paid antiviruses, nor is it recommended to pirate any paid antiviruses.


► Media Managers

  • Sonarr - Sonarr is an automatic TV show downloading tool where you can add new shows to monitor, and it will automatically download any new episodes as soon as they are available on torrent sites.
  • Radarr - Same as Sonarr, but for movies.
  • Medusa - Very good alternative to Sonarr. An automatic TV show download tool.
  • SickChill - Very good alternative to Sonarr. An automatic TV show download tool.
  • Jackett - Jackett is an all-in-one indexer. It allows you to add many different torrent trackers onto the app, in which you can do all your searching. In conjunction with sonarr/radarr, you can add jackett as an indexer to them, allowing them to search on any or every single torrent tracker that you have added to jackett.


► Download Managers

These are useful for DDL sites. Download managers such as these are meant to help to speed up downloads, typically by increasing the number of connections to the server or attempting to split the download into chunks. They are also especially handy when grabbing multiple links at once, which is typical with DDL sites, where they'll split up large downloads into multiple small .rar parts, as well as bypassing captchas and eliminating the risks of clicking on the wrong download button on various file hosts. They also help with resuming paused or timed out downloads which your browser may not be able to do in some cases.

  • JDownloader2 - Download manager that supports downloading from a variety of file-hosts. Supports downloading video from many websites.
  • Internet Download Manager (IDM) - Paid download manager that supports downloading from a variety of file-hosts. Supports downloading video from many websites. Use the free trial, then when the trial is nearing its end, simply reset the trial with this. Alternative method here.
  • XTREME download manager - Another very nice download manager
  • pyLoad - Lightweight download manager written in python. Managed through a WEB UI.
  • aria2 - Commandline-based download utility.


► Other Download Tools


► Online Download Tools

  • y2mate.com - Download youtube video/audio. (Doesn't work in USA anymore)
  • 9xbuddy.com - Youtube / Multi-site download site
  • sasrip.cf - Video / mp3 downloader
  • tomato.to - Stock photo downloader. Shutterstock, getty, adobestock, etc.
  • calameodownload.com - A free online tool for downloading any public Calameo document as images or optimized PDF


► File Sharing


► File Renaming

  • [Paid] Filebot - Media renaming program (license runs at $6/year). Renames to a proper user-set naming scheme from typical naming conventions found on torrents (ie. Movie.Name.2005.1080p.BluRay.DD5.x264). Sea-faring version.
  • Rename My TV Series 2 - Same concept as filebot, but free.
  • AdvancedRenamer - Same concept as filebot, but free.
  • TheRenamer - Same concept as filebot, but free.
  • PowerToys - Allows renaming by RegEx
  • Ant Renamer - Great for quick bulk string management (for Plex for instance).


► Download Services

Some DDL sites may only offer downloads through premium links, meaning the download will be available through a file host which would lock the download unless you paid a subscription to said file host. The prices can be a bit extravagant, especially when you consider that many DDL sites may use different file hosts, so it would not be feasible to pay for multiple of those subscriptions.

  • seedr.cc - Free seedbox that allows you to download torrents up to 2 GiB in size. If you wish to go premium, avoid buying from seedr - they are way overpriced. Just check /r/seedboxes for alternative paid seedboxes.
  • [Paid] real-debrid.com - Online leeching service that will download from torrents and premium hosts, such as rapidgator, uploaded, etc. for you to later download directly from their servers. In regards to torrenting, it's a good way to prevent your IP from ever hitting the torrent's swarm, which is the main cause of receiving copyright infringement letters.
  • [Paid] mega-debrid.eu - Same concept as real-debrid
  • [Paid] alldebrid.com - Same concept as real-debrid
  • [Paid] premiumize.me - Same concept as real-debrid + downloads from usenet as well
  • [Paid / free trial] offcloud.com - Same concept as real-debrid + downloads from usenet as well
  • Free Premium Leechers List - Free link generators for premium file hosts. Maintained by u/H1dd3nM1nd
  • reevown.com - This is a "Free download service with which you can perform premium downloads".
  • uploadedpremiumlink.net - Link generator for various premium hosts
  • [Paid] linksnappy.com - Content aggregator that "allows you to pull files from multiple cloud storage services"


► Miscellaneous

  • Squawkr.io - Get notified when a movie releases. You can also set parameters such as resolution
  • subscene.com - Multilingual subtitles for movies/series
  • addic7ed.com - Multilingual subtitles for movies/series


► Scene / P2P Tracer Websites

These are sites that track Scene releases. They serve strictly as notice boards and do not offer downloads to any of the content posted.

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