I remember this time back right after I graduated from high school. I was dating a hot little blonde named Beth. We both graduated the same year and we spent most of the summer after graduation together.

Beth was gorgeous, around 5'5" and weighed around 120lbs. She had long blonde hair with nice legs and small but perfect breasts. I always came over to her house every morning and her stepmom Katie would make us breakfast.

Katie was smoking hot as well, she was around 30 yrs old I think. Beth's dad was around 37 and he a Katie had been married around 5 years. Katie and Beth were like sisters, they talked about anything and did everything together.

When I came over to Beth's house in the mornings I usually came in the back door through their garage. When I walked into the garage today I could hear Beth and Katie in the kitchen talking about me. I guess they hadn't heard me drive up, so I decided to listen in on their conversation.

"I heard you two last night, sounds like you had fun." Katie said.

"Oh my god I'm so sorry, his cock is so big I just couldn't keep quiet." Beth replied.

"It's ok, I really just wanted to join you and find out what he was doing to make you scream like that." Katie said.

"Well why didn't you? That would have been so wild." Beth replied.

"If your dad doesn't get back soon I'm going to!" Katie replied . "He's still not due back in town for at least another week and I really need some dick."

I was starting to get hard listening to them talk about me. I kept picturing both of them taking turns fucking me. It was fun hearing them talk sex.

"Katie, my boyfriend's great and all but he's never done anal before and keeps wanting to fuck my ass all the time, how can I make him stop?" Beth asked.

"Oh I'd let him fuck any hole he wanted sweetie, what's the problem?" Katie replied.

"I don't like that stuff, it just feels weird to me and he's so big." Beth said.

"I have an idea, maybe if you'd let him fuck your ass he would leave mine alone for awhile? "What do you think?" Beth asked.

"Are you serious?" Katie asked. "You would actually let your boyfriend fuck me?"

"Well yeah, you need some dick right and I want him to get this anal obsession of his over with." Beth said. "The way I see it we both get something out of it."

"Ok, so how do we make this happen?" Katie asked. "We need a plan."

"Well tonight is movie night right?" Beth replied. "I'll fake being sick and go to bed early and then you can have him, how's that sound?"

"Ok, I think I can handle that." Katie said. "he'll be here any minute so go to your room and I'll tease him a little and kinda get him thinking that I want him."

"Oh this is gonna be so much fun." Beth said. " I'll yell out something before I come back in ok."

I waited outside for several minutes before knocking on the back door. Katie was wearing a black silk shirt with matching shorts. She always looked good in her sleep wear. Her tan was amazing, she was around 5'4" and was a bit on the skinny side weighing about 115 lbs.

Katie also had shoulder length black hair and Beth's dad had gotten her the nicest boob job ever. Her tits barely fit on her tiny body frame but looked amazing. I couldn't take my eyes of her as she started making breakfast. She kept bending over and smiling at me even more than usual.

I couldn't believe they were actually going though with this plan. I thought to myself why not make this interesting and go right along with it. Katie then began making it very obvious as she bent over to get a pan out of the cabinet practically on top of me.

I decided to reach down and place my hand on her ass. She froze in place for a second making me think that maybe I had just fucked up. Katie though just kept on bending over and acting like she was looking for something. I then began squeezing and rubbed her ass over her silk shorts.

She spread her legs a little and I started stroking down her tan leg before moving back up to her ass. Katie never once acknowledged what I was doing, she kept pretending to inspect a pan she just picked out. We both moved away from each other suddenly because Beth conveniently yelled from her bedroom that she was almost ready to go.

Beth and I did a little shopping that morning. During the day she dropped several hints that she was starting not to feel well. I was getting excited as this was going along as they planned. I couldn't wait for tonight and began going over scenarios in my head of how I was going to fuck her stepmoms brains out.

Movie night finally arrived and as we sat down on Beth's living room couch she told me that she had taken some Benadryl and that she was even feeling worse than before. Beth then decided that she wanted to watch some movie about a book she had recently read.

Both Beth and Katie were wearing these huge t-shirts that barely covered up their asses. The girls wanted the ends of the couch so I was stuck of course in the middle. The couch was huge though, you could lay back and have your legs stretched out in front of you, it was nice.

About an hour into the movie Beth had passed out, she was curled up next to me with her head on her favorite pillow. Katie however had moved up against me on the other side, I decided that I would begin testing her by trying putting my hand on her leg.

She had the same reaction as she did earlier in the kitchen and didn't make a move. I started massaging her leg moving closer to her tiny panties. Katie remained motionless as we continued pretending to watch the movie. I slowly reached the band on the top of her underwear and began to slide my finger underneath.

I figured that she would show some kind of reaction, but still nothing yet. I began to move my hand down inside her panties inching towards her pussy. She was clean shaven and this really started getting me hard.

Katie grabbed my arm as I started tracing around the lips of her shaved cunt. I inserted my middle finger into her slit and was surprised she was already soaking wet. I massaged her pussy all over and finally caused her to shake a little even letting out a deep breath.

I then began to rub her clit in small circles, she reached under my arm finally and put her hand down my pants and began rubbing my cock. I could tell she was about to orgasm, her hips began to move up and down with the rhythm of my fingers.

Katie began squeezing the tip of my cock and slowly stroking my shaft up and down. Suddenly Beth woke up and startled us both.

"I'm going to go to bed." Beth said. " I really don't feel good."

Katie and I both slowly removed our hands off each other as Beth attempted to get off the couch. I helped her to her room which was right down the hall. She was asleep almost immediately, I kissed her on the forehead and quietly left closing the door behind me.

I went back to the living room looking for Katie but she had left. I found her at the bottom of the staircase, she smiled and then proceeded walking upstairs. The only thing upstairs was a game room and a guest bedroom.

This part of their plan was interesting, why did she want to go upstairs to the guest bedroom? Katie was sitting on the edge of the bed when I entered the room. I closed the door and locked it behind me. There was some lube and towels on a table next to the bed.

I then knelt down in front of Katie and removed her shorts. She spread her legs and wrapped them around my head as I buried my tongue into her pussyfoot . I ate her out like I was a wild man. Katie screamed in pleasure and grabbed my hair trying to pull me back.

I inserted my two middle fingers into her and probed up searching for her g-spot.

"Oh fuck I'm gonna cum!!" Katie cried.

She moaned and started bucking her hips forcing my mouth to rub up and down on her clit. Her orgasm ripped through her body and then she finally managed to push me off of her. I stood up and pulled my shorts off letting my 8 inch hard cock dangle in front her.

Katie stared at my cock in amazement, I put my hand on top off her head and guided her towards me. She opened her mouth and began licking and kissing the tip.

"Oh my god your cock is so big." She said. "I'm not sure if I can take all of you."

"Well, first let's see how far you can get it down your throat beautiful!" I replied.

She opened her mouth wide and I pulled her head onto my shaft. Katie was great at giving head, she looked me in the eyes and started sucking me like a porn star. Beth could never get me into her throat without gagging, but Katie swallowed me deep and even licked my balls when she reached the base of my cock.

I pulled her shirt off and played with her nice tanned breasts as she continued to throat my dick. I pushed her back onto the bed lifting and spread her legs apart. She grabbed my cock and guided it into her warm tight pussy.

The first time I pushed into her I only got half of my shaft in. I pulled back to the very tip and thrust deep into Katie again. She began moaning and trying to form words as I began to pound her.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck!" She finally cried. "I don't know if I can take it, oh my god!"

I put my hand forcefully on her mouth and started stroking into her long and deep. She squealed beneath my hand loudly as she took me all the way in.

"Now you know why Beth screams every night, don't you?" I asked.

"Did you make yourself cum listening to me fuck her so good."

Her breathing increased as she arched her back. I bit the tip of her nipples on her huge tits as she pointed they up in the air.

"I wanna hear you me cum again Katie!" I said. "Cum for me, cum all over my cock!"

Katie's now knew I overheard the plan she and Beth had came up with. I kept my hand on her mouth, fucking her relentlessly. She did as I instructed began having a strong orgasm, her body shook violently.

"That's a good girl." I told her.

I could feel that I was ready to give her my cum as I felt another orgasm begin to rip through her.

"I'm ready to cum all over you baby?" I told her. "Where do you want my cum?" I asked.

I removed my hand from her mouth. Katie took a deep breath as she tried to speak.

"I want you to cum in my mouth baby, I want to taste your cum!" Katie replied.

I pulled my dick out of her and she opened her mouth and got up onto her knees.

"Oh fuck baby take my cum!" I told her as I began to cum.

The first shot hit right into the back of her throat. She wrapped her lips around my shaft and sucked me hard. She finished me off by swirling her tongue around the tip making sure she got every drop.

Katie fell back onto the bed trying to catch her breath, I got up and opened up the closet next to the bathroom, there were some extra sheets in there and I threw several of them onto the bed.

"What are you doing now?" Katie asked.

I took one of the sheets and tied it around her wrist. She then tried to resist as I grabbed her other hand.

"Please, what are you doing?" She said.

I tied both of her hands together and then tied the sheet to the headboard. I then flipped Katie onto her stomach and shoved a pillow underneath her hips. I grabbed the lube off the side table and squirted some on her asshole.

"Oh my god, there's no way I can't take your huge cock in my ass." She cried.

"I thought you wanted me to fuck all your holes baby remember?" I replied.

"Please, oh no, please you'll split me in two." She begged.

I pulled her body back so her arms stretched out in front of her. The pillow under her put her ass in a perfect doggy position. I then put some lube on my finger and stuck it into her about halfway to my knuckle. She struggled and tried to remove the sheet from her wrist but soon realized it was tied way to well.

"Spread your legs out for me or this my hurt a little." I told her.

She moved her legs apart and I finished inserting my finger all the way inside her. She squirmed a little as I applied more lube in and around her asshole. My cock was nice and hard again as I enjoyed watching her ass take all of my finger.

I then lubed my shaft up really good and stuck the tip into to her tight little hole.

"Ok fuck it, if you're gonna do this can you please at least spank me first?" Katie asked.

This made my cock raging hard, I reached back and spanked her left cheek causing it instantly to turn red. I pushed the head of my shaft into her about an inch and then spanked her again.

"I can't take it, please stop, your cock is way too big!" Katie cried again.

Slowly I inched in a little more, Katie stopped breathing I'm guessing from the pain as I retracted and pushed in again. She gripped her restraints tightly as I began to fuck her ass.

"My god you are so fucking tight Katie." I told her.

Her ass was like a vise around my cock, I squirted more lube on us both trying to ease the restriction. Finally after several tries I managed to get fully into her. Katie was motionless and sweat began to form on her back. I started increasing my rhythm, stroking in and out of her.

"Oh my god, I can't believe you're fucking my ass!" Katie finally screamed. "Fuck me harder baby, please fuck my ass harder!"

I did as she asked and began ramming my cock deep into her. I then reached in front of her and untied her from the headboard. Katie immediately reached between her legs and started fingering her pussy. I spanked her several more times and began feeling I was about to cum again.

Katie beat me to it and orgasmed first causing her to squeeze my cock even tighter. I reached and grabbed her hair pulling it towards me. With my other hand I pushed her back down towards the bed causing her ass to arch her up a little more.

I stroked as deep into her as I could now, my balls slapped against her pussy. I then exploded my cum deep inside her ass. Katie screamed and massaged my balls as I finished cumming inside her.

"Yes baby, oh my god, I can feel your hot cum inside me!!" Katie screamed.

I held my cock deep into her as we both fell onto the bed in a sweaty mess. Katie started laughing as I pulled my cock out and rolled her over onto her back.

"Why don't you go take a shower so I can suck that big cock of yours again." She told me.

"Beth by the way doesn't like it when you play with her ass so let's make a deal, ok?"

"Whenever you get the urge, you can fuck my ass whenever you want to but you have to leave hers alone, deal?" She asked.

I kissed Katie on the mouth hard and squeezed her ass with both hands. She threw me a towel as we both laughed, I then picked her up and headed off for the shower...

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