Time, as far as I could tell, was standing still, as I stared at my sister, Jessica, staring back at me. A movement in my peripheral vision caused me to turn my head back to mom as she was regaining consciousness. I was worried that she would wake and notice Jessica standing there staring at us too, but she woke up seemingly dazed and confused.

"What's wrong, Baby." She asked as she looked up at me staring back at her with a look of worry across my face.

I turned back to where my sister had been standing, and found that she was no longer there. "I...uh...was just worried that..." I started to say, but was cutoff.

"That's sweet of you, Baby, but Mommy is fine." She said as she pulled me back down to her to kiss her. "Very, very fine." She concluded after a long and passion filled kiss that I cut short because I was scared out of my mind about Jessica. I got out of bed and started to get dressed quickly. Mom sat up in my bed, and looked confused and hurt by my sudden actions and was about question me.

I looked up at her and saw that she was wondering what was happening, but just as I going to tell her that Jessica had caught us, we both heard a door slam across the house.

"Anyone home?" Jessica yells out.

Mom and I both looked at each other with wide eyes, and suddenly we both start to scramble in response. "I'll go out since I am already dressed and distract her while you get dressed."

She nodded in agreement and whispered, "Thank you, Baby," as I set off to meet Jessica.

When I got to the kitchen, Jessica was just sitting at the table reading a magazine, and apparently took no notice to me as I entered the room. She looked over to me after a few moments and said, "Hey Twerp," like nothing happened just a few minutes earlier.

I just stood there in shock, like a deer in headlights, thinking to myself, "What the hell was going on?"

Just as I was getting ready to reply, Mom came into the kitchen dressed in her bathrobe, like she had just come from the shower, which was actually kind of true. She gave a well-acted startle look finding both of us there, and she asked "Oh, what are you two doing home?"

Jessica quickly responded with, "Classes were canceled," and turned to me smiling, as if to see what lie I would come up with since both she and I knew mom already lying to her.

"Um, I wasn't feeling well, I think maybe I am sick, so I came back home."

Jessica stifled a chuckle, and said, "Sick isn't strong enough word for what you are."

Mom took her cue and rushed over to me, so that she could act out the role of doting mother, caring for her sick baby boy. "Oh my poor baby, what's wrong?" she asked as she put her hand to my head to check if I had a temperature. "Oh Baby, you're burning up..." and she started to pull me towards the hallway to take me to my room.

"Aww. The twerp is all hot and sweaty? I bet his tummy is all rumbly too, might have been something he ate." She chided, letting me know without a doubt that she had seen mom and I together in such a compromising position.

Mom turned back to my laughing sister to tell her to stop teasing me, and then lead me off to my room. She pushed me into my room and quickly told me to get in bed and play the part of a sick boy.

I tried to tell her again that Jessica had caught us, but Jessica called out to mom from the kitchen, and mom left my room before I had a chance to start speaking.

Alone now, I paced around my room a few times before I got on my bed, noticing that it was still damp from before. I decided that I needed to give mom a heads up, so I took out my flip phone and I texted Mom. "Mom, we have to talk ASAP."

She responded a few minutes later, "Okay, let me try and get Jess out of the house first."

I was now in full panic mode, I tried to text her back to let her know the jig was up, but there was a knock at my door, and my Jessica just strolled in with a cup of broth and a sleeve of soda cracker, before I could respond.

"Hey Motherfucker!" she said with a shit eating grin, just to drive the final nail in my coffin.

When I didn't say anything in response, she continued. "Mom wanted to bring you some soup and crackers, but I volunteered to bring it to you before I left, isn't that nice of me?" Not waiting for my response, she added, "She wants me to go to the store to get some things for her, probably so she can get some more alone time with the man she is cheating on dad with."

"It's not like that, Jess." I struggled to say, knowing that while mom certainly didn't see it in such crude terms, Jessica and anyone else outside of my earlier conversation with Mom, would certainly think otherwise."

"So, I didn't just see you with your tongue crammed so far up Mom's pussy, that you could still call it a French Kiss?"

"Jess, I swear I can explain."

"I am sure you can, and you will, once I get back from the store, but keep it a secret that I know, for now."

"Jess," I sighed, "I can't lie to Mom."

"Oh? She already has you that hooked on her pussy, that you're already whipped?" When I looked down in shame, mostly because I was really in a hard place at that moment, she continued, "She does, doesn't she?"

"It's not like that..." I started.

"So you keep saying, but the wet spot here on your bed says otherwise." She then stepped closer to my bed and bent down and surprisingly sniffed the exact spot mom's excitement had drooled out as I brought her to orgasm, twice. "mmm, I got to hand it to her, she smells nice and probably tastes good too." She then she licked my wet bed and stood back up, wiping the corners of her mouth, putting on a little show to tease me. "Yep, you have good taste little bro, like a fine wine, a good vintage, with a cork ready to pop too." Letting out a little snicker at her own joke.

Before I could respond, she turned to the door and started to leave, saying, "I'll be back soon, and you will tell me everything. And remember, don't tell her I know yet, or I might have to tell Daddy what I saw you eating this morning, pervert." Then as she was closing my door, I swear she shook her booty back at me.

Suddenly, I was dizzy. "Maybe I am coming down with something after all." I thought to myself.

Several minutes later, my mom came back into my room without knocking, dressed now in a light yellow sun dress. "Oh my god, that was close. But I think we got away with it." She said with a look of relief.

"Yeah..." I said with a nervous smile, "...close."

She crossed my room and stood next to my bed where I was laying and asked "So, what did you need to talk to me about, baby?"

"Oh...um...I just wanted to help make our little performance more believable." I lied to her, regretfully, to protect us. "Damn it. I lied to her again, and she trusts me." I thought to myself.

"Uh huh." She said looking down at me like she didn't believe me. She then scanned further down my body. "Somehow, I think you just wanted your Mommy back in your room alone. You already having more urges?" She asked as she started to seductively crawl back into my bed with a smile.

"Mom, Jess might come back and catch us." I offered, not directly telling her that Jessica already had.

She slowly shook her head, telling me, "I told her to text me when she was getting ready to head back, just in case I think of something else I need from the store." She smiled at me as if proud of herself for such quick thinking. "Should give me enough time to make us even." She said just before she started to pull my pants down like a woman on a mission.

"Oh..." I whispered, giving into my urge to have my mother once again suck my dick back into her mouth.

This time was so much better than the previous blowjob in the shower. Mom took her time, licking up and down my shaft. She played with and licked my balls, which caused me to moan out a little. Then, to my extreme surprise, she started to lick lower and lower, under my scrotum, her tongue passed over the perineum and right onto my asshole.

"Oh Mommy! That's my..." I started to say in a strained moan.

"I know, Baby. That's why I made sure to clean you so well earlier. Just in case, the chance presented itself." She laughingly said as she went back to sucking on my cock for a few strokes before popping me back out of her mouth and adding, "Most men like it when you play with and tease their ass, but they don't admit it, because they are afraid they will be seen as gay. But those urges are just as normal as any other." And she dropped back down to my ass and licked it deeply and even pushed her tongue deeper inside me.

I was again in heaven, as she treated my asshole like I had treated her pussy less than an hour before. I let out few more moans before she came back up to my cock. As she continued to service my erection, she dropped her hand down to my ass. I then felt her finger push into me, and she began to gently massage my prostate, giving me the come-hither motion inside me.

I lost control at that moment, and I started erupting into her mouth without any warning.

She gave me a happy groan as she shoved her head down onto my dick and deep throated me, swallowing everything that I offered her.

After I finished spasming into her throat and started to go slightly limp in her mouth, she gave a final strong suck on the tip as her tongue made one last lick over my slit, getting every last drop of cum I had.

"Sorry, I didn't warn you..." I tried to offer.

"Baby, I knew it was coming the moment I tickled your bum. I was expecting it, and I wanted to do exactly that. God you taste good." She said smiling as she pulled out her finger and sucked it into her mouth too.

I was in shock watching her, so she spoke up again. "Yummy. I will be having lots of you in my mouth from now on. And who knows, you might get brave enough to find out what I like back there one day too. Just let me know if you get the urge to find out." She smiled at me.

Her cell phone chimed, and she checked it quickly. "It's your sister. That was quick, do I need to ask her to get something else...from a store...farther from home?" She turned to me asking.

I was still in my post orgasm recovery stage and didn't really understand her question at the time, so she made the decision on her own and said. "Well, maybe we should just let you rest." And then texted Jessica back that she couldn't think of anything else she needed.

"You rest up for a while, you had a very...productive morning, and you are playing sick today after all. Oh, and that reminds me, I guess I should call the school, so they don't think you skipped." And with that she left my room, with a spring in her step. Not something you see a lot of pregnant women have, in her stage of pregnancy.

I pulled my boxers back up and laid back on my bed, then dozed off shorty after.

The next thing I remember is my sister knocking on my door again, but as my door was open already, she just came in with a tray of food, again.

"you didn't even drink the broth I left you before. I guess you are sick huh? Or, more likely you got distracted and didn't remember to keep up the charade. I figured there was another reason mom wanted me to text before I left the store." She said with a wink. "Did Mommy and her baby boy have some more fun while I was gone?" She asked in a baby voice trying to tease me.

When I didn't answer her, she quickly responded to her own question. "I figured. God Otis, I can't believe you're fucking our pregnant mom. Wait a minute...it isn't yours is it?"

"No, and I am not fucking our mom." I said, maybe a bit too defensively.

"Oh, so you just eat her out, when no one else is home?" She queried. "What else? Has she sucked you off?"

I shamefully nodded, not out of guilt of what my mother and I had done, but more so out of being caught in the act. That and being teased by my sister about it.

"So tell me, how did it start? How long have you and mom been orally sating each other?"

I then started to tell her, everything. Everything except all the parts where she factored into the story. I explained all about my urges towards mom, the pictures she had given me to use, the kisses including the one we thought she had saw, the cumshot all over mom while she orgasmed on my bed, the shower, what happened after the shower, and even what happened while she was at the store. When I was done, she was quiet, and much less antagonistic towards me with all the teasing and shit. She even started asking me questions, in a very serious tone.

"So...it's almost like a friends with benefits thing then? Well, more like a Mom with benefits thing?"

Not exactly sure where she was heading with the line of questioning, I nodded.

She was silent for a few moments before asking the next bombshell of a question. "So...uh...is she the only one you have these...um...urges about?"

I looked her in the eye to determine if she was attempting to tease me again, and seeing that she couldn't look me in the eye I responded. "No."

She kept looking down, but nodded her head slightly, then asked, "Do I...give you...urges too?"

"Yes." I whispered.

She was silent for a moment taking in what I had just admitted to her.

"Well tough luck, Pervert! I don't play around with Motherfuckers." She teased as she got up from my bed and started towards the door. She stopped short of leaving and turned coyly back to me on my bed and added. "At least I haven't had the urge to, before today." She left, but quickly returned to add, "Oh, and don't tell her I know yet, just in case you get lucky again, I want to know about it, okay?"

I nod again, reluctantly, and she left.

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