The Warden of Time Tries to Surprise (You) With a Blowjob

It had been an entire week since you had last seen the Warden of Time and to be frank, you were losing your mind. The lack of Kronii in your life had been difficult for you. Of course, you truly did miss her voice, her dorkiness, and how much effort she put in for your own happiness...

The other reason you were on the edge of insanity made you remember the seductive look on her face before she left on her trip. With the absolute voice of a sex goddess that contradicted her usual dorky behavior, she had whispered sultrily in your ear:

"Don't cum until I come back. I have a surprise for you. And I WILL find out if you do. Kroyasumi... Ah-wink~"

You remembered you had almost came on the spot right there, at least until you had noticed the rosy hue of her cheeks. No matter how much of a seductress the Warden of Time was, she would always be a dork at heart who actually struggled to be seductive at all. Still, the thought of what this busty vixen had in store for you was driving you absolutely mad with lust.

You were knocked out of those lustful thoughts for a moment as you felt a tap on your sholuder; light breaths tickled your left ear caused your libido to skyrocket as you heard the cum-inducing voice of the woman who had you dancing in the palm of her hand for the first time in a week.

"Kronichiiwa babe." She giggled softly into your ear. Your entire body shuddered as the bulge forming in your pants desperately desired to be on or in any part of the goddess behind you. What made that even more difficult was the gloved hand that had made its way to your crotch and gripped your hardening cock tightly through the thin fabric of your pants.

"I see you did what I asked. Or technically you didn't? Anyway...! Looks like you've been a good Kronie." You could barely focus on what she had just said as she slowly stroked your cock and lightly nibbled your ear. The temptation to cum was growing greater and greater, but through sheer willpower you held on.

She pushed herself even closer to you, her breasts pressed against your back and you could feel the stiffening nipples of her massive tits as her breathing became heavier. "And since you've been a good Kronie, I think you deserve a reward."

Kronii was just as pent up as you.

You suddenly heard a snap and found yourself seated on your living room couch. The Warden of Sex was on her knees in front of you - her black top had been pushed upwards to expose just enough of her breasts to see her hardened nipples. You looked into her blue eyes that contained nothing but animalistic lust that mirrored your own. The face you had not seen in a week wore a deep red blush from a combination of both embarrassment and arousal.

She sat up and kissed you briefly - it was more like a peck - and bent downwards towards your waist. She slowly pulled your pants and underwear down, exposing your rock-hard erection. The Warden of Time licked her lips and moaned softly, one of her hands was already absentmindedly rubbing her clit.

Your mind was in shambles, awaiting the heavenly paizuri that was about to bless your cock. It had been too long. You shut your eyes and waited to finally experience much needed release. Sadly for you, it never came.

Instead of something soft, you felt something wet. And sharp. Something sharp had just scraped your dick.

You opened your eyes and were greeted by the dork of time with her cheeks puffed out like a chipmunk and her eyes tightly shut. Her head was bobbing, if it could even be called that, on your cock with absolutely no rhythm. Her head was flailing about wildly and her tongue remained unmoving on your cock.

You felt one of her fangs scrape the head of your dick. You gasped in pain, which she unfortunately interpreted as pleasure. The horrible realization dawned on you.

The Warden of Sex didn't know how to give a blowjob.

One of her fangs sank into your shaft a little too deep. You yelped - loudly this time - which prompted a startled and muffled "GWAAAAK" from Kronii as she thankfully retracted her mouth from your abused cock. She pushed the hair out of her eyes and looked at you worriedly, then looked down at the ground shamefully.

"I'm sorry. I-It was bad, wasn't it?" The small fang marks on your semi-flaccid penis gave her an obvious answer to that question. "B-but I did a ton of research before this!" You squinted and gave her a puzzled look. What kind of research-

"My webtoons made it look easy." Your libido plumetted. While Kronii mumbled to herself about what she had learned from her questionable webtoons about fellatio, your semi-flaccid cock was now flaccid. Not even the sight of this rambling woman with her massive tits still exposed was enough to revive your battered erection.

"-but maybe I just need more time to research and experience... Oh wait! That's it!" She clapped her hands together as she was struck with an idea. She turned to you with a mischievous and smug look in her eyes, causing your dick to twitch just a little. She stood up and bent forwards towards you, giving you a faceful of her breasts for a moment as she channeled whatever sexual energy she had left into whispering seductively into your ear. "This miiight sting a little, but just be patient with me. Kanpai~"

Her eyes glowed a bright azure blue and you were taken on an adventure through time. Your mortal body was hammered by every possible physical sensation at inhuman speeds, but there was one constant - a wet feeling on your dick. At first, you felt the familiar sharp pain from her fangs, but it wasn't long before those went away and your body was struck by a constant stream of pleasure. Your dick was screaming to be allowed to cum.

Every now and then, you were able to get a glimpse at the date. It had been almost a year in the past minute. You realized in both horror and oddly enough, arousal, that with an obvious abuse of her powers as the Warden of Time, Kronii had edged you for this long just to practice sucking your dick.

With no explanation at all, you found yourself back on your living room couch at the exact date and time you had left. Your mind was reduced to nothing but the desire to throatfuck and also mercilessly breed Kronii as your now erect cock had been denied release for a year.

On her knees and completely naked in front of you was the woman you desperately wanted to ravage. Her cunt was dripping wet, the juices running down the sides of bare thighs. She was panting like a bitch in heat, but composed herself enough to speak.

"K-Kroniichiwa again babe. I just had to ah... get some practice in. Prepare to be amazed!" She moved her face closer to your crotch, a predator's gaze was in her eyes as she licked her lips hungrily. She looked up towards you with unfocused eyes.

"And since I like to play fair-" She paused for a moment, broke eye contact, and mumbled almost too quietly, "I haven't cum yet either." She looked at you again and continued with her usual husky voice, "but let's focus on you since you've been waiting for so long. Then you can focus on me... and only me."

She giggled and gave the tip of your cock a kiss as you quivered in anticipation. She moved her face downward towards the base of your shaft, leaving a free hand to softly stroke the upper half of your cock. She ran her tongue along the length of your shaft and stopped right before the head. You began to breathe rapidly, as if you were begging her to just get it over with and suck your dick. Yet she continued to lick everywhere except where you desired most.

"Enjoying it, hm?" She smiled in amusement at your pleading look. She relented - her soft lips finally wrapped around your needy glans and you couldn't help but moan as you struggled to not grab this clock succubus' head and expel your pent-up load down her throat. She went down further at an agonizingly slow pace until her mouth engulfed just slightly past the head of your cock. You looked down at her - the slutty sight of this dork with a dick in her mouth did nothing but increase your arousal. She noticed you eyeing her lecherously and responded with a seductive look.

The Warden of Sex was going to worship your cock with her mouth.

Kronii was squatting now as she fingered her own aching and neglected cunt - the carpet underneath her was soaking wet. Her other hand held her hair in place as she worked on demonstrating the fruits of her one year practice session. Her breasts were nestled on your thighs as her head bobbed up and down on your cock at a steady pace, taking your length all the way down her throat with no gag reflex. Her tongue swirled all over your cock with careful consideration of what drove you wild. No part of your cock was left unworshipped by her tongue. Your hands subconsciously moved behind her head and she took her mouth off your dick for a moment.

You thought she would berate you.

You didn't expect the words that came next.

"Fuck my mouth, babe. Cum in my mouth."

Those out-of-character words drive your instincts wild as you thrusted your hips into her face. The muffled GWAK went unnoticed as you gave into your animalistic lust to fuck. The living room was filled with nothing but the moans of the both of you, driven by a year's worth of sexual frustration. Her tongue worship of your cock no longer had the rhythm from earlier, but it no longer mattered as you fulfilled her demand of facefucking her as you shoved her head down your entire length.

Tears were forming in her eyes as you continued your relentless fucking. The willpower to not climax had finally reached its limit as your cock began to throb. No longer able to hold back any longer, you stood up and thrust one final time into Kronii's waiting mouth and finally experienced the release you desired. Her eyes widened as her mouth-pussy milked your cock of all of its seed - no drop of cum was left wasted as a seemingly endless amount poured down her throat.

You finished at last and the Warden of Sex gave you one final cock-cleaning service as she slid off your dick with a pop. You both collapsed onto the floor in a messy heap, panting heavily after the intense blowjob session.

"I hope you enjoyed your surprise. But don't forget what I said..." She laid back on the ground with a dangerous and aroused expression on her face. Her legs were spread out as she spread her leaking pussy out to you with two fingers. Her eyes flashed blue for a moment and your sensitive cock stood upright immediately. The desire to breed her that you felt earlier returned almost instantly. You weren't sure if Kronii had rewinded or fast-forwarded your body, but you were too horny to care. You were going to fuck every part of her.

"It's time for you to focus on me."

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